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Yukon Quest Dog Sled Race




This morning was the start of the 36th running of the 1000 mile Yukon Quest race, starting from Whitehorse, Yukon and finishing in Fairbanks, Alaska. 

A brief history,


The Yukon Quest 1,000 Mile International Sled Dog Race gets its name from the "highway of the north," which is the Yukon River and the historical winter land routes traveled by prospectors, adventurers and mail and supply carriers traveling between the gold fields of the Klondike and those in the Alaska interior.

If you're interested in checking out this grueling race along with real time tracking of the mushers and their teams, here's the link: https://www.yukonquest.com/

Conditions this morning were a little nippy, -37c and -42c with the wind chill, heavy ice fog, made for a cold wait standing around for the 11am start!  Managed to get out wander around Shipyards Park waiting for the race to kick off.  Lots off folks out to see the start all bundled up to fend off the cold.  Got a few shots of the first team out of the chute then moved on to the Yukon River to take some other shots along the shore.

Didn't stay out very long, darn camera battery drained real quick (40 minutes), good thing I remember to bring a spare that I kept tucked inside my down vest.

Anyway here's a few shots of the race start and the first few mushers out.

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I know some of you chuckled when I posted this pic of my little girl wearing her bright booties, but hey the professionals use exactly the same thing as shown.IMG_0879.thumb.JPG.54e290f3aed40c21c421539a5c197f47.JPG

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