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  1. As much as I like P3D, it requires almost as much maintenance as FSX did back in the day. At least in IL-2, I can just fire it up and fly. But...the V-Tail is f'n gold!
  2. Nope...Half Moon Bay to Cloverdale. TE Washington looks amazing from about 2000 feet AGL, but some of the screenshots when the aircraft are down low do not look good at all, is that just how ortho scenery works?
  3. I wish the CH throttle quad had hall sensors, as pots can go away quickly. That being said, when you get it all setup, I found a profile for the quad that had a CMS script that makes the motion from the bottom to the top of axis less "jerky." Taking the jitter out of CH throttles...
  4. I think for what you want to do, the CH Throttle Quadrant might be your best bet. I love mine, but like Icy, I do a lot by selecting each engine to control as opposed to having all the controls for each engine on the quad; otherwise, I’d have fifty levers to fiddle with!
  5. You gotta keep those cannons, cause there ain't a chance in hell of fighter escort staying with you! I flew the shit out of her this weekend, but only in fighter config. She is FAST, but you better be good at getting off snapshots, as your target comes into range as fast it leaves your range. Also, there are not a whole lot of fields capable of supporting her; for landings especially. I really enjoy the manual engine start up sequence as well.
  6. The Schwalbe is a handful...still think it’s too much for Gold to handle...
  7. Truer words have never been spoken...
  8. Yep, gonna need another throttle quad for the various axis assignments. The Warthog split throttle works great for throttle control itself, but CEM is hard with one axis only for mixture, prop pitch, etc. Lots of engine control switching going on. 😉
  9. My bad Driftwood, it was Brin that had the Vive VR setup. My apologies sir.
  10. Pretty sure red flight should commandeer all of the Sturmvogel aircraft...gold would just waste ‘em.
  11. Rift here as well Mike. Driftwood has a VR setup and Griphos just got a Rift S. It pretty darned cool!
  12. Just did a quick flight in the 262. I don’t know how much I’ll actually fly her, but it’s a hoot!
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