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  1. Thanks for the mission, was fun to fly and hear everyone’s voices tonight. That was the first extended session with VR, and I was sweating at the end. Glad to hear the built in mic was good to go on the headset, and it sure beats wearing the other earphones over the headset. Shot down a handful of planes and managed to blow several engines in the process. Fun was had regardless. Very cool mission!
  2. Yep, really wanted 64 GB, but two 32 GB sticks couldn’t be had at these speeds. I’m sure they’ll be available at some point, but when you’re building right now, you get what you get! Hoping that BIOS updates down the line allow for the other two DIMM’s to be installed at XMP speeds. While DDR5 is still in its infancy, DDR4 has matured and speeds are comparable at this point, with CAS latency speeds being a LOT better. The two 32 GB sticks might be your best bet, Sandy.
  3. So I finally have everything dialed in where I want it. Setting up keybindings (especially in DCS) is a chore I wouldn’t wish on my enemies, and VR tuning is a beast all on its own. Overall, the build went smoothly. I did have an issue that was caused in part by being an early adopter of DDR5, and the other part was me not doing enough research prior to purchase. As anyone who had built a computer knows, RAM can be a pain in the ass, and the cause of many issues down the line. Just looking up specs and trying to find the right combinations of speed/latency is daunting. But you also have to know how your preferred motherboard is going to interact with it once it’s installed. So I went with the fancy schmancy DDR5 6000 speed RAM; which came as 4 sticks of 16 GB each. The lack of research I mentioned earlier had me throw all four of them in there like Tim “The Toolman” Taylor…MORE POWER!!! It would’ve been just fine except for the fact that I wanted those advertised 6000 MT speeds. So I enabled XMP in the BIOS like any n00b! It worked; then didn’t work, then worked, then crashed, then stabilized, then crashed, etc. This was happening intermittently mind you, and it was also throwing GPU errors in the mix as a bonus. I googled the shit out of the GPU errors first and the majority pointed to system RAM as the root cause, but I’m smarter than them, and didn’t listen to that (because I’m truly a moron!) I ended up running my factory OC’ed 3090 at stock speeds, and it worked for a couple days before the errors started again. Started going down the RAM rabbit hole after that, and found several posts on Reddit that led me to something I should have known when I purchased everything. With these new motherboards and RAM kits, the BIOS’ are in the their infancy. They can supports the speeds advertised, but only with two DIMM slots, not all four. So I backed it down to 32 GB of RAM, and then went into a 24 hour stress test cycle with everything I could find, along with some help from the Reddit folks. Now I get advertised speeds on a rock solid system, and the GPU is running happily along at its advertised OC speeds. The lesson, as always, do your research before the build, lest you start pulling out hair you can’t afford to lose. I’ll hang on to this other 32 GB RAM kit and hope that the BIOS will eventually catch up, but right now, I’m just happy this thing is running as intended. She’s a real beast!
  4. Why is that...other than the fact that social media is a dumpster fire in general?
  5. Hope y’all are having a good one!
  6. I'll admit, when I'm not using it, I turn the lights on. They can look rad at times.
  7. Finally got the rest of the parts in and finished the build on Wednesday. Stress tested and ready to roll. Now I just have to load all the sims, profiles, skins, etc. Basically a huge time suck and PITA, but it’s gotta get done. Hope to do some flying this weekend. It runs extremely cool and is a lot quieter than I thought it’d be. I have the RGB on for these two photos, but it’s annoying as hell in a dark room and goes into stealth mode most of the time.
  8. That looks like a LOT of fun!! Looking forward to your photos.
  9. That is a badass photo!!
  10. That second shot is superb.
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