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  2. IPS has had a minor update, and both Novus and Titan themes are updated. I'm not 100% sure Ironsight is updated... Let me know if there are issues with any of our available themes or forum/site functionality in general. Thanks!
  3. Umm... wow. That Novosim pit on hydraulics ... I noticed they didn't bother posting a price. If you gotta ask, you can't afford it?
  4. I'm 3/4 of the way through this series, should be ready foe DL in a couple of days, will post link when I'm finished.
  5. Probably best not to shoot at Navy, he does tend towards crankiness when it happens Don't see why you can't wear the colors, you're not in uniform unless you do. I'll make you up one, tell me what number you want, check here to see what ones are spoken for
  6. Yesterday
  7. I have an install of Il2 that has not been updated. If anyone finds they have a mission they want to use, but do not have the .mission file, I can open it up in the older ME, and create a mission file.
  8. You guys see anything wrong with setup for changing out the plane set? I've got the timer set to 30 seconds to test. When I finish mission after 30 seconds I get the same plane set as the original, but if I click on the map anywhere and then click on the airbase it gives me the second plane set.
  9. Hey Cravin, not a big deal but is there a way to make me a custom skin for the me110 in all aluminum skin? With the wasp nose. If not it’s all good.
  10. Hi Craven. I promise not to shoot at Navy. May I have one please. Perhaps I am not allowed yet though to fly the colors? Groucho
  11. anyone have any tracks from this mission, specifically showing the issues with repair?
  12. Forget this junk ---- buy this junk instead------ it's for the average simmer Brunner Innovations ( just kidding ---sort of !!! )
  13. Highly critical reviews of the Quest 2. They are working so hard to reach a cheap price point that they have downgraded a number of things that you can pay extra to get back ( like a decent headstrap). Much controversy on the facebook linkage as well. Likely worth waiting for them to get the bugs out. And yes read they will discontinue Rift S to force you to guy the new one. Going to stumble along with what I got until things get much better.
  14. I will put in the request for a Hitchcock pose next.
  15. I too love Hitchcock and his work, Vincent price was another fav for horror movies.
  16. They want the smartphone attached for tracking purposes and a Facebook account because they own Oculus now.
  17. This is kinda so I have a handy place for this info, and also cause the question came up Sunday. I have yet to use Haze. It is just a check box in ME with levels of .1 to 1 Fog is dependent on the suffix of the cloud level you choose. From JimTM's manual. Mission Atmosphere Options Dialog How to Open: Click the "Atmosphere options" button in the Mission Properties Dialog (pg. 208). The Mission Atmosphere Options dialog allows you to set the weather conditions for the mission. Clouds The amount and type of cloud in the sky and whether there is morning an
  18. Last week
  19. Yeah, I don't see this being the next VR for PC users, given the low resolution and the need for a smart phone. But, then, I think the G2 will probably be the next thing no matter what Oculus does.
  20. Well...Lisa would love this, so if no one else would particularly like to take Zed up on this, I will. Never mind. Looks like it doesn't work in Texas either.
  21. Yikes! Get well soon, and don't worry about the meeting (unless you're bored and on pain pills, in which case stop by for the entertainment value! * ) * Our entertainment value... #Wink
  22. Got a deal up here in Canada. When I received the deal I had 2 $100 gift cards for nakedwines.com. Only available in the US Everyone deserves great wines from talented winemakers You have $100 voucher to find out why our wines are the best you’ve ever tasted Save $112 Choose your case Mixed Red White The best deal on the site... Free shipping! 6 bottles made by award-winning independent winemakers, shipping included Save up to 60% on future orders Invest $40 a month into your Naked piggy bank Which you can use to get excl
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