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  1. Got to spend some time with my (actually Meghan's, but I claim them) grandkids at the local Pumpkin Junction farm, just south of town. A cloudy and windy day, but still warm enough for the kids to really enjoy the day. The field of sunflowers were in full to slightly later bloom. The pumpkin patch itself was still closed off (not ready for public pickling yet, but we were a couple weeks earlier than last year's visit.) Here's a few pics from the day's adventure:
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  2. MISSION TYPES: SANDBOX: The map has multiple objectives available, pick and choose what you want to destroy. RANDOM PRIMARY OBJECTIVES (RPO): Many Sandbox missions are being retrofitted into random assigned objective maps to increase teamplay and to reduce server overload from different pilots activating multiple different scenarios at the same time which increases server resource allocation. You will be issued a RPO on initial spawn. When complete a new RPO is issued. Generally, the map will rotate after 4 RPO's are completed. BATTLES: These are set piece battle that follow a linear flow based on historic air battles. These generally have a singular objective required to complete the mission or possibly a series of linked objectives. They can be either offensive or defensive missions. DYNAMIC VARIABLE AI STRENGTH AND DIFFICULTY This is an editor routine that tracks the number of live players (0-24) and provides an output for other modules so that they may vary the strength of enemy units, morale, points required to score an objective, or other parameters to increase/decrease mission difficulty as the player count changes. The current difficulty level is displayed in the bottom RH corner of the screen at times once it initializes (generally 3 minutes after 1st player spawn). The Dynamic Engine periodically samples and updates the player level and can spawn or retire planes or change objective difficulty in real time even if they have been damaged already. Another principal of this feature is to be as seamless as possible to try and make planes not just disappear, but to disengage, and retreat before de-spawning. ACTIVE AI AIRFIELDS The Dynamic Engine also controls the strength of the response of enemy airfields marked as "ACTIVE" on the map. These airfields will actively launch interception patrols when their zone of influence is violated. The airfield will also attempt to call for reinforcement from nearby CAP patrols to bolster its defense, so keep an eye open for that. When an airfield has lost enough aircraft (based the current difficulty level), that field's status will change to "SUPPRESSED" and it can no longer launch its own defensive fighters, although it may still receive CAP protection. When an airfield has lost enough infrastructure; planes, fuel tanks, hangars, vehicles, etc.** its status becomes "DESTROYED" and it becomes completely dead and will no longer call for help. (CAP may still be on the way) **Airfield AAA must also be mostly knocked out to score a "DESTROYED" result. FIGHTER AIRCRAFT LOGIC Special editor links make AI fighters work more as team than standard IL2 mission construction intended. This results in fighter teamwork behavior very different from what you may be used to, especially with the use of drag and bag tactics. There is a good probability you may not notice the wingman that gets you, as they like to stay high and pounce. Keep an eye out. CAP PATROLS Many missions have random CAP patrols in operation. CAP Patrols have an extreme amount of randomization built in: -Random time between new orders -18 random Waypoints -They can be assigned three different random flight levels (altitude) -Individual flight size varies -Random skill level -Random and rotating plane types Due to this randomization, there may be times when there is an extended lull in activity, and other times when you are overwhelmed and will need to run. Overall though it does a really good job of keeping you on your toes. ATTACK AIRCRAFT Like the CAP patrols many missions have randomly generated attack aircraft generators. These are generally more custom made for each map's scenario with some being extremely random. They also generally will randomly assign an escort patrol. Most attack AI routines will also trigger a retreat mechanism if the aircraft is heavily damaged, pilot wounded, or just BINGO. In such cases this will result in them attempting to break and run depending on their skill level. The AI skill level also controls the percentage chance of whether they make it home or not, so you may damage one that escapes, but get a kill notification later. Difficulty level may also cause an increase in gunner accuracy, so at level 6 approaching a tail gunner can be very dangerous, use realistic oblique slashing techniques against bomber formations. AAA Stock IL2 does not model bomb damage well against open air AAA guns/batteries. In real life a 250kg bomb will devastate a wide area, but in the stock game it only kills at a short range. Maps are being currently being updated with the following new routines: An increase to the vulnerability of open-air AAA platform's vulnerability to bomb blasts. (But not vehicles) In this case it is better to use big bombs on AAA batteries now to possibly wipe the whole battery in one shot. (Small bombs may still kill more than one gun in a battery though) When open air AAA platforms are knocked out by cannon or MG there is a random chance that it may recrew over time. If an AAA platform is bombed it will be permanently dead. (New and under implementation) AAA positions will now recognize when friendly aircraft are engaging nearby and will cease fire while they are in their zone although just like in real life this is not guaranteed. 'SPLODY PLANES AND OBJECTS: Statically parked aircraft and fuel dumps will randomly explode with enhanced blast and pyrotechnic effects. They also may cook off after a random delay period. This is to make their destruction more realistic instead of the standard small puff of smoke and thin fire column. Bombers and attack aircraft MAY have an increased explosive effect to simulate secondary detonation of a bombload that can be quite large, so be careful flying over burning airplanes. In the initial implementation this could cause instant explosions, but that led to too many pilots being killed while strafing so there is now a delay built in for planes to clear the target before this effect kicks in (most of the time) In most cases tanks are tweaked to explode (standard game effect) upon destruction instead of just remaining inert as they often do. This is done for gameplay reasons so pilots can tell they are not just shooting at a lifeless hulk that is already dead. MISSION SCOING AND BOMB SIZES Many target objectives, especially buildings are lumped into a single object of multiple parts. If you drop a bomb on a building complex and kill 5 parts of them at once from the same object they will only score at once because all the kill signals arrive simultaneously and there is no way to filter them out. This can result in generating lower score totals than anticipated by the Mission Editor and failure to score an objective before all items are destroyed so it can no longer be finished. I try to factor in leeway for this and also in some cases use FAILSAFES to ensure completion, but it is best to use the following advice: Use SMALL BOMBS (50-70 kg) on buildings, oil tanks, and trains. LARGE BOMBS should be used on large ships, medium and heavy tanks, shore batteries, and multiple AAA batteries (see above on AAA vulnerability) SERVER RULES: The use of voice comms is HIGHLY encouraged, we recommend using the Discord channel we provide for our servers. https://tinyurl.com/ww92invite Friendly chatter is encouraged but please practice comms discipline while pilots are actively engaged. As this is a COOP mission there are no worries about friendly fire, but if it does happen on purpose, you will be banned. Please do not shoot "over the shoulder" of a pilot who is actively trailing an enemy within effective gun range. (Unless you are working together on comms with mutual consent) Please fly the missions like you were an actual pilot of the time period and do not kamikaze objectives/AI opponents or bail instead of returning to base to re-plane faster. Try to use the active runway and take off and land in the same direction you started. Generally, you will spawn at a 30° degree angle left or right of the main runway. If you spawn on a large grass field, please still land in the correct direction to avoid collisions. (Unless you have emergency landing conditions) PLEASE READ THE MISSION BRIEFS, some of it is repetitive but most have important specific mission info there. Flying with Navigation Lights on is acceptable as the A.I. enjoys perfect 360° 10Km vision and IFF. Please always get target identification before shooting in all cases as not every pilot uses navigation lights.
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  3. Couple more skins on HSD, and a few just about to be uploaded to HSD, all in the vault and catalogued
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  4. Duck is working today so we are back in business. Three cheers for Duck!
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