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  1. If the red light turns on in the TrackIR sensor, then it sounds like enter is your pause TrackIR key, which can be changed in the TrackIR settings. Do you have a key press set for chat? If so, that may be bound in TrackIR as opposed to enter itself.
  2. Thanks Fawlty! I took my wife and kids up there this past weekend, and it was fantastic. The ferry ride was fun and we took a whale watching boat out to the south of Lopez Island and spend an unbelievably amazing hour watching eight members of the southern resident orca pod play around in the Salish Sea. Once in a lifetime stuff. I also spent way too much near KORS watching planes come and go.
  3. Been awhile since I fired up P3D. So here's a trip from 0S9 --> KBVS --> 74S --> KORS. Enjoy!
  4. I can fly the majority of Saturday’s in September. I’d like to give it a go.
  5. Yeah, that's exactly how I felt. Having the sun come the back of the canopy is a weird feeling as well.
  6. How long did you fly for in total, Dub? I haven't had the issue myself, but I haven't flown for more than maybe an hour straight. Pretty incredible though, huh?!
  7. Thanks for the heads-up Dub. When flying around in Zed's blood-red 262, the sound issue was annoying as all hell.
  8. I like that TITAN theme, it’s very in your face. 😉
  9. I enjoyed all of these shots Sandy, and the EXIF data is very cool to see. I had a great weekend guys, and I can’t wait to see y’all again!
  10. LOL!!! Trailer looks great btw.
  11. Yeah...so that habit I have of opening my mouth without any forethought...LOL
  12. Yeah, I'm going to steal them and paint them their rightful red color. Y'all gold folks stick to those big lumbering aircraft...mmmkay?!
  13. Bard and I gave Happy a ride back to the airport on the last day, and he kept telling us that we didn't have to do it. I finally had to tell him, "Shut up Hap, we're frickin' family now!" He had a good laugh at that...still surprised he didn't drown from the iced tea incident. I miss both these guys a whole bunch...
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