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    Well she appears to be flight worthy, will give her a go on Tuesday. All the controllers and TS working. Still work to go on transferring files. Looks like it is time to upgrade some of my applications that have gotten long in the tooth ( photo shop elements 8! ). Still set up temporarily on a back table until I get my RGB fail on the lower fan worked out. Boy is she quiet, shocking compared to my old rig, non of that grinding and grumbling of the old hard drives and noisy fans
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    Re-worked Bf109-F4. Standardized position of WW logo across all 109 variants, added new painted spiral on prop which will run across all my 109's. Darkened alpha further to reduce the "wet" look.
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    Helps balance the color for his pit with the yellow stripes, Navy's an Interior Pit Designer Decorator... That or he can't remember where to place his hand and the arrows help as a reminder, LOL, now that's funny, I don't care who you are! If it were me, I'd leave the arrows, just to drive people crazy with confusion.
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    Had to load three different applications to settle down all the glam lights on this beast. You can make your ram beat like a drum, fans rainbow circles and even change how it looks depending on what you are doing. After all that one of the front fans stopped lighting up, likey the RGB controller cable is bad The real question....Why do I care? (Decide to go all white just because I am annoyed) Got some sata extenders so I could put the ssd drives in a nicer spot, the box itself is nice and clean
  5. 2 points
    Guess Coconut is still at it... After having to watch all his hard word go down the tubes, thought for sure he would pack it in....
  6. 2 points
    Will do, I am blessed with a good workspace, moved a banquet table into the office
  7. 2 points
    I had a thought about some air racing with this sim. I'm sure most of us have done this in the pasted. My last squadron we had a handful of tracks setup and ran a Cup like season for points. My thought was to build 3 tracks and set the plane type for the season. Do 6 events with a change to the track that we repeat. Have personal liveries with our own numbers. Like Nascar but more like RedBull. Cool paint! Like lets get crazy! I do not know if Pylons can be added to the track but a road type with elevation and alot of turns and speed to add the comp. Endurance and sprint type races with point on where you finish and faster pilots moving to the back of the grid at the start of the next race or event to give more comp to the race with Slower pilots getting there race wings . I could go on and on but Ill over heat my small brain. I myself would do all I can to help get the tracks up and tuned for some great racing along with any skinning needed for all pilots. Well Just a Thought. Here is a couple liveries I did for IL2 46, Wolfe
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    So here is how the setup stands now, very heavy and stiff but a noticeable difference in stalls.... LOL
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    Watched The Aeronauts with Meghan the other night... I found the idea of being at great altitude and the thermometer reading a balmy 5 above enough to seriously strain credulity (funny how WW2 airman in bombers at 25,000 feet had to have electrically heated suits and heavy fur-lined gear to keep from freezing, while our intrepid heroes had light jackets and no hats or gloves < == totally unrealistic> ), but some of the scenes had me absolutely cringing and amazed at the sheer bravery displayed. Once I got past the fact the writers had no idea how cold altitude can be, I enjoyed the story being told.
  10. 2 points
    On further review, this would be for solo flying. That being said, Vander’s COOP generator now include WW1 scenarios so it would not be hard toget a FC COOPnight going. Will try to get a couple set up for next week.
  11. 2 points
    One of my passions is history and particularly family history. This is not the "map every family member back to Adam and Eve" kind of thing. More about story telling and preserving the artifacts that exist in the family and document the last couple generations. I keep a family website where I post things, tell stories etc. Recently my sister gave me a Memory Book of my grandmother's from her high school days. It spans from 1917 to 1922. During that time she was a young teenager. Her father died suddenly and a brother died six months later. Her Mom moved from Kansas City to Chicago live with her mother. Three years of this drove her nuts, so she packed up here three kids and took a train to Los Angeles. The Memory Book had envelopes with addresses so I was able to trace that path on Google Maps and amazingly enough all the homes still existed. My brother had scanned a vintage photo album from my grandmother's childhood and sure enough I could find family photos in front of those same houses so I knew I got them right. Thought I would share the journey a bit ( first one is Kansas City, second is Chicago, third is Los Angeles)
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    So, I got the day wrong should have been 2, got the year right for a change😀. I love how everyone feels the need to start the year off thinking that they're all stand up comedians, Happy New Year all
  13. 2 points
    Well...I post this from a freshly upgraded (for free) Windows 10 PC. Thanks to everyone, especially Duck and Fawlty, who gave me what I needed to get this done. Took about two hours total. @Fawlty My CH Throttle Quad works exactly as it did in Windows 7. I just run CH Control Manager as an administrator, and it's good to go. Thanks again y'all!
  14. 2 points
    I snuck pictures of his assembly, looking good!
  15. 2 points
    Warthog Stick on a Virpil base. Warthog throttle, and a CH Throttle Quadrant. Enough lever and buttons, one can never have. Sorry, been binging Star Wars the last two days, and Yoda’s syntax is f’n me all up. 😉
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    20th is a holiday.....have read myself dizzy on the build. Looks like the build starts this weekend.
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    I hope someone here is, I think you, Zed, Griphos, and I all put in for it. Shit, maybe all three of us will get in on it!
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    I've used Kaspersky for several years now and never had a problem, they were always quick to tell me I shouldn't open this or click on that. I've used avg ,norton,mcafee, and other antivirus software but have to say only Kaspersky has never let me down and always kept my PC safe. I have traveled the underworld of the internet and always came back STD free. Lol...
  19. 1 point
    Thanks for all this info Duck, no one should have to ask what the commands are while we're in game now that you've posted "how to" in here.
  20. 1 point
    That went exactly the way I thought it would, LMAO.
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  22. 1 point
    Game update now available to version 4.004, 1.27gb. Make sure you update before this evening.
  23. 1 point
    Oh Chunk, regarding Arma 3, your missing lots of fun. Myself and a number of WW's get together every Wed. Bayo, Warmonger, Plague,Varg,and a number of others you may not know. I create a mission one week Inf_Guy does the next. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=849019768 Geez regarding Steam, I think it;s absolutely great, I've been on for 15 years. I just reinstalled DCS to fly the spitfire I purchased over the last sale to fly around Normandy and went with the Steam install, your not missing out on anything. Software is automatically kept up to date and if you remove things then later reinstall your addons etc. are all auto loaded. If you see a few of the guys playing something on your friends list just right click the name and join.
  24. 1 point
    I'm the Boscoe one playing Red Dead this morning...
  25. 1 point
    I have Steam, and there is a WW group on there. Not used often, except for Arma3 for me. Oh, and IL2 Bob (the one in between 46 and Stalingrad.) I would recommend he buy and install IL2 BoX (or DCS, P3D, XPlane, etc) outside of steam. He can still add it to his Steam game collection and even launch it through Steam. But buying and installing it through Steam means he's limited to whatever updates, etc, 777 has made for the Steam version of IL2 BoX. That said, Steam and its communities can be very useful. Especially if a group has no other means of getting together (no website of their own, for example.) Steam also costs money, and is a commercial venue funded through sales. Expect ads throughout the Steam universe. Compared to other gaming community apps out there, Steam is by far the largest. But there are alternatives. I'm posting this via mobile, so don't have access to some of the others I have (a free game from my video card meant I had to install a Steam-like alternative, that has since changed its name.) A screen cap of the mobile Steam app's chat box, showing currently online friends...
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  27. 1 point
    @WWNavyGunner Springs - This might be helpful - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmT9YJTIru8 Sticking - Future help - https://youtu.be/55Jz-yum8OM
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    I have severe opinions on Saitek gear. The Warthog will appear as one unified device when a custom profile is used ("TM Combined" or something like that.) That way games/sims that only recognize one device can still use the Warthog or cougar.
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    I LOL'd at this one...
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    I recently read that term came about due to how a pilot's head stuck out of the hole in the fuselage resembled the way a rooster's head looked sticking out from the hole in the ground where he was kept prior to a cock fight. Oh. I have a Thrustmaster Warthog HOTUS and CH Pro rudder pedals. I peeled off the yellow arrow stickers. Not due to asthetics or avoiding mockery, but I noticed the edges of the sticker when using the stick. Any distractaions, howver slight, are no bueno. I used to use logitech pro 3d. I would wear them out or eventually fight them and at $35 a pop, they were a great choice for what I was doing. Some games that have basic flight control inputs only allow for 1 controller. The 3dpro has a twist for rudder. Not ideal but it worked just fine. I still have two and my Son uses one of them now. @Duck... I've owned 2 sets of the Saitek combat rudder pedals. I loved the way the looked/felt and worked (when the worked), but the quality control was crap. The first set was returned during the warranty period and the replacement went out a week or two after the warranty expired. I could fix them as I know where/whey/how they're broken, but am waiting for my CH pedals to crap out (which will probably be never as CH stuff is f'n bulletproof).
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    Nice setup NG!
  32. 1 point
    Here you go Duck, 12m, 20sec, make sure you go to enemy view and you can watch the plane vanish before it hits the ground. From what I can see watching the other AI, as long as the pilot is alive the plane doesn't vanish unless it crashes and explodes or breaks into pieces. If he bails out and the plane crashes in tact, it doesn't vanish until the pilots landed. Watched and I16 crash in tact and sat on the roof of a building while the pilot floats down. dogfight.2020-01-09_vanishing-plane-12m20sec.zip
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    WartHog with CH pedals, TIR5. Stock Direct-X configuration, buttons assigned in-game. I've messed with various custom profiles (many very detailed and quite intricate), but always seem to come back around to stock Direct-X button assignments.
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  36. 1 point
    Well if we are posting interesting signs, this one at the parking garage at Burbank Airport made me stop and think
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    well...that does it....I ain't doing shit for a whole year..
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    Seems like everyone else is getting new systems... Well, mine seems to be running okay, just getting a bit limited on storage. I'm a file-whore, hate to delete stuff. And my photography habit (umm, HOBBY, that's the word) demands a lot of hard drive real estate. So... I'm adding a 6-port PCI-E SAS/SATA (III, 6gb/s) /RAID controller. And two new(ly refurbished) Seagate Constellation 4tb (128mb cache, 7200 rpm) disks. With that setup I'll copy files from four much slower, lower capacity disks to one of the new drives, remove the old drives entirely, and show a minor performance upgrade. And a huge storage upgrade. Future build may see those drives re-configured for RAID with a pair of 2tb SSD's for the OS. I hate being bottle-necked by available space. (I guess just shy of 4tb in total spread over six different drives isn't enough, LOL) Also in the minor upgrade category is removal of an old motherboard-based USB 2.0 4-port slot, to be replaced with a 7-port PCI card with only USB 3.0 output. Add a new wireless keyboard and mouse (using one USB port instead of two) and this will be the final updates to this system until the motherboard/processor/RAM/video card update later this year. Oh yeah, a set of Thrustmaster MFD's on the way as well. Currently running a home built machine inside a ThermalTake case: Asus P8Z68-V motherboard; Intel i7 2700K on Noctua air cooling overclocked to 4.3ghz; 16gb DDR3 @933mhz RAM; NVidia GTX 1070, Win 10 Pro 64 on 500gb SSD; a second 500 gb SSD dedicated to P3D; and four older HDD's (all slower SATA 2) varying in size from 320gb to 1.5 TB holding all the other files.
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    This is definitely going to be an issue. I don’t deal with fraud/theft crime very much, but when I do, it’s really simple stuff that turns people into victims. Please write the whole year out, you’ll save yourself a potential headache down the road.
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    Ok. Since I’m in it... According to CNN: Not only do we have to break the habit of writing 2019, when we really mean 2020, but the dawn of a new decade also creates a unique opportunity for scammers, says Ira Rheingold, executive director for the National Association of Consumer Advocates. How exactly, you ask? When the year 2020 is abbreviated on official forms and documents, those looking to exploit unsuspecting people can easily manipulate those numbers and leave people potentially vulnerable to fraud. For example, a document dated 1/4/20 can easily be changed to 1/4/2021 by adding two numbers at the end. There are several ways that could pose a problem. Rheingold cited the example of a stale check, or one that was written more than six months or so ago. If you have an old check lying around that's dated 1/4/20 and someone finds it, they could add "21" to the end of that date, and voila, the check is no longer stale. Or, let's say you sign a credit contract — an agreement between a borrower and a lender — and date it 1/4/20. Say you then miss a month or two of payments, and the lender goes to collect the debt that's owed. Theoretically, they could add "19" to the end of that date and argue that you owe more than a year's worth of payments, Rheingold said. We could go on, but far be it for us to give any scammers out there more bright ideas. We'll just leave you with a PSA that consumer advocates, auditors and police departments around the country have been issuing: When you write a date on a document, don't shorthand the year 2020 to just "20." Write out the whole thing (it's only two more numbers, after all). It's still early in the year and there's no evidence yet that anyone has been scammed in this manner. But it's better to be safe than sorry. "It's just another precaution, another chance to warn people that there are folks out there who will take advantage of you," Rheingold said. © 2020 Cable News Network, Inc. A WarnerMedia Company. All Rights Reserved.
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    Glad it worked out Chuck. I read so many topics on CH manager conflicts in the past but they must of been resolved over time. I did axe out windows store though because that could cause problems. The procedure for that is different depending whether you have win10 home or pro. That may not be needed either but if you run into problems consider it. Cheers
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    Korean could be fun... I have both the F-86 and MiG-15. I suck in both though, lol.
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    Sorry, I stopped reading when I saw the pretty girl. Brinson loved the dry ice idea and appreciate the upside down battery idea, and yes I have gone all OCD on the build, but I can’t help myself. (It could very well be the most fun thing I get to do in 2020.)
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    lol....go ahead...say it Navy...saitek sucks....... X-52 love it...tons of rotaries (those little dial things on a hotas) buttons, hat switches. offer still stands...u pay shipping I have one with a bad rudder sensor. but you use pedals, so you just lock it out...
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    For home use... I recommend not doing raid... But that is just me. Go with you original plan. One primary drive you do all your fun stuff from, one drive to store the finished work, and the third drive as your backups.
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    Did anyone send this video/track to the devs? This is a perfect example of what’s happening with the disappearing aircraft. You had no chance Sandy. That’s insane.
  47. 1 point
    can not do that. they have to be pretty much the exact same drives. I don't think I would even try putting a Seagate 500gb and a WD 500gb drive in Raid. 2 of each would be fine...
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    Chapter 1 The beginning.. After my reassignment from the Russian front back to the British Commonwealth Air Training Program in Brandon, Manitoba, I had to get there. The RCAF would only provide transportation from Gibraltar, I had to get there on my own. As the Turkish airlines had a JU-52 at their disposal but no pilots to fly it, this seemed like a good way to at least get to Istanbul. The flight was exhausting, 3 1/2 hours over the ocean to Sevastopol was the first leg in cloudy conditions, of course as soon as I landed the sun broke through! Zeus jumped in the back and took over two seats to sleep, seeing as the aircraft had no rear gunner position for him to take over. The trip was quite uneventful and I will be leaving for Istanbul the next day. (flights done in X-plane from actual airfields to actual airfields in real time, no time compression) Chapter_1.MP4
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    A terrible crash, helicopter pilot went up in bad fog, circling around Burbank Airport for 20 minutes trying to see, than ended up in Calabasas, rammed into the side of some low mountains. Dad’s taking daughters to an AAU basketball game at 9 am. Not everyone on the helicopter were superstars. My brother is a high school baseball coach in So Cal and John Atobelli was a friend. John, his wife and one of his two daughters were also killed. Tragic. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/college/baseball/2020/01/26/john-altobelli-college-baseball-coach-dies-crash-kobe-bryant/4583873002/
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