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Not exactly known for my blogging, lol

Writing this from my lady friend's laptop computer, since she and I have been quarantining together (for the most part) since the pandemic has occurred. The whole situation has been a bit weird for me... almost moved in with her, yet still maintaining my apartment and the public face that we're not in a formal relationship. Welcome to the new normal! That's one reason my flight activities with the squadron are down, limited mostly to Tuesday and occasional Thursday flights. Slowly edging towards



Kicking the tires

Greetings! This blog entry is an initial hello from me, and a means of seeing how it all works under the new Invision Communities software. I have to admit, I'm impressed at how well this system is going to work. And intimidated at how much additional learning I have. Some of that was expected. And it's interesting to see the other members jumping in and giving the new site a good run. I think this purchase by the WW squadron was a good choice, one that will power the squadron's web presenc



A win in 2021

Greetings, ardent reader,  So what's going on this summer of 2021? And let's not start with pandemic news/opinions/thoughts. The very reason we visit the Wing Walkers' website is to escape a little of the real life shit we all wade through. Instead... we chose to inhabit a virtual world of combat (and civilian) flight sims. It's nice to escape to these worlds, knowing that you can simple re-spawn and try again that which didn't work so well the first (several?) times. Yeah, yeah...  a
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