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  1. Moltke and I flew last night and experienced warping regime we neared the Southern enemy base near the research facility. I am hopeful this eliminates the problem. Thanks for the effort!
  2. Vs. the all-seeing AI I find the high speed dive attack not to work to well against fighters as they almost always see you coming and turn into your dive. With so much energy you rarely can adjust your turn vector to keep the sights on them.
  3. That's funny as being a 109 junkie and flying the FW, just 2x 20mm cannons seems like massive overkill. Anything that detracts from maneuverability is verboten to me so extra wing mounted cannons are a no go. My ideal FW would be a single 20mm centerline with a 25% higher rate of fire than a MG151 but all the ammo that both guns carried and saving the weight of a second gun. Also removing the peashooters and streamlining the cowling for more performance gains. It would be interesting to fly a DB603 powered FW190 C in this configuration.
  4. Well, I am a total screw up then. I hate BnZ, but so far I am making this work against AI at least, I think I would be quite dead vs humans flying like this.
  5. Most of you already know all this but I am up early and want to write.... I have found that I can wring some extra turning ability out of the A3 that I did not knew existed before. Even turning with a Yak (the best Soviet turning plane), if I have not let my speed degrade too far before entering a horizontal turn fight, using Max power and full flaps will bring the nose around long enough to hose them down. Even if I score a few minor hits the 20mm's do enough damage to cause the target to lose speed due to parasitic drag, and then it is not so hard to reel them in. I also have been surprised to find I can tell when she is about to do the sudden wing stall with much more precision and keep it just above that point based on its handling and the sound of windshear airflow the game provides, so this has not been much of a problem either. I am still getting used to the roll rate as well, it is a bit too twitchy for me currently, hopefully I will learn to be more precise, but I am pretty ham fisted and overcompensate constantly, although the Bf was really slow (too slow) to bring around on targets and wasted precious time when required in dogfights. The FW is also excellent at pulling the Top Gun maneuver, letting a trailing enemy overshoot you by chopping the throttle and hard turning and then hosing it down as it tries to accelerate away past you. I am struggling to deal with multiple enemies though as the FW does not respond to sudden directional changes like the Bf in which I can flit around quickly as each enemy comes to bear and then reverse quickly. The canopy is also a good news/bad news situation, while there are less supports, they are thicker and in the areas I need to be able to see more often. I also get more disorientated with the FW canopy when trying to barrel roll around an enemy while looking up and back that does not happen with real bubble canopies like the P-51 or Yak-1 127. It is like the canopy materiel warps the perspective on the FW when pulling that maneuver. Does anyone else experience this? One thing about the Bf canopy frames is that they do provide points of reference so you know exactly what your orientation is to the enemies and terrain (the most unforgiving enemy). Engine power is very good, but acceleration when low on speed is lacking, like a boat that needs to get on plane before accelerating similar to the Tempest. I do appreciate the engine does not suddenly seize when overworked but gradually degrades. My CH throttle limiter also comes in very handy on this engine as well keeping me from accidentally over revving it. Then there are the guns!!!! 2x 20mm and so much ammo, still I wish I could drop the pop guns and gains some more performance, or at least bind the pop guns to a different button like the 109 does so I can use them on light targets like AA and save the cannons for meatier targets. She is a tough bird too, so far I have managed to not get killed in her, although I have brought a few total losses back to base for parts birds. Looking at the Jabo loadouts it is shocking to see the speed loss of the 4x SC50 loadout, even after release. I do not think I will ever load those bombs. The single bomb loadouts are not too bad though, but will also make any sort of turn fighting pointless. Then again I rarely ever load bombs anyway on fighters for that reason. From what I can see on the specs the MW-50 boost to 1.65 ATA is only available with the Jabo G3/R5 correct? An A8 with just two cannons (no mg) and the extra power would be so nice.
  6. Minor variant Spitfire, full price. Gouge indeed. I wish they would release more early war planes like the I-153 or DB-3 or B-17/29, and release static models for all the planes for mission building.
  7. I have decided I need to become proficient in the FW instead of always choosing the Bf. Farewell sweet 109.
  8. Thanks for the ideas but I should have clarified I was referring to missions made either in semi-historic Sandbox format or Historic Battle recreations for the Public Server.
  9. For the moment I have run out of ideas for new missions. When the Channel map and the IAR 80 release I have a couple in mind but other than that nothing comes to mind. The Mid to late war RU missions are in short supply but I don't get excited about flying planes that carry 12 seconds worth of ammo so I am not likely to make those at the moment. If you have any ideas let me know. (If only we had the Pacific theater.... the only thing I like more than an F4 is a A6M5)
  10. Major changes to the backend of the Airfield Call for Help that is unique to this map by simplifying activation and compartmentalizing zones of coverage which should eliminate the "Albatross Effect" and also lower tick rates. I also found a small bug in the AAA enemy detect circuit that will need to be fixed on all my maps and will probably lower the server load some. I also rewrote the Call for Help flights AI routine to make them behave like my CAP flights do, so beware the wingman. Fixed a few other small bugs that will also need fixing on many other maps. (it never ends) I also increased the kill points for taking out an airfields fuel depot making it an important target to destroy a base. (this will be propagated to all maps eventually) Ran a test flying back and forth between all the airports and the tick rate stayed very stable so it looks like it is working well. The major proof will be a test with a bunch of people though....
  11. Well I had a good time with you guys bit a crappy time flying with three deaths, this incident did not help in that regard...
  12. We could try a deep strike to take out the 2 IL2 bases near the heart of Moscow.... FYI. There have been a lot of changes/upgrades to how this map is built as well from the last time we ran it.
  13. Does anybody have a preference for tomorrow's flight?
  14. https://tech4gamers.com/gpu-expected-below-msrp-later-2022-2/
  15. I forgot to mention there were no enemy in the area either
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