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  1. After a year and a half of waiting to see the new Dune movie I was worried it would not live up to the hype. IT IS AWESOME, a nearly perfect adaptation of the stellar book. Unfortunately it is only the first half so now the waiting begins again. At least I watched on HBO Max so I can see it again, and again, and probably again.
  2. Rockets and bombs are completely separate functions mapped to different buttons normally.
  3. So I was nostalgic for the Pacific Theater so I reloaded the Old IL2-46 and gave it a spin. It sure loads fast with SSD drives now! Too bad I cannot say much for the graphics though. WOW In my memory it was so much better than it actually is. I felt like I was flying early 90's Aces over the Pacific again. The flight model and damage model also showed its age very evidently. Still I got to fly a Zero and down some Wildcats, so I am happy. Did I mention I love the Zero???? I need a GB A6M3 bad!
  4. We saved the plane! At the cost of two more lost to a blown engine and a tree. We also had some more Steam related technical issues. If you had a problem Tuesday check all your config settings for controls because they may be overwritten. We lost one more Hurricane as well, this one landed behind enemy lines and was captured.
  5. Well they made sure the WingWalkers could not do it by making the city area out of bounds.
  6. As in start practicing with the F2. I do not have the mission complete enough yet to post the mission brief, but next Tuesday will be an early war mission: At the Gates of Moscow If you guys like that mission I will make a mini campaign with that map and plane set for the following weeks while we wait for the next map release and the MOSQUITO! so I can do a British campaign. 109 F2's, 110 E2's, Stuka, & JU88 (maybe a reserve squadron of Macchi's) vs. Laggs, Migs, and Ishak's (I-16).
  7. The earthen brown really complements the other colors.
  8. Standard gamma (1.0) unless you have issues. It is not full on night and the snow lightens things up. It gets progressively brighter during the mission.
  9. We can take as many as want to fly. Just select a WWGeneric Hurricane from the plane menu. Just a reminder though for those that are new to the Tusani Hurrikaani missions: These are meant to be a bit more realistic patrol type missions with an emphasis on flying as a team and trying to stay alive and bring your plane home while completing the objective, and not about scoring personal kills. The enemy AI has morale in these missions and may try to run away if damaged, don't let them drag you away from the group as you chase after them for a kill. (also the Hurricane has a limited ammo supply) The mission is dead is dead (like coop) with spectator mode turned on so you can watch others if you are knocked out. If something screwy happens with the mission build or a stupid mulligan happens we do have the ability to allow a respawn now though.
  10. Viking is bringing ground attack loadout to suppress any ground enemy activity we may draw with our presence, so it would be better if a Hurricane chose the Rescue plane. Be especially careful during ground attack with trees, they are hard to see until it is too late in the dim light of early morning. It is a shame the game does not let ground vehicles drive across ice (only planes), or even better let you shatter the ice with bombs. That would be great blowing holes in the ice and dropping enemy vehicles to the bottom.
  11. #1 Both flights will go together, either flight can choose to have the rescue plane. (please only use one though) #2 Escort home is part of the mission and there are messages throughout telling what to do and status. #3 I used to use IL2missionplanner.com but that website is dead now. I am checking out Flight Planner now.
  12. WWCephas


    Man I am jonesing for a Pacific theater mission. Almost enough to reinstall the old Il2.
  13. We should have stuck to Geezer's flight plan, it was more direct! I am updating the mission for future play to spread out the bases a bit more. We were getting a fair amount of server overload messages when we spread ourselves out across multiple bases instead of sticking together. Each base never had a chance to stand down before the next one got activated. It did not seem to affect game play too much though. Of course the Alby is not the best bird for a recon mission since it is not going to out run much. At least one of us managed to make it home alive with the info though, so S! to Duck! I think we never saw the DH4 base found message because it happened at the same time as finding the last base so the message got overwritten. (easy fix)
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