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  1. @WWSandman Can you pin this one please? I am going to update this thread's initial post with the current status of editor mods that change the game from normal. I am also announcing my latest creation, the removal of one of life's greatest problems, friendly flak fire. This one is another feature that will start to be implemented onto all the missions over time. This upgrade detects planes friendly to the AAA guns faction and orders it to cease fire while they share the same airspace. This map group is a drop in item that also includes the new AAA bomb vulnerability mod (which works fantastic I must say), the Re-man the Gun mod (random chance and time of gun being active again after cannon or MG kill) as well as has outputs for Mission editors to make easy one click link for object kill notifications and server Keep alive notifications to the Dynamic engine (keeps the server from cycling maps by detecting live player activity) Also referencing another thread, I have settled on 4 Primary objectives before a map rotates on missions that choose your Primary Objective.
  2. Duck is working today so we are back in business. Three cheers for Duck!
  3. Duck's server is down for some reason, I sent him a pm to let him know, but being as it is a weekend, and the server is at his work, it may be out for a little while. Just an FYI.
  4. Depending on AMD's pricing I may switch back to them when the next upgrade comes, especially when factoring the huge power consumption of Nvidia cards vs the expected efficiency per watt of the 7000 series AMD cards. Then again, a budget used 3080 or 3070 may be too good a deal to pass up in a few months. Here is a clip about some of the shenanigans Nvidia is pulling with pricing and renaming cards. (Basically there are now 2 4080 variants, but the slower one really should be a called a 4070 but they don't so they can sell it for hundreds of dollars more.)
  5. Ran this for Thursday's mission. Found and fixed the following bugs and changes: 1st Stuka mission did not complete. (Found bad link and added a failsafe complete to all attack waves) Messaging issues: fixed and added 10-minute countdown window with reset for next wave instructions. Updated Radar to repair itself after one mission if destroyed by Stukas. Added Air raid warning icons for inland areas under attack if the Axis fly past the radar coverage. Tweaked Axis escorts Might add more Axis bombers depending on server loads but it looks promising. Axis Bomber gunners will now shoot, so don't camp on their six. Expect a reverse version of this mission featuring high alt bombing in the near future.
  6. Released 9/22 (Map picture to come) This is a mission that recreates British pilots scrambling to intercept Axis bomber flights using a simulated Chain Home radar assist to guide the fighters to the incoming bombers. The plane set is Hurricane MKII and Spitfire MkVb. (Please do not alter loadouts, especially on the Hurricane)
  7. I did not check frame rate but I did not notice a problem. Just the server overload messages at 1K men.
  8. I cannot reach the FC Stats server.
  9. I currently have been setting the number of available random objectives to 5 on the Random Primary Objective maps but now I am thinking that that is too high and of dropping it down to three objectives complete triggering a server rotation. It seems it takes about 1-2 two hours on average to complete 3 objectives and around 5 hours to complete 5 unless your team is really focused and using teamwork, and most people don't have that much time to spend on a mission. An hour and a half or so fits well for our flights and also allows missions to be more random as if you are only flying 3 out of 8 possible objectives you won't see the same objectives as often if you are a regular. Any thoughts before I implement this? (BTW @WWBiker I am planning on hitting WWI missions before too long with the same Primary Objective chooser as it really helps keep overload down if you re cool with that)
  10. You can edit that link into all the mission files .eng file by cut and pasting then start the mission editor go to tolls and select resave all files in the FC_PublicServer folder and they will all be updated. Way faster than manually doing it to each mission. You will have to resave them all because the list file checksum will not match the .eng file when you manually alter it outside the Editor. @WWCraven pretty cool but spendy. I do not think my wide shoulders would fit that either, I have never sat in a racing type seat with the shoulder flares that was not uncomfortable for me.
  11. Where did you find that sim pit stand?
  12. I did some testing and found they are difficult to strafe, as in being similar to the AA gunners, but these guns can be moving. They do die with animation as individuals though when strafed. I also found they do not count in game kills, but they can send a OnKilled Or OnDamaged message to score for mission building (need to kill all 5 in the team). Whether the stats server will count them is questionable and I doubt it. I tried some editor tricks to make them easier to mow down with guns but had no luck. This object is completely immune to the command damage MCU, the best I could do is make them delete after taking so many losses but having units just disappear is no fun. Then I tried multiplying my test unit. 5 Men is a fire team, so 3 teams is a squad, 3 squads a platoon... company.... well heck lets start with a BATTALION, and GO, Aaaand it worked, sort of, it was just over the server limit. 1000 men running across No Man's Land. Cutting it to 500 men it ran smoothly though with a tick rate of 5.0 (probably 8.0 on Dserver that is not as powerful). Bombs work very well against this unit. If you try to run into them, it just pushes the whole unit out of the way without hurting them so no taking them out that way. (No red misting)
  13. Hopefully we can make massed infantry attacks across No Man's Land and have a strafing party... (perhaps I should seek help for thinking like that )
  14. There is a stealth add to the game I just found. The put in an animated 5 man infantry squad that you can make run using a standard WP link. There are only GB and US so hopefully RU and DE will follow but I don't have my hopes up, and yes you can kill them (with death throw animation) ME's look for the unit under Vehicles/detachmentgb5
  15. Mission released, it currently only has 5 random missions but will go to 8 soon. This is a tough but rewarding mission (at Gamma 1.0). Drop these files in your multiplayer/GB_PublicServer folder to try it on your own machine if interested. It is also now in the rotation. Night Fighters.zip
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