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  1. After many hours of tweaking with different resistance levels on the spring tension and dampener tension, I finally have it dialed in and centering properly. I couldn’t imagine going back now, it’s a pretty rad piece of kit!
  2. Up your wood filler game and you can put boxes of screws into the flooring like it's the thing to do!
  3. For a variety of reasons, Tuesday's have been the hardest days to squirrel away any flying time. Though I do admit that the majority of my flying has been devoted to DCS for past several months. Would still love to do that with some WW’s though.
  4. @WWSandMan You’re going to LOVE them!!
  5. Ohhhhh doggie, the new Spit is magnificent, and sounds like a beast!
  6. These look fantastic Craven. Well done my friend!
  7. Yep, I changed to the one with most centering action when I got the pedals. Now off to find the other cams.
  8. Hmmm, I might give that a whirl. Hope things get less stressful up in your neck of woods!
  9. I took everything apart and reinstalled, leaving the connections from the damped to the pedals a little more loose, and that seems to have done the trick. I'll need more time, but so far it's a pretty neat feel to these.
  10. I added the damper, and made sure I left the bolts that connect the damper to the rudder pedals a little loose, but even with the damper on the lowest setting possible, I had to crank up my spring tension to get them to return to center. Any ideas?
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