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  1. Happy birthday Fawlty, have a great day!!
  2. Any chance to update the server Brin? No rush!!!
  3. From what I gather on the forums, the Hog is one of the harder aircraft to learn due to the various systems and how they're integrated with the HOTAS. It's much easier now than it was two months ago! I have also added the Hornet, the Viper, and the Viggen with the last and current sale...
  4. The Jug is always tempting, but DCS doesn’t do WWII better than IL-2, IMO. I’m also unimpressed with the Dora and Kurfürst. The Mustang is good, I’ll give them that. Buy more modern stuff though guys...I’m getting real good in the A-10C.
  5. Hope you have a great day Monte!!!
  6. Yep, couldn’t disagree with that statement anymore than I currently do, but the 1st Amendment is something sacred. More COVID mandates up here in WA state today. I’m done with this bullshit.
  7. Outstanding work Diz, thanks!
  8. When you’re foot heals up, let’s start flying DCS! I’ve got a REAL good handle on the Warthog now. I can even do some training for others on it; and I bought the Hornet during the sale because I want to do SEAD stuff. YGBSM!!
  9. It’s a real neat aircraft. The Museum of Flight is also excellent.
  10. God bless all of our veterans, here and everywhere. Thank you!
  11. That’s a fact. I blew up German ground units with a Desert Hurricane and Hispano cannons earlier this evening. Icy would’ve loved it!
  12. WWChunk


    This brings me to fucking tears. Tim and I talked about so much more than just flying. I'm going to miss him so much. RIP Tim, and condolences from my family to his.
  13. Yes, he does very nice work. Luke_FF had his for sale on the IL-2 site, at a huge discount. I almost pulled the trigger. Alas, I’m invested with the Warthog throttle now that I’ve modded it with solder, blood, and sweat.
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