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  2. S! My apologies for the registration issues, still haven't worked out the bugs there. If I need to, I'll manually create his account here.
  3. Thanks, @Fawlty! Would love to get some racing in again... I've got Asetto Corsa but not sure I still have the F1 sim. Will have to look into it. Unlikely I'll make this Monday, work, weather all conspire against me.
  4. lol, that works better when the required info is in there... sorry about that. @WWSittingduck @WWGeezer , can you fellas answer Drift's question?
  5. That is weird. I'll add it to my report. FWIW, I found the "upload new theme version" process in the admin control panel messes up the theme. The theme creator strongly suggests manual upload of the files. Which is fine, except that I'm not at my home desktop with access to my FTP app and files... And now the domain panel wants a new password, so I can't upload files through the file manager there without locking Geezer out of the site. LOL ... Think I'll start drinking and wait for the damn blizzard to get here.
  6. Sandy, hope this helps you: Chrome/Edge/IE11: If logged in, I can not navigate the forum in Brave. I keep getting that message. If I log out, I can navigate fine in all three browsers. Pretty strange.....
  7. Emphasis for Tuesday is FUN.... I'm tired of getting my ass kicked... Back to Kuban. Ground targets for the most part will remain the same. Destroyers off our norther coast have been taking care of, so a fleet of supply cargo ships can try and make it into Kersh harbor from the NE. Keep an eye on them to make sure they are getting thru ok. If anyone wants a specific place to fly, just let me know and I will make sure it is included. Otherwise the plane set will be pretty much what it was last Tuesday, but will reduce plane lives to 3. Warmup @ 8:30 Map from previous mission can be viewed here: https://www.wingwalkers.org/topic/6403-tues-1-22/ Plane set (unless someone requests a change)
  8. This is getting a bit aggrevating... Some areas I can read and reply to, others I can't. Still looking into it. @Driftwood: Drill down to the IL-2 section of the forum for specific info about upcoming missions, please.
  9. That's why we have both a dark theme and a light theme available. Different strokes for different folks. Once the Brave theme comes due for renewal, I'll solicit suggestions to either keep Brave or try something different (from that same source, however, since that is a highly respected theme author for IPS communities.)
  10. Some shots from a flight out of Airdrie Airpark, near Calgary; down to Glacier Park international in Montana.
  11. Sorry, just saw the problem myself. Not happy... And not at my desktop to fix until Sunday. Will change default theme so folks can interact.
  12. I got the one in the op... ordered a "chair side table" for the computers new home. I gotta break ties with my dad's old office desk. It just is not conducive to flight simming....
  13. Changed to default and could post. Problem seems to be Brave...
  14. Just thought I would test the forum. couldn't post or reply unless I change the theme to default. Can you post the planes that will be available this Tuesday so I can focus my efforts in advance? Also if there is any briefing info you think will be helpful knowing in advance that would be great. Thanks, Driftwood
  15. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/oldfokkers/f1-1967-season-begins-monday-feb-25th-1800-pst-t4235.html
  16. Yesterday
  17. HELP, CANNOT ADD NEW TOPIC Topic name will not populate to fill in thus no new topics!
  18. Yep, pick a song, and then see how many people covered it. Who knew the Lennon sisters, (I know, Im old), could sing something other than cheerful songs. > "my arms are open wide, to let more hurt inside". They lived it, when that freak killed their Dad, but they just sang stuff like Yellow Bird on the Welk show. Yes, I watched when Janet was on.
  19. Me too. Default theme, which is black type on white background, works for my eyes.
  20. Want to extend a invite to any WW racing fans. OF and a number of the JG1 guys are starting the F1 1967 season this monday and your invited. info https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/oldfokkers/f1-1967-season-begins-monday-feb-25th-1800-pst-t4235.html and a taste of the action Drop by for any additional info
  21. sorry, should have put my post here... https://www.wingwalkers.org/topic/11-post-your-suggestions-for-improving-this-forum-here/page/2/ bottom thread am getting the same thing at work. Home page loads, but can not get to links. Have to use default mode to post.
  22. YouTube is a time machine. Go to watch a 5 minute video and BOOM, you are 3 hours in the future.
  23. Started getting this the other day I stay logged in cause my chrome will not "remeber me" though if i logged out and logged in it would display the site. It will display the home page, but when I navigate to a forum, like I did in the pic above, I get the same thing. So i have to switch to the default view.
  24. Replaced my monitor last year and was very happy with it, will post specs later tonight
  25. Unless you're playing first person shooters, where you need twitch responses, I think 60 is perfect. Especially for simming.
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