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  1. Hey guys, I didn’t have my headset handy when I signed onto TeamSpeak earlier, and I apparently don’t have permissions to post chat messages, so I didn’t get a change to say hello. I was setting up whispers and just didn’t have time to fly with y’all. My apologies, I wasn’t avoiding you guys. Hope you had a good time and it was nice to hear Gunfighter again. Looking forward to getting him back into the fold! Salute!
  2. WWChunk

    Couger Comm's Solution

    Finally got home after a grueling two weeks of work, and got the Cougar MFD all set up. Griphos and I went dutch on a pair, and the work like a charm. Whispers are soooooooo easy now. Thanks to everyone in this thread, and thanks aagin to Griphos for hooking me up.
  3. WWChunk

    MechWarrior 5

    Wasn't quite sure where to ask this, so I put it with the other MW-related stuff. Not that I have a ton of time for gaming, but looking at video of MechWarrior Online and the upcoming MechWarrior 5 has piqued my interest. Is anybody playing MWO, or any previous iteration?
  4. WWChunk

    USS Hornet found

    Pretty dang cool story here...
  5. WWChunk

    The Great War Forum

    Holy cow, that's amazing!!
  6. WWChunk

    Looking for Recommendations

    I’m very much looking forward to you bugging the hell out of me Chuck!! Also, I still do awesome donuts in the 190 every now and then, so don’t worry about embarrassing yourself while taxiing. 😆
  7. WWChunk

    Website Theme's

    Brave, I love the dark theme. Also, the default theme is the same thing the ORBX forums use, and I wanted something different. EDIT 02/11/2019 - Guess I had that backwards...I like the Brave theme.
  8. WWChunk


    LOL!!! While it hasn't yet risen to the level of absurdity that was the UBI-zoo of the old IL-2 forums, there are still a handful of sycophants there that just cannot help but make themselves look ridiculous on an almost daily basis.
  9. WWChunk

    Alpha Layers

    Looks absolutely stunning Craven!
  10. WWChunk

    the update to the update has an update

    I think they left some shit undone, and needed to mop some minor things up.
  11. WWChunk

    Chunk's P3D Screenshots

    Finally won an ORBX screenshot contest!!!!! Think I may choose the TrueEarth P3D product as my prize.
  12. WWChunk

    Newest addition: TS Info block

    Looks great, thanks Sandy!!
  13. WWChunk


    Sorry to hear about Lisa, Phil. Hope she heals up nice and quick.
  14. WWChunk

    TrackIR profile

    I'll have to give this a whirl. I've used Requiem's version for so long, that I almost forgot there are others out there.
  15. WWChunk

    Spring Trip shaping up

    Get your walking shoes ready! I did the trip with my brother back in 2008, and I logged just over 24 miles in 3 days. You have a little bit longer to stretch it out, but it's all amazing. Make the Arlington trip happen,; you will never, ever forget the feeling that piece of land gives you.

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