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  1. Hopefully there is a good sale before the time arrives than Duck. The skin for that is on HSD already Zed. Look under skins packs "the Adventures of Tintin" I have a couple of mine in there now too. I need to add a Bordurian He111 next.
  2. Not quite what I meant on the poll choices Sandman, the 2 choices were whether you were ok with a fictional setting or want to keep missions historical"ish" in content. Apparently my wording caused a little confusion. In reality they are both the same really, you climb in whatever cockpit is offered that week and do your best and the skins and nationalities are a costume draped over whatever plane you are in. Flying a MC202 though would require some familiarization compared to what we normally fly, and that would be the biggest issue people would have with flying this fictional campaign. (and the Pe2) I would not want to impose on people a campaign flying in a plane type they do not care for. Either way it is no big deal to me if that is not a popular option, like I said I will just make them as SP missions available for anyone who wants to fly them if the majority would prefer to fly something else. I just wanted to get a vote to make sure I was not imposing what I was intrigued to do on everyone else.
  3. I was thinking of doing a pet project series this fall and was wondering if there was interest among the WW to fly it. If so, I would make them as Dogfight missions, and if not, as a SP mission series. This campaign builds upon the Adventures of Tintin SP mission I released last week. I was thinking of fleshing out a fictional campaign between the countries of Borduria and Syldavia, which were the names the author Herge used for the two countries. Borduria was meant as a prototype fascist state representing Germany in the late 30's and Syldavia represented a wholesome Balkan monarchy threatened by Borduria's schemes to expand and control the neighboring countries when he penned this adventure in 1939. I have chosen the MC202 to represent the Syldavian Air Force and it matches pretty well against the Bordurian E7. I will probably also skin the Pe2 for the Syldavians and the JU-88 for the Bordurians in the bomber role.
  4. Change of plans, the wifey just informed me have a dinner engagement that night so this one will be delayed until the following week. Sorry. @WWSittingduck
  5. I admit I was not impressed in my first few flights on this Italian bird, but I decided to give it another go, and since one of my biggest gripes with it is its anemic low velocity, low ROF 12.7 mm guns, I added the 151/20 20mm gun pod option. Now normally I never choose gun pods unless I know I am hunting big bombers exclusively. While the firepower is amazing, the loss of speed and turn ability is most often fatal. So when flying against a P40 I was happy to see I could still turn inside of it and close the gap in a circle fight pretty well. When I got close the 12.7 along with 2x 20mm made quick work of the target requiring very little ammo. So then I went and found a Hurricane to do the dance with. To my knowledge the Hurricane is the best turn fighter in IL2 right now, so I was quite amazed that with judicious use of flaps and careful managing my stall speed I was able to win a turn fight against a Hurricane as well. It was not an easy fight and took quite a while but the fact I could do it at all really surprised me. One BIG advantage the MC202 has is the nose cowl slopes down steeply and the gun sight is mounted high, so when in a turn fight the enemy does not disappear over the nose easily when you need to take a lead shot, this also conserves that ammo supply which once again made short work of the enemy. I tried fighting a few more Hurricanes and each one was a hard battle, and I did not win them all, but a plane with pods on that has a fighting chance against a Hurricane in a turn fight at low alt was really cool. With the guns you get almost 12 seconds of 2x 20mm pod ammo but the 2x 12.7's shoot for a full 47 seconds, a lot of that is because of the lower rate of fire. While the 12.7s are anemic vs fighters they are still better than rifle caliber guns and they do a great job on light ground targets like AA guns and artillery. In the ground attack role the 20mm pods made quick work of anything less armored than a tank. Even better, I found it to be a very stable gun platform with very little porpoising as you complete your turn around and dive back to make a new run. This was counter balanced by the tendency of the plane to sink as you made your gun run. I found it was much better to make your gun run at 30 degrees or more of down angle. On shallow gun runs I found my altitude would drop so much that I would have to pull up much earlier than normal not to impact the ground. Another negative is that this is another plane that suffers from the sudden wing drop when stalling, much like the FW190. It can even happen at higher speeds if you attempt to make a sudden hard turn reversal as you pass an oncoming enemy fighter. The high speed flop stall is much harder to recover from as well. As many of us WW pilots are getting up there in years this plane is ADA compliant for you. The gauges are all over size with massive font sizes, it is almost comical. I guess Italians all need reading glasses. The canopy is not that great, forward view is decent but the upper forward framework is a bit thick, but not terrible. Side and rear views are also blocked somewhat by supports. If things get hairy in a dogfight you could always jettison that canopy (tell Tony the mechanic it was all shot up anyway) and enjoy a beautiful view. Engine management is simple with no fuel or prop management, but you do need to remember to open your water and oil radiators. The flaps adjust from 1-100% and move twice as fast as on a 109, make it easier and faster to adjust on the fly in a turn fight. Taxiing was easily controlled and I did not run into the dreaded ground loop at all. It can carry 2x 50 or 100kg bombs and it can only drop them one at a time. Engine boost is limited to 5 minutes of combat and 1 minute of emergency. That did not sound good to me, but I abused it pretty bad turn fighting in a hot desert climate and it was pretty forgiving. I did not suffer one engine lockup even when overheating it badly, although I did lose some power output a couple times. I am glad I gave this plane another try and look forward to flying it in early war missions using the gun pods.
  6. Here is the mission for Tuesday, Thursday I am on the road so hopefully Duck will have something ready to go. This mission is another "what if" mission. After the fall of the Third Reich the war continued as the Soviet Union tried to enlarge the communist empire. The US and the remaining Allies have managed to push the Russians back as they falter without the support of their former allies. The Allied airbases show as German but that is just cosmetic. Planeset: US: P51,P38,P47 UK: Tempest, Typhoon, MkXIV, A20 BELGOROD 1946 Sept 1946 Sortie One: Destroy the enemy airfield at Visloye. (0607-4) Sortie Two: Destroy the factory complex at Dragunskoe (0605-1) Sortie Three: Locate and destroy enemy resupply train operation in the marked area of your mission map. (0307-0607) Sortie Four: Destroy the mobile Katyusha battery operating in Sector 0706-7. Sortie Five: Destroy the radar directed AAA base at Sector 0507-1 (EXTREME DANGER)
  7. Well that worked. Since the radio box only had .mission as the file type I could not get it to see the msbin. I figured incorrectly it would ignore any non .mission file. Unfortunately I had already rebuilt the mission, and improved it as well. Thanks for the great tip Duck!!!!!
  8. My editor will not load msbin files, it only opens .mission files unless you know another way. I tried right clicking on the msbin file and selecting open with the editor but that does nothing.
  9. Strike three.... gotta love it. Went to make an edit to last night's mission as a few static trucks were set to the default 25000 health and went to save and CRASH. Mission file has zero data now. Like an idiot I did not upload the .mission file to the server so the game would load faster. I am not doing that anymore. Luckily it is just a mod of a prior mission so I can rebuild it again. I do not want to lose the mission permanently if an update invalidated the msbin file.
  10. Wow, I hope it stays up there. Not trying to detract from your situation but it reminds me when we had a close call a couple years ago on the flight line when some homeless decided to set 5 different fires along I-5 next to Boeing Field.
  11. This Thursday's mission is a reworking of the African truck convoy mission moved to late '42 with the appropriate planes. Axis: 109 F4, G2, 110G2, 109A3 Allies: Hurricane and Spit IX (if we decide to play with Opfor pilots) This mission has also been upgraded with my new AI experience/morale retreat algorithm on the AI patrols. Late 42 African Convoy Interdiction Attack Allied convoys and other targets of opportunity as they head North on three different roadways attempting to resupply the front-line units. Keep an eye out for Allied CAP patrols and active air bases. Please do not change the aircraft weapons and mods except for bomb payloads only.
  12. Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson made a great adaptation of the novels a few years back. The link is for Amazon but it is free on Hulu. https://smile.amazon.com/Adventures-Tintin-Jamie-Bell/dp/B007GE2H3G/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=the+adventure+of+tintin&qid=1626731531&s=instant-video&sr=1-2
  13. So, while perusing some of the skin pack sin HSD I found someone had created a set of skins for the Tintin graphic novel "King Ottokar's Sceptre". Being a huge fan of Tintin as a kid I could not let the skins go to waste and built a mission taken straight from the pages of the comic. It is a SP mission, best played with icons off, but externals on is fine. It is less than fifteen minutes in length and does have a success or failure routine built in. Add the Tintin folder included in the zip file under data/missions in your IL2 directory. Tintin.zip Also find "Adventures of Tintin" skin pack under the directory of the same name in HSD.
  14. I gave it a try flying alone and it was just fine at low alt (where I like to fight), at least with the K4 and G14, I am not a good 190 pilot so I did not try them. They were well matched against the P-51's I went against and I needed all my boost to get the better of them, and that took a while. I did not play long so I did not run into any P47's which would probably be the worst low alt performer of the bunch. (But in reality did a lot of low level attack missions in the ETO.) There did seem to be more concentrated enemy aircraft early in the battle though compared to the previous run even though all I did was change the airplane types. I don't know if we will ever have a decent high alt game in this sim. I find Bomber formations of 16 planes tend to overload the server when normally it can handle 32 AI planes at once flying in small groups or individually and not in formations. Also fighting at high alt where the air gets thin and controls get mushy is not a lot of fun for me. Still hoping and praying for a Pacific theater though..... 5K alt makes more sense for missions when hunting carriers and escorting or flying dive bombers.
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