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    Final design of the Central planes I will fly, if you want to see them in game they're available in the download section.
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    is this a personal question or about his uniform last night? If it was about his uniform if you include his socks, underwear and undershirt it will show up as WingWalkersWingWalkersWingWalkersWingWalkersWWZed but when he crawls into bed...., just ZZZZZzzzz......
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    Thanks for being patient and getting us a mission to fly Duck!! I was fortunate to wing with WWSoarfeat, WWFawlty, WWSandMan, and WWPlague. Soarfeat and Fawlty flew like we’ve known them forever, which we have. LOL!! Welcome aboard guys. Great flying with Sandy and Plague as well, as always. Red flight got a handful of bad guys and absolutely devastated the AAA at the second objective up north. Great flying gents, and thanks again Duck P.S. I enjoyed laughing a lot with friends at our meeting, and hearing Icy’s voice.
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    Going to attempt my first FC mission for the group on Sunday. This is and will be my last dead is dead mission. I invested to much time into this to start over but in the future we will have a option to respawn in missions. With the number of ground objects I would suggest we all take bombs and avoid air contact at least until the first objective is complete. That may not be a option but lets give full support to the Brisfits. Player opfor has been removed for this dead is dead mission but will be available in future respawnable coop missions. * Make sure you set your fuel because all planes are set to zero. Doing this deactivates the home base ai in less than a minute. All allied ai is set the same and they will not be a factor in this mission. So if you see a allied plane there will be a player piloting it. * Also a heads up, set allied delay timer for bombs at 5 seconds or bombs will not explode if released at low altitude. Image has been lightened up to view our primary objective, actual will be earlier in the day so early dawn. Any questions fire away Look forward to seeing you Sunday evening.
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    Do have a mission I would like to test if anyone is interested. Gold and Red flight take off from the ED Ambulance Bay and head east. Targets are the ships behind the tent, and the train in the roadway. Blue flight take off from Storage, and take out the factory in the Handicap parking spot.
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    Took a D7f last night, and wanted to lighten the load, so dropped my fuel down to something around 50% (on the slider). Fuel gauge on d7f is right between the nose guns, so it's pretty hard not to notice it. Took off, and noticed I had almost a full tank...a little less than 60l. Happened again on next run.... Took a better look at the fuel selector, and problem is at 100% for the d7f, it is not setting the fuel to 60l, but to 95l. Even if I drop the slider down to 53%, I am going to take off with 50l of fuel, almost a full load. so, in order to adjust your fuel loadout, you have to know how many liters your tank will hold for that plane, and when you adjust your load out, you have to look at how many liters you are setting the slider to, and not the percentage. This might have something to do with why the halberstadts had a hard time taking off a few missions ago.
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    For the most part it was a pretty good, solid evening, fair bit of action so not too bad I guess for my first set of coops. I'll work on getting rid of a few things for the next set. Here evidence of the fouls ups due to the poor spacing on the runway. I call it the "Kuban Kluster".
  8. 3 points
    Here are good evasive actions I plan to implement tonight ( serpentine !!! ) Serpentine
  9. 2 points
    yep, thanks... makes you feel a little guilty about complaining about all the little stuff you think is wrong with this game when you see all the little details they have paid attention to in the update changes....but goes without saying I will still bitch..
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  11. 2 points
    All done, aft end loosely based on Lloyd S. Breadner's Camel F1, rest I just made up😁
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    No, I shoot the arrows outside!! Duh!! At my jewelry encrusted model ships set on target stands!!!
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    Got the bug from flying FC these past couple of weeks so now I have to bust out the templates and make me some skins. Here's the first one. Alby coming up next.
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    This is the updated info for Tuesdays mission. With the mountains making navigation a bit more difficult - Nav icons and exterior views will be on. Technically we can start from either Adler and attack Sochi, or Mailkop and attack mountain targets, we just don't want to do both at the same time. Those battles need to be fought separately. Each can take a minimum of 45m or up to 1 hour. Bomber Escort, Jabo, CAP First half of the mission - Red and Blue escort Gold to the first target. Blue stay close to Gold, Red fly as support, you can fly CAP or Jabo your choice. All flights use the route on the map to start the mission. Second half of the mission - attack Sochi airfield. Map shows boxes outlining the battle areas. All German planes are available - look at the air target menu below. Choose your plane wisely. Winds SW 225, Cloud Level 1750, thickness 1900 Mission Objective Details: 1. Escort bombers to first target – 3:30 PM to 4:15 PM, 30 45 min. – Gold, Red, and Blue takeoff from Mailkop, follow route on the map. Gold - destroy Industrial Buildings and AAA. Continue South to Adler or RTB to Maikop. Once we have taken off from Maikop, you are free to take off from Adler or Maikop to continue our mountain patrol. 2. Attack Sochi Airfield – 4:15 PM to 5:00 PM, 30-45 min. Finish attacking the mountain targets first, attack Sochi as a group! – Gold - destroy enemy ships, tanks, fuel depots and AAA. Agoy airfield is also available. 3. CAP – Main patrol areas are outlined on the map in blue. Red and Blue support Gold as needed, destroy enemy fighters and bombers. - Defend allied train near any airfields if possible. Destroy bombers before they reach axis airfields if possible. Tanks – Tanks available near coastal targets for cleanup. Planes - No RRR available – take new planes from Maikop, Adler, or Agoy. Mission intel: 62 fighters, 6 bombers, ships, AAA, and tanks. What’s on the enemy air target menu? A20, I16, IL 2m41, IL 2m43, La5fns2, La58, Lagg3, Mig3, P38, P40e, P47, P51, Pe2s35, Pe2s87, Spit MkIX, Spit MkV, Tempest, Yak69, Yak7b.
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    I always prefer a pit/desk side by side if you have the space... So you sit or spin in that elliptical chair while shooting arrows at your model ships that are decorated with handmade jewelry? Sounds dangerous... interesting hobbies. 🙂
  17. 2 points
    In case anyone was wondering about the double headed eagle, my adaptation of the WW shield for Central Flying Circus planes.
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    I can agree with what Griph says. I like my simulated combat arenas to be specific to a given time frame, and/or a given piece of terrain. Example: The Crimea area would be wonderful for a summer of '42 battlefield. Germans using 109 F4's and 109 G2's, Ju-87's and Bf-110s. Sprinkle in some Ju-52's and it's good. Russian side: I-16's, LaGG-3's, MiG-3's, a couple Yak-1's. Add some early single-seat IL-2's and a few early Pe-2's for the Russian offensive team. Set all the Russian AI to novice, and have them out-number the Germans 3 or 4 to 1. If flying Russian, set German AI to Veteran, and pray you don't find Graf and the rest of the Karaya Staffel on your six. Now you have an interesting, period and landscape specific battle that can be won by either side, but is heavily weighted (as in real life) to the Germans. Move the timing forward a year to the spring of '43. Introduce for the Germans: 109 G6's, some Italian MC-202's, late model 110's, Stukas with 37mm canons, Ju-88's, 190 A3's, a couple of those weird two-engine attack planes. For the Russians: La-5's, La-5FN's, and a good number of each Yak-1, Yak-7, Spitfire MkV, P-40M, P-39D. Bombers will be A-20's, later Il-2's with rear gunners and later Pe-2's. Keep the same 3 or 4 to 1 ratio, but make Russian AI average, and German AI average. The German Experten may still score big, but the German losses will be even bigger. Again, very closely historic ... but in simulation, things can turn out differently than in real life.
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    This...100% Jäger the wonder dog is one of the sweetest dogs around (when he’s not going after Craven’s furry friend), but he should’ve been a police K-9. There’s no better breed for that type of work.
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    Except Gold will get lost and blow up the ED. Red will shoot up every incoming ambulance and Blue will circle an empty parking lot 6 blocks away while waiting for something to spawn.....
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    Blue flight protecting Gold
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    Mission builders, messing around with Vanders easy mission builder. Made a coop called Attack at dawn with an ample number of playable planes. What I did was make them all with zero fuel, we of course always check our fuel when we enter the sim but the ai won't go anywhere eliminating the problem of opfor ai not attacking players. A bonus to this is the friendly ai planes despawn in less than 60 seconds clearing the way for us to land at the end of the mission. I also went around and did the same with all friendly ai at different parts of the map. I didn't check to see if just deleting them would mess with the game logic so I changed their alt. to ground level with no fuel. I'll experiment to see if deleting them messes things up. When I add players planes I try to link them the same as what the mission generator has done but found a problem that the ME crashes when I try to use the "Find Target..." as per the image. Sometimes locating these targets is a real hassle or they're located at the other corner of the map. Does your editor crash as well? Hope the image shows
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    And there is this great set from NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert
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    Well if you'r putting up some John Prine you have to put this duet up as well. Saw Iris DeMent locally about a month ago. Somehow these lyrics feel like they would resonate with Plague.
  25. 2 points
    hmm..maybe, maybe not. did a list of fuel loadouts for the FC Planes. Was surprised that d7f will take 91l. If I set my loadout to 100% guage reads 60 (assumed that meant 60l)...if I drop loadout to 60l, guage reads 60. End result is I have no idea how much fuel to take.... Spad 13.C1 Fuel capacity: 113.5 l S.E. 5a Fuel capacity: 148 l Sopwith Camel Fuel capacity : 168 l Sopwith Dolphin Fuel capacity: 123 l Bristol F2B Fuel capacity: 170.5 l Albatros D.Va Fuel capacity: 103 l Fokker Dr.1 Fuel capacity: 72 l Fokker D.VII Fuel capacity: 91 l Fokker D.VIIF Fuel capacity: 91 l Pfalz D.IIIa Fuel capacity: 94 l Halberstadt CL.II Fuel capacity: 155 l  
  26. 2 points
    The man who wrote "Angel from Montgomery" among hundreds of others. I still think Bonnie Raitt's performance from '74 is one of the best renditions ever.
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  28. 2 points
    Will try to be there, lost all my voice attack files so renewing them all. Zeus is helping me reassemble the DR1
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    Your photography is superb Sandy! Also, seeing you happy is a wonderful thing, my friend.
  30. 2 points
    That's a pretty big baby step, going from any WW1 aircraft to a FW190 !! The 190 is a handfull even for a seasond pilot. You should practice with the ME109 f4 . It's a forgiving aircraft but a nice transition from open cockpit aircraft to the more modern closed cockpit. You may find out the hard way that the ground will kill you more then any enemy will in the FW190.
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    Fawlty, this just happened to me, so in case your not aware: in bin/editor there is a ResetEditorSettings.cmd. Occasionally when you start ME the mission properties window is up too high to grab it's title bar and drag down, and it's necessary to exit out of ME, and run this file. I suggest you make a shortcut for it on your desktop, cause running ME and Game at same time seem have something with this happening. Another quirk is airfield textures (the runways) not showing up in ME. Fix is easy. in data/graphics locate the folder for the map you are working with. The surface.dat and surfactTex.txt files are temp files, if you delete them they get rebuilt when you start the game (like mtreecache). Your airfield textures will now show up on that map.
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    It's behind my pilot seat, but get your own!
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    I have no shame or guilt. I will bitch like no other.
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    stretching back my memory here...but if i remember it right, when the "dogfight" function became available in ROF (remember when all we could do was coop?) the checkzones would not get triggered by Humans. Took a while for them to give us the complex trigger. I doubt you will have too much resource issues with checkzones on the stalingrad or moscow map. Kuban is not that bad, think Arras might come in next, and Rhienland can be a hog. A "vanilla" PWCG mission can have over 800 checkzones...
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    I think I prefer the IKEA design as well. I'm not even sure where I'd have room in my house for that other dedicated pit. I'd have to sell the elliptical machine in my son's room (which I have taken over already for my jewelry and ship model shop and my archery gear).
  38. 1 point
    I have one of those that I'm not using anymore.
  39. 1 point
    believe the night is all your's wood......am sure we are in good hands.
  40. 1 point
    While it's true we have a few folks that have the capability to build/generate missions, don't let that stop you from posting a mission. I want to have at least all the regular Tuesday's filled any other days are considered to be bonus days. In fact the more missions we have the merrier, we can always move them along to the next month if we fill this one up quickly. I don't mind keeping a log of who has what available and from there I could even schedule based on that. I personally quite enjoy the PWGC missions that you provide Duck, a lot.
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    Craven, check that your mode is equal to 0 At least that worked for me // server info ranked = 0 mode = 0 banTimeout = 900 lobbyTimer = 10 coopQuorum = 0 allowMouseJoy = 1
  42. 1 point
    Sounds like a good idea but there wouldn't be any targets left after I was done.
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    S! Just wanted to send a shout-out and thank you! to @WWSittingduck for providing the fun FC mission this past Thursday night. I know the WW1 birds are not to everyone's liking, but I had a blast buzzing around in the canvas birds. Spent most of my sorties in the DR1, which is a real handful to fly, especially if wanting to turn left. I quickly learned that engine "blipping" and lots of down-force on the stick helped control (but not tame!) the beast. Other folks were noting - and complaining - about how much down-stick was necessary to fly the WW1 axis birds. Very few aircraft of those day had any kind of trim control, so muscular trimming while in-flight was it. One question I had was on throttle control of the rotary engine, same type (and question) as in the Camel, various Nieuports, etc. In real life (as I understand their operation) those type engines only had two power positions : on and off. In the sim, however, the throttle works normally. We do have an engine "blip" switch, so can simulate the actual engine use. But I found myself using the throttle more than the blip switch, which felt like a cheat. Thoughts? Any idea if 777/1C intend to make the rotary engines more like real life under "realistic engine management" style difficulty settings?
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    We are on for this Sunday 3/15 at 6:00 pm PST Plane sets and the maps below. Re-cooked how I modified these. Last week the target were so well fortified that we didn't put much of a dent on the final target. Now Red Flight and Gold Flight have the same plane set, but Red's assignment is to head out first thing and see if they can soften up the defenses by destroying the AAA defending the target. Blue flight escorts Gold Flight. Gold flight's job is to destroy the Primary Objective. Everyone can move from the Primary to the Secondary Objective if the target is destroyed. Now all the Red and Gold AI follow the lead bomber in Gold Flight. Blue flight AI follow the Blue lead. This makes a little more sense than previous mission, guess we will see how it runs. whooo haaaa
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    Obviously I missed this post, but I get the same message as Sandy when I try to upload anything over 25mb's. So this is what led to my question on Thursday Sandy regarding limits on file upload sizes.
  46. 1 point
    I was thinking based on last time is increasing the number of bombers. Maybe instead of 4 4 4 go two flights six bomber and six escorts. Seems like the ground targets and AAA was ruthless enough we could use more fire power. You could even go 4 and 8 if you wanted to since the german only have halberstadts 4 Blue Flight 8 Gold / Red Combined Than if we managed to take out the first objective, we move as a group to the second.
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    D-Day through German eyes very good book taken from personal accounts of German soldiers on all 5 landing beaches. Written by interviews with survivors back in 1955 by a well known German war correspondent. Finally put together from the notes 40 years later by his son. Fascinating! Very different view of the actual D-Day from the Allied side..
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    I'll get them setup for download from the vault tonight. Link here;
  49. 1 point
    Here you go. Yes I took the original text out and replaced it with this, "mir geht es mies" or in plain English, "I'm feeling grim". If anyone else wants one of these A5's let me know.
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