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  3. We were about 6k ft below you... after directed to fly west 262, we were seeing bogies above us as we fly west, catching a glimpse of a P51 here and there. The were called back to the lake midway. Wolfe was a bit ahead and got nailed by a A3 B&Z, moments later I spotted the bandit at our high 6, break left, then we had our little dogfight. We tied up the bandits around the lake, so that was all good, allowed Gold to have more time achieving the objective. Could have worked out a little better, perfect mission for all the mishaps and mayhem... As Axis was marveling at the destruction... Gold quietly achieved the goals in the background. Lets just pretend we did all of this on purpose; it was an enemy fog of war distraction strategy created by evil geniuses in some deep dark government basement while playing IL2; that's how I'm going to tell the story around the campfire, LOL.....
  4. Planes disappearing when zoomed in is only when the plane is too far away. So if your using the "alternate view in custom realism setting" you can see planes at a greater distance and are more likely to see a plane disappearing when zooming in all the way. When your in not using the alternate view, your more likely to never see those planes at a greater distance to zoom in too. If you can zoom all the way in and never lose the plane as long as it's close enough. TIP: Just zoom back out a bit after you zoom in all the way to catch those planes, otherwise just know if your zoomed in all the way and can't see it, it's probably too far to worry about until it gets closer. Scan at different zoom levels. TEST: Fly with a group of bombers, let them extend so you have to zoom in to test. Keep zooming all the way in and all the way out as they keep extending away. At some point, you will see they disappear completely when you zoom all the way in and reappear when zooming back out, close your distance, they no longer disappear when zoomed in all the way. I don't like the "alternate" perspective but using it I can dogfight much much better. Always catching bandits on my 6 as I roll and look over my shoulder. In regular view I have to check twice as much because the timing is much quicker, objects in the mirror are nearer than they appear. In "regular view" I end up zooming as I get near target area or as needed, so it feels more like the "alternate view" with a little tunnel vision. I almost wish there was a blend, I don't want planes showing at great distances, but I wouldn't mind having them appear a little closer at "near to moderate distances." Picky, I know. Setting your default zoom home/insert and your pilot view zoom might affect the zoom disappearing plane issue. I use trackIR. I always set my pilot view zoomed out all the way. Then use the default zoom / home key / to zoom in for a default zoom. Every inch of view i set my default zoom to using the "home key" is "how much I can zoom out using trackIR;" "when I lean back in my chair." If I leave the default zoom "home/insert" zoomed all the way out - Leaning back in my chair with trackIR does nothing.... What's the point? - if you set your default zoom so your zoomed in quite a bit already, as you zoom a plane will disappear quicker. Disappearing planes in multiplayer Pretty sure the disappearing planes in multiplayer - seeing guns firing with no plane, or they just blink out etc has nothing to do with the zoom levels or default alternate view and more with the MP network code. Never happens in single player. Talked about on the forum. Graphic settings I don't see that affecting default/alternate views as much as it's just the graphic settings affecting how things are drawn, at what distance, and detail. I remember back in the day when half the squad played delta force.. low res sniper trick Found out why some Snipers were so dog ass crazy good - Found out they were lowering there graphic settings so the screen was so pixelated they could see the black dots/players anywhere on the map, shoot the dot, kill the player..... nowhere to hide. Here's a post with a video showing the issue - Make sure you watch the video full screen 1080 or you may not see the plane in the video. Solutions - IL2 devs need to work on this a bit more 😉
  5. Was logging in to post this exact thought, Sandy.
  6. I tried lowering settings some (that was a fix for dot visibility in the original IL-2 1946 series, drop resolution to 800x600 instead of higher settings, make the dots larger. That doesn't work in this version... Lower resolutions just mean the game runs in a window. It can be forced to full screen, but looks terrible and is far more distracting in how bad it looks than helpful in having larger dots to see.
  7. I run at 1920 as that's my monitor's native resolution. That test mission might be very interesting, let me know if/when you create it, I'd like to try it out.
  8. Last week
  9. I agree with you Sandman whole heartedly, I'm having the same issues seeing enemy. last Thursday Brin was calling out E/A and I never could see them, occasionally I'd see a friendly shooting at "nothing". It seems the German planes are harder to spot than the Allied planes. So Brin told me to turn down the graphic settings so everything looks like crap! I haven't tried it yet to see if that fixes the problem, but that just seems like bull***t to me if that's how you have to have any kind of success.
  10. just one at moment, and can not remember exactly which setting I use, but I do use Nvdia control panel, not game gui for vsync, and it did help me, but then what helps me may very well hurt someone else. The post below is just for the screen shot of the setting, not the actuall content of the post https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=images&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwjH1Nu99LXmAhWFo1kKHbwlAdgQjRx6BAgBEAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Flinustechtips.com%2Fmain%2Ftopic%2F769578-affordable-g-sync-monitor-for-1050-ti%2Fpage%2F2%2F&psig=AOvVaw04hTLyqdKnI4yewn60n8Cp&ust=1576439382304209 what I can do is make up a quick mission where planes at different distances pop up on the map for a sec, then switch to a plane either nearer or farther. May or may not help pilots see the effect on changes they make to their game. I am interested in seeing if running at 1920x1080 (vs the 2140 x ??) helps me.
  11. Granted, we're not flying much RoF these days, if at all. But I still don't know what happened to all the content that was here. If I can't find it, I guess I'll simply remove this forum area, since it's obviously useless in it's current state.
  12. Red flight did what it could, but lost a lot of planes it shouldn't have. Due mainly to visibility issues... But at least the bad guys have similar issues. Sorty one: From north base, in P-51's, with Craven and Plague. Brin was busy, would arrive later. Flew to the south edge of the big lake to meet up with Blue flight. Climbed to 12,000-14,000 feet, circled. Noted that we were together in the same airspace as blue, but never actually saw them. Headed west, as per briefing. Saw messages that Blue flight members were getting killed. Plague reported getting shot down. Craven I made some coordinated turns, I still saw nothing. Craven spotted a low aircraft, went to investigate, found NavyGunner in a Spit. I dropped low to gain speed and join them, then saw a message that Navy was killed. Then saw tracers going overhead, jinked and juked, managed to drop into the lake while looking over my shoulder trying to see the bad guy. Apparently he hit me, as he credit for the kill, but I never noticed any indication I had been hit. Sorty two: Re-planed up north, in a Tempest. Just got airborne and was attacked. Dropped my bombs and made an immediate landing back at base. Aircraft repairable, but not flyable. Re-planed again and by now it was quiet over base. Just an A-20 trundling out ahead of me. Took off in a Tempest again, with two 1000 pounders. Two members of Blue flight joined me, reminded me to raise my landing gear, after which the Tempest flew much better. Headed generally west by south-west, slowly climbing. Eventually found my target airfield, but lost the Spitfire escort. Turns out they were engaged with four enemy they ran into. Again, I never saw the bad guys. Made my bombing run on the airfield, west to east, very fast. Both bombs hit and exploded, but only one left a crater. Weird. Moved north and a little west, never spotted any aircraft. Eventually was told about a convoy east of my position, flew a search pattern over the area but never did spot the convoy nor did I take any fire. Flew back towards north base, mission ends while I'm in the air. I replayed recordings from my first and third sorties, and was astounded at how many aircraft were near me throughout my flying. That third sortie, as I made my bomb run on the airfield, there were THREE enemy aircraft over or near the airfield, two 109's and a 190D9. One of them was flying west over the airfield as I dropped my bombs. He turned north as I did, but when I turned west, he turned east. He obviously didn't see me, though he did see my bomb explosions. This inability to spot nearby airborne targets is a game killer. And it's obviously not just me experiencing this, otherwise those defending fighters would have had their way with me. At times as I lolly-gagged over the city near that airfield, the enemy planes and I were only 3km apart.
  13. Those tips are for "Smoothness" not necessarily "visibility" ... Thoughts?
  14. S! My biggest current concern is the most basic tenet of air combat: See the enemy. In a complicated simulation world such as IL-2:GreatBattles series, visibility should not be an issue, in my opinion. Oh but it is... The gist of the problem: Distant aircraft sometimes appear as shiny silver/white objects that easily catch the eye. I could understand that if the aircraft were glossy (natural metal or polished/buffed paint) under the right lighting conditions. But often the aircraft in question are painted drab/flat colors and are under cloudy conditions with no sunlight to glint. And the worst part... When zooming in your view to observe the distant aircraft, they disappear from sight. The same can occur if, while scanning the world around you, you happen to "lean"towards the cockpit window (I use TrackIR, so leaning forward has the same effect as zooming in your view a bit) and you lose sight of any aorcraft potentially near you. This goes for friendly or enemy ships, occasionally making simple formation flying incredibly difficult. Case in point, this last Tuesday's RTS session. circling the south side of the large lake. Radio calls and players-killed messages popping in, and I quite literally had no visibility of any other aircraft in the sky. On rare occasions I caught sight of a silvery-something in the distance, then lost it. I dove down to wave-top height, only to find tracers going over my shoulder (and apparently hitting me, with no indication of being hit) then smucked the water while trying to look over my shoulder. I happened to record that part of the flight. On re-watching it, I still didn't see more in the way of aircraft, but did spot a couple more distant specs that I initially missed. Then I went to external, and started flipping my view via Ctrl/Shift+F2 to watch nearby aircraft. Holy CRAP! There must have been 3-4 enemy who showed up, set-up, and attacked like it's supposed to be done. Meanwhile we - both the Spits and the Mustangs, flew along fat, dumb and happy, barely maneuvering until the tracers were flying. My take-away is that we need to work on ways to improve our acquisition of other aircraft, without losing initial attack parameters. This in no way means using better real-life tactics. I think we do okay in that area. We are (well, I am) quite literally being beaten by the game, not (necessarily) a superior enemy. Perhaps they understand better how to 'game the game' to their advantage. Or perhaps my hardware is just that far out of date, or simply set up wrong for this sim. Either way, I want to explore ways to make the simple act of acquiring and maintaining visibility of other aircraft at all ranges up to the far end of naked-eyeball 20/20 vision. So, let's start with the hardware. If that's the choke point, then I'll just have to STFU and quit whining until I can get better stuff. I'm running an Intel I-7 2700K overclocked to 4.3ghz with air cooling via a large Noctua heatsink/fan combo. I have 16gb DDR3 RAM (old and slow compared to taday's standards, but functional). I'm running an NVidia 1070 video card with 8gb GDDR5 VRAM. All this is powering Windows10 Pro installed onto an SSD drive giving amazing performance for such an old machine (this thing was home-built new about eight years ago). There's nothing super about this hardware, but it's been solid and functional. I don't think my hardware is the bottleneck, though it will need replacing soon. Okay, so how about sim setup? This is where things begin to vary wildly. Everyone has different desires and opinions about how the sim should look and feel. I figured that starting here would be a solid base line: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/34764-jasons-quick-guide-to-3001-graphics-smoothness/
  15. S! Another minor forum software update. No word yet from IPSFocus if the Titan custom theme has been updated, I'm assuming it won't be. The minor IPS updates generally don't require theme updates. As always, let me know if you find any weird anomalies with this site's functionality.
  16. Well that seems to cover that, I really cant believe that my last flight was the only real effort in the mission. Im glad I was able to keep Geezer tail clear of bad guys. Wolfe
  17. There's nothing like the pitter patter of little feet and the laughter of little children to tell you your house is haunted....

  18. WWZed

    Dec 10 AAR

    But you didn’t. The aircraft were damaged on the airfield and you lived... mechanics are pretty good at the airfield, well you did lose two but....
  19. If I only I had not crashed four frikken aircraft just trying to take off we would have frikken won. (That being said I give myself points for sticking around until the end and bombing the frikken airfield. )
  20. That should limit the bases they can marshall at and take off from. Send blue to the base(s) Axis have left at some point the next mission, (after we see they had a few deaths at all one time frame, and arrive just as those same pilots 20 minutes are up), and strafe them on the ground or just after takeoff. I died from strafing after touching down at my base.
  21. Well all in all we lost 21 a/c . I think most were accidents, the enemy lost 5 in the air. I managed to spot 2 ships in my P38 , also a convoy and a Depot were spotted. Ivan has also been takin by a crazy old man and his dog! Not our best night but the loss of there base and the aircraft on it had to HURT ! GOOD JOB EVERYONE! P.s. there were 13 a/c on the base that we took. So over all they lost 18 a/c to our 21 lost.
  22. Welp, I can say that I managed to successfully take off 3 times, the rest of the story sucks. Note to others: if you want to survive don't have me fly your wing because you're guaranteed a quick death. I failed to protect to protect my lead's six, he got killed, small consolation to the dead I did managed to avenge him by killing his killer before I got killed myself (a lot of derivatives of kill in that sentence). After my time out in the corner, our airbase was under attack with only Brin up to take on 3-4 EA. Spawned in and immediately got strafed resulting in a severely damaged plane. Re-spawned and grabbed a 51 to help Brin defend the base. Successfully took off and made it as far as he was and of course I watched him get hammered and die before I could get there. Too little too late, he died, failed to protect another wingman, then it was my turn, I got hammered and died. Half way through my second stint in the penalty box I got a brainstorm or brain fart whichever best applies, jumped in the top gunner position of Geezers A 20, got airsick from all the bouncing around he was doing. Apparently I'm not cut out to be a rear gunner either. After "flying" in the backseat for 10 minutes tracking Wolf with the 50 cal as he weaved back and forth over and behind us and wondering how much trouble I'd be in if I fired a test burst in his direction, I decided discretion was the best option, jumped out of the gunners position figuring my penalty was over. Wandered over to the southern base to join Plague and Brin, jumped in a 7 bravo and raced off to the end of the active as they trundled down the runaway. In my haste to catch up I inadvertently hit the fucking windsock pole rendering my 7B inoperable. Shamefacedly re-spawned taxied out, giving said windsock pole a very wide berth, managed to successfully take off. Now playing catch up, I raced off to find my flight mates. I made it to their general vicinity but never did manage to link up with either, nor did I spot the bogeys that Brin was leading me by the nose towards. I swear I could hear him all the way up here cursing at me to open my eyes as he wanted to reach in my pit and shake me by the scruff of the neck. Prolly a good thing I never linked up with either as they probably would have died just by my being in close proximity. End result, I was next to useless....
  23. I'm going to have to remember to have a bunch of condoms handy for next Tuesday....
  24. Sortie 1, managed to cover Navy, was hoping to drop through the clouds as I followed his fight down then break but got nailed.. that was a hot zone, fun watching the tracks. I said Navy; your six is clear, I'm staying on your six, worked perfect...... LOL Sortie 2, was with Duck flying north as we tried to navigate are way to Ivan and cover Sandy, ended up just north, Duck got hit, 4 verses 1 I split S and the fight was on... engage A3 and was getting angles, saw a second 109 and broke off to start switching off, then realized I'm screwed... as I saw #3, didn't know there were 4 until I watched the track. Went on for about 5 mins..... got stupid and hit the eject button on accident as I was skidding along the ground, pilot hopped out and killed himself. 21 minutes in the mission, I was out.. Great engagement but no cigar ........................................................................... Got excited, getting some angles... Oh crap, more.... F##Ck, I'm screwed, run forest runnnnnnnnnn...
  25. It started out with me being the only one to get in the air for Gold, I think Icy did a prop strike and I'm not sure what happened to Geezer, but neither died in their mishaps so I figured I'd circle while jumped in new planes. Icy hit a tree and I'm not sure what happened to Geezer, by this time Zed is all alone at Timashevskaya and I decide to go it alone, even though I can't destroy the whole airfield in one P-47 I thought someone would catch up and help. I was so far behind that Zed decided to land, find a bunch of branches, and try to make his Ju look like a tree. I arive at Timashevskaya and circle waiting for Geezer but that's when he hit Brinson, Geezer figured he'd destroyed enough aircraft and was considering calling it a night. I felt empathy and despair but continued to circle hoping somebody would take pity and help me. Zed was so patient I couldn't return to base and just leave him there. I was down to 75 gallons of fuel, then Icy told me I was just going to have to do what I could to the airfield by myself. I went in and blew up the to hangers and whatever the vehicle was between them, then proceeded to strafe the AAA. On one pass I actually saw the guy get out of the truck and run as I started firing, it's amazing what 8 .50's will do to trucks and stuff! As I was egressing out I looked to see I had about 10 gallons left, that isn't going to get me home! So I took a page outta Zed's book and found an abandoned airfield to land and hitched a ride back to base. A little while later Geezer and Zed finished capturing the airfield, I was so relieved that the mission was accomplished after it seemed like nothing was going to go right. With the help of Greywolf, Sandman, Craven, Brison, Plague and maybe more, we all pulled together as a team and got it done, Bravo gentlemen!!! I am proud to be a WingWalker. S! Frylock
  26. I was a late arrival due to an offspring's high school sporting event. I hopped into a Tempest and whist spooling up its mighty Sabre IIA engine was sideswiped by what I can only guess was a spitfire or tempest. He did not stop to exchange insurance information. Try as I did, the damage wouldn't buff out. I replaned in a P-51 and flew cap over the same airfield while people were spawning back in. I made a 4 bounce landing when ordered and hopped back into a Tempest. Shortly thereafter, the northern airfield came under attack by 4 109s and I scrambled. I managed to shoot down a 109 (Vonrd) but was killed shortly thereafter. After the 20 min time out, I was resurrected and launched from the South field in a Yak 7B. Plague and I flew Northwest and I spotted what turned out to be a 109 headed West. I slid in behind it and gave Razwald a 20 min timeout. The mission timed out shortly thereafter.
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