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  2. To say my flying has been going down the tubes lately would be an understatement. In as much as that bothers the shit out me, what is really driving me nuts is my spotting. I gave up trying to see what Cephas would see a long time ago, but now I can't see what everyone else is seeing. Am hoping it's not my eyes, and maybe just my settings. At any rate, I put all the various settings for the TV (Samsung 45" UHD) together in one pic. I know most of you use monitors over tv's. If anyone has any suggestions as to which of all these settings are the ones that might make a dot more noticeab
  3. Totally agree. Wrapping a mission around a story line has been a talent that has always eluded me. The effort required to not just build, but test, is probably larger than most can imagine. Great job Cephas!!
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  5. A great body of work Cephas, you make it sound easy but this is a huge effort, greatly appreciated. regarding the JU52’s zed made multiple requests to our flight lead for permission to shoot down a friendly, by Frylock held the line. Hard to believe Gold Flight is such an ethical unit.
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  7. Hotfix 4.601b is published - it addresses the issue with darker Mustang windshield, fixes the 13-mm ammo loadout for Bf 109 G6 Late (there is now an AP and HE mix instead of HE only), does a couple of text corrections, updates certain Mustang, MC.202 and all Nieuport skins and adds 4K quality external textures for Yak-7b created by Martin =ICDP= Catney.
  8. fwiw, I give all my AI enough fuel to last bout 25 mins. That way if we are up north, and they are down south, eventually they will leave the map.
  9. 4.601b. or something along those lines..very small
  10. 5 or 6, I enjoyed the dark jabo counter artillery
  11. Oh yeah, I'd like another stab at #6.
  12. Thank you all very much for participating in this series. I get a lot of happiness creating a mission that people enjoy. Thanks again for all your support! Last night went really well overall with a very good turnout. It started slow, at least for Red and Blue flights, as it seems all the random enemy flight start timers defaulted to the longest time setting at the start, but after that things were busy! As Mission Designer I apologize for the server overload warnings after the first hour, I did not test the mission long enough to realize the JU-52's were not landing and the lan
  13. Agreed, that was one heck of an intense campaign. From the early domination to the last frantic and desperate defense, I truly felt the history. My favorite moment last night was being heavily engaged, Navy and I struggling against first a couple, then three then four bad guys. Craven, Wolf, and Diz were rearming. As Navy and I tried to stay alive, taking damage and running low on ammo, the updates on the progress of the rest of the flight brought hope. Finally, trying to disengage, out of ammo, wings shredded... Here comes the cavalry, three fresh and fully armed fighters wading into th
  14. Here here, what he said I had a blast, learned (and am STILL learning) about my chosen ride, honed tactical stuff with my rottenflieger WWGreywolfe, and really became an effective group in Red Flight. Well done WWCephas, your mission building skills are unrivaled. Salute sir! Looking forward to Re-Kuban
  15. Well we finished the last mission of the Kuban Campaign and a very fitting way to end it, lots of action, teamwork and S&G's. I think it's safe to say that we all extend a hearty round of applause to Cephas for putting together a very intense and entertaining campaign. I absolutely enjoyed every mission we flew. I'm especially looking forward to whatever might be coming out of Cephas' devious mind for the next round. Thanks to Sandman for being our lead and to the rest of Red flight for making the whole campaign even more enjoyable through your teamwork and willingness to take
  16. FINAL RESULTS 1st place aerobatics. WWDRIFTWOOD 1st place dual aerobatics. WWGREYWOLF AND WWDARKDIZ 1st place combat. WWSANDMAN 1st place comedy/original. WWGEEZER CONGRATS ALL!
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  18. I finally got the sign in working but it is still logging me out after 30 seconds. I submitted a reset request using the PDF form submission.
  19. lot of posts about it, but no definitive answers. what os are you using? Appears trying to connect using a server OS with TV will result in issues. I did notice in your screen shot you are not logged in. Are you logged in before you get the message? I am automatically logged in when I start my TV. I did find this page, but did not follow the link cause there are no issues at my end. So can't say for sure if it will help you or not. https://www.teamviewer.com/en-us/reset-management/
  20. Sounds good, wasn't planning on having kids anyways.
  21. To get to the world easily just type in the code: JHD732 on the main menu to go direct. when you get off the bus at the Zeppelin, go up the ramp. The meeting will be in the main gallery, use the elevator stay out of the engine room it has some radiation leaks
  22. No issues with AltSpace for me, still have it installed from last years meeting. I just made sure it's updated. Still have a few of you on a contact list. Thought it was entertaining. I'll try to pop a a little early to make sure I review the controls for movement and connect to Zed's world.
  23. That's it, the ZaP wrap up. Zed has worked hard on both the ZaP and the virtual world he host the wrap up party on. It's a neat thing, has a little learning curve though. Mostly harmless. The various communities on alt space run the gamut. I poked around a bit this weekend, am mildly interested on attending an occasional live music thing, several available. Totally get it if some are not interested, but it is free, harmless, and worth a look. Plus as a show of respect for Zed and the time he's put into this, IMO it's worth a few minutes to set up and attend.
  24. I'm still working on it myself. It's close... Main issue for me is still stability on the floor. I don't want to mess up the baseboard using the wall bumpers, and they won't stay in place on carpet. Never had that issue with the CH Pro Pedals, but their pedal movement is different than the Crosswinds. CH has more of a linear and downward force, where the CW Pedals (with the spring tension and damper set as I do) have a lot of force applied parallel to the floor making them slide and even tip. I'm considering a plywood base with rubber wall bumper to secure the pedals to. But p
  25. I looked it up, Еира, looks like Eupa (Arial Bold Italic font) on the side of my IL2. My faithful Wingdog... WWДаркдиз is WWDarkdiz, also on the side of my Russian birds, as well as Принцесса (Princessa). Just for kicks I looked up WWGreywolfe too... WWГреыwолфе Probably not exact translations, just letter for letter, but at least they look kind of cool on the airframes (I did a Hurri, Il2/43 and a SpitV). I'll post them up at some point, once I get the rest of my ever-growing skins collection under control...
  26. Happy Birthday Mr. Brin....hope you celebrate in fine fashion.
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