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Memorial Event for WWIcy

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On this evening we invite all visitors to attend the Wing Walkers' Memorial Service for Tim "WWIcyTheDead" Owens, who has recently, suddenly, passed. The Wing Walkers mourn his loss deeply. We invite you to remember his life and friendship during the flying display. The flying display will honor Icy's commitment to our squadron and it's members with a precision fly-by and pyrotechnic display by bombers of Icy's Gold Flight, followed by members of Blue Flight honoring him with a Missing Man Formation. 

More information on server setup, TeamSpeak and/or IL2-SRS voice comms, and custom skin download packs (to see the service as we intend with various WW custom skins on vehicles and aircraft) will be made available in the public Pilot's Lounge section of our forums. If you and your squadron mates who plan to attend could include links to your custom skin packs, we would appreciate being able to see all our visitors in their full livery, as we intend to make multiple recordings of the event and create a Memorial Video, as we have done for all our departed members. We want to ensure Tim's family and friends have access to the video once it's completed, so they may see how much we valued the time they gave him to spend with us, as part of our family. 

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