WWDubya’s compilation video of the Memorial Flight in honor of WWWringer


Invitation to a memorial for H. Ian “WWWringer” Smuck


When friends become family…


The passing of H. Ian “WWWringer” Smuck has cast a pall over the WingWalkers since his son, Christopher, gave us the bad news.  I came to the WingWalkers via the Taipans Squadron back in 2004, and Wringer was the XO, under WWReaper at the time.  I will never forget the first time I flew with […]

~~Salute!~~ H. Ian “WWWringer” Smuck

One of Ian's happiest days, getting to ride in the last flying Lancaster

The Wing Walkers (virtual) Combat Squadron is deeply saddened by the loss of one of our own, after a long illness. H. Ian “WWWringer” Smuck has been a long time member of our squadron, and we are honored to have known him and called him friend. Ian held many positions within the squadron, including Commander, […]

WW Forums going offline for software update

~~Salute!~~ Just a head’s-up to let folks know the WW forums will be going offline for a bit while some required maintenance is being performed. This is a full update of our forum’s software. Should be completed fairly quickly, but posting this here in case something goes amiss with the process.    

WWDubya awarded prestigious Art Stacy Memorial Award


~~Salute!~~ The following is the commendation letter posted by the Commanding Officer of the Wing Walkers virtual Combat Squadron, Ron “WWSpardog” Street, on October 4, 2014 : The “Art Stacy Memorial Award”, commemorates the life and friendship of Art “WWKat” Stacy, who was the first WW member to have passed away. For those squad mates […]

Calendar issue

So much for the idea of making sure things are updated… I’ve installed the latest update for the calendar app, but it’s broken. Still sort of appears over there to the right, but it’s not appearing as it should. I really don’t want to remove it -yet- but it looks like I may need to. […]

WWTharn awarded Certificate of Appreciation

Certificate of Appreciation as awarded to WWTharn

~~Salute!~~ Sorry about the delay in getting this on the front page… better late than never. This past Tuesday, 11Mar2014, most of us in the squadron were pleasantly surprised by the Commander when he announced the presentation of a Wing Walkers’ Squadron Certificate of Appreciation to WWTharn, in recognition for his long tenure of service […]

Squadron Change of Command


~~Salute!~~ Announcing a shake-up of the WW Staff, with WWTharn retiring as Commander (and going back to being an active member/pilot.) The new Staff is as follows: Commanding Officer: WWSpardog Executive Officer: WWGeezer Recruiting Officer: WWPierre Training Officer: WWLily Administration Officer: WWSandMan Adjutant: WWMojo Merit Officer: WWDubya Congratulations to the new Command and Staff members!

Video Gold “Ketchikan: The Bush Pilots”

Stumbled on this video hosted on Vimeo, an outstanding look into the lives and history of modern bush flying in Ketchikan, Alaska. Ketchikan: The Bush Pilots