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  1. Reading up on the Spad 7 it looks like I probably should have used the 180hp variant. I will update the map for some future date. So now both Se5's and Spads can outrun us.
  2. I save and copy forward the home base airfield info to the next missions so if you want your personal skin and settings preloaded please upload to Haluters and post here what you want your settings to be. We had some great skins tonight, it would be fun to see everyone in a colorful plane. (purely optional though)
  3. I just posted in the other thread about not taking it either. The greater punch is nice but reloading always happens at the worst times, the speed loss is noticeable (especially vs boom and zoom Se5's) and loss of visibility.
  4. After several hour testing this bird I decided the third gun is not worth carrying. It does add some punch, but the speed loss and the reloading hassle just does not add up to the gain.
  5. The long delayed Hurrikaani missions are restarting on Thursdays. Since a couple people missed it and time has elapsed I have opted to restart the first mission again. Hurricanes for everyone! (make 'em last...or its the P40 for you!) Just a reminder this is Mission mini campaign that trends more to realism than our usual missions. Kills will be hard to score but it is MORE IMPORTANT to succeed in the mission objectives than to score personal kills. The AI has been tweaked to simulate morale when damaged depending on their skill level, and if they fail they will break and evade to RTB. If you try to chase them down and leave the objective undefended the mission may fail. Also if you do serious damage to your Hurricane it may be out of commission the following week or two for repairs and you will have to fly a backup P40 (simulating one of the odd collection of planes the Finns had) If your Hurricane is a total loss it might not ever be replaced. The Finns only received 12 Hurricanes (Tusani Hurrikani). The Commander will have to decide.... I am copying and pasting the pilot roster we started with, let me know if we need to add, drop or make any other changes. If you are out for a week's mission your plane will be reserved for your return.
  6. Tuesday we are hitting the Germans hard with a surprise attack on their cluster of airbases around Maikop. Some of you might have got a chance to scout them out during last week's mission. If anyone wants to reload RK7 and run a quick Recon mission to post pics of the Axis airfields the Kommandant will be pleased. (The bases are pretty much the same in this mission) The initial fly in is over the mountains, then extremely low level ingress up the river valley, but once the attack begins we will have a primitive forward strip in a mountain valley to rearm and keep the pressure on the Huns.
  7. Very nice! Just Alt and speed gauges or all of them? 3rd gun? fuel .60 ok?
  8. Looks great! I just hope it does not bog down the game, especially with the continuing video card shortage.
  9. Unless someone else has something planned my first FC mission is ready to go. Since the Albatross is 5-1 vs the others in the poll (and after trying it I would switch my vote too), it is is going to be the only player plane for this series. Since the plane choice is set, if someone wants me to preload their plane in the plane select menu with the Equipment settings they like, their skin, and fuel load just let me know. (and upload your skin to HSD) (and no you cannot select invulnerability Sandman) The mission is a basic fighter sweep but their is plenty to do if you want to explore beyond that.
  10. And of course there is now a mini patch update to the update... only 383 mb
  11. Try, try, again.... first time I have flown the Alby. Not bad, more guns is more better.
  12. OH I read the poll wrong hahaha the Alby is in the lead. Old age and eyesight don't go together. I guess I better start practicing that one.
  13. Bomb damage photos from the second attempt, We missed most of the factory but the tanks took a beating.
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