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  3. Maybe Gangster, the new Mission Builder is Greek to me compared to the old one but I may have time to learn a new trick or two and start banging out missions.
  4. Wow.........this is a surprise. Great to see you Cephas! It may be time to resurrect your WW Battles events. I've got cherished memories of flying those with everyone.!!.
  5. Hey Cephas! Long time my friend. Congrats on winning the race...I can see light at the end of the tunnel myself (about 3 years I'd say). Enjoy your new season and getting back in the cockpit. I'm strictly a lurking non flyer for the near future but enjoy checking in. Good luck getting back up to speed.!
  6. Oh, COOL! Welcome back, Cephas!! Looking forward to flying with you again! Yeah, I'm tickled... Once and Always!!
  7. I got bored and did a little work on the MKII. A simpler livery for the BoB. 2020_12_2__0_34_2.bmp
  8. Booze is a lot cheaper here that is for sure! Half of what it was in WA state, just like property prices.
  9. Last week
  10. Great to see you around Cephas!
  11. Good to hear from you again Cephas.
  12. We drove down from Winnipeg to see my dad and step-mom in 2018, was a 3-day road-trip of awesomeness. Stayed there about 10 days, then drove back. Lot of alcohol involved, especially at the "Home Depot" of booze (Wine Express?). Spent a LOT of $ there.
  13. That is pretty close to me. I am about 10 miles North of there in the North end of the Vistoso area.
  14. I have family in Tucson, just off of Ina
  15. Cephas!! Welcome home and congratulations on your retirement It'll be great to have you flying with us again. As Duck said we're all flying we're all flying IL2 Sturmovik - Great Battles these days, really the only sim worth flying at the moment. Some of the guys are into DCS so there is that if it interests you. Anyway great to have you back
  16. If your talking about BoS your timing could not be better. Most everything is on sale till Dec 8th. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/67252-extended-annual-autumn-sale-is-on-25-85-off-selct-items-webstore/ If you are thinking of getting back into Il2, I would recommend getting all the maps you do not have, and Flying Circus.
  17. WWCephas has hung up his tool box at Boeing and setup his new FBO just North of Tucson in Oro Valley Az. where his airframe can dry out after 35 years of NW rain and cold. I have all sorts of free time now and am looking forward to spreading my virtual wings again which leads me to ask what is the popular sim these days?
  18. Thanks for taking the time to get the server up for us Duck, much appreciated.
  19. Ohhhh... okay, thanks for the head's-up Duck. Sorry about the power issues!
  20. I am on my way to work to start up the generator...no power at work. if you want to practice, someome might have to host up the mission.
  21. Saw last night that the use of flares for position and other indications is quite useful. I spent most of today adding this mapped capability to my Thrustmaster System, if anyone wants it. All types of flares, along with personal weapon are there. Note, in WW2 AC, you need to have the canopy/window open in order to fire a flare. Probably preaching to the choir here...
  22. Rgr Diz, I'm pretty sure everyone was seeing the same thing. On a positive note you won't see them anymore.
  23. yep....almost seems dead objects chew up more resources than alive ones...
  24. Toned down the factories to make them more manageable, and am hoping Icons disappear if they are destroyed. Ramped up the AI a tad.
  25. That would have been me (or the SE5 that attempted to occupy the same volume as me) last night
  26. Was that why we kept getting the server overload messages?
  27. Damn... That's too funny. Typically Flies Straight into you.
  28. Looking for some shits and giggles, check this thread out, see if your personality type is described, I know mine is https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/67241-pilot-personalities-spotted-online/
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