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  1. You’ll have to download the new ORBX central program. It’ll uninstall the old version and get everything in order for you. I had the same issue and starting crapping bricks. 😉
  2. Great set of notes Driftwood. I’ve been flying the clipped wing version a lot lately. Even managed a kill on CombatBox last night. Thanks for sharing these!
  3. So...the street is bang on accurate, as is the airport itself, but even with the autogen slider at max, my house doesn’t even appear as a standard 3D object. LOL!!! Like I said though, the airport is extraordinarily well done, and it’s a worthy purchase. It’s the first P3D add-on I’ve purchased in months, and if it wasn’t in my backyard, I would’ve let it go. Waiting to see what MSFS2020 brings to the table...
  4. I haven’t had issues with iOS, but have yet try it on the desktop with Chrome.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. First off, that is a GREAT answer from Meghan! And yep, the house is in the coverage area. Guess I'm going to have to by it and post screenshots now.
  7. They really to stop whatever they’re working on and make ALL of the visibility fixes. It’s painful flying in multiplayer and not being able to see anyone until they’re right on top of you.
  8. Oh yeah!! I posted on the ORBX forums that I had planned on not buying anymore add-one until MSFS2020 comes out, but those fellas just had to release the airport right in my backyard.
  9. All I truly want to do if upgrade the OS, I don’t want to have to reinstall every piece of software I have. I too am concerned about the CH software, as I have some scripting for the throttle quad. We shall see... This would be a lot easier if this was just a new build. 😉
  10. The Lightning has dive brakes as well. If I’m coming in too hot, I’ll deploy them to help me bleed some speed before dropping flaps/gear.
  11. Roger that, thanks Duck! I’m going to give this a whirl in a few weeks then.
  12. So they're going to stop supporting Windows 7 here shortly, and I plan on doing this free upgrade. Is it going to be an all day thing and I'll be fixing shit for the next week, or will the overwhelming majority of my settings carry over to Windows 10? I was going to do it this weekend, and just didn't want the hassle. I think I'l do when I have two weeks off at Christmas.
  13. Happy Thanksgiving y’all!! Turkey is already in the smoker and my first pour of the day has already gone down the gullet. High West Yippee-Ki-Ay if you’re wondering...
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