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  1. They want the smartphone attached for tracking purposes and a Facebook account because they own Oculus now.
  2. Yes please, I’m always up for personalized skins. Thanks Craven!
  3. We had some storms up here yesterday and the winds shifted dramatically. First day of blue skies in almost two weeks.
  4. Yeah, it’s a little more spendy than I’d like. He does a pinky switch replacement to that shitty part as well. FWIW, I’m still waiting on a response from Thrustmaster support in regards to replacing a switch that I broke. I wish their support was on par with CH back in the day, especially when the CH-Hangar was around. What a resource that was.
  5. My CH Throttle Quad needs Hall Effect sensors in its life. LOL!
  6. I took this rudimentary explanation from another forum... ”A potentiometer is an adjustable resistor which consists of a wiper that slides across a restrictive strip to deliver an increase or decrease in resistance. Since there is a physical scraping it is subject to wear and accumulation of dirt between the wiper and restrictive strip causing problems. Hall effect sensors use a non-contact magnetic field for position indication eliminating the scraping, wear and dirt problem.”
  7. I’ve been doing a lot of practice in the Hog lately, and my fat thumb makes things more difficult than they should be with the slew. I also need to replace the right side fuel switch because I broke that. Thrustmaster’s customer service department leaves a lot to be desired as far as getting back to me on that.
  8. Has anyone done this upgrade to their throttle? Also, I NEED this guys’ setup. Talk about immersion!
  9. It’s up here in Washington now as well. The winds shifted mid-week and smoke from the the fires in eastern Washington made its way here. It looks like Mars today. Thankfully the rain rolls in this coming week. Take care y’all. Pass some of them biscuits please!
  10. Yeah, it was punishing yesterday and last night. We were evacuating folks from homes at around 0400 this morning. A few houses burned down, but we caught it before it really got out of control.
  11. Very interesting history, and the photos are great as always!!
  12. Thank you so much fellas. My Sergeant is now jumping down into the Fleet rabbit hole...
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