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  1. Haahaa!! Of course I do!! ...although a million of these things could get a bit more.....interesting. Either way, I ain't worried.
  2. Cool! So this is you volunteering to buy me a new one then Duck? Thanks man! ...on a more serious note. I'm not a member of that overly-disposable community. The thing WORKS...it's just busted.... I'm going to epoxy a machine screw into the broken off sensor piece, drill a hole into the arm piece, slide the screw threw the hole on the arm and put a nut on the back side. Kind of a reverse of Robbie's fix. Easy-Peasy
  3. Guess I'll be Jerry-Rigging this together, as I just heard back from Natural Point... "I'm sorry that your TrackClip Pro is damaged. Do you have the order number associated with the purchase? All of our products have a 1-year warranty and we are happy to repair or replace any malfunctions. However, if your device is older than a year old, we will not be able to issue an RMA." ...pretty much sums that up! Oh well.
  4. Thanks Robbie! Mine actually broke on the lower hinge. But should be repairable in a similar fashion.
  5. I recommend starting out with most (if not all) helpers turned on.....then clicking them off one-by-one as you learn each system.... ....lest you become too overwhelmed at the start.
  6. I hear ya' on the lifetime of abuse.... I've failed to do myself many a favor over the years as well. Although I did kick a 35+ year smoking habit at the end of 2013.... so there's that..... Just sold my 1200 sq.ft. California home for three times what I paid for it....took half that money, and bought an 1800 sq.ft. home here in Middle Tennessee. ....love it here already! Beautiful state (arrived right at the end of fall colors)..I will certainly THRIVE here!! Just seeing all the green (not dead California brown, or burnt black) makes me happy!! I too just dug out all my old CH HOTAS gear a few months back and got back into flying...they worked just as good as the day I bought them. You should be fine. I see you just got Rise of Flight! You'll like the sim...its BEEEAAAUUTTIFUL!! (compared to what we're used to) ...and a flight model leaps and bounds from the old Red Baron 3D!!! However, as Craven mentioned, we're primarily flying IL2 Sturmovik Great Battles -- if you use Steam, buying it there will help ensure you are up to date with patches and what-not.... the World War 1 side of IL2 is called FLYING CIRCUS 1 and 2 and they are basically just "plug ins" to IL2 as an add-on. ( think of it as all one giant sim) ...if you need help getting all set up, or just have questions on what to get....shoot me a message. [edit] -- buying from Steam does NOT lock you in to having to always or ONLY buy from Steam. You'll create an "il2 account" either way you buy, and any additional titles you buy ( from steam or 1C website) will be applied to that account.
  7. Been great!! Just moved from born-and-raised Bay Area California to Middle Tennessee! ...still diggin' parts out of boxes tryna' get settled in. You? Whatcha been doin with yourself for 20 years? Well, not too detailed now.... *chuckle*
  8. Well look what the Goober drug back in!?! ...Ha! Just messin'...or should I have put a "Ba-Dum-Psssh" at the end? Welcome back! S!
  9. Ill be getting this for sure..... ...but this plane-set leaves a lot to be desired. If you put in the Sop Triplane...why not early Albs? If you put in the Fok. D VIII and Pf. D XII...why not Sop Snipe? Where are the early year German scouts?
  10. WWBrian


    Holy smokes!! I'm just... stunned!! ...and at a loss for words. S! Tim
  11. I too will be watching this debate..... ...and as for drinking ideas: Every time Biden says, "C'mon Man!" + every time Trump says, "...the likes the which..."
  12. It's about 3500 ft elevation up there... much MUCH cooler than where all the fires are at, and nowhere near as dry. But still dry. I'm super thankful for those blue skies we had this morning for sure!! Nice shots Geez'.... hope ya had fun!
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