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FC Sunday Sept.20 1800 pst

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Flying a new FC mission every other week,

mission details  to follow

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Scenario for this Sunday flying Allied with slots available for opposition.

The enemy has developed a precise bombing sight that we need to examine.

French pilots are waiting at the German occupied St.Marguerite aerodrome for us to arrive and secure. They will take off in a German two seater and fly to our side of the lines.  We must escort the German plane back to our side.

Secondary objectives will be issued on the map in due time.

(Note the length of the flight to St.Marguerite, take care of your ride, it's a long way back)





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Going to try something a little different for the mission this Sunday.

I've been leaving slots for opfor on all my missions to date that haven't been used, so this week we fly as a team for the first two objectives.

For the last objective we'll get a subtitle indicating a good time to split the group Allied/German as well as on ts3. The German side will be defending the allies attacking.

The Germans will have the help of ai which I'll leave in, in case of a low turnout.

If we get a good turnout this will, I think a fun way to finish up the mission and if it turns out I'll continue building missions this way.

The respawns are set far enough away to give you room to plan your attack but close enough so that you'll be back in the action without the long flight.



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Well, all I can say is that personally, this was another Fawlty Special . Outside of all the cool ingredients that were implemented in this mission ( well balanced I might add ),

was that special ingredients of realism and immersion that were a result of the latter.  The timing of everything, again, was just amazing ( very realistic ). 

Thanks for the time capsule back to this era Fawlty !!!!  Amazing job that is so appreciated and definitely respected as a craft.



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Thanks Robby, glad you enjoyed it.

I was hoping we could split sides for the last objective, maybe next time.

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