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Chapter 1




Chapter 1  The beginning..

After my reassignment from the Russian front back to the British Commonwealth  Air Training Program in Brandon, Manitoba, I had to get there.  The RCAF would only provide transportation from  Gibraltar, I had to get there on my own.  As the Turkish airlines had a JU-52 at their disposal but no pilots to fly it, this seemed like a good way to at least get to Istanbul.  The flight was exhausting, 3 1/2 hours over the ocean to Sevastopol was the first leg  in cloudy conditions, of course as soon as  I landed the sun broke through!  Zeus jumped in the back and took over two seats to sleep, seeing as the aircraft had no rear gunner position for  him to take over.  The trip was quite uneventful and I  will be leaving for Istanbul the next day.

(flights done in X-plane from actual airfields to actual airfields in real time, no time compression)








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Sorry, was a Movie file that doesn’t work showing flight and stills,  changed to just screenshots...

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