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  2. Oh I had engine damage all right, I was trying to limp back to the base to land but she quit on me before I could turn final. And yes the damage graphics aren't very good, Jason says they "may" get to revisit that at some point but not a high priority for them at this time.
  3. Bullet holes in the cowling, but no engine damage? Booo... Wing damage looks arcade-ish to me. In real life the wing would of folded with holes that size, IMO. But, I zoom in my view when flying, so Ive accepted the fact that to enjoy the game experience, we also have some arcade features I live with.
  4. A couple of observations after a very non intensive or scientific testing. When you get hammered by the train AAA chances are very good that you're going down very shortly thereafter!! After 4 attempts to take out a train I haven't been successful nor have I made it home having to bail out 3 times and one death from a punch in the face. So it seems we take damage and we now pay a bit more for the pleasure, seems more realistic to me at least. As to the new sounds, they are better than before, and most hits you take you can hear. Only few times I didn't hear the hits yet took significant damage was again from the train hitting me in the backside as I flew away. Will need to do a lot more flying, testing and whining about being shot up before I can say with absolute certainty that I like the new sounds and DM, so far it's looking and feeling pretty darn good IMHO. Screen below of damage taken in train attack, I've never had so much damage in one pass as this in all my previous efforts before the update....
  5. Perfect, the devs indicated yesterday that a hot patch was forthcoming rather quickly, off to grab it now😁
  6. @WWGriphos, exactly as Robby said, a tip I got from Brinson, lower the gamma to see if that makes spotting easier. It does to a certain extent, it's not a perfect solution but it does seems to help me, somewhat. Biggest drawback is that in certain types of sky/light conditions the cockpit is very dark making it hard to see the gauges. Often I have to turn on the cockpit lights so I can see the gauges.
  7. ut oh.....just when i had everything working again....330 mb
  8. I've been getting that a lot lately. I just keep trying till I get in,.
  9. Griph, the lower the gamma ,the darker the game will look. Some say that the lower gamma helps with spotting. Also, none of my settings have changed with the update, which does make these game updates a head scratcher sometimes. How is your new throttle coming along Griph. ?
  10. Hmmm....when I try to log in, it says no connection to authorization server. Ideas? EDIT: Wouldn't let me go offline either. Told me there was an update, even though the launcher said up to date. I quit it and started again and all is fine. Weird. All my settings seem fine. @Craven: my gamma is 1. What's the advantage of having it less than that?
  11. as one pilot who flies topless...i can tell you there is a big difference in the sound of the wind passing by the plane..
  12. Most of my settings didn't change with one exception being the gamma setting, went from .65 to .8, minor detail, all sorted.
  13. It's behind my pilot seat, but get your own!
  14. I could be wrong but I think Gold Flight finally got that fix we were lobbying for. Now if we can only find a place to hide the lighter fluid.
  15. I'm curious what caused that. Wouldn't show up in testing if a single pilot can join... I guess you need 4-6 pilots to try and join. Post if you need some quick tests for pilots to try and join.
  16. That's for fmod https://www.fmod.com/ can't wait to check out the new sounds and damage. Can't wait to see how hard it is to shoot down or get shot down, sure to throw my random timer numbers off if it takes that much longer to take down a bandit. Big update, didn't backup anything... LOL, probably have an old backup.
  17. I didn't back up anything. Hope it all still works.
  18. and wft is master.bank in audio folder...it is almost a gig in size......
  19. ok, my camera settings (rotation/inertia etc) all got changed.....my views all worked, they just didn't "snap" to them like they used to.... reset your radio folder.....
  20. Last week
  21. That sucks. I seem to be okay.. My VR is what's been messing with me as of late. after some rando amnt of time it will just go black. It's killing me. Testing now. I put up anthrax with your WWI mission on it. I retitled it though... duck, duck, 2aKall.
  22. hope everyone else is fairing better than me...i've locked up solid 4 times now trying to get my camera views reset....
  23. yeah,,,,didn't there use to be a "snap mode" option under cameras? it's gone now.....all my save views using the hatswitch are messed up.....
  24. My input settings saved, but my camera settings were changed.
  25. crap... totally didn't do that.
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