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  1. I see you've got an excavator to dig your DCS hole!
  2. Thanks Sandy, it's a minor annoyance, so don't waste too much time on it.
  3. Same bullshit is happening again with Chrome on iOS. I think it’s the theme itself, which sucks, because I like it.
  4. I already have the Macchi, but this is a generous offer. Well done Cephas!
  5. Gotta work tonight, so I’m out. Give ‘em hell, boys!
  6. Why do we need to talk about them? There are no required skins unless we’re doing a memorial service for someone. Unless Craven has a different train of thought, I don’t think we’re going to have mandatory skin packs.
  7. Well...I went down this nightmarish skin rabbit hole. All 2K skins gone, and I had duplicates galore for almost every airframe due to installing tons of skins from before Haluter's came out, and then the naming convention not being standardized. So I cleared out a BUNCH of skins, then went to Haluter's, which is what I'll use exclusively going forward. Downloading all of the ones I want now. It's gonna take awhile...
  8. I’m on Instagram more often than Facebook these days. It’s way more straightforward.
  9. Nope, different group on this one, and it’s a module I’d pay for btw.
  10. That was one of the funnest missions I’ve flown in a long time. Thanks for the mission @WWCephas! …and thanks for the incredible display of teamwork, Red Flight - @WWCraven & @WWPlague!
  11. In the future, can we please stick to the Gold, Blue, Red, White, then Black order for flights? Makes it much easier with one of the MFD’s setup for whispers. No Red tonight is jamming me up!
  12. 1946 has all the models you’d need, BUT your above idea is much better, albeit more work. 1946 looks dated as hell comparatively. I can be available Monday and Tuesday during the daytime if you need help.
  13. I have not asked, but would there be additional Hurricane's available if they wanted to fly friendly with us?
  14. I still have CLoD installed as well, Sandy. I'm willing to help.
  15. HOLY FUCK!!! I'd have needed a change of shorts!
  16. It’s usually for stuff that happened on the cruises. So Wolfe should be safe…for now.
  17. Someone posted this over at the official forums, and Jason was pissed about it. I've come to the conclusion that he's a giant prick. He shits on everything, and has skin so thin, it's only got one side.
  18. "The Court of Reckoning" is a wonderful thing!
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