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  1. Hope you're having a good one Mike!!!
  2. I concur with Dub, and I also don't go reaching into the nether regions of the web where most (not all) trouble lurks. Common sense with decent protection is just as good, if not better, that great protection and stupid decisions...hey, that could be a condom ad as well!
  3. Nice! I like what you did with the alpha as well. I've been watching YouTube videos of modelers recently, and it's always interesting to see how they apply the matte finishes and weathering at the end. Some of the aircraft in IL-2:GB are WAY too shiny, IMO.
  4. When I get home full time, I may pop in on Wednesday’s. Thanks Fawlty.
  5. I like Steam as well. Free to install, and a TON of gaming options. I also have Cliffs of Dover through Steam, as well as some other arcade type stuff. Hell, I even have ArmA III, but never play it.
  6. That’s pretty damn funny, DW!!
  7. It was included on my Warthog stick as well. I removed them.
  8. You won’t want to watch any movies with guns in it with me. Drives my wife crazy!
  9. Their toilets do not hold water, but I'm sure they can devise a way to collect the water during the flush. LOL!!
  10. Off to deactivate that damn store. Thanks Fawlty!
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