Tom “WWHappy” Madron Memorial Flight


The Wing Walkers would like to invite you to attend our Memorial Flight for long-time Wing Walkers member Tom “WWHappy” Madron.

The images below (click to enlarge each one) contain the necessary information to join our TeamSpeak and IL-2 BoS server. We look forward to your attendance as we honor the memory of WWHappy with our rendition of the Missing Man Formation fly-by.

EDIT: UPDATED TeamSpeak Address:
((Our old TS provider abruptly closed their doors with no warning, yikes!))

Squadron Change of Command


Announcing a shake-up of the WW Staff, with WWTharn retiring as Commander (and going back to being an active member/pilot.) The new Staff is as follows:

Commanding Officer: WWSpardog

Executive Officer: WWGeezer

Recruiting Officer: WWPierre

Training Officer: WWLily

Administration Officer: WWSandMan

Adjutant: WWMojo

Merit Officer: WWDubya

Congratulations to the new Command and Staff members!

Flanders in Flames XVII

Information posted by WWGeezer, here:

Things are gearing up for the next installment of FIFXVII…WW’s are invited to join Squadron 42 as Gold flight for this event. This was the tournament series that we participated a month or so ago. Butzzell and Squadron 42 have been tweaking and fine tuning the model. See below for details.

Participants….=TM=, BH, JG1, No.42, Jasta5….had 25 people at the meeting discussion tonight

Tournament will be the Channel Map

Schedule ( tentative)

  • Wednesdays 6pm , 9pm eastern

Plane Sets

  • Entente planes: N-17 British, FE2b
  • Central planes: Halb D.II, Roland C.IIa


  • Sept 4 – practice
  • Sept 11 – practice
  • Sept 18 – session 1
  • Sept 25 – session 2
  • Oct 2 – session 3
  • Oct 9 – session 4
  • Oct 16 – finale




A couple informative links for FiF XVII: