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    A few screens from tonight's 2nd mission. Dub reminded me to record, glad I did, showed me what a dumb move I made that allowed Sandy to pick my wing off just he would a fly 🤪 Was some good clean fun tonight, enjoyed it a lot!! Sandy's first gun run, he's just under that wing that's losing bits... Second gun run, dang hits the same wing again😣 The end! Sandy unconcernedly fly's away, and I have to jump cause I really needed that freaking wing😢 Crave and Navy-en route Crave and Dub eyeballing each other.
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    Just a quick post to say thanks for letting me fly with you guys. I had a good time. That JU52 was something else. It was the first time I'd flown something in a mission that can't maneuver or really fight back. Talk about feeling exposed and helpless. It was scary and frustrating to watch the other Junkers being engaged and getting knocked down. Every time I'd hear my gunner start sounding off behind me and I'd wonder if I was next. I can only imagine the horror, agony and terror transport and bomber pilots felt in real life. I literally glared at a spitfire buzzing past with his guns blazing thinking, "you little bastard. You're lucky I'm not in my 109." When landing, I put her down as soon I could. Gonna have to bind some controls for getting things unloaded. I was positive I was about to be strafed. The second sortie was a fluster cuck for me. I was unprepared to fly the 110. I also was reminded that I need to set the fuses to a 2 second delay rather than contact as I blew myself up when destroying a target. Anyways, Thanks for letting me fly with y'all. S!
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    Just a heads up, received a pm from DD_APHill asking if he and perhaps a few other Dogz could join us on Tuesday evenings. It's always a good time flying with the Dogz so of course I extended the invitation for them to join in anytime they're available. AP has all the necessary info to join both our D server and TS server. When you see the Dogz feel free to extend a hearty woof🐕
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    Wanted to fly with real weather, and didn't want to fly around in the rain...so it was San Carlos to Sonoma.
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    Spent so much time screwing with sound files almost forgot about this.. Taking off from Ventsy. Ground targets for Gold are pretty well marked. Red should go Jabo, and do a quick patrol on our side of the front when rtb. Enemy is doing it's best to reduce our artillery along the front. Blue can either perform full escort, or patrol our side of the front.
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    In game, rename the Track to something more memorable. Close game, go to recordings folder. Select the new filename and the folder of the same name. Rt click on selection and choose send to, and click compressed zip file. Copy that new zip file to the vault or download section in the forum. Reverse that process when you want to extract the file to watch it in game.
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    This will give you 2 weeks to study map. Like someone said Thursday, if you are lost, climb. imho, it is much harder to make out landscape at 500m. Put what I think are some of the terrain objects that stand out.
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    Your more then welcome to join in wherever you feel comfortable. We're always glad to have you aboard .
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    And here is just a tidbit of some pretty rare WW1 and early early WW1 aircraft
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    That Stalingrad map and the season we're flying is a real challenge to find shit, especially your own shit!! I suppose the more we fly it the easier it becomes, at least for me.
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    Ya planes are fun to use in arma3 mission building, bombing runs etc. but not much to fly. Heli's on the other hand are a blast. Insert, extraction, support, great fun calling in an Apache and watching it do it's thing in the heat of battle.
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    Believe Fawlty still plays Arma if you'r looking for people to play with https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/oldfokkers/infantry-barracks-f10/
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    Yup, I set up 2 many buttons at first experimenting and I had thumbs, fingers, and elbows pushing to talk, so I switched to voice activated. May need to go back to push to talk if my AC triggers the comms based on my comms breaking up. But I think that is more due to when something is downloading and my windfall of "lost connection" over the past week or so. Prior to that I never had a problem with voice activation. Don't use external speakers which doesn't play nice with voice activation. I need every button I have for the darn plane......
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    https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/35315-mod-voice-pack-in-english-for-radio-chatter-v047/ It would be nice to get rid of the pop up messages and hear things in English for immersion. I only read those messages offline to get bandit location when dog-fighting and forget to use them online. Usually I'm focused on everything but reading messages unless I'm cruising flat and level to target. I still don't understand how you guys use the technical tips over gauges though I do end up turning on cockpit lights a lot to see. But technical tips, plus the messages makes for a busy screen while flying. Has anyone tried this? I'm always a bit skeptical trying some of these 3rd party mods for both keeping them updated and working with the sim and security. But it sure would be nice to get rid of those messages and respond to the radio info quickly...
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    Just chose push-to-talk in the hotkey setup (bottom choice). You can set as many as you want
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    San Diego Air and Space Museum - World War One Images About 3,300 images posted to Flickr. The set can be viewed online or downloaded via Flickr. Majority of images are aviation related, however, most images appear to be less commonly viewed online. The First World War images are a sub-set of a much larger photographic catalogue. [CEF Study Group – Feb 2019 Photo album
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    From page 8 the caption "World War One Aircraft crash Nieuport 23 Caption Thorpe Capt badly hurt, nurse killed" caught my eye... Nurse killed? So I went google fu on it and found the explanation... http://steveruffin.azurewebsites.net/photo-gallery/in-the-line-of-duty/ Awesome find geezer.
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    I am working on 3 voice attack profiles for generic use in IL2 Below is a list of the commands I am going to map to Voice Attack. If you see anything that you want added or will never have a need for just ;et me know. The VA will use the default keys for the command so if you have remapped your keys let me know AFTER the generic ones are done and I will customize it for you.. FighterBomberTank
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    I'll try and set this up before Thursday. For the file opening, it depends on if you have a default program setup to open/play. The only caution I guess would be to avoid investing to much time in it unless it's confirmed to be supported with future updates. But if works now and is simple, cool.
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    I use two buttons on my joystick, one for ts one for va. In VR it is almost indispensable. And if you really think about it, the pilot never closes his own manual canopy, the crew chief usually does except for the sliders.
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    ok, pretty cool hearing something you can understand other than that garble that Is usually there... Did not help that the AI in the coop were involved in a cluster f**k trying to take off. Couple observations. Seemed like there was a "fill in the blanks" part of the speech. Blue flight was taking off. and I heard "Arcaci, this is (pause) ready for take off. Also, might be a little annoying to some to hear voices playing, when they are trying to communicate. If you want to test, recommend you try it with one of our coops. That is were you are going to get something quick, vs a dogfight mission where you will have to wait till one of the ai on the ground are being attacked.
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    each pilot has it set up different. But very doable...it all boils down to pilot preference... For me, I hold a key on my joystick, that key mutes my ts mic, and tell VA to start listening. When I release the key, va stops listening, and my ts mic unmutes. One very cool thing about voice attack, you can tell it to say something when the command is executed. So if I tell it to put my gear up, when it goes up I get my sexy voice saying "landing gear"
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    Sorry, Duck. I’ve grown to hate computer problems more than almost anything. Used to tinker around with them constantly. Now I just want the damn thing to work.
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    did someone just call my setup "junk"???
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    wow guys, some pretty artistic solutions with found junk. If you guys are married, these are the kinds of things that have wive's scratching there heads and saying....."That's nice honey" out loud and " Next time we better hire a contractor" inside their heads.
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    Wow.....I feel tingly all over! This is great news however it happened. We are much blessed to have Sandy ( and Sensei and Driftwood).
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    It would appear Mr. Mal Ware's message has left the building. I no longer get the orange screen; and when I search the internet for Wing Walkers Squad to get your link. No more message saying "this site has been Yacked" congrats!
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    Nice!! Could hear a couple of Duck's shot's hitting your crate as you were trying to kill GreyWolfe 😁.. How did that story end I wonder?
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    F2 gets your external Shft-F2 gets next friendly external CTRL-F2 gets next enemy external Alt-F2 gets different camera locations for currently viewed F2/Shft-F2/Ctrl-F2 aircraft
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    Pretty funny, I just needed something quick to do a test, started off with a box, then I saw these out in my shop and thought, hmmm. Basket slides over that shaft snug enough i can slide it up and down to adjust height. Goal was to buy the monitor, then make a bracket that screws to the wall with some up/down, forward/back, and lateral adjustments to dial in position. But this is a cheesy fix for now. SA is back so I'm happy.
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    No worries... you can always check in on TS for mission status then just hop on for mission 2. Hey I after talking with you the other night about the TrackIR and moving the camera out, I got off my butt and setup a stand for the camera and resolved the problem with the camera IR reflecting in my glasses. Basically it's setup for a larger monitor now so I just had to modify my profile to adjust for the head movement travel distance which is less as I moved my laptop back. Basically I should be able to drop in a 24-27 inch monitor and just have to adjust the profile again. I worked hard on this, LOL.... wow One mans junk is the same mans treasure... some weird stand for who knows what and a junk silverware dishwasher basket. My very classy TrackIR stand
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    Please, no comments about scams/bad site etc etc. I know all that. Never used Mercari before. So if someone wants to go out on a limb, these are available for 24 bucks...free shipping. These are what I use (13 bucks on Newegg...by the time I figured out what a deal it was they were sold out). I already have a spare, or I would snag these without thinking twice. Realy nice WIRELESS headset. pc/xbox If I were someone who needs these (icy?????) I would snag them in a heartbeat link to page will not work...so go to mercari.com and search for Plantronics Gamecom 818/P80 Headset One thing is for sure, these are not going to be available for very long......
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    Dear friends, The small 3.012b update has been released just now: - Fw 190 Dora: fixed a bug with small boost values when the MW50 is turned on on winter maps - Fw 190 Dora: corrections to the text labels in the cockpit and exterior - Fw 190 Dora: the description of the aircraft corrected, technochat message while adjusting the thermostat made clearer - Fw 190 Dora: fuel pump buttons are animated now - Fw 190 A-5 and A-8: engine thermal model corrected - Bf 109 K-4: 4K textures created by Martin =ICDP= Catney added to the game - Blazing Steppe campaign is available in German (translation done by Ralph =ram0506= Mahlmeister) - Static plane durabilities corrected for Prokhorovka and other maps - Singleplayer missions for tanks the player doesn't have won't be displayed in the game - Ground vehicle column pathfinding improved - Fixed display of shells for static model BM-13 - Minor text correction
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    Apologies for last nite being a disaster for me. I flew for 2 hours prior getting settings right, and end up with 12fps in the campaign. Am hoping I can find the time to take the mission from wed, and add some Tank Fields. Can have some allied tanks outside Elva trying to go in and destroy what is left, with a few german ai tanks in there (along with all the aaa) to defend. Would also like to have pilots rotate sides. Try the spit vs 109, then try the 109 vs spit. No AI planes....will all be PvP
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    Ping @VonBrinson and anyone else reading this topic, I moved this topic into the public IL-2 BoS area (The current rendition of the IL-2 series sim) from the old IL-2 1946 forum area. No harm, no foul, just wanted to ensure stuff is posted into the relevant area.
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    Thanks for letting me fly with you guys last night in the JG5 test mission. It was fun even though I burned up the engine on my Spitfire and then got smoked by a 190 when chasing another one I had damaged. That 500 respawn timer was annoying. One thing I noticed is that (and forgive me if this is pretty common knowledge as I haven't multiplayered IL until recently), when those guys were in trouble they lit up their navigation lights. Prior to me getting downed, I noticed they were turning them on, but I wasn't thinking as to why they were doing it. I guess if the baddies already know where you're at and are shooting at ya, might as well turn them on so your friends can find you and maybe come to help. I still shoulda smoked that guy before his buddy got to me... grrrrr. For anybody that hung around until the end... Do you know if they actually bombed or gunned their objective? Or was the defense successful? I was flying cover for a bit, but diverted South to try and aid guys in combat. So I guess I left my patrol area. I didn't even see the train we were supposed to be protecting. Anyways... Thanks again. I've got a lot to learn. I think I'll start by listening more in TS rather than jabbering. I'm going to set up some plane specific profiles for the hotus. Not being able to use certain aircraft due to control biding issues is inexcusable. I do have voice attack, but at 11pm the Missus and sleeping Teenager, don't want to hear me yelling, "open oil radiator." S!
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    Hey Drift, You already have Bodenplatte on your hard drive. With the Great Battles series, if you buy one module (BoS, BoK, Tank Crew, what ever) you get everything, but only have access to those items you've purchased. So if you plunk down $ for Bodenplatte, all you have to do is activate the key, and the available items included with Bodenplatte will unlock and you can now use them.
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    Hey VonBrinson... Some of the guys may have mentioned this but if you can bind common buttons for multiple planes. Once you get all the basics button/axis’s mapped it should work for all the fighter planes. I haven’t flown multi engine bombers. I’m still fairly new to IL 2 and in comparison, to the other members I still very new. But here is what I’ve learned with help and some research. If you have all the buttons mapped and you’re not sure if radiators or prop pitch/rpm are manual or auto, when in doubt, press your buttons to open oil/water increase rpm's, etc. since some things have say 3 to 5 positions you have to press multiple times and others you press and hold. When in doubt, tap/press the button 5 or 6 times first to open, then press and hold for 4-5 seconds to open. Then you know it’s open even if you’re not sure where the wheel or lever is or if it’s auto or manual. Your less likely to burn up your engine. (changes a bit I’m sure when the weather is freezing, and I have no experience in snow) Note: prop pitch/rpm, when in doubt, once the buttons are setup, just move the buttons and watch the RPM gauge to see if it’s manual, if it is, most likely it’s full max for takeoff, but will need to be adjusted after takeoff or burn up an engine. Engine and flight control management buttons I use: Oil radiator – wheel, levers (some can be set to an axis) Water radiator – wheel, levers, cowling ( some can be set to an axis) Manual/auto radiator – button Prop pitch/prop rpm Manual/auto prop – pitch/rpm Boost ( I had boost and supercharger on the same button till I found the plane that needed both ) Supercharger Toe brakes Wheel brakes Tail-wheel lock – lever, latch, switch, etc. Some are stick aft or rudders centered, or no tailwheel lock Navigation lights – on/off Cockpit lights – on/off Canopy – open/close, not sure if some planes have additional canopy function Trim Pitch / Horizontal Stabilizers Flaps up – up/down one position, multiple positions, fully adjustable Flaps down Gear – up/down Radiator Example: Radiators – they may be auto, manual, or you can switch to manual. Just make sure when you map the different radiator functions for the different planes; you map the same buttons open and close for each. I made the mistake of having my spitfire opposite to the others and would accidentally close instead of opening my radiator and burn up the engine. (of course, as I get better at checking the gauges it’s not an issue) Many planes - Wheel forward opens / wheel backward closes radiator Spitfire – 5 stage lever; forward opens, back closes A-5 – radiator cowling, cranks, clockwise, counter clockwise to open, close Etc. Spitfire: I really like the Spitfire Mk.VB for learning engine management since the water radiator and prop pitch are manual plus you use the boost button as needed and It likes the water at 110 deg. Then as you get more comfortable you can better manage the radiator lever and temp. Then for added fun if you roll past 60 degrees in a turn you have to wait 30 seconds for the navigation gyro to start working again. So, it’s best to fly pretty level in route. Finally started using the clock to monitor nav coming back and 5 minute boost limit. Dogfighting skills are still horrific but my engine management skills are coming along. Continuous - Run at 2650 rpm, Boost+7 (+4-*7) all day long. 30 minutes Combat - For me the easiest way to manage the Spitfire is to not exceed 2850 rpm Boost +9, leave the rpm’s set to 2850 rpm 5 min max Boost –4 min or less is better - When you need extra power, hit your boost button and full throttle. Leave your rpm set to 2850 so all your adjusting is your throttle. 30 min limit - manage throttle and boost only: 2850 rpm, water radiator fully open Boost on, throttle max – 1- 4 min / 5 max Boost off, throttle back to Boost +9 (adjust as need, just watch the oil temp) Never adjust your RPM’s or water radiator Keep an eye on your oil temp if your using the boost a lot for short periods of time. It will bite you in the butt. Emergencies Boost on, full throttle, increase your prop rpm to 3000 – watch the oil/water temp, oil temp kills the engine an is slow to recover, water temp recovers fairly quick. If you see the RPM gauge needle start jumping, your engine is going to eventual quick RTB. As you get more comfortable, start adjusting your radiator to keep your water temp up to optimum 110 without going over in any situation. I don’t use the fly-out tips/hints that give the engine management in %'s so any info given on TS in %'s doesn’t translate. I still need to go in and turn this on then write down the % for powers so I can translate in flight. Once you setup your buttons to cover all the fighter planes, the rest will be much easier. Hope this helps…
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    The mb is an Asus P8Z68-VPro and it does have SATA III. My understanding is the 6gbs port is the III and the 2 - 3gbs ports are II's.
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    Ok here is the Fort Garry Horse M4 in proper uniform.. now the other story about the Fort Garry Horse.... WINNIE THE BEAR Lt. Harry Colebourn And Winnie-the-Bear Doctor Harry Colebourn was born in Birmingham in 1887 and came to Canada in 1905 when he was 18 years of age. He settled in Toronto initially and, in order to finance his university education, he worked in menial jobs such as selling fruit from door to door on the streets in Toronto and as a deckhand on commercial vessels plying the Great Lakes. In 1908, he enrolled at the Ontario Veterinary College located in Guelph. On the 25th of April, 1911, he received his degree as a Veterinary Surgeon and following his graduation, he returned to Dewsbury, England to re-unite with his family. Following a short stay, he returned to Canada. On July 3, 1911, he accepted a veterinary appointment with the Department of Agriculture, Health of Animals Branch, in Winnipeg. In the same year he joined the 18th Mounted Rifles as a Militia Officer and then was seconded to the 34th Regiment of Cavalry, (later named the 34th Fort Garry Horse), on May 15, 1912. He was one of the original officers of the 34th Fort Garry Horse when that unit was formed from ‘A’ Squadron of the 18th Mounted Rifles. When The first World War broke out in August 1914, he was already a trained officer and immediately offered his services to his country. Subsequently, he was given leave of absence from the Department of Agriculture and left Winnipeg on August 23rd 1914, bound for Valcartier, Quebec. While enroute to Valcartier, he was detached from the 34th Fort Garry Horse and returned to the Canadian Army Veterinary Corps (C.A.V.C.)as all veterinary officers and soldiers were being re-organized for service in the infantry brigades being formed in Valcartier. On the 24th of August, the train stopped at White River, Ontario where Harry purchased a small black female bear cub for the sum of $20 from a hunter who had killed her mother. Shortly after this, Harry named his little cub “Winnie” after the City of Winnipeg, his home-town. On September 12th 1914, he was taken on strength of the Second Canadian Infantry Brigade Headquarters under the command of Lt. Colonel Arthur W. Currie who was later on to become the commander of the Canadian Expeditionary Force. Harry’s six diaries that he kept during the war show that on October 3rd 1914, he and “Winnie” embarked from Gaspe Bay enroute for England aboard the S.S. Manitou along with many other liners filled with troops and equipment heading for England. On October 17th, they disembarked and left Davenport, England, for Salisbury Plain at 7:00 that morning. Winnie was to remain with him and a pet to the Second Canadian Infantry Brigade Headquarters and a Mascot to the C.A.V.C. while he remained in England. Winnie quickly became a pet to many of the soldiers and would follow them around like a tame dog in their off-duty hours at Salisbury Plain. There were numerous photos taken of her with the men and these photos often became a keepsake for them to treasure. However, this situation was to change when Harry was given the order to remove Winnie from the Brigade Headquarters, as she would not be able to accompany them to the battlefields in France where the brigade was shortly to go. Consequently, on the 9th of December 1914, Harry proceeded to the London Zoo with his ‘pet’ where he left her in safe keeping until the end of the war. According to his diary writings, it was his full intention to bring Winnie back to Canada with him after the war was over. His diaries indicated that he was very fond of her and would often visit her when on leave from war zones in France. However, when the war ended in November 1918, Harry remained in England temporarily and in 1919, he reversed his original intentions to bring Winnie home to Winnipeg. Instead, he donated her to the London Zoo as a gesture of his appreciation for the Zoo’s efforts in caring for her during those four war years. It was to be noted that Winnie had also become a feature attraction for the many thousands of visitors and especially young children. She was considered to be completely trustworthy by her bear keepers who said that of all the bears they had in the Zoo, Winnie was the only one they could say this about. She was also the tamest and best behaved bear that the Zoo ever had. The London Zoo in 1919 held a dedication ceremony by erecting a plaque reading to the effect that Captain Harry Colebourn of the Canadian Army Veterinary Corps had donated her to the Zoo. Numerous newspaper stories were written telling about this extraordinary bear and her friendly nature and antics. Two of her admirers of that early period after the war were A.A. Milne, a writer, and his young son Christopher Robin. From 1924, they frequently visited the Zoo where the young Milne boy would always want to go and see “Winnie”. Christopher was even allowed inside the cage to feed her condensed milk. In 1926 as a result of his son’s keen enjoyment in visiting with Winnie, Mr. Milne published the first and probably the best known of the series of Pooh’s Classics called “Winnie-The-Pooh.” The other books were called, The House at Pooh Corner, When We Were Very Young and Now We Are Six. A meeting between Christopher Robin Milne and Winnie is described as follows: “So when Christopher Robin goes to the Zoo, he goes to where the Polar Bears are, and he whispers something to the third keeper from the left, and doors are unlocked, and we wander through dark passages and up steep stairs, until at last we come to the special cage, and the cage is opened, and out trots something brown and furry, and with a happy cry of “Oh, Bear!” Christopher Robin rushes into its arms. Now this bear’s name is Winnie, which shows what a good name for bears it is, but the funny thing is that we can’t remember whether Winnie is called after Pooh, or Pooh after Winnie. We did know once, but we have forgotten..”.. –Introduction to Winnie-the-Pooh The bear was Christopher Robin’s inspiration for calling his own stuffed bear Winnie. In the first chapter of Winnie-the-Pooh, we see the following: “When I first heard his name, I said, just as you are going to say, “But I thought he was a boy?” “So did I,” said Christopher Robin. “Then you can’t call him Winnie?” “I don’t know.” “But you said—” “He’s Winnie-ther-Pooh. Don’t you know what ‘ther’ means?” “Ah, yes, now I do,” I said quickly; and I hope you do too, because it is all the explanation you are going to get..” Winnie-the-Bear passed away on May 12th 1934 at the ripe old age of 20 years, a good life span for a bear. Later on in the war, Harry was to be honored for his services by being recommended for the O.B.E. (Order of the British Empire) by the Director of Canadian Veterinary Services, C.E. Edgett, D.S.O. “For his untiring devotion to his duties as Veterinary Officer first with the Units in the Field, with whom he served for over three years, then as Senior Veterinary Officer of Bramshott Area. This officer has always been most attentive to his professional charge and unsparing in his endeavors to produce efficiency, both when employed as an executive officer and as an administrative officer. He has been twice Mentioned in the Despatches of the Field Marshal, Commander in Chief, British Forces in France, and was previously recommended by this department for an Honour.”. The medal was not awarded. Following the end of the war, Captain Colebourn remained in England for a short while to further his veterinary education and training by taking a post-graduate course at the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in London. He was subsequently accorded the title of Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (M.R.C.V.S.) following his successful graduation from that institution. On returning to Canada in early 1920, he went directly to Winnipeg, his former place of residence. He then opened his own veterinary practice located at 377 McMillan Avenue and practiced there until 1926. Because of declining health, he gave up his practice to accept a position with his former employer the Department of Agriculture, Health of Animals Branch, as a veterinarian specializing in postmortem work. Although his health was not good, he did manage to maintain his military relationship with The Fort Garry Horse as their Veterinary Officer with the rank of Major from January 15th 1921, until his retirement from the military on April 15th 1929. Throughout his 21½ years of service with the Department of Agriculture, Dominion Government of Canada, until his retirement on May 19th 1945, he continued to maintain his small animal private practice on a reduced scale. He built a small animal hospital at the rear of the family home located at 600 Corydon Avenue where he dedicated many hours of paid and unpaid service to numerous animals and their owners of that time. His dedicated love of animals prevailed throughout his life span until his death on September 24th 1947. Major Harry Colebourn is buried Brookside Cemetery, Plot 1312, in the Field of Honour. Harry also served on the Executive of the Army and Navy Veterans in Canada, Fort Garry Unit #60,during The Second World War. Over the years, there have been several monuments to the association between the Colebourn, Winnie and his home city. In 1981 a statue of a bear cub by sculptor Lorne McKean was unveiled at the London Zoo with a plaque commemorating Winnie. In 1992 and 1993 statues of Harry and Winnie by sculptor William Epp were placed in the Winnipeg and London Zoos. In 1997, the town of White River, Ontario, Winnie’s birthplace, put a plaque in the London Zoo commemorating their connection with the famous bear. There is also a statue of Pooh in his tree in White River. On 30 May 1999, a special plaque commemorating the service of Harry Colebourn to The Fort Garry Horse and Canadian Army Veterinary Corps was placed in the London Zoo near the site of Winnie’s home for 20 years. A special musical tribute, “The Fort Garry Suite” was composed for the occasion and played for the first time in public at the ceremony.
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    Haven't used spinning disks for over 5 years now. Even if you do not upgrade motherboard, you will notice a good performance boost... Even if SATA II. All programs load faster... Only slowdown is loading missions pushed by remote host sytem (limited by network speed).
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    I use the hybrid drive. Has a SSD that loads operating system and well used programs and is fully connected to a 2 tb hard drive. Seamless operation almost as fast and Way cheaper
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    Hm, nope... toe brake travel is zero % dead zones. Rudder axis is 4% for both center dead zone and edge (end) zones.
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    This is pretty freakin amazing. I generated a mission and than reloaded it in the missionbuilder. All the flights and airfields are very organized, so it would not be difficult to modify a missions after you had it as well. How he figured out how to do this is a wonder.
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    In my experience, that's the normal view I have after about 7 minutes of flight. Just saying.
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    Don't think I've ever seen a shot like that before, usually those headons simply take out the engine or kill me outright. Don't shift that horseshoe boss👀 Forgot to add this in the original reply, based on the post title boss, I fully expected a different type of post based on all the other head shots you've taken over the last couple of years 🤐
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    Works for me now. Here's the screenie.
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    I would like to add my thoughts on personal aircraft liveries. I have found that most who fly the sim like to express the personality. As we all know this was the same in history from the first air combat AC flown. Nose art and pilot call signs along with numbers and codes are the only markings that we call our own. With squadrons having a base livery its cool to see the different art the each pilot has on his or her AC. I find alot of pride in this among the ranks. I saw a post on personal numbers and I see that there can be a conflict with this but I have also seen from history that number are shared with a AC being personalized with the nose art and pilots name on the side. I really don't think we shouldn't have our own number if its that personal to each pilot. I'm going to share some of my liveries I have skinned just to get this conversation started./applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=https://i.imgur.com/GhgCxEv.jpg&key=16d9edc7e8c52e12029d2263e18c634ba51f80f7070b5e0290b9edc90b833f32"> /applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=https://i.imgur.com/Wg2BrSs.jpg&key=682078b1b4a82dadba46f230845085e58bc9014987eb026439575e772708dabc">/applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=https://i.imgur.com/B7fxLZo.jpg&key=365bfed9ba4c2ab62feb69f728f44ff040dcc6db53e315001c2b43473491c044">/applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=https://i.imgur.com/yk67NLO.jpg&key=9b48686bd35b7502d47bc8963da6fdeb523280e01d9949c2b67d977d3c12d650"> Salute Wolfe
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