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  1. Salute! everyone, long time no see. Sorry to hear about Art I just found out last night while visiting the page. I personally remember many long nights with him back in the RB days and he will be missed. It's been a long time since I've done the flight sim thing, my passion was with the WW1 era and well I just lost taste for it after RB and I havent seen anything WW1 since. Well I was having coffee with a friend last night and drinking out of my ole trusty WW mug that we had made up for the 10 year. Kevin had put the KDF logo on the back of my mug and my friend struck up a conve
  2. well have to say thanks to Wringer for spending the time with me tonight both online and on the phone trying to figure out how to get my mike working. Spent a total of about 10 hours trying to figure out why it wasnt working. (Not all spent with Wringer) After checking settings connections rechecking settings doing the multi media thing. checking mutes and such and then finally saying to Wringer to forget it I threw the mike against the wall in complete frustration, and I heard Wringer say "hey I heard that" and BAM! the mike worked!!!! This is a couple hours later and im still laughi
  3. Yeah I had bought a Logitech headset prior to sitting there for that 2 hours. Thought that I hooked it up correctly. My old system had a mike built into the monitor, so when I tried to connect this new mike to the sound card i coulnt get it to work. Finally I was able to hear myself through the speakers but no sound through the headset. and apparently my voice wasnt transmitting over TS. Soundcard is a Creative SB Live, Desktop speakers are Altec Lansing with a headset port built in (ears only) . The Logitech headset plugs (2) are color coded for the sound card. Pink/black. Don
  4. Welp tried to connect with you guys tonight on the TS server. couldnt find you at gamespy and didnt know what server you were on. Listened to Taco Sensei Ren and gangster for about 2 hours. Think I still need some help
  5. WWWhiteAce

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    Thanks Sandy. Jason helped me earlier, and I can get on TS now. I just dont have a mike yet. Its been so long since i participated in anything here that I dont remember passwords and user names. I think Im all set now and thanks for the help. John
  6. WWWhiteAce

    Hanging out

    Yeah i thought i was on the commo but I rarely see anything posted. Piggy hooked up with me at gamespy and got me on TS. Tried talking to him but realized that my new system doesnt have a built in mike so i need to go get one to make this work Thanks to everyone for the help
  7. WWWhiteAce

    Hanging out

    OK registered now but still having this message trying to view link Sorry, but only users granted special access can read topics in this forum. whats the next step?
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