WingWalkers’ Awards and Policy Guidelines 

The WingWalkers (virtual) Combat Squadron has instituted a WW specific set of recognition awards for service and participation in both online and offline actions to recognize those who strive to make the WW’s organization a dynamic and exciting place to gather and enjoy each others company.

The awards are broken down into 2 major categories, Medals and Ribbons.

All Awards are now represented by only a ribbon graphic.

The Awards are listed in their order of hierarchy on the Awards Master Matrix .xls file (A.M.M.).

–:: Download: WWAwardsMaster.xls ::–


The Medals category is split into two categories:

Gold medals:  For actual service and accomplishments

Blue Medals:  For virtual achievements


Ribbons fall into 3 main categories identified in colored blocks in the Matrix, but the ribbons themselves are not color constrained (although the Blue and Gold ribbon scheme is also used in the Gray area) :

Gray Ribbons:  For service, and recognition of achievements in events.

Green Ribbons:  IL2 campaign ribbons

Olive Drab:  RB3D campaign ribbons

Each Award has it’s defining description in the comments (note the red tab) where it is listed on the matrix.

For those that have earned medals, we will also try to track what they were awarded for in the comments.

Campaign Ribbons are self explaining and carry no comments.

Multiple awards are denoted by Roman numerals on the Matrix.



Any WW member may nominate a fellow WW, or himself for a qualifying award by submitting a nomination by either P.M. or forum post to the Merit Officer or C.O.

Two exceptions to this nomination process are:

The Contribution Medal, that does not allow for self-nomination;

The Goober Ribbon, that is only for self-nomination.

Please provide the details for the reason you are nominating a person in accordance with the award descriptions outlined on the Awards Master Matrix.

If you have any accompanying stats info (MLR, SturmoLog) or a track file to help verify your nomination that would be appreciated.



The campaign ribbons can be modified with an Oak Leaf Cluster or Gold Leaf if you were the Mission designer or Event Commander (respectively) for that campaign.

These modifications will not be displayed on the A.M.M. but may be added for use on personal pages or in sig-pics if you so desire.

Multiple decorations for any given award may be displayed by adding a Silver Star overlay for each decoration (up to four) and a Gold Star for five decorations of the same award.

As with Oak Leaf Clusters and Gold Leaf ribbons, this will not be displayed on the A.M.M. but may be added for use on personal pages or in sig-pics if you so desire.

The A.M.M. will show how many times you have earned each medal numerically, and how many times you were a Mission designer or Event Commander and for what events in the comments.