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  2. Holy shit, they are such a pain in the ass now. Was having some issues, so loaded the default bios settings and get rid of the o'clocking. Never even thought about the settings for the sata port my ssd was on. and the default bios set the controller back to ide, and not ahci, but the os still loaded (no idea why). Went to set it back to ahci, which is not a big deal, but the thing that changes it from ide to ahci also reboots the computer into safe mode. I have no friggin idea how to get the computer out of safe mode, and of course in safe mode, I have no browser. Luckily, my tv/monitor has "voice" so I asked my tv what to do... And legacy/native mode. I have no idea what this is. I sorta remember along time ago with keyboard and such, you had to set to legacy mode to use them, but now there is a setting for IDE drives too. Had to set the bios to legacy (which did not make sense) for all my ide drives to show up in the os once the computer booted. I still have 12gb of ram sitting next to me still in the package, and I am scared shit to put it in.
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  4. Sent SittingDuck a PM. If any other 'Bosses' see this. I believe you guys need to update your server files. Everyone else is down.
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  6. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/46425-update-today/?do=findComment&comment=761506
  7. 660 mb nothing yet on forum, so can not say what it is about
  8. Yep we got tore up on that first flight, Lost one transport shortly after heading out, then lost the ai lead inbound to airfield, I watched him just blow up into pieces then I got ripped open and lost two engines and put it down in a field a few hundred yards from the runway. Out of the 6 aircraft only two managed to land and unload. Second run in the 110 went better, found the tanks and managed to destroy two of them and return to base.
  9. Heh... It was kinda hard for you guys to cover us as we got a tad spread out. Apparently the AI flying the Junkers are blessed with god like perfect engine management and piloting skills. So they all hauled ass away from the rest of the humans. I know I was stressing my engines trying just to keep up with them. I think at one point I said, 'f' it. I'll blow these engines up. I only have to get it to the field. But yah' I honestly have no idea what happened to the other flights. After landing, I saw the battle off in the distance but yeah.... This game needs legit comms. 3 or 4 radio channels per side. I would have like to had your comms channel up in the background during the defense.
  10. Just slip one of the candidates a buck to take the job, LOL. hope to see you airborne soon...
  11. I've been enjoying all the pics, hope to have a chance someday to make a trip like this. Standing on the grounds of history tends to put things into more perspective.
  12. Yeah, Griphos, I think that was the gamble Lee took when he went into Gettysburg a year later, but I recall reading somewhere when he invaded Maryland (at Antietam) he thought they would be welcomed and the state would flip to the South. He was wrong. Lee took the strategy you suggested not only to your point of leadership, but also after the Northern army had changed its attitude and treatment toward the South with respect to how it dealt with Southern resources. Cities and farms that were previously held harmless were now shelled and burned. With resources and manpower becoming depleted, Lee probably noticed that Davis was failing to get support from the British and French (outside privateering) and no relief was on the way, the blockade was choking the South so he thought he had no other choice. As you pointed out, after Antietam, Lee thought that in order to get the North to sue for peace, he had to take the war to them. However, to accomplish that, I think he would have needed to wage a successful campaign in the North, which was logistically impossible for the South. Maybe Lee realized that a campaign was off the table and only if he could land a knockout punch on the North with a decisive victory, he could win the war. It was a terrible plan. I think the better route to an end would have been to get rid of Lincoln. So... Stay home and defend. That gives Davis more time to solicit help from England and France and get the blockade broken. Lee saves men by not fighting in Gettysburg and keeps his best General (Jackson) alive. Since he's focused on defense he notices General Sherman outflanking him in the western theater which he was totally ignoring and perhaps with Jackson he's more successful in defending Grant's push South and manages to hold Atlanta in 64'. The more the North bled and longer the South held out, the less of a stomach the Yankees were having for the war. The Copperheads were growing in number every day, and the democratic party had adopted a peaceful position. Lincoln was up for re-election in 64', running against his fired General George McClellan. I think Lincoln would have lost that election to Little Mac had the Rebs held in Atlanta. President McClellan would have sued for peace. I know, I know. Lots of what if's, Monday morning quarterbacking and assumptions. I tend to go down the rabbit holes...
  13. Well Blue flight wasn't much help......
  14. Most of the Civil War was fought right around D.C. I lived in Annapolis for a year and worked in D.C. I went to most of the battlefields several times. It was a phenomenal experience that changed the way I look at the US and at history more broadly. If anyone is ever in the area, a few days spent visiting these sites is so worth it. Almost all of them are well-preserved and educational, just like Geezer found here. As to Lee's strategy, the failure of the Union armies in defeating Lee south of the line was more due to US general's incompetence than anything else. Lee knew that he couldn't count on that forever. He had to make the North want to end the war through negotiation, and they were never going to want to do that as long as nothing was really at stake for them. He had to go north. They were outnumbered and out-equipped and out-resourced. Staying south would have simply prolonged the war of attrition with the same eventual outcome.
  15. Just a quick post to say thanks for letting me fly with you guys. I had a good time. That JU52 was something else. It was the first time I'd flown something in a mission that can't maneuver or really fight back. Talk about feeling exposed and helpless. It was scary and frustrating to watch the other Junkers being engaged and getting knocked down. Every time I'd hear my gunner start sounding off behind me and I'd wonder if I was next. I can only imagine the horror, agony and terror transport and bomber pilots felt in real life. I literally glared at a spitfire buzzing past with his guns blazing thinking, "you little bastard. You're lucky I'm not in my 109." When landing, I put her down as soon I could. Gonna have to bind some controls for getting things unloaded. I was positive I was about to be strafed. The second sortie was a fluster cuck for me. I was unprepared to fly the 110. I also was reminded that I need to set the fuses to a 2 second delay rather than contact as I blew myself up when destroying a target. Anyways, Thanks for letting me fly with y'all. S!
  16. Great pictures! Visited probably 25 years ago. Lee should have never taken the army into Maryland. If memory serves correct, up until then, incursions into the North were more raiding party style. Rank and file were confused as to why Lee was doing this when they enlisted to repel the Yankee invaders, not to be invaders themselves. If you look at the numbers, the South won that even though they withdrew. President Lincoln was horrified about the casualties. In last few years I've been absorbing as many civil war memoirs as possible. Wish they still taught this stuff in school because the most of the 'common knowledge' about this war is wrong. If people knew, they wouldn't be ripping down statues today.
  17. These A20s are sure career looking girls aren't they? Maybe Tom. But over in Egypt they looked like glamour gals to us... Matter of fact we thought they were the best looking babies going up and down the Nile since Cleopatra retired.
  18. Sorry I missed again. Wound up having to schlep the candidate to the airport. Seems like there were enough Junkers pilots though. And at least we’re through with the interviews now. Hopefully one of them will take the job. Only a week to go before summer break!
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  20. oh man, I've been practicing my showboating all week long. I want to do some wannabe dub videos
  21. Thanks, I hope to get a good one, seems to be hit and miss with product constancy these days. So I try not to get excited until its up and working... Actually I don't think I'll need to move my TrackIR stand, maybe up a touch. It's setup for a larger monitor which cleared up the viewing flip out problem, just don't have the monitor yet. So the stand is farther back and higher than my laptop which is on blocks to center it in my view. Once I move the laptop the monitor should sit right in front of the TrackIR stand and still be below the TrackIR camera with room to move it forward or back for comfort, just like my laptop only no blocks. Laptop crowds my controllers so my thumb hits it when throttling. So this solves a lot little space problems. Next it's build a new desk/stand for my controllers for comfort, current setup is as fancy as my TrackIR stand. Can't wait to get rid of having the laptop in front of me. Goal is to have my work desk setup with keyboard/mouse/monitor then the sim setup with it's own kb/ms/monitor and put the laptop between the 2 so nothing ever has to be moved and much of the stuff can stay plugged in. Might effect my work since I'll be able to hop on for quick flights with zero setup, LOL. Now hunting for a 24" work monitor... need a sale.
  22. I agree with Icy.. Super slow landing speed, I didn't use them and it was butter landings. But anyways, see 1:06 in the video for your answer:
  23. Noice!!! You'll like it. Going to have to adjust yer' trackir stand... :)
  24. Spoke with frylock yesterday, he's been sick but says he should be gtg for tonight's supply run so we should have a good showing .
  25. Flaps on the 52 are slats and just about useless. Don’t bother rekeying them. Your cowl vents are the six faucet looking controls in front of copilot. You will see them spin when you get the right control. The right set is cowl vent, the inboard set is oil rads. And correction the proper key for your doors to unload is your canopy button..
  26. Looks like we advanced to a new airbase for the next mission, finally got rid of all those pesky AI hanging around our new base😁
  27. Thanks Duck, I'm glad I bought the BoM, nice to have the map for practice.
  28. Thanks for the maps and info, Another nail biting evening of "don't crash the plane, it's the only one you gonna get!"
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