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    JG5 IS HOSTING A MULTI SQUAD FLYING CIRCUS BATTLE. It will be on Saturdays in September there are mission objectives and advancements along the battle lines each week. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/53265-black-september-comes-to-flying-circus/ go fill out the poll there for preferences. I chose switching blue red sides each week, but the majority seem to be going for one side every week....
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    April 19, 1942, the snow has melted. JG52 is approaching Stalingrad, but it is still a ways off. Homefield in 1613-4 For those who want to get accustom to the area.
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    Gold flight hit targets and made it back to base.. With help from blue and red flights,, was hairy but fun all in all. Thanks to blue and red flight for the escort..
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    Congrats Brinson, you may now officially put your muddy boots up on Icy!s table! S!
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    Here are the briefs for WWCOOP Moscow 1& 2 We will fly Russian first on Tuesday for both Missions, than will refly on the German side the next time COOP's are up. Starting to fall into a pattern here. Gold has the heavy target, Red gets their first and de-fangs AAA, Blue escorts. I try to do enough recon on the Vander Mission to point out other Secondary targets that are nearbye. Almost always a couple, but these are only to pursued after each flight has completed its primary mission ( going to try and get some stick time in this weekend on the PE2 so I have a chance of flying it....my track record has not been so good). WWCOOP_Moscow 1-2.pptx
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    Family function on Tuesday night so I will not be able to fly, but will be here on Thursday. Thought I would re-tool a Flying Circus Coop based on what we learned from last time Change Log 1. Moved the Allied base to the closer airfield so there is not such a long pull to the convoy targets 2. Add a Gray flight plane on each side that is Neutral and parked a single I-16 at a more distant airfield. This is to allow non FC owners to at least join the mission, provide intel and check out the action. ( not historically accurate, but it is an open cockpit)! 3. Both Gold and Red flight have two seater bombers. We need more fire power to take out the convoy and its escort. This allows Red flight to take bombs, get there first without escort and try to disable the escort ship ( that has guns) so that Gold flight can focus on destroying the cargo ships. 4. Changed White Flight to Camels and Fokker D7f's so if there are some fighter pilot bad-asses in the group , they won't be disappointed. Usual set up with White Flight, if you spawn as leaders and roll forward, the rest of the flight will follow you ( give them a moment to start their engines. 5. Changed the Ship convoy escorts to submarines, just to try it. Hope it works out....sure looks good with 16 biplanes taking off in a group.
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    Staggering around this A.M. trying to wake up. Know I can hear something, but for the life of me can not figure out what it is. Fridge is shut...did not set my alarm last nite... then it hit me...the water heater alarm I bought 2 years ago....sure as shit...water heater (14 years old) was just starting to leak. This thing is buried under the stairs in the man-cave...would never had noticed water till too late. Best 12 bucks I ever spent.. And damn,,,,have you tried to buy a 12 year electric water heater these days? next to impossible...they are all 6 years...
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    Been awhile since I fired up P3D. So here's a trip from 0S9 --> KBVS --> 74S --> KORS. Enjoy!
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    S! Latest software update accomplished. Please note, however, that I did not renew the "subscription" to the 'Brave' theme (the dark theme set as default.) I do like the theme's author, and his dedication to providing timely updates (usually within a day or two of an official update, even minor ones.) That said... go to https://www.ipsfocus.com/ and check out the themes available. Add your thoughts or wishes for a skin or theme for the forums in this thread, and the Staff will make it happen.
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    Teaser Video and mission files, files go in your mission folder for SP A3, F4, and Spit V versions / enjoy... ~S~ DW-Moscow-Lake-Patrol-Stranded-Destroyer-A3-F4-SpitV.zip
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    Mission one, flying Russian... Quickly ended up with a dead engine, bellied-in on friendly side of the lines. Caught one of Blue flight chasing down an FW-190 near my bellied-in position. Mission two, same mission but flying German. Landed safely, took out some AAA at the target, got to chase some bad guys around, watched Gold flight do major damage. Had fun. Didn't take any screen shots, lol.
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    I love it when you talk dirty.....
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    I used to get those all the time on the OF forum. Deleting each one as they joined eventually got them to stop.
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    It is true that resolution is diminished in today's VR, especially if you are used to better-than full HD (above 1080 x 1920). Since I migrated from 1080 to VR, I am not missing as much as someone used to higher resos. So there is a give and take happening. Also, I have a very wide peripheral angle, one that approaches 180 degrees. Looking forward, I can still detect both of my shoulder-points, though they are out of focus. I also have pretty good flexibility in my neck, so looking backward, I can see nearly to my 6 position without much twisting of my torso. With the headset on, I loose a considerable amount of periphery, so I need to move my neck and torso much more than in real life. However, after about a minute of VR exposure, I seem to adjust to that limitation. While the Rift S has noticeable screen door effect (you are seeing the actual pixels, it seems), it is not too distracting to me as motion blurs that effect. I did find that I was able to pick out aircraft against the ground clutter better than in the flat monitor environment. However, ground objects were a tad bit more difficult for me to pick out, since I don't have the zoom feature (or figured out how to use it in VR yet). This was in lighting where the sun is low on the horizon. I'm not yet sure how much things will change in better lighting... either for the better or for the worse. Experience will be my judge. One thing that is WAY better is calculating/judging deflection shots, especially those where the target falls below the nose of your ride. It is amazing how 3 dimensions/depth perception can help your intuition when mentally calculating the blind shot. I think it has something to do with the constant motion of your view as you adjust your head height and lateral movement... It adds to your inherent sense of immediate space and time. Instead of moving my plane to get quick glimpses of my target, I was able move my body (to shift my point of view) while still maintaining a fairly constant flight path. So if you are a pretty good deflection shot in 2D, in 3D, you will instantly become expert! If you are struggling with this discipline in 2D, you will become instantly proficient. The change is >that< dramatic.
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    Thanx, I think. What I was actually trying to let folks know is that I am doing the real estate dance and will be pretty busy and may be out of touch for the next 5 or 6 weeks getting packed and moved over to the new place. We have been thru the inspection on the new place and tomorrow is the inspection on this house. Sorry about the audio, I'll work on that. Sneak
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    Hey all, small update to correct me262 sound issue and to make FC gunners and pilots easier to kill. Recommend updating while we are meeting At 530 pdt.
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    An evil part of me almost made all the planes I-16’s “attack of the killer nats “
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    Flew with Duck tonight to review, this is worth the 10 mins for reminders, I had a lot of stuff wrong for the startup, but this clears everything up.
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    I guess I am kinda of an apple guy....I go for cleanest and simplest to read, tend to go with the default theme that is mostly white on white
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    I vote for anything you think has the least amount of headaches and an admin interface you enjoy. 🙂
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    I like that TITAN theme, it’s very in your face. 😉
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    The way they seem to have it setup is it's up the the user to only edit in the child theme what doesn't break when updating the parent theme, then never update the child theme or it wipes out your customization. So you can choose to totally customize and document your changes for a child theme, then update that child theme and replace customization post update, or only customize cosmetics or specific file and only update the parent. Not the best system unless you can copy the parent, remove everything accept the folder and files you can customize safely. Then only add styles/code/etc. to the child theme that you customize, it inherits the rest. Now you have a nice clean child theme with only the changes you made. Much easier to manage and update anything that might still break in an update. Usually class name changes or additional classes for more flexibility, so you just update and add the css classes as needed. But it does seem best to just find a nice clean regularly supported and updated theme with a GUI that will do everything you need, KISS method right... Do these themes offer a place within the theme settings to add custom styles? Usually there's a lot you can accomplish with that and not fuss with child themes, just keep a backup of your custom CSS. you get all the fun Sandman.
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    Hey, Heroes, my pit is a mess right now - what with the arrival of Rift S, new keyboard, and Cougar panels... and some home furnishings I need to assemble - so I'll not be flying tonight. Givem he'll guys!
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    you mean last time it fizzled? yes..it's the same. Only difference is last time out of 10 blocks..you had to hit 7, now you only have to hit 1.... Gold flight isn't what it used to be.....sorta like a golf handicap these days...
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    Ready Room public would be my suggestion.
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    Nice shots Sandy and it was great meeting Meghan....she is a very nice lady.
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    Various photos from the WW Gathering in Seattle, featuring the air show put on in Everrett, Wa. at the Flying Heritage museum. Ron (WWChunk) and his family was our gracious host for this occasion, spoiling us with wonderfully tasty smoked pork and more hospitality than we could have hoped for. Thank you, sir, for everything!
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    Good grief that's a lot of gum, all the great photos of everyone and the dah planes, and I can't get the wall of gum out of my head, LOL... thanks! I think I want a plane skin like that, a probation skin, goober wears the gummy skin... and that just sounds wrong. You guys looked like you had a great time. ~S~
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    Thanks Duck... I found this interesting and funny, explains a lot when I initially started playing with the ME and thought, I'll just drop some different objects in as I please and adjust. NOPE. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/43840-lifting-buildings-and-bridges-off-the-ground/?tab=comments#comment-743122
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    I enjoyed all of these shots Sandy, and the EXIF data is very cool to see. I had a great weekend guys, and I can’t wait to see y’all again!
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    I'm going to ask my folks if they have alarms for there water heaters and ac condensation pans or whatever those things are. I think there have been a couple times they had water damage from both... Growing up with a dad as a fire fighter, we put in a sprinkler system both in the attic and every freaking room, closet, nook and cranny in the house, a 3x3 closet had a head for an 8x8 room. We would never burn, only drown. LOL. We put in a flow valve alarm, water flows, the alarm blows... didn't work when one of the heads broke in the attic over the garage. Nice little mess. The alarm was water pouring from the ceiling and water running under the garage door into the street, that's alarming. We could have used about 30 of those alarms placed all over the house and attic to make sure we detected a water leak.... of course knowing our luck, then one would probably short out, start a fire, and set off a sprinkler head.
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    Vander is a coop mission builder, and has all three maps....very easy to use PW COOP is a tool from hell...….literally But none of these are considered "editors"....they just create the mission, and then we as players go in and fiddle with them. Coconut is out of the picture right now....just imagine yourself banging your head for a couple years on a mission concept,,,finally getting it right, then have it all go down the drain cause of an update....how quick would you want to get back into it all...I really feel for him. Take the plunge.....but up something as a DF mission, let us fly it. Flying is a lot like sex....we don't care if it's really good sex...just as long as we get laid....
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    Geezer is DOA, the man is making me stay late tonight....grrrr
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