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  1. After arriving at the BCATP in Portage, I found out why they needed me to drive the heavy crane there, seems like a student had decided to use the officer's mess as his landing spot and short of burning the whole thing to the ground it required some heavy lifting. Now I had been to Portage, Manitoba before and it was just farmer's fields everywhere so my expectations were pretty low for a few old aircraft to train with and a farmer's field to land in with the requisite cow pies. Imagine my surprise when a fully working aerodrome of 4 concrete runways, hanger facilities and 99 aircraft were
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  2. Chapter 1 The beginning.. After my reassignment from the Russian front back to the British Commonwealth Air Training Program in Brandon, Manitoba, I had to get there. The RCAF would only provide transportation from Gibraltar, I had to get there on my own. As the Turkish airlines had a JU-52 at their disposal but no pilots to fly it, this seemed like a good way to at least get to Istanbul. The flight was exhausting, 3 1/2 hours over the ocean to Sevastopol was the first leg in cloudy conditions, of course as soon as I landed the sun broke through! Zeus jumped in the back and took
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