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  1. I wonder if part of this has to do with the plummeting prices of the 30 series, and now nVidia wants to make some of that up. I’m happy with the 3090, and they had already started coming down in price when I picked it up, so no regrets.
  2. I miss going there, thanks for sharing those, Geezer.
  3. And the ZUNI rockets are a blast!
  4. I don’t personally do it, but I LOVE to look at this stuff. These James Webb telescope images are awe-inspiring.
  5. @WWZed Screamer is WWScreamer. I sent him an invite.
  6. Yeah, something’s not right there. Least you didn’t get kilt…
  7. You have to wonder how far along the obviously in progress Vietnam map is.
  8. Sometimes, these modder's get it right, and this is only V1...
  9. I only had a short window to fly, but that was FUN! This mission is a real winner, Cephas...thanks!
  10. Still cool as hell. I gotta cross the border and go visit some of y’all. WW reunion in Canada?!?!
  11. …throughout the day. DCS is on the menu. Enigma’s Cold War Server, Hoggit, Through the Inferno, or other stuff.
  12. Kept hearing about this server for a little while and finally decided to give it a try. I love the modern stuff and all the bells and whistles that accompany that, however, there is something to be said about getting back to low tech jets, and having an immersive environment to fly in. If you like this era…ahem, @WWSandMan, like the F-5 and MiG-21, you’ll have a blast here. I’ve been idling on the WW Discord and would love to fly with some WW’s on this server sometime. It’s also GREAT for choppers!
  13. Flew for awhile on a Syria server, then landed back at Incirlik and found the cool hangar.
  14. Gonna fly DCS for an hour or so, if anyone is interested.
  15. Hope you're enjoying the day in beautiful Tennessee!!!
  16. I started this build with Windows 10, but went to 11 shortly thereafter. I haven't noticed anything besides small control (OCD) issues, like not being able to hide the network and sound icons in the taskbar. Performance hasn't changed, but there is a lot of horsepower with this rig that probably negates some of that.
  17. That lakes looks pristine, great pics!
  18. The A-10 is always going to be my favorite, but it needs a relatively sterile battlefield to really shine. That being said, it was purpose built with CAS in mind, and I don’t believe the F-35 can perform that role with the same success. I like the F-35, and it has its place, but providing relief to troops in contact doesn’t seem like it’s jam.
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