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  1. German pilots are back on the menu. CYA then.
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  2. Well, I finally ordered it. I'll let you know what I think once it gets here and I get it installed. I just got tired of the little laptop mouse stick and have been flying DCS an awful lot.
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  3. I joined late so I figured OpFor would be best and I like the challenge as well. It was a bummer being alone on comms, but it would have been unfair to listen in. The first two targets were marked for me on the map to defend, I did not notice any messages, but after that I did not know where to go to find you guys but with the extended spotting range my monitor/video cards offers I was able to find some action. Still not a fan of putzing along at 90 kph to the target but it was fun and challenging when I did attack. You guys did a good job of covering your wingmen and helping those who I t
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  4. Kuban 9: Spitfire! The Soviets have been attacking relentlessly for months since Stalingrad fell to the North. With spring arriving we have fallen back to the Taman peninsula and have set up a layered defensive line while we replenish our supplies. We must use our newly arrived and improved FW 190 A5, Bf 110 G2's and Bf 109 G6's to help counter the Soviet push. Intelligence now reports that the Soviets are now fielding Spitfire fighters that were supplied by the British. Some of you have fought them before over England before you were transferred to the Eastern Front. You will
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  5. no wonder you are always seeing things I don't downloaded the bmp before I read the entire post at first...I saw 4... then I read the end your post...looked harder, and can see 8 I have no idea where you are seeing 27
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  6. One other thing. Several of you noticed the enemy attack planes seemed to come apart easier. Part of this was the quad 20mm cannons we were equipped with on FW and Bf110's but I also found a way to weaken them as well as but then I also set their gunners aim to normal. This was a trade off to try and encourage slashing attacks instead of coming up straight behind on their six. In practice it looks like I made the planes too vulnerable so I will toughen them up a fair amount while still partially vulnerable, but I plan to leave the AI gunners at normal for this mission still.
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  7. I left a mark patting myself on the back so hard!
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  8. You did this with the wake turbulence turned on. Nice job.
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  9. The F-14A looks amazing on Castle Anthrax, @WWBrinson, thanks again bro!
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  10. No, you go first
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  11. Some DCS shots from a campaign I'm taking part in, lots of post-processing, be warned...
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  12. Sounds like it was an interesting mission. I was kind of p!ssed I had BRAND NEW SYSTEM issues, I could talk, but not hear anyone. I didn't change anything from Sunday, where it appeared to work as advertised. Still not sure what it is, suffice to say its back in the shop.
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