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  1. Simply incredible. I can’t imagine the “feeling” just walking around those grounds gave you.
  2. Been looking forward to this thread. Great pictures so far Tom.
  3. From the Dicta Boelcke: 3. Fire only at close range, and only when your opponent is properly in your sights. You nailed it Driftwood! I can't tell you how many times I've done exactly what you did right there. It was a desperate tactic against bombers, but I've never done it on purpose. If I can offer my two cents on the shooting, I see a lot of movement up and down, and the shooting seemed to occur above the aircraft most of the time. I think it was WWCephas that moved his gun triggers to his throttle to avoid adding extra movements to his flight stick when firing. It's unrealistic, but I believe it helped him. FWIW, it took me a long time to eliminate the small movements when firing as well. Perfect practice makes perfect.
  4. Wanted to fly with real weather, and didn't want to fly around in the rain...so it was San Carlos to Sonoma.
  5. I remember when the one near the old Arco Arena area was an “Incredible Universe” store. I walked in there one time and it was like Disneyland for the geek I was back then. Still a geek actually. 😉
  6. Those are some pretty ingenious ways for TrackIR mounting. I go back and forth between VR and TrackIR usage. It’s really good for IL-2, but pretty shitty for P3D. One day, when the VR resolution is crystal clear, and the the PC’s can handle it, I can see VR being the only game in town.
  7. It definitely changes the way I look at things now. We drove up to Port Townsend last weekend and passed right by Jefferson County Airport, which I’ve taken many flights out of in FSX/P3D. I find myself coming across a lot more of that scenario in the PNW than I did in the Bay Area.
  8. Haven't flown the Comanche in ages. So after a quick oil change, we boogie from Cle Elum to Swanson. Hell, I even landed her without floating down 3/4 of the runway.
  9. Thank you Dub for the numbered Dora skins!!!
  10. That’s a good setup for those pedals actually. The full extension was always a little difficult as it ended up lying completely flat when fully depressed.
  11. The 2019 WingWalkers Reunion...and garage sale. LMFAO!!!
  12. I’m not using a curve for the toe brakes. Are they too sensitive like a dead zone at the start needs to be added or something? FWIW, I don’t have the pro pedals anymore, but I remember adding some dead zone to the beginning and the end of the brake axis.
  13. Would it help if we all checked our vault files prior to a certain date?
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