Chunk’s Aviation Blog #1 08/22/2012

Good afternoon and Salute!

This is the first, in a hopefully regular blog series, about the stuff that I find interesting in the world of aviation and flight simulation.  We’ll cover all kinds of aviation stories.  From things in the mainstream news, to the little things that are passed on by friends.  It’ll also cover real world topics, and definitely delve into the world of simulations; which is the main reason I’m a member of the WingWalkers in the first place.  So without further adieu, off we go…

We’ll start off with a small story from my neck of the woods.  San Jose “Mineta Internation Airport” will be the first airport in the San Francisco Bay Area to land the 787 Dreamliner.  ANA will be running a San Jose to Tokyo route five days a week.  Hopefully we’ll start seeing this new airliner in the Bay Area skies more often.  Here’s a quick tip for anyone that wants to visit the area.  Always check San Jose and Oakland International.  You’ll probably save at least 50 bucks over SFO, every single time.

Continuing with the real world aviation theme, we’ll move onto some recent warbird news.  Paul Allen’s IL-2M3 made it’s maiden flight in North America on 08/09/2012.  One of my friends, Jason Fortenbacher, who goes by Fight2FlyPhoto on YouTube, was there to capture it for everyone’s enjoyment. Add his channel on YouTube, you won’t regret it.

Next is a link passed on by WWWringer.  An honest to goodness Mossie is well on its way to being airborne in New Zealand.  I’m a big fan of the “wooden wonder,” and would love to get an opportunity to see one fly in person.  Lets hope she slips the surly bonds of Earth soon; for everyone to see!

Now we’ll move on to simulation news, and more specifically FSX.  I’ve been busy extolling the virtues of Baytower Simulations Van’s RV-7 package to anyone that would listen.  For anyone that I haven’t annoyed yet…get this aircraft.  Yes it’s a little pricey, but it is TOTALLY worth every penny.  It’s a great bird for aerobatics, cross-country, or just having fun.  It’s been the only thing I’ve flown for the past three weeks.  If you get a chance, check out this review.

Next is one of my favorite publishers, Classics-Hangar, completing the Focke Wulf story with the Dora and Ta152.  I have flown the Anton for countless hours, and this will be a guaranteed purchase for me.  My favorite WWII aircraft is the Fw190, and I’ve got tons of reading material on it, and being able to fly a good representation in FSX is very fulfilling.

Last but not least, A2A has posted a video for the their August update.  They’re hard at work on an update to their P-51, as well as working on two new projects; a Piper Cherokee and Cessna 172.  Check out the video to learn about Scott Gentile’s re-introduction to aircraft ownership, as well as some updates on their F-104 and F-4 models; due out hopefully at the beginning of 2013.

Well that’s all I’ve got for now.  I hope you enjoyed the links, and I’ll try to make this a regular venture.

Watch your six up there…