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  1. HOLY SHIT!!! Thanks for sharing, and good to hear from you brother!
  2. Definitely looking forward to hearing about the damper. That was also on the list, just haven’t gotten around to ordering yet.
  3. Diz is 100% right about all of this. TS has its place here, and there’s no reason to abandon it. But for the scene that Diz painted, and keep in mind I was not there, there is no better solution than SRS. I was not ready to hop aboard the SRS train when it first came into the station, but I’ll tell you that on complex ops, there is NO BETTER OPTION. It is used in DCS exclusively, and with good reason. Also can’t think of a better person to spearhead this than Diz. Please let me know if I can help at all.
  4. Salute WWDarkdiz!! Please let the bartender know I’ll take my double bourbon neat...
  5. I have less than zero desire to buy a secondhand video card has been run 24/7 on mining operations. Whether or not it's been undervolted. That is a huge crapshoot.
  6. LOL!! Your Mileage May Vary on how long it took... And yeah, fat fingers got me again!
  7. They have a driver that locks out certain things Bitcoin fuckers, I mean miners, need to optimize whatever it is they do. Unfortunately, it’s software and not hardware bound, so I’ll not be shocked when it’s cracked. Also, this thing isn’t on the same level as the 3080/3090, and while it’s a good card, I would not personally short change myself out of those two higher end cards. YYMV, that strictly my take on it.
  8. I suggest a friendly competition to see who truly deserves it. When red flight wins, gold can NEVER fly it.
  9. Thanks for the heads up Sandy. Chuck is a treasure for DCS pilots. Singlehandedly got me squared away in the Hog and the Hornet.
  10. Yep, this will be a fun bird. Now hurry up with the damn Mossie!!!!
  11. That’s a PG&E specialty down in CA. They jacked up everyone’s prices after they blew up an area of San Bruno due to negligence and got fined out their asses. Passed the pain right on to the customer. Then they add rolling blackouts/brownouts into the mix. What a joke. All the power companies are the same apparently. It’s rotten what’s happening to some of these Texans.
  12. All good brother, I’ve been there!
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