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  3. https://www.techradar.com/news/malware-can-easily-abuse-discord-features-to-attack-users
  4. Why do you want to lose the kill bars?
  5. One of my favourite book series
  6. After a year and a half of waiting to see the new Dune movie I was worried it would not live up to the hype. IT IS AWESOME, a nearly perfect adaptation of the stellar book. Unfortunately it is only the first half so now the waiting begins again. At least I watched on HBO Max so I can see it again, and again, and probably again.
  7. I'm late too.....hope you did it up in fine form.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Also, occasionally IL2 sees a non-shifted function when you want a shifted function. For example, if you have "b" as your release bombs key (no modifier such as Ctl Alt, Shift etc, and you press for example a key which is mapped to Ctl b, occasionally the game will only see the "b" part, and you will drop ordinance instead of whatever you have mapped to Ctl b. Thats why I remapped 99% of the non-shifted functions to shifted functions, so there are no surprises
  10. Rockets and bombs are completely separate functions mapped to different buttons normally.
  11. so take it the p40 shoots rockets first, then drops bombs? my controller is set up so when in "mode 1" a button will drop bombs (ie "B"), mode 2 the same button will fire rockes (ie "R"). when I accidentally hit that button at home base...i ended up shooting rockets, but I was in mode 1.
  12. yes, I burned out my engine cause I went to use some buttons on the throttle, and moved it without knowing. Simple solution, I am taking rpm (and maybe prop pitch) off the throttle and moving them to couple unused axis on the quad. Probably should have done this long time ago.
  13. A belated happy birthday to you Chunk and many more !
  14. Can we lose the kill bars on this one? Otherwise it looks great.
  15. Ohhh, day late here... Happy Birthday, Chunk!
  16. Most things on sale 'til Nov. 3. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/2021-10-22/
  17. So, reason (excuse) #918 why Darkdiz crashed, once again, into the damn trees... Was fixated on the cockpit photo of my RAF honey. Wait, what? WTF happened to my cockpit notes? Turns out when you do a file integrity verification (like I did when I couldn't log onto Steam on Tue), the custom_photo.dds files of the cockpit notes that replace the original photo of your honey gets overwritten back to your honey. Issue fixed, and backup cockpit notes, complete with correct folder structure, saved to the vault in my folder (WWDarkdiz/Cockpit Photos/planes). So if you need any/all of the cockpit notes pics, they are all there, simply download the planes folder, copy it to your game data/graphics folders, it will overwrite the cockpit photos of your honey (all of the notes are custom_photo.dds for each aircraft). The next time you fly, the honey pic will show up as cockpit notes for that plane. As new planes and cockpit notes come out, I'll try and keep this folder updated.
  18. I think the overwritten files were due to the file integrity check. Since I heavily edited my snapviews, they changed significantly, and I guess are considered as part of the standard set of files in IL2. I didn't find my controls to be overwritten though, but at lest they are backed up.
  19. Damn tree, how dare that MG be buried at the bottom of it! Oh well, Hurri was a write-off, Diz is in a Russian POW camp
  20. I bet, I ran into the graphics disappointment in other older games I loaded and tried to play. Forgotten Battles looked bad, pilots were like the scarecrow in the W of Oz movie, water was blue carpet. One game that is much improved in the graphics is ARMA 3. This Vietnam addon, Prarrie Fire, is fantastic, unbelieveable what the third party developers have done with new characters and gear and boats and jungle.
  21. So I was nostalgic for the Pacific Theater so I reloaded the Old IL2-46 and gave it a spin. It sure loads fast with SSD drives now! Too bad I cannot say much for the graphics though. WOW In my memory it was so much better than it actually is. I felt like I was flying early 90's Aces over the Pacific again. The flight model and damage model also showed its age very evidently. Still I got to fly a Zero and down some Wildcats, so I am happy. Did I mention I love the Zero???? I need a GB A6M3 bad!
  22. We saved the plane! At the cost of two more lost to a blown engine and a tree. We also had some more Steam related technical issues. If you had a problem Tuesday check all your config settings for controls because they may be overwritten. We lost one more Hurricane as well, this one landed behind enemy lines and was captured.
  23. Sorry guys, ran out of steam at the end of the day and have to get ready to head out of town. Going to sit this out tonight.
  24. Happy Birthday Ron, salute to another Libra, hope you have a great day
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