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  2. If the red light turns on in the TrackIR sensor, then it sounds like enter is your pause TrackIR key, which can be changed in the TrackIR settings. Do you have a key press set for chat? If so, that may be bound in TrackIR as opposed to enter itself.
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  4. when I hit "enter" for chat, my game reacts like I paused my trackIR , and stays like that until I hit enter again. I checked my key bindings, and enter does nothing else other than chat. Is this the way it is for everyone else?
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  6. I need to get in on this FC action. Maybe next week. At least the first crazy week of school is over now.
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  8. Lot of fun winging Brin, first time flying the RAF S.E.5.a, I like that plane....
  9. That was good fun, Geezer. Nice job! After flying oppforce against y'all, I'm glad to be on your side for the upcoming campaign.
  10. well....if he would just stop getting himself killed...
  11. could not help but notice you are 3rd on that server.....
  12. I'll be on early today if anybody else wants to screw around in tanks. Probably be on action dogfight/tank server
  13. An example of the junk we're getting. The bottom half of the message is all hyperlink.
  14. Ignore for now, mark as spam through your email client. When I get back after this weekend, I'll see about ensuring the main contact email has spam protections turned on.
  15. I'll be out of town until Sunday evening, so Red Flight will need a leader.
  16. A bit of a practice mission, but plenty of action ( I hope). This is a dogfight not a COOP. Modified Butzell Mission so a good practice mission for gearing up for FC campaign. Gold Flight = Destroy Cargo and Destroyer Ships Blue Flight = Provide Cover for Two Seaters Red Flight = Destroy Convoys behind Enemy lines ( convoy respawns so mutliple convoys available)
  17. Yea, I have been watching the flow of bogus emails. Any thing we can do or just ignore?
  18. Getting some occasional crap now to the site contact email address. List of unknown visitors far exceeds those of registered members and registered guests.
  19. Thanks Fawlty! I took my wife and kids up there this past weekend, and it was fantastic. The ferry ride was fun and we took a whale watching boat out to the south of Lopez Island and spend an unbelievably amazing hour watching eight members of the southern resident orca pod play around in the Salish Sea. Once in a lifetime stuff. I also spent way too much near KORS watching planes come and go.
  20. I've taken that ferry a number of times. #10 Looks like very familiar territory Chunk, 👍 nice
  21. Pretty much same mission with some ME errors corrected. In case Gold wants to level bomb, intel maps.
  22. Been awhile since I fired up P3D. So here's a trip from 0S9 --> KBVS --> 74S --> KORS. Enjoy!
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