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A win in 2021




Greetings, ardent reader, 

So what's going on this summer of 2021? And let's not start with pandemic news/opinions/thoughts. The very reason we visit the Wing Walkers' website is to escape a little of the real life shit we all wade through.

Instead... we chose to inhabit a virtual world of combat (and civilian) flight sims. It's nice to escape to these worlds, knowing that you can simple re-spawn and try again that which didn't work so well the first (several?) times. Yeah, yeah...  a true sim experience is "one life to live, then you're done." I have an opinion on that. (didn't see that coming, did you!,  LOL... okay... ) Thhhpppttt. A loud and vigorous Philly salute to that bullshit. We all want a victory to tally in the column with our name on it. It doesn't have to be awe inspiring, it just has to be something we have done that helps the overall experience (in my opinion, of course.) Everyone wants a win.

The cool thing is that a win is what you make of it. I happened to fly with the guys the other night, and at the end of the evening my 'score' was lower than everyone else's. But I left my 'sim cockpit' (desk) with a big grin. I tallied all my 'assists' through the evening, each time I re-spawned and the score showed. By my count I had 9 assists. Nine! That's nine times I helped a wingman or flight-mate or WW member to knock out an enemy. Ya know what? I felt really good about that night's flying. I flopped and crashed and got hit by magic AAA and I think I actually landed my ship (on a runway) once. But I was tickled and called it a good night. Because my little piece of paper on my desk had nine tick marks to show I helped. My contributions made a difference. I call that a win.  

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