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  1. There is an NDB at each base. I was having an issue with the plane not restarting when I set the engines to running on start but it seems no one else has had that problem.
  2. Thanks Duck! already done and tested. A setting of 4000 seemed about right, I also set static planes to 1000.
  3. I was checking out your pics and sure enough there is more than one Pheasant 9 Mig 3 in the same fight. If you fast forward towards the end you probably will find a dozen or more Pheasant 9's in the little South Bay area. Attack of the clones. HAHAHA
  4. Thanks Sandy, I put a ton of hours into learning it and then a lot more since Tuesday making optimization changes that cut the tick rate in half. Good thing I am retired I guess. We shot down over 90 planes in 2 hours. Now that I am familiar with the program and the myriad tricks and shortcuts you can do with groups the next ones will be a lot faster. I did find that multiplying respawn error we experienced after a couple hours and just need to test out adjusting the durability of the fuel tanks, they are ridiculously tough stock and it should be ready for a full complement of Tuesday
  5. During some Kuban Campaign testing an AA gun ripped me a new one when it hit my wing and flipped me over while I was in a turn fight. I managed to right the plane somehow and then fighting a tremendously hard right roll I looked out my window to see this. Somehow I managed to evade bandits over the mountain and make it back to base flying NOE but dinged the prop while trying to land at just under 300 kmh and obviously no flaps! Any less speed and it would start to auger in. I did pucker for few seconds when I hit the gear lever, but it worked. So anyway
  6. No I am not quite ready it needs a little more massaging, but it is close. Just curious though on the DServer activity graph how high does it need to get before you start getting network overload problems? I tested it out and it was running at about 1.25 green bars with most of the AI planes and ground units spawned but only me as an active player. I want to be sure it runs smoothly and does not start warping or sending the server overload messages. Currently I have about a maximum possible of 44 enemy planes flying at peak load but will probably never get that high as many will be sh
  7. I have a mission ready for next week if you can slip it in the schedule.
  8. 42" Acer 4k monitor AMD 3700 NVIDIA RTX 206 64 GB RAM CH Fighterstick Pro Pedals and Throttle Tir 5 Pro
  9. There was some talk last night about which planes have beacons and how they work when I was running a test of my latest mission. Here is a youtube video link I found that explains which planes have it and how it works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2EekPx8bQk
  10. Still learning the ME and developing a strong distaste for its constant crashing while learning to save every 30 seconds, but still having fun building my first mission. So I was working with random triggers and spawning and during testing I had quite the interesting occurrence when I tried spawning in a pair of Sturmoviks. Behold the X-Wing Sturmovik! The Germans don't stand a chance now! And yes they were permanently joined and not just crashing through each other. Now we only need to work out a few aerodynamic and control issues.
  11. SO the name Rythm is available then????? I'm changing!
  12. Yes Chunk to both questions. Perhaps it made me last longer than I would have. I was doing instant action dogfights with unlimited enemies in a Fokker and by the time I had fought 4 in a row the motion sickness was too much to go on. Granted that is a lot of wheeling and turning and it is the first couple of big maneuvering loops that are the worst part of it but the thought of a gaming session being ruined by nausea is not something I look forward to. The VR did have some drawbacks as well, the greatly reduced graphics quality and crispness vs a 4K monitor is a big loss, especially for sp
  13. Well I got the Relief band and gave it a whirl, and still wanted to hurl. Kind of figured it wouldn't work. If only TrackIR would track as smoothly and accurately as VR goggles. It was a fun 15 minutes of flying though. not so much the tow hours of recovery though.
  14. IL-2 Sturmovik: Flying Circus - Volume I is part of the IL-2 Great Battles series of products and can be played as a separate stand-alone product or be integrated with other Great Battles titles such as Battle of Stalingrad, Battle of Moscow, Battle of Kuban and Battle of Bodenplatte. Combine all titles to create one big WWI and WWII air and ground combat simulation.
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