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  2. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks Geezer!
  3. I have to admit I had to stop watching American Horror because the show was so nasty, I felt like I had to wash up afterwords.. There are times in Love Death + Robots that I almost felt the same way.....but man, I can't stop watching it. This is a series on Netflix that features very short ( 15 minutes or so) computer animated stories. They range from Japanese style Manga to damn near pornography, but Holy Shit, some of it is amazing. So lock the kids up, wait until the wife is upstairs surfing Pinterest, put the headphones on and give it a watch. ( two favorite episodes so far, "Alternate Histories" a hilarious computer application that takes you thru very funny "what if " scenarios if Hitler died young and "Lucky Thirteen" a Kick Ass Space dogfight with one of the actors from Orange is the New Black,
  4. Duck - difference between 1 second and 2 is nothing, LOL....... IL2 math changes..... These notes are for the F4 - don't count on the same behavior for different planes. F4, test this with 20 sec / 45 sec, repair/reheal checked/unchecked, no difference. When rearming, started a few seconds after pressing keys wait for all 3 white bars, then 3-20 sec later, rearm complete (so I wait 30 sec) / varies (technochat just watch the chat of course) Start engines / reload once, sound / gun indicator twinkles / good to go. So I wasn't always waiting long enough after getting 3 white bars before starting the engine / and sometimes I would start/stop rearm without knowing it. Repair - repaired instantly as I landed and break stuff, but I notice after the RRR start engines, spin, break a flap, flap didn't repair, waiting, waiting, no repair... Stop engines, flaps repair, startup and take off... I'll do the same in the spit and see if it's different since the latest patch... like in the video I have, MkV, press keys, 20 sec later, command happens / based on the time set in the RRR vehicle. just can be easy can it......... Thanks Duck, extra info clear things up...
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  6. The difference is 1 second, LOL....... Yours are set to 5 seconds, so 5 seconds after you press rearm, rearm happens.... question is how long does it take to actually finish rearming. Mk.V test and regular usage, if I set the time to 20 sec, press the keys, 20 sec later I usually hear the sound, followed by one of my guns being loaded, I wait, nothing else happens, only one gun. I hit reload, wait for the click, I think I had to do it 3 times. then when I test my guns, finally all guns fire. I'll turn technochat on and see what it does/says. I didn't know if you hit rearm it starts, hit rearm again and it stops, "if you don't fully rearm," and you hit the reload / mkv / then I hear a sound like it's loading and nothing happens. You can try reload first, I'l get a sound, but without full rearm first, nothing happens. Sound/no sound/type of sound/ different for different planes. Just because it makes a sound, doesn't mean it's finished.... Pain in the butt.... Difference in setting the time / 5, 10, 20 seconds... other than how long it takes for the key command to respond, may be like adding a timer to give things time to process. Early test, pre patch when the game crashed with RRR, setting it to 20 sec verses 10 sec seem to work better, started having issues in how it worked/didn't work when I reduced the time from 20 sec to 10; so I set it back to 20 sec issues went away, consistently worked better with out issues, other than the crash for to much damage. So if guys are having issues, it's just something to try an see if adding time helps.... that and being patient. Sounds like the odds of someone accidentally turning off rearm before it's completed is are high... rearm may load all guns if you wait and hitting reload may be a false positive, it didn't actually do anything, made a sound, but the actual full loading of guns was all done by rearm, it just wasn't finished yet. MkIX, no sound for rearm, took a couple minutes to fully arm bullets and bombs, never did hit reload, just watched to see what happens, sure enough, extra time, and everything loaded...... RRR consistency or lack of varies....
  7. I did get messages for repair and refuel, but no message for rearm. Hmm.
  8. hmm...ok...that might be a problem for some then. Icy, yes. you get a message saying rearm started, hit rearm to stop the process...same with refuel, so you can avoid 100% fuel loads if you want, but you have to be quick...refuel is a lot quicker than rearm. Even after my counters look full, I wait till I get the "re-arm complete", or something close to that..then I start my engine. still a tad confused...if I set one mission to rearm in 1 second, and I set another mission to rearm in 10 secs, what will be the difference between the 2?
  9. Meandering off topic a little. I do the same as Woody, but with my internet provider (Charter/Spectrum). First year was roughly $50/mo for 100mb d/l service. Regular price after that first year is $70/mo. Went to the local office to hand in my cable modem and cancel, they decided to keep me on for the $50/mo fee. Saved myself $20/mo. for the same fast service. Until now when it jumped up again... Time to go back and visit. The "gotcha" catch being that I can only bluff so much. No other internet provider is allowed into my apartment building. Back on topic, I currently use Defender and Avast free version. My forays into the murky corners of the web are few and far between.
  10. Yeah, there is this whole theme, “we are here to make you safe, nothing to worry about, just leave you keys and credit card on the night stand”
  11. Duck or someone might know, I thought you guys did, not sure how long the message is up or is it a blink.. and gets missed. I have "technochat off," so I'm winging it, I watch the clock and listen for sounds, then piss in the wind and hope it doesn't blow back in my face... knowing how long the time is set helps.
  12. If you use Nort##s... have for years. Turn off auto renewal, they like to turn it back on, make sure it stays off and gives you warnings... you will get big discounts if they think your leaving. 😉 Recent example: auto renewal took $130.00 from my account, after turning it off... got pissed. Told them to put the money back in my account and I set it to "manual" as intended. But sir it will expire, yes, I'll pay before it expires when I can on my calendar. Thank you... What if I make $80... LOL, no, put the money back, I'll pay it before it expires. What if make it renew a month later... no, no, no... Put the money back, I get the warnings, clocks ticking down... I get the email I've been waiting for... Reminder: BIG RED HEADER - your subscription expires in 20 days......!!!! Renew for $49.99!!!! (use the link, logging to the account has full price) So according to my calendar for paying; I think it's now time to renew, LOL Was $130.. now $50 perfect. Now it renews at the higher price next... or does it
  13. Is there any type of message that it's starting the process?
  14. More likely yes, this is my number one problem, I get impatient and start the engine too soon... One time i had to shut the engine down again, then let it finish rearming, followed by reload, engines on, as Duck instructed, hit Reload LALT+R and it cocks the gun... I could hear it and could fire guns. Did the same thing a couple other times, reloaded, heard it; but could never get the guns to fire. I never had to cock the gun for the Mk.V, Mk.IX, Yak7b, or the P51... different for different planes. Damage, amount of and type can affect this, trying to rearm before fully repaired, etc. When in doubt, wait... how long? 45 sec, 1 min? RRR is a love/hate relationship....
  15. The problem I was having is after I shut down in the yard, my plane refueled and repaired, but after hitting the rearm button it didn't seem as anything was happening, maybe I wasn't waiting long enough?
  16. Have signed up a month ago for vr testing. Haven’t heard a word yet..
  17. I've used Kaspersky for several years now and never had a problem, they were always quick to tell me I shouldn't open this or click on that. I've used avg ,norton,mcafee, and other antivirus software but have to say only Kaspersky has never let me down and always kept my PC safe. I have traveled the underworld of the internet and always came back STD free. Lol...
  18. S! Will be signing up for the new MS FS alpha testing group. No idea if I'll be accepted, but I hope so. Will be interesting to see if my old rig is strong enough to even run it. More later when I get a response from MS.
  19. Wow, that Samsung SSD 970 (E drive) is significantly faster than the two SSD 860 drives. I'm looking forward to giving my drives this same test now, though I expect far inferior performance with my Crucial drives and the eight year old motherboard and processor.
  20. Lol... Happy birthday, Mike. Have a great day!
  21. Unfortunately RRR seems to vary a bit plane to plane as well as what vehicle you use for RRR... I still use the Ford Truck. New patch / so / Have to see how the RRR works now in my practice SP mission which so far works the same in MP other than issue with multiple pilots using the RRR at the same time. Repair/Reheal checked/unchecked seconds settings - As Zed pointed out early on / there is no turning off Repair/Reheal or setting the seconds beyond 100 sec, checked/unchecked doesn't make seem to make any difference, seconds don't seem to make a difference. We see start to heal instantly, I've had it set previous patches so I would land, turn the engine off, then 20 seconds later it starts the reheal making a sound. "Mk.V" Zed mentioned - Uncheck Repair/Reheal might be less buggy. Seems to me setting it to 20 secs is less buggy than 5-10 secs. Again, latest patches.. so I just use it and see. My pods didn't load, my bombs didn't load - may just need to wait and make sure your plane has completely healed, then after LCTRL+A to rearm - wait, and wait, and wait then all of sudden - poof, you get bombs, or you may need to use LALT+R to reload, press once then wait, might need to press more than once, sometimes you hear the sound instantly and it reloads, sometimes you have to wait, 30 sec later it loads the rest of your guns followed by additional loading if you pressed reload multiple time, point is it can be slow. So trying to give pilots instructions is a bit hard with all the variations and impatience as we try and hurry back to the skies..... Briefing, maybe put the basic instructions and key commands at the bottom of the briefing, Additional notes below that. Then specify how many seconds you set RRR for. So pilots know if you press a key / it "may/may not" take that many seconds before the command happens. Then you know how long it should take for something to probably happen, maybe happen, if the stars and moon line up, LMAO... F$%#ing.. RRR
  22. Thanks Guys! "...Make it a good one, and give all those assholes your always complaining about a piece of you mind..." I think its more like me complaining that everyone keeps calling me an asshole....or maybe I'm an asshole who's always complaining about people...likely both.
  23. glad you mentioned that...….I have no idea what those numbers represent. (considering reheal is instantaneous)...
  24. Happy Birthday! Hey; I think it's one of Navy's sons birthdays too... LMAO
  25. Thanks Duck, you should put the commands in the mission briefing... Then put how many seconds you set the RRR for. My experience is if I set it for 20 sec. Then it takes 20 sec to rearm after you press the keys, but not with reload. Quirky.. RRR is a bit different in each plane which makes it a pain in the ass... never had to hit LALT+R after the engine was started, doesn't seem to work all the time... but that's kind of how it is with the different planes pending damage. Sometimes I get the sound, sometimes not, but allowing it to have enough time is most important. Another update so I'll be interested to see what changes there are. Here is the big RRR post with lots of info...... COOL GIF..
  26. Looks great! Your call on the artistic decisions...🎨 I'll be wearing if for all F4 occasions ~S~
  27. @WWDriftwood, Like this one?
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