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  2. There is a small flange that helps it clip onto the bezel and the weight of the back leg counterbalances the TrackIr using gravity.
  3. How is it attached to the monitor? Does it just hang on it, or are there mounting holes for screw attachment to the back? Nicely done, everyone. I may try the upside down trick. My mount is far away and high as well (these were designed back when a big monitor was 19”). Limits tracking when I look down and too far to the side.
  4. Well, I ended up with pants on until 9pm CST, waiting until 7PM PSDT, OMG, MYACHINGTESTICLELOL.
  5. That is a good way to bind this. I just wish it turned a little tighter for loitering over a target. I also found that if you tapped the LH brake a second time it switched over to a RH turn. I was hoping for a tighter bank angle. Good job Diz!
  6. Oh I mixed up PST time due to DST since AZ has no DST. I am glad you found the file and tried it. The planes in the hangar are harder on purpose but still easier to kill than normal, I wish they made static versions of planes for FC.
  7. AHA!!!!! Figured it out, a really neat trick. Apparently, for some reason, probably when I was troubleshooting my rudders (still haven't got them 100% fixed, but can duplicate the disconnect) I bound autolevel left and right turn to the same axis as the wheel brake L and R, rudder toe brakes, thereby double-binding the axis. Since the toe brakes are only used on the ground, this seems to be an elegant solution to a problem that didn't exist. Works like a charm, keeping it
  8. This redo worked great we destroyed base, planes in the hangers are the hardest IMO but rest was doable with MG's Air patrols were in constant arrival to harrass us, scramble's were constant till base was destroyed........well done Cephas
  9. Nope, toe brakes are on an axis. My autopilot L/R turns are mapped to LSHIFT z and LSHIFT x, while my wheel brakes are mapped to "," and "." as well as rudder axis x and y (toe brake). When I hit the toe brake in flight with Autolevel on, the plane banks in that direction, and stays in that attitude, even if I release the brake. To regain level flight, I have to hit the autolevel turn key which levels the aircraft. Normally, I have to press and hold the autolevel turn key to keep the plane in the bank attitude, and release it when I want to go level again. More research required... Weirderer and weirderer...
  10. does not happen here... I would assume your toe brakes are also assigned to level flight left/right turn, or they are mapped to kick in a L-shift x/z
  11. If anyone is interested I was wanting to test out my new FC Airfield adapted to the new Dynamic Controller around 7PM PST. It should only take about 30-60 minutes. I also have revamped the whole FC airfield from previous versions. Most ground targets are now easier to kill with MG's. (not buildings) All new scramble routines for AI fighters. 'Splody trucks are gone, so no more getting knocked out of the sky by your own target. CAP patrols coming to support airfields under attack. Lots of unseeable changes in the mission coding.
  12. Yesterday
  13. I am sure the visual acuity of each person plays into it as well depending on their near sightedness. I had Lasik done about 15 years ago. I was previously extremely short sighted and could not read the biggest letter on the chart in eye tests. After Lasik I was 20/15 for a while but have degraded to 20/40 or probably even worse now as I age. My eye exam doctor said though that the Laisk procedure they did on my eyes did an excellent job of splitting the difference between near and far sightedness. I can do most things without my normal glasses, (I only wear them for movies and driving) and I only need a 1.5 magnification for really close work. At the range my monitor sits I have very sharp vision. (for now)
  14. so, serious question..is this a brain thing? After I put up the above post, I went back to the picture to find more planes, and I could not see anything, even thou I knew where they were. Little by little, they started showing up...
  15. wtf 16 really? I thought I might be doing pretty good at 9.....
  16. Was tooling around in my newly-skinned 51B, and notices a peculiar phenomenon... When flying in autolevel, if you press either the left or right toe-brake, the wings roll in that direction 30deg (apx), and you turn in that direction, exactly the same command as autopilot turn left/right. If you release the brake, the aircraft will maintain the banked attitude, and you either have to turn autolevel off, or recenter the autolevel. Anyone else notice this?
  17. HUGE shout out to my wingy @WWGreyWolfe. *Diz to Wolfie on WhatsApp: Hey dude, can you unf%ck this skin, and get everything to line up? I'm useless at this sort of thing Wolfie to Diz: Sigh Results: Uploading to HSD now, I will put them directly in the vault
  18. Sorry Sandman, Manitoba land of 100,000 lakes and one ocean…..
  19. Sigh, haven't managed to even get out once this year
  20. I'm only running at 60hz, can usually spot tgts at max range. I have the 40" Samsung, granted, running at 1920x1080. I DOUBT I would get the same success on either of the 32", they are only running at 1360x768, still at 60Hz. When I was running the 40" off of my old laptop, if my failing memory serves me, I didn't get decent range at all. That leads me to think it may be in your game settings? Here are mine...
  21. I get my new 34" Ultra wide monitor (3440x1440) later this week Sandman, I am hoping it will work nearly as well with dots since the pixel pitch is within 5% of the 4K. The one I chose was just over $500, the one I wanted was $700 (but having to replace my sons nixed that) and the one I really wanted was $1200. If you get a smaller 4K (32" being much smaller than my old 42") those pixels will be incredibly small and hard to see. I will let you know the results ASAP with that monitor. Once again, I am not 100% sure that just because you are running higher res (4k) the game is actually showing more dots, but rather your ability to see the dots is definitely affected by pixel size and background. Here is that picture I posted last year asking how many dots do you see at your current monitor settings. Be sure to view it full screen (Hitting F11 may help eliminate borders in your picture viewing program by removing program borders.) It is in bmp format so there is no compression loss. 2021_4_14__3_28_7.bmp I see about 16 (counting the dots that are almost connected as one) with my 4K screen at normal res and around 26 when I zoom in the image viewer.
  22. @WWGeezer You also need to compensate for how much your printer generally keeps within margins. This was not a high tolerance build though, so it did not matter much except for the small magnet indentation where instead of 4.76mm for a 3/16's inch magnet I know I pretty much need to make the hole 5mm.
  23. S! Having suffered through yet another mission flying beside Cephas, with him spotting targets and literally guiding me to the target for a a couple minutes before it finally appeared on my screen, I am now Jonesing bad for a decent 4k monitor. My current Dell 27" flat 2560x1440 monitor is really nice. (I'll post the model number later, don't have it in my phone) It's color profile is very accurate, and supports G-Synch and refresh speeds up to 165hz. I'm running it at 145 now and love the seamless motion in games and office apps (scrolling long pages of text and being able to read portions as they go by is cool.) The issue for me is that dot visibility in air combat sims (especially Il2) is abysmal. I have to be a LOT closer than others (CoughCephascough) to see the same target. However, I do not want some +/-40" behemoth on my desk. I would like one size up from what I've got, so my sweet spot is a 32" 4K monitor. That by itself is easy enough, but I also want 120+hz refresh rate and a highly accurate color gamut. I prefer an IPS panel, since they provide a more color correct image. The final level of difficulty is that I don't want to spend more than $750, with a dead top end of 1000. It's not as easy as it might seem... I can get color correct (delta e less than 2 preferably), but only 60hz. Or I can get 165hz, but muddy colors. I'm not concerned about speakers, USB-c hub connectivity, or built in colorimeters. I do require a Display Port connection I'll update later with some contenders I'm looking at, but haven't pulled the trigger on anything yet.
  24. Minnesota, the land of 10,000 fishing holes, year round. Nearly every lake around here looks like that.
  25. You can also use the magnet to “hang” the TIR camera below the mount, and then in the TIR software rotate the camera 180 deg. Puts the camera well below the top of the monitor. That’s what I do
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