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  1. It's about 3500 ft elevation up there... much MUCH cooler than where all the fires are at, and nowhere near as dry. But still dry. I'm super thankful for those blue skies we had this morning for sure!! Nice shots Geez'.... hope ya had fun!
  2. Dang it. I even made the text bigger and colored it red for you and Duck, Fawlty. --
  3. Update 4.501 Dear Friends, We just released the new update - 4.501. Its shifted version number means it is a kind of a milestone and it really is. First, the research we did on the community opinion on the aircraft spotting allowed us to make many improvements to this important part of the sim. The distant LOD scaling system has been adjusted, their lighting has been made full, atmospheric haze option and an increased MSAA level have been added. We're sure that this update will make the online multiplayer experience totally different from how it was before. Now our next target, for the n
  4. Looking out this morning at 9 am and I thought I was on Mars! ( also thought it was closer to 5 am on how dark the house was)
  5. Happy Birthday Robby...better late than pregnant
  6. and the Cadet's wheel strut attaches above the wing root... not like the image.
  7. Yeah, my 970 (gaming drive) outperforms my 970 PLUS (O/S drive) in every category also. Where the sata drive is the storage ( my documents, downloads, music, videos, all that sort of thing)
  8. I'm still using my 20-year old Linksys WRT54G !!! ...only upgrading (adding on) my WRT1200AC for more ports... Think I paid 50 to 60 bucks each when they were new....
  9. No...he is supposed to always face forward... so you're good. If he's also on the other side of the fuselage, he may need to be flipped to face forward though....
  10. W00t w00t!! A perfect birthday gift! Thanks Craven!!
  11. Thanks fellas! It was indeed a happy 56th lap around the sun! That's 32,704,000,000 miles worth! No wonder I'm always so tired!
  12. The lunatics are running the asylum in our state Geez'....
  13. I finally got 2004 pushed to me last night. Update went smooth.... just a heads-up for Duck.
  14. You'll have to actually be connected to a server - in the mission - and have picked a side for you to tell. ...when you do, you'll see a green light on radio (and amber on intercom), you'll see inside the bar, the channel you're on and the number of folks in that channel ( example Channel 1 - 3 = Channel 1 - 3 people on the channel) Then when someone talks, you'll see their name in the bar. Voila'.... you're all set.
  15. Thanks Geez'.... too late.... I'm already deep into that rabbit hole....
  16. I have mine set up this way as well on one hat...just 2 buttons ( up-channel and down-channel) instead of 5 buttons (one for each channel)...and left and right for radio/intercom select.
  17. Seemed pretty strait forward... ...I was able to set it all up in the 10-15 minutes it took everyone to get situated tonight.... So if I can do it...anyone can.
  18. @WWSittingduck Are these all historical skins? ...or are a bunch of them fictional pilots from other squadrons?
  19. Speaking of MvR... ....after watching tracks.... remember all those bullets I said were whizzing by me that we said were the barge? HA! It was MvR and his buddies!! *smh* i nearly wrenched my neck looking for where those shots came from...guess I'm blind in WW1 also...HA! GREAT MISSION again Fawlty!!
  20. Thanks Monte, you're probably sending these due to hearing me ask for Driftwood's tracks tonight, but..... ...and before anyone else thinks I am now a "track collector" (lol) just go ahead and hang on to them....UNLESS You have something specific you would like me to showcase in the comics ( perhaps a great shot, a funny moment, a squad mate who saved your ass, that sort of thing THEN, if you do...send me JUST that single track....(renamed) with a timestamp of when during the track when the event happened.... DO NOT send me your whole track file sub folder!!
  21. Wing Walkers High Flying Adventures 2nd Edition Volume #01 - Prelude : completed WWHFA 2nd Edition Vol_01_Prelude.pdf
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