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  2. Happy Birthday! Looks like you got a couple threads for your big day so you must be special. 🎂 Sorry I'll miss the dirty B-Day song tonight! I'm going out with the family to celebrate my mom's b-day...
  3. I am not a hobbit (well armed, or not) though some might say so...
  4. Hahah... Indeed, Duck. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Plague!
  5. Cool...maybe we get to sing to you tonight.... Going to have to find a dirty version of happy birthday..
  6. I apologize, after looking at the skin last night, on server I went back and checked my colours again, I had the blue pantone incorrect by 10, therefore it was a little bright. Reloaded corrected paint.. WW SE5A Billy Bishop.dds
  7. Shoot, that is a little bear, try our white ones up in Churchill Manitoba, puts all other bears to shame (even the Kodiak). They come ashore for the summer when the ice melts and then don’t eat for three months(well unless they get a tourist). Spent the best vacation of my life up at the research station there, if you went out you went out armed or with a bear guard. The scientists used to jog in the morning with two of them riding bikes and rifles over their shoulders.. During the hot days they just lie down in the tundra rocks and you could be on one in seconds... if you can do 35 mph in under 2 seconds, you might outrun them. Halloween is a weird time up there, ice is forming and the bears gather at the shore. Kids go door to door with an armed adult and the police force is all out patrolling for bear alerts.
  8. It’s called the Mach Loop. I’ve flown it a number of times in my civ sims. It’s a blast. I can only do marine what a blast it would be for a real pilot.
  9. Yeah, how ortho works. That’s why desert areas are so much nicer. The detail is small, and you can get pretty close and it still look good. Even very good. You’ve seen some of my shots of interior SoCal and Nevada. I’m about 1000 AGL in quite a few of those. I regret buying Southern and Central England from them for that reason. I fly low, and it gets pretty messy a lot of the time over that scenery. I debate uninstalling it. Takes up a lot of hard drive. I shouldn’t have bought any of the England stuff in either sim. Oh well. At least XP11 is pretty pain free. Lots of updates, but mostly everything works right away afterward.
  10. Yes gotta watch them RAF hobbits, they are a sneaky (and well armed) bunch!
  11. Happy Birfday! C967E3C7-22A7-4084-8E52-8CD3F88399F1.mp4
  12. Happy birthday Dan! Hope you’re having a great day
  13. Ahhh,,,twins....my favorite fantasy.... Good eye Icy.... considering what a pain it was to get that to work, glad it was noticed.
  14. That must have been pretty sweet. It sound like you're having fun.
  15. Sometimes it is the picture you dont take is the most memorable. Robyn and I were taking a walk along a lake near Buttermere in the Lakes District. It was like a hobbit trail, so green and quiet. Than we hear what we thought was a bus going up the road....than it got louder.....and louder......than ( holy shit)....a jet fighter comes ripping over the lake on a slight bank, maybe 100 feet out and 60 feet above the water. Way too fast to ever snap a shot. Read later that this area of Cumbria with all its valleys and lakes is a favorite training area for the RAF ( here is the picture I didn’t take from the article).
  16. That's not the version of VR I was expecting... Just sayin'.
  17. As much as I like P3D, it requires almost as much maintenance as FSX did back in the day. At least in IL-2, I can just fire it up and fly. But...the V-Tail is f'n gold!
  18. Jealous of the V-Tail flights... Mine has been collecting dust recently. Some issue with P3D, crashes every time I start. Really don't want to do the whole rebuild scenario, but I may have to. ((pout!))
  19. Red Flight will have to be under another leader, I'll be at a Twins game.
  20. I've narrowly escaped being stung by a scorpion by the simple expedient of dumping out my boots before I put them on... then screamed like a girl. I've seen black bears, from a distance. One while I was in boy scouts, on a canoe trip into Boundary Waters. We got to sit in our canoes after having fished for dinner, and watched this black bear tear up our camp. He couldn't get at the food bags (suspended from trees), but he sure made a mess of everything at ground level. I've heard cougars (had them come into town a couple times - yes, out here in flat old corn country!) but only once ever saw a wild one, and that was road kill. Couldn't believe what I was looking at beside the road one day, brought the work truck (all 45,000 pounds of it) to a halt and went back to see if that dead thing along the road was actually a cougar. It was. And the county sheriff that showed up about the same time I got to it confirmed it for me. One look at the claws and teeth was all I needed... that thing is a meat shredding machine. Or it might have been, if somebody's vehicle hadn't made it a meat-bag of mush.
  21. I meant as far as the stats page is concerned
  22. Nope...Half Moon Bay to Cloverdale. TE Washington looks amazing from about 2000 feet AGL, but some of the screenshots when the aircraft are down low do not look good at all, is that just how ortho scenery works?
  23. I'm a trucker by trade, so ... yes. (Gives @WWDubya the finger)
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