Site changes approaching

With overwhelming support from the squadron’s membership, the WW Staff will be endeavoring to totally revamp the look and feel of the WW web site. You can expect some rather drastic changes, and may need to re-register your account on the WW web site and/or forums. We hope this minor inconvenience will be far out-weighed by the expected improvements in our site. Thank you!

Forums Down … and Back Up Again


Not sure what has caused a fatal issue with our forums, but I am looking into it. Please be patient!


Edit: Patience rewarded, forums are up and active. Apparently was only down for some of us, which is weird. Anyway, seems to be rocking now.

WWHappy Memorial Flight Video Released


Here is the video rendering of the Wing Walkers’ Memorial Flight in honor of Tom “WWHappy” Madron.

For all those who joined us in honoring WWHappy, thank you for being there to represent your squadron. For all those who participated in the memorial flight, thank you for volunteering many hours of tedious work in choreographing the flight’s movements and honing your flying skills to such a sharp level. It was my great honor to lead this flight.

Hap, we will miss you greatly. We hope this small token of our respect for your years of friendship brought a smile to your lips, and a tear to your eye. Once and Always!