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  1. It’s like a live forum with teamspeak built in. The best tip I can give is to turn notifications off (for the mobile version at least.) What questions do you guys have in general?
  2. Full fidelity. I don’t think we’ll see single planes released with the FC3 type modeling anymore.
  3. You don’t need the original A-10C. The Tank Killer does everything the old one did, much more. I haven’t flown the original since the new one came out. That being said, I won’t disagree about some of their pricing. Also, you can use that two week trial to try both versions out. Then you can exclaim to the Heaven’s…”That damn Chunk was right!”
  4. Yes, get the Tank-Killer version, and definitely wait for a sale. In the meantime, use the two week trial thing to give it a whirl.
  5. They look like DCS clouds, which is a good thing as they look awesome, and I didn’t experience any FPS loss with them in DCS. Hope it holds true for IL-2.
  6. I think the Alby is one of the best looking aircraft of all time. I might need to work to make time to fly in this set of missions.
  7. Am I reading the poll incorrectly, or am I identifying that aircraft incorrectly?
  8. I fly almost every night I’m off, it’s just real late. Squirreling away other time is difficult. I’ll try to give you a heads up with some lead time next time I know I’ll be flying at regular hours.
  9. Boy oh boy, I love this aircraft.
  10. WWChunk

    DCS Flying

    Thanks much Diz!
  11. WWChunk

    DCS Flying

    I joined on Discord. I fly the Viper and Hog mostly.
  12. I truly wish Haluter’s was just a website like IL-2 skins. The app can be a real pain in the ass.
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