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  1. You'll have to actually be connected to a server - in the mission - and have picked a side for you to tell. ...when you do, you'll see a green light on radio (and amber on intercom), you'll see inside the bar, the channel you're on and the number of folks in that channel ( example Channel 1 - 3 = Channel 1 - 3 people on the channel) Then when someone talks, you'll see their name in the bar. Voila'.... you're all set.
  2. Thanks Geez'.... too late.... I'm already deep into that rabbit hole....🙃
  3. I have mine set up this way as well on one hat...just 2 buttons ( up-channel and down-channel) instead of 5 buttons (one for each channel)...and left and right for radio/intercom select.
  4. Seemed pretty strait forward... ...I was able to set it all up in the 10-15 minutes it took everyone to get situated tonight.... So if I can do it...anyone can.
  5. @WWSittingduck Are these all historical skins? ...or are a bunch of them fictional pilots from other squadrons?
  6. Speaking of MvR... ....after watching tracks.... remember all those bullets I said were whizzing by me that we said were the barge? HA! It was MvR and his buddies!! *smh* i nearly wrenched my neck looking for where those shots came from...guess I'm blind in WW1 also...HA! GREAT MISSION again Fawlty!!
  7. Thanks Monte, you're probably sending these due to hearing me ask for Driftwood's tracks tonight, but..... ...and before anyone else thinks I am now a "track collector" (lol) just go ahead and hang on to them....UNLESS You have something specific you would like me to showcase in the comics ( perhaps a great shot, a funny moment, a squad mate who saved your ass, that sort of thing THEN, if you do...send me JUST that single track....(renamed) with a timestamp of when during the track when the event happened.... DO NOT send me your whole track file sub folder!! I have neither the time (or the inkling) to search through two-plus hours of flying per pilot just to SEE if there is anything noteworthy or interesting.... Thanks for your understanding P.S. I asked driftwood because of a specific event that happened over our field and when I re-planed I didn't turn my cam back on.
  8. Wing Walkers High Flying Adventures 2nd Edition Volume #01 - Prelude : completed WWHFA 2nd Edition Vol_01_Prelude.pdf
  9. I've only taken the tanks out once on this map... ...and it was to head back to my side and fight the other enemy tanks there....I spent all my time driving just to be engaged by the boats when I attempted to cross the river bridge...LOL I like that idea about risking yourself by crossing the bridge...but I didnt like driving for 45 minutes just to be engaged trying to cross the bridge. So maybe tank bases located closer to the bridge? At least the German one (like by at least HALF the distance)?? Perhaps in 0718.1 for example. (about same distance away as russian one is) and yes, PLEASE remove the allied tanks from german bases and visa-versa. Have all tanks available still...just only at their appropriate bases. ...oh, and I never got shot at ( that I know of) where I spawned....it was not until half hour layer, when I hit the railroad tracks just south of the bridge did I start taking fire from some unknown contact. but I just kept rolling thru the forest and disengaged from them.. (at least they stopped firing) All-in-all ...it was quite fun....
  10. ...and the last bit..... EDIT: And this ends the prelude to Volume #01 Stay Tuned to find out what happens next!
  11. just the prelude part 2 -- Same mission , next sortie... ... will be put into a proper comic book .pdf after Fawlty's mission on Sunday. (after everyone has had time to pick a pilot. - also side benefit of giving me practice) Thanks all. And thanks Geez' for allowing me to take over the "HFA"....I really didnt want to try and brainstorm a just-as-clever title.
  12. More of a "prelude part one" than a "chapter one"...but meh...it's a draft I just wanted to share to get some feelers on it.... This was from today's FC flying on Geezer's Fantasy Kaiser mission we flew last week.... there was only Me and Duck at first I guess, ... then ICY and Driftwood joined shortly after.... ...Never caught ICT or Drift on Shift F2 until the very end.... but there's more tracks I havn't seen yet.... My first attempt at this - but opinions and other constructive feedback appreciated.
  13. Ah...is that what was up with the Kaiser's Yacht last run?
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