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  1. My input settings saved, but my camera settings were changed.
  2. Thanks for being patient and getting us a mission to fly Duck!! I was fortunate to wing with WWSoarfeat, WWFawlty, WWSandMan, and WWPlague. Soarfeat and Fawlty flew like we’ve known them forever, which we have. LOL!! Welcome aboard guys. Great flying with Sandy and Plague as well, as always. Red flight got a handful of bad guys and absolutely devastated the AAA at the second objective up north. Great flying gents, and thanks again Duck P.S. I enjoyed laughing a lot with friends at our meeting, and hearing Icy’s voice.
  3. I’m not going to make it either. See y’all Tuesday.
  4. The guy makes solid stuff. I have bought dust covers from him, and if Virpil didn’t have the extensions when I bought their base, I would’ve went with Sahaj for them instead.
  5. I like the IKEA design, and yeah, for everyday use it’d seem to be a lot better.
  6. Happy birthday Pierre!!! Hope all is well up in your neck of the woods!
  7. This...100% Jäger the wonder dog is one of the sweetest dogs around (when he’s not going after Craven’s furry friend), but he should’ve been a police K-9. There’s no better breed for that type of work.
  8. LMFAO!!!! Great post!
  9. WWChunk

    North Shore Mar 2020

    Your photography is superb Sandy! Also, seeing you happy is a wonderful thing, my friend.
  10. I, and I’m sure NG as well, could fill a library with just the bullshit calls we receive. I am happy to report that most of the normal folks we contact have been more than understanding of our non-contact preferences during this time.
  11. I live and work in ground zero for this shit. It sucks, but you gotta be able to enjoy your hobbies, especially something like this where you’re not going out and mixing with other people. I don’t walk in your shoes Tom, so I can’t know what you’re experiencing, but I hope you’re able to hop on TS and chat when you’re available. I’m working all this week, but I’ll hop on this weekend if anyone just wants to shoot the shit. As far as what we’re dealing with up here in WA, my agency has stopped responding to most calls in person, sans priority calls obviously, but I’m still contacting people on a daily basis. It does look like a ghost town most of the time, but that’s a good thing because people are working to make sure we bring an end to this. This truly sucks, but we’re going to come out of this dilemma better than we were before. No other country on earth circles the wagons like the United States. Please follow the rules and take care of you and your families. S!
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