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  3. Yeah....I've just been ignoring the extra alpha file for now.
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  5. Duck, I think the rest of us only dream of staying at 'hooker hotel'.😉
  6. No, absolutely not, just different.
  7. I agree, The alpha can really get that real look to the painted and polished alum look. You do have to play with it to get the look on any skin.
  8. damn...do i really live such a boring life?
  9. Nice shots. Bear's lower half looks recently wet . Bears > humans, soft on the outside, crunchy in the center. 😋
  10. Next day Carol and I were hiking down to the same river about 2 kilometres from our camp site when I heard it, the dreaded "wooffff". We had just come over a small rise so I had us both stop and started the scan, sure enough there he was off our 10 at about 150 metres. Grabbed the camera and tried to get some good shots, as I'm doing that I hear from behind me my dearly beloved calling me all sorts of bad names the least of which sounded like "you're f%$king crazy, get out of there before he charges" Well he didn't charge and I of course listened to the wife and slowly backed out of his area all the while still getting an earful (my ear still hurts). And no we didn't do any fishing that day😠
  11. Going to throw up a few photos of our trip last week and a half. Here's the first set. Shortly after a fairly heavy thunderstorm, I stepped out of the trailer and spotted this over the Takhini River.
  12. From what I understand the additional alpha is included so any skinner can adjust it to his preference without having to mess with one included in the PSD by the template author. I found that using the separate alpha the best way to work on those AC with aluminum skins, helped a lot in toned down the wet, shiny look of the originals. Don't know if that is still the case now that we have the newer graphics added in.
  13. Happy belated Birthday Zed, hope it was all you wanted.
  14. This topic came up briefly when flying sunday, and it brought back some great memories. Went back thru the OF's website to find what I could. Geezer would present missions 2-B run with incredible cartoon introductions. I hope he will find the time to dig out some of the "KA-BOOM" ones...and if possible, include the storyline... This is from a April 12, 2015 mission: Any island with this many ground targets must me haunted! I told Fawlty that it was all about marketing, if he wants to get more attendees he is going to have to juice it up a bit. Not sure he is fully supportive of my marketing campaign....more importantly I have real low confidence that Duck will be able to complete the "Women Eating Cobra Plants" Mod in time for when we fly this mission on Tuesday April 21st at 6:30 Pacific (not this Tuesday....next Tuesday!) Lots of targets and storylines, we will all fly as a group on the German side.
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  16. Damn handsome man there.... is that a floppy drive????
  17. This is the cleaned up pit after installing my Thrust-master Wort hog controllers. Salute Wolfe
  18. All over the news today. Charlie Daniel's, whose iconic "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" helped make him an international star, passed away today at the age of 83. 😢 https://www.tennessean.com/story/entertainment/music/2020/07/06/charlie-daniels-country-music-dies/5384087002/
  19. Lesson one in escorting bombers: Don't be in the target area with the bombers.
  20. Best wishes for a happy birthday. Love the photo with Zeus, priceless!
  21. Happy Birthday Zed Hope you have a Great Day!!!!
  22. Happy Birthday Zed, not sure Zeus is too happy about that candle, LOL... hope you had a great day...
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