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  2. HOLY SHIT!!! Thanks for sharing, and good to hear from you brother!
  3. Definitely looking forward to hearing about the damper. That was also on the list, just haven’t gotten around to ordering yet.
  4. Diz is 100% right about all of this. TS has its place here, and there’s no reason to abandon it. But for the scene that Diz painted, and keep in mind I was not there, there is no better solution than SRS. I was not ready to hop aboard the SRS train when it first came into the station, but I’ll tell you that on complex ops, there is NO BETTER OPTION. It is used in DCS exclusively, and with good reason. Also can’t think of a better person to spearhead this than Diz. Please let me know if I can help at all.
  5. I could see where after an intense session you might get heel burns (hard to explain to the missus) and/or over the long haul ending up with distinct grooves cut in the hardwood from your callused up heels (even harder to explain the grooves to the missus). I don't need to worry about that particular problem, never gets warm enough to not have to wear socks So after a bit over a week using the combat pedals the consensus is "I like 'em". I feel that I have more control over the inputs, heel resting on the floor, hardly any movement for the majority of instances, just a slight push of th
  6. Want to test out some factory complex's. Trying to get objectives that are not too easy, and yet do not need 5 or 6 runs to get the icon off the map.
  7. Ah to bad Sandy, I think you would have liked this one. We had to sling in some Lavs to the AO and then the real fun was going to start. Enjoy your evening.
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  9. I think he does, I'm sure he does
  10. Some Bomber notes: Be sure to have your water and oil radiators mapped for the climb to 5K under climb power, you will probably want them full open. You can also give your gunners two commands: RAlt 1: Fire at will RAlt 9: Fire at long range The 16 SC50 bombs will not drop fast enough to all land on the target so start dropping early and then continue past the target, this will also help cover any aiming mistakes on that axis. Your Navigator (AI) will give you a call out if he detects the new beacon heading or if he thinks you missed it. custom_photo.dds
  11. Dawg !!! I believe this guy has the same sign on his plane as I do---- right Craven ?? Thanks Brinson !!
  12. I don’t think it was anyone in particular, I just used that as an example. This is a procedural/equipment issue, not anyone screwing something up. You did WAAAAAY better than I did first time flying with WW
  13. Grr... Sounds like my gal came up with a plan for tonight. Will have to see if involves my presence.
  14. That was effing intense...
  15. I am sure it was me running around naked last night I am sorry for my ignorance on so many squad proceedures I will try to get a handle on things as quick as possible. I did really injoy the WW2 plane last night quite alot to learn but thats the fun part to me.
  16. I like it, looks good Diz.
  17. At the risk of bodily harm befalling me, I really feel the need to revisit our squadron comms setup. Last night was a prime example of why TS is not where we need it to be. Red flight was dropping bombs ON THE SAME TARGET as blue AND gold, there was absolutely no scene of action coordination going on. Red stayed on Red channel, Blue stayed on Blue, and Gold on Gold. Great if the flights are on separate missions in separate geographic locations, however, last night clearly this was not the case. Sandy did a good job of Red flight coord (as a good lead SHOULD do), but I heard very
  18. https://www.sandboxx.us/blog/watch-this-f-16-pilot-dodge-six-iraqi-surface-to-air-missiles-in-desert-storm/ Hope you guys are all doing well.
  19. Next week's mission is a high altitude bombing mission (5K, actually more of a medium height really) on Adler Airbase. Gold Flight of course will be the stars of this mission and Red and Blue must give them good support to accomplish the mission. I might advise a common TS channel this week but the final decision is of course up to the flight leads. One feature of this mission is Beacon Navigation. While not necessary the theme of the mission is that engineers have tuned the He111 bacons to follow a reverse beam course to the first waypoint. If they successfully reach this way
  20. Salute WWDarkdiz!! Please let the bartender know I’ll take my double bourbon neat...
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