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First Entry




Have no idea what I’m doing here so bear with me while I figure this “blog” stuff out.

First off I’d like to thank all of our Wing Walkers for their generous support in helping to get this new forum off the ground.  A special thanks goes to our long time site administrator Sandman for giving up his free time to move everything from our old house over to our new home.  Well done Sandy👍

I think we’re all really looking forward to getting settled in and getting back to the business of hanging out with our buds, flying missions in Great Battles, driving tanks and making more skins😁

Until next time



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Just seeing if I can comment on your blog ( kicking the tires of the new site).....sorry, messing with your banner too.


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No worries, haven't gotten that far along to even think about the banner so now you've given me more to play with:)

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Glad to see the Blog area works... I may need to fiddle with the menus more, I had to poke around a lot to find the right button to push to get here.

I did set a recurring Calendar entry for the Tuesday meetings. ((I WON'T be around for tomorrow's, by the way!)!

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