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  1. Just got set up today , won't be too active as still got a bit of stuff to move but lookin good real pleased with my new place. Hope to fly Sunday night Salute my friends...................................after living out of my truck for 2 weeks it is so good to have a home again.
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  2. hope it's a big truck.... Glad your settled in!
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  3. https://www.npr.org/2021/04/28/509599284/forgotten-astronaut-michael-collins-dies ~~Salute! ~~ Rest in Peace, sir. Thank you for your courage and dedication.
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  4. Glad to hear you're safely in the new digs. Looking forward to flying with you again, Biker!
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  5. Decided this morning sitting down to start a new mission for Flying Circus it's time for a break. I've been hosting every other week and mission building for over a year now. Going to be taking the summer off and see how things look at that time. The sim is in real need of a FC update such as new maps, planes, objects etc. We've gone through all my missions twice now I can't do it a third time. Duck, all my missions on the server are up to date with the latest patch. There's about a dozen of my better missions available , if you sort the folder alphabetical they are from 1 to 13. Cheers Guys....F
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  6. Glad to here it Mr. Biker. We need another cool head to prevail in this raggety bunch
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