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  1. I added the damper, and made sure I left the bolts that connect the damper to the rudder pedals a little loose, but even with the damper on the lowest setting possible, I had to crank up my spring tension to get them to return to center. Any ideas?
  2. I left a mark patting myself on the back so hard!
  3. The F-14A looks amazing on Castle Anthrax, @WWBrinson, thanks again bro!
  4. Screamer has one and absolutely loves it.
  5. Yep, Cephas' WWBattles series, the Battle of Santa Cruz was the pinnacle of IL-2 for me.
  6. Bombcat...LOL! Thet stuff hanging off the fuselage and wings makes it look far less badass, that’s for sure.
  7. Flew on Castle Anthrax last night and had a Tomcat buddy fly along with me. @WWBrinson Any chance you can add an F-14A into the mix?
  8. Same on the DCS forum. Someone made mention that it wouldn’t make any difference, then they tried a set and STFU afterwards. LOL! The kit I ordered needs to hurry the hell up.
  9. Hope you’re having a good one!!
  10. According to Replika, he makes the current damper kits for Milan. So maybe this will be a fruitful partnership moving forward?
  11. That’s outstanding Diz!! Cant wait to hear how she runs.
  12. How the heck did you find a video card?! More importantly, congrats buddy!!!
  13. It’s going to be hard to resist for sure. Between this, the Apache, and the Kiowa, they may get some money from me this year. Too bad their WWII environments are so dead, because their Mosquito looks incredible as well.
  14. Well, the big cloud patch got delayed for another week, but they did drop the Hind pre-order today. $48.99 if you are so inclined. Also, I think half their budget goes into marketing; their video guys are extraordinary. Hind Pre-Order Page
  15. Nice!! I ordered the damper hardware from Replika yesterday and the damper itself is en route from Amazon. I have V1 of the MFG’s, FWIW.
  16. I'm trying the combat pedals again. Where'd you get the damper from, Craven? Was it the REPLIKA site, or somewhere else? Nevermind...I found it, Google is my friend.
  17. I wish there was a like button labeled “holy f’n shit, I love those shots!” I’d hit that button. Nicely done Sandy.
  18. This has never happened before...
  19. Happy birthday Cephas!!! Hope you had a great day!
  20. Prior to figuring it out, I was also a ramming ace!
  21. Flew a mission on Castle Anthrax last night and blew up a bunch of shit (thank you for this server @WWBrinson)!! When I finished up, I wanted to AAR to keep up that most perishable of skills. I felt better after accomplishing that than anything else during the mission. I'm of the firm belief that if you can AAR consistently in DCS, you can do anything in the sim. "Transfer complete...disconnect" is a lovely phrase.
  22. Yeah, I love the Crosswinds. The toe brakes are a must when I come in hot and screech to halt before turning on a taxiway.
  23. Hope you're having a good one...stay safe brother!!!
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