Forum disabled, and I survived


This is a rather convoluted tale, so sit tight as I walk you through it.

First off, our server hosts decided it was time to update all the software underpinnings keeping all their various websites running. Including ours. Which is cool, I’m glad they did, because some of the stuff was getting a bit out dated.

So when the day came for the software updates, I completely missed the email informing me of the action… Strike 3,412 for me. Of course that means I wasn’t able to let the squadron know the site was going to be down for an unknown amount of time, as databases and software were maneuvered around.

I started getting emails from various squadron members regarding the outage. As soon as they started arriving, I did a quick check and found the answer… the update I missed. But, it should be no problem, our hosts are pretty dang good at what they do. That is why I recently renewed our contract with them again, after all.

So a day or two goes by, and the squadron’s forum still isn’t operating. The WordPress front end is, but not the forum. Seems hinky, but okay… I can handle this. I wake up early and start delving into my database backups to upload, only to find my own internet connection has now decided that it’s traveled back in time to 1992 and is barely uploading at 2400 baud. I run out of time on this early morning exercise and have to get into work, so I leave everything up on my computer and disgustedly go into work. This is Thursday morning.

At about 10:00 am central time I am becoming aware that something is not right in this old man’s guts. By 10:15 I am in pain. I head back to my home terminal, offload empties and strap everything remaining in place, then run my truck to the shop where it’s scheduled for it’s annual DoT (Department of Transportation) inspection. I get a ride back to the terminal, eyes watering… I punch out and go home, thinking I am bound up in some bad way, blaming a bunch of new cheeses my daughter had me try the night before. I take a liberal dose of Advil followed by a large gulp from the Milk of Magnesia bottle, and wait for it do it’s work. A couple agonizing hours later, I am rewarded with … very little. And still have the pain. What the hell??

Friday morning comes after a nearly sleepless night. I text my boss, letting him know I’m not going to be coming in. My wife graciously agrees to drive me to the urgent care place for a checkup. As we’re going there, I realize that I’m not feeling as bad as I was… Whatever it is, must be getting slowly better. My wife disagrees, and we’re already half way there. Okay, fine. I hate doctors, but let’s see what’s going on.

Check in, do the paperwork, pay my co-pay. A few questions later, pee in a cup and offer my arm to the first of many needles, this one simply for a blood draw. Twenty minutes later, white blood cell count is very high. Doc says… maybe appendix. CT scan today. Wait, what? Today? Yes. Go to the hospital, check in at (a certain desk.) Checked in, drop trow and get poked with a spatula and some really smelly stuff goes in my veins. I get shuttled in and out of the giant donut, then re-dress and go wait. Half an hour later, the doc calls me, tells me my room number, go there. Wait… Room number? How about checking in, and what the hell is going on? He tells me CT scan confirmed I have appendicitus, and that my infected appendix is coming out today.

Holy hell… today?


And he wasn’t joking. By two in the afternoon I was wearing one of those funny backless gowns (which makes no sense, they need the front open, right?) … and lying on a gurney getting pushed down the hallway to the operating room. My wife and daughter are standing there wide-eyed… Then an oddly handsome young man puts a syringe into the I.V. doo-dad in my arm, and everything goes black.

I wake up back in my room, and don’t feel a damn thing… other than hungry. The last thing I was allowed to eat or drink was before we left the house. I hadn’t even had a cup of coffee yet. They tell me I can eat, so I order up some food from this extremely expensive hotel, wolf it down. And promptly throw it back up. Okay, maybe later for that. Hugs all around, I survived, my tummy now only hurts in the three places where they poked the knives through for the … something-scopic operation. My belly button will never be the same. But my guts feel much better.

Saturday, I get to go home. Amazingly enough I still have taken anything other than some Tylenol for the incision pain… Until I get home. Then it doesn’t take long before the ache sets in. Take one of their magic little oxycodone pills, and the edge of pain is brushed back enough for me to sit down at my computer. And see the mess of this non-functioning forum still staring me in the face.

I try to do some backup-restore functions, but for whatever reason it’s not working correctly. Since it looks like I’ll be off work for a solid month, I will probably have time to get our hosts to install one of their recovery database backups. My efforts have failed.

So… that is where I’m at with the forum and the site and my now appendix-less self.