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    Unlike any airshow I have ever been too, for several reasons 1. British are damn serious about there WW2 aviation ( for obvious reasons) 2. None of those safety rules they have at Reno, fighters made head on runs towards the crowd and pulled up into loops. Most of the manuevers were done, aligned with the crowd fence line directly overhead. Most of the planes were on the grass an hour before the show and you could walk right up to them, take pictures, put your head in the cockpits. 3. Acres of green grass, cars pulled in like going to the drive in, if the rain got heavy you could go sit in your car and watch the show from your front seat. Many people tailgating, with table and chairs pouring wine and partying during the show. the storm made for some great cloud backdrops.
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    Thanks for the sig Dubya, I think I owe the squad a limerick. There once was a plane called Miss Goober... Mr. Driftwood, might you land; and lube her? Woods flew past and crashed! Said her ass; was to vast! The rear approach, is best left, out maneuvered. Downwind pilot humor... Remember, those downwind approaches can have a nasty tailwind. Now no one said it had to be good...
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    Summary of how our fights can seem to go... Often, we act like a bunch of young bulls that see a group of cows in the distance. We say to the other bulls, I’m going to run down and f##ck one of those cows, but the other bulls try to explain to the young bull, rather than run down the hill by yourself to f##ck one cow, lets walk down the hill together and f##ck them all. There's probably some Bratwurst, a milkmaid, and a farmer without pants and a prop plane in there somewhere....
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    Latest update on some 51 skins. The skins I'm dropping in this post are 95% ready, all I need now is some input on the final layout from the prospective owners before I create and drop the nice alpha layers on them. For Plague and Sandy please pm me with any wording you'd like to see on board. Drift, did yours by guess and golly, if you have something else you'd prefer just let me know. Duck, I hope you like yours. The others posted here have already been discussed with their pilots so last chance for any changes. For those of you that don't yet see your skin, I'm working on them and will have to you soonest.
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    locked loaded, tested and on server.
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    Here are the briefs for WWCOOP Moscow 1& 2 We will fly Russian first on Tuesday for both Missions, than will refly on the German side the next time COOP's are up. Starting to fall into a pattern here. Gold has the heavy target, Red gets their first and de-fangs AAA, Blue escorts. I try to do enough recon on the Vander Mission to point out other Secondary targets that are nearbye. Almost always a couple, but these are only to pursued after each flight has completed its primary mission ( going to try and get some stick time in this weekend on the PE2 so I have a chance of flying it....my track record has not been so good). WWCOOP_Moscow 1-2.pptx
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    Because, at heart, I'm still 12. "That's what she said...."
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    I notice that when you want to gain speed and/or use the sky as contrast to help locate aircraft at a distance, you dip your nose. That in itself is not a bad thing; however the angle of the dip is a bit extreme. If the down-angle is that aggressive, two things happen - 1) you trade too much altitude for speed, and 2) you actually allow the aircraft you are chasing to extend farther away from you. Even though you are going faster than the aircraft ahead of you, all that speed is directed downward and not horizontally toward your target(s). Recommend placing the horizontal bar in the gun-sight about and inch or two below the horizon. This will gain you your speed, as well as help close the distance between you and your target(s), while also gradually placing your own profile below the target's optimal contrast viewing angle (you get lost in their rear-horizon line/ground clutter). Work with Navy on that, he is a master of that technique. It is a bad habit to follow your quarry to the ground. This has gotten me killed more than anything else. As soon as you see your target lose big portions of itself, or it seems to depart normal flight characteristics, break upwards into a combat turn (spiral climb) so you can 1) regain altitude/restock energy, 2) confirm that your target is no longer a threat (does not matter if you witness the crash or get kill credit, as long is it is out of the fight, it is no longer a threat), and 3) you can get a good look around you for situational awareness. This is also part of BnZ. Instead of locking onto your target and following its turns - and matching speed for speed - keep your speed up and break high into a combat turn. This allows you to 1) maintain a higher energy state than the target, and 2) also clears the way for your wingman to convert his speed and altitude into offensive angles on the same target. With two or more wing-mates, you can tag team the target and maintain a higher state of situational awareness. This is called the vertical weave. Even if it is a one-on-one and there are no wing-mates there to help, you can still perform the vertical weave. back in the day (Red Baron and legacy IL2), this solo vertical weave was also known as "dancing on his head." You maintain the energy advantage while also forcing the enemy to expend more of his own. And as you and others in this thread have mentioned, MOAARRR looky behind you.
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    Most of the pics are on my daughter's phone, have to have her send them to me. Her boyfriend is a Jeweler in the LA Diamond District. My daughter at Santa Monica Pier….actually did not understand why they had a "Bubba Gumps" there till I saw the big photo of Forrest Gump jogging down the pier. This is where he turned around and started running back home. Griffith Observatory. Not really a big scope. 12" refractor. The side scope (looks bigger because of the big black lens hood) is what I have...8" celestron. A "SittingDuck" ring in solid gold. What where the chances he would have a ring with SD on it???? 200k worth of gold and diamonds round my neck. Sure didn't help me look any younger.
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    One more picture from my trip.
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    Been remiss in updating all of skins that Dub, Wolfe have put together for us. So of course I plodded along taking my time building a couple of my own not realizing Dub had already built me some personal skins, thank you for that Dub! Anyway here's a couple of screens from my belated efforts.
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    I've been to Gettysburg 4 times and Antietam once. Gettysburg is my favorite place in the country. Stayed at a B and B that was on the battlefield at the time on one trip. Incredibly powerful place. Discovered Yeungling at the McClellan (not that Mclellan) bar in a hotel we stayed at right downtown. Have ridden my motorcycle through there a couple of times and got to play tour guide to my group. You can cut the history with a knife. The new visitors center is amazing. p.s. Now this would be an awesome place for a WW get together. : )
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    start up your teamspeak, and go to bookmarks, and click on your ww bookmark to open it. Now go to bookmarks, but Right click on WW, and select connect in new tab. You can LISTEN in both servers, but your mic will be muted in the server you are not active in. So if you were flying blue, but wanted to listen to Gold (shudder....), in one server go to gold flight, in another server go to blue flight, and make sure blue flight is the active server. You can have a hot key to "switch to next server". If you only have 2 servers open, it will just toggle you between the 2. but chunk might be right.....especially lisenting to gold...
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    Just a quick post to say thanks for letting me fly with you guys. I had a good time. That JU52 was something else. It was the first time I'd flown something in a mission that can't maneuver or really fight back. Talk about feeling exposed and helpless. It was scary and frustrating to watch the other Junkers being engaged and getting knocked down. Every time I'd hear my gunner start sounding off behind me and I'd wonder if I was next. I can only imagine the horror, agony and terror transport and bomber pilots felt in real life. I literally glared at a spitfire buzzing past with his guns blazing thinking, "you little bastard. You're lucky I'm not in my 109." When landing, I put her down as soon I could. Gonna have to bind some controls for getting things unloaded. I was positive I was about to be strafed. The second sortie was a fluster cuck for me. I was unprepared to fly the 110. I also was reminded that I need to set the fuses to a 2 second delay rather than contact as I blew myself up when destroying a target. Anyways, Thanks for letting me fly with y'all. S!
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    In game, rename the Track to something more memorable. Close game, go to recordings folder. Select the new filename and the folder of the same name. Rt click on selection and choose send to, and click compressed zip file. Copy that new zip file to the vault or download section in the forum. Reverse that process when you want to extract the file to watch it in game.
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    I saw all the trouble ticket conversations back and forth. Heroic effort Mr Sandy Thanks so much for your efforts
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    Took off twice, died twice...… Ebada, Ebada, Ebada, That's all folks...….
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    Don’t worry Geezer, we’ll just make you another one...
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    I dont have access to a program to lighten these 2019_11_12__4_7_46.bmp 2019_11_12__4_7_11.bmp
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    Had a blast flying with you Ron, hope we get to do more of it! The triple A was murderous both days in both servers, have to figure out a better way to take them out before they shred us. Great screenies. love the added effects👍
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    Pacific, and I'll be there as well.
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    hmmm...i never really saw any of that last nite.... but then, I was blacked out for pretty much most the flight..
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    Downloading it works better. Just sayin'. Took the P-38 for a ride, went nose to against an He-111. Got badly wounded and gained a fuel leak on the first pass. But she looks cool...
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    Wish I could help you Les, but I don't use the TARGET software. Does it work without setting it up through TARGET? I know that is just a workaround, but that will be able to tell us if this is a software or hardware issue.
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    The plane set changes every year (three weeks) not every week The plane sets will be wide open for all years, the reason being big bombs were very useful for large important targets, not targets that are smaller or spread out. Choosing the wrong loadout for a target means flying a large slow bomber to target and NOT completing the job. Big bombs do not mean success at target unless the target is hardened, single point of attack and identifiable from high alt (flak is murderous at high value targets). Also this campaign is not historical in a literal sense because we don’t have all the historical assets of the time (lancs, b-17,24 25 mosquitoes, canso, etc) that is the problem with the flying circus campaign, they restrict the bomb loads to historical but there is no compensation for the aircraft not available. If the HP 0/400 was available the campaign would be more accurate and very short....
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    Thanx, I think. What I was actually trying to let folks know is that I am doing the real estate dance and will be pretty busy and may be out of touch for the next 5 or 6 weeks getting packed and moved over to the new place. We have been thru the inspection on the new place and tomorrow is the inspection on this house. Sorry about the audio, I'll work on that. Sneak
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    For Gold Flight use, do not download Do not place in Skins/ME262A folder Do not look at Do Not use! WWGold_ME262_Show.zip
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    Must be obvious by now I am not much of a WWI/WWII historian...i just like to fly. Advanced the PW JG52 Moscow campaign, (will be in April 1942), and was very surprised to see the mission it created on the Stalingrad map. When you set up a campaign with PW, you tell it what map you want to fly. what coalition, squad etc etc. I just assumed we would stay on the Moscow map. Russian air activity is still pretty skimpy, so going to have to supplement with some add in activity.
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    He's definite;y a very healthy cinnamon male and he was about 75 yards away. I simply rolled down the window and used a 300mm lens out the passenger side of the truck. Had enough encounters with bears to know better than to get out of the truck for a closer shot. Besides he was starting to get pissed, this one not quite in focus but you can see the hair on the back of his neck start to ruffle. I closed up the window and drove away and left him to his grazing.
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    i would be the first to admit that we yap "A..LOT.."..But only before and after we fly, I have taken notice and try not to yap during missions. And I can allways get the money for gas....... also we all know im kidding.
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    Believe Fawlty still plays Arma if you'r looking for people to play with https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/oldfokkers/infantry-barracks-f10/
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    Thanks for letting me fly with you guys last night in the JG5 test mission. It was fun even though I burned up the engine on my Spitfire and then got smoked by a 190 when chasing another one I had damaged. That 500 respawn timer was annoying. One thing I noticed is that (and forgive me if this is pretty common knowledge as I haven't multiplayered IL until recently), when those guys were in trouble they lit up their navigation lights. Prior to me getting downed, I noticed they were turning them on, but I wasn't thinking as to why they were doing it. I guess if the baddies already know where you're at and are shooting at ya, might as well turn them on so your friends can find you and maybe come to help. I still shoulda smoked that guy before his buddy got to me... grrrrr. For anybody that hung around until the end... Do you know if they actually bombed or gunned their objective? Or was the defense successful? I was flying cover for a bit, but diverted South to try and aid guys in combat. So I guess I left my patrol area. I didn't even see the train we were supposed to be protecting. Anyways... Thanks again. I've got a lot to learn. I think I'll start by listening more in TS rather than jabbering. I'm going to set up some plane specific profiles for the hotus. Not being able to use certain aircraft due to control biding issues is inexcusable. I do have voice attack, but at 11pm the Missus and sleeping Teenager, don't want to hear me yelling, "open oil radiator." S!
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    Welcome to the fold Driftwood, now about goober’s care and maintenance talk to Sneaky😳
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    Did she wear out the old one? I told you, get gas powered toys for her...
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    I thibnk it is time to have a little corner in the Paintshed devoted to our tank skins, I mean they don't use a lot of paint and they don't have to be shiny. Spotted one of them out in its natural environment.... WWpzVIHI.dds
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    Thanks Sandy, without the flying and the website, I was having WW withdrawal
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    Thanks for bringing us back Sandy👍
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    Yes Welcome aboard. some of us have over a 1000 hrs in the game and still do circles on the runway and hit stupid shit like .......trees, reventments ,control towers,other aircraft. uum that's all the things ive hit in the last month..., So no matter how you look at it your no different then any of us!! LOL !! You are MORE then welcome to take your time and hone your skills with a friendly and helping group of guys. We don't hold too much against anyone........lol.
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    Good to have you flying with us and don't sweat the small matters of crashing and burning, some of us do that on a regular basis...
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