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  1. I was hoping for the Mosquito release to do the British but that looks like it may be a while.
  2. The Gates of Moscow campaign is up to Mission 7 and I am looking for ideas for the next campaign. It seems everyone is pretty pleased with this series so far, but it has been 2 months running and I am wondering if there is interest in a new theater/planeset now. If the general mindset is to continue I can easily see this campaign running through December. After that I had a request for a Typhoon based campaign or my interest in a Yak 9 in Prokhorovka focused series. So please chime in with your ideas/thoughts on this subject. S!
  3. Back to our previous base at Staritsa from Moscow 5 after a brief diversion to Rjev this past week.
  4. Just an FYI on the factory difficulty scaling routine used in my missions in case you did not know: Each factory block has multiple buildings to kill. The scaling routine counts the number of kills per block and when it reaches the current set difficulty level number of kills per block it destroys the entire block so you know that block is complete. When you kill a certain number of the total blocks you should get a 33%/66%/Destroyed annotation on the map. The number of blocks cannot be changed, only how hard it is to kill a block of buildings. @WWSandMan A full mission recap would be great! Especially as a mission builder I like to hear how things went for future mission building.
  5. I probably need to rework the scoring variability on that map as well. I use variability mostly for fighters strength on my missions, but on that map it is only used for target scoring and PWGC generates all the enemy aircraft. I forgot to limit the input of fighter players in scaling the difficulty so you were set to max difficulty. I was hoping to go Jabo as Red Flight last night equipping the gunpods on the MC202 but since I was alone I joined Blue Flight comms, but for the first hour I could hardly take off from the Italian base without running into an enemy. I eventually was able to head North to try to hit the Fuel convoy but almost got jumped by a P40 just before I got there with a lucky spot checking my six. I was able to reverse on him with extensive engine power usage but did some engine damage to my self, and after downing it still ran well enough so I continued after the convoy, although I was pretty well disorientated after the dogfight for a while. When I finally found the truck route I had thought I was first to travel that way but when I searched the Northern end of their route I came up empty and got lost again around the big turn to the West and ended up at the destroyed train station when Gold notified me they had found the convoy as it was approaching the end of the line near Klimovo. I could see AA coming up from the road so I notified Gold I would hit the AA. After taking one Gaz72 out I found that the other had been hit already and their were fuel trucks heading West. I made a couple of passes on the trucks when I got the message that Sandman had been shot down and I knew he was close by in Gold Flight. I was unaware we had an enemy in the area prior to that. I scanned around and quickly found the enemy P40 which made a nice broad turn right in front of me making it easy to get on his six with my reduced power output. Unfortunately I got a little too close with those MG151/20 gunpods and he exploded into dozens of large pieces, one of which destroyed my prop, so I bailed as far South as I could. Speaking of gunpods I am not sure if it is the new graphics or something different about the MG151/20 HE rounds on the MC202 but the 20MM impacts were massive compared to what I am used to with the same gun on the Bf109 (just a single gun of course), and it was just shredding air and ground targets.
  6. Sounds like the real P40 Allison was a LOT less susceptible to engine damage and was capable of running at high manifold pressures than the version we get in the game.
  7. I am still looking to give away these planes sitting in my inventory... Non WW's welcome as well now.
  8. I added a new mini mission to this map, and I am planning on flying Italian tonight if anyone cares to join me.
  9. I should be showing up again to fly next week on Sundays. I like after action reports.....
  10. I bought it this week but the delay is fine for me. Guess I needed to relearn the DCS mission editor.
  11. Taking off in a P40 with a 250Kg bomb in a hot climate is sketchy with out over revving the cantankerous engine. I suggest you practice or go without it.
  12. If you do not have the P40 collector plane you can fly OpFor 109 G2 (there is also OpFor MC202) Opfor pilots will be auto balanced by variable strength routines.
  13. One more N. African Mission before I hope to start the Tintin HtH series on the 9th. This time we have dropped the Hurricane for the P40 with a mission tailored for its huge ammo loadout in the Jabo role. Surviving Axis CAP patrols in a P40 will take teamwork though.
  14. One possible thing is you may have some other USB device overloading the USB data bus, or a USB controller going south.
  15. Sorry, no 190 it is 6-9 months away (game calendar) on the Eastern Front.
  16. I am busy this week finishing up a 110 year old bathroom rebuild/expansion at my daughters residence as well as traveling back home Monday (to where it is warm), so this week's mission is Duck's old PWGC mission "Rjev" tuned for our current plane set and with variable scoring difficulty. While we have run this one a few times it is a classic and I am sure it will be a hoot again and the mission is located within a hundred kilometers or so West of our current battlefield. If JG51 joins us again I suggest we try integrating them into our flight groups this time. Hopefully I will get home in time to run this, but if not the files will all be on the Ded-Server for you Duck.
  17. If I may make the suggestion for Blue's role to be called "Fighter Sweep/Escort" or "CAP/Escort" instead of just Escort. In most missions I have Blue fly over a wide area doing CAP or Sweep (whichever you prefer to call it) or as a FAR Escort. Tonight's mission was a good example of what I would call Fighter Sweep (rather than pure CAP) as Blue ranged ahead to clear the path. To keep their title short "CAP/Escort" might be the best terminology though. Anyway that is my suggestion for Blue if we are trying to nail down the channel roles some more.
  18. Gold Flight: I was unaware that Fake vehicles (used on the runway) scored 0 points so it is a bummer your stats did not reflect your good work. White Flight: The enemy patrol AI is completely random with my Editor routines and sometimes they might decide to hang out at your airfield, it is a battlefield after all and nothing is out of bounds. My apologies for not warning you of that possibility though.
  19. I have pretty much been using Black as CLOSE escort for Gold in my missions. I can switch to Red if you want but I associate Red with Jabo mostly and planes like the FW that do Escort and Jabo well where as Black generally more of a pure dogfighter who keeps enemy off the bombers six by staying very close.
  20. Please make sure your inter channel whispers are set so we can communicate between different flights tonight in TeamSpeak. Thanks.
  21. @WWDarkdiz ALL fighters are now F2's although White Flight does have the option for MC202 although I doubt that will happen. UPDATED MISSION BRIEF WITH WHITE FLIGHT (JG51) PLAN 1/30/42 The Wehrmacht supply chain problems are creating havoc at the front lines and our troops have had to fall back in the face of a constant Russian onslaught. Your mission for today is to destroy the runways and neutralize the airfield at Solodilovo. The Soviets have recently retaken this field and are trying to build it up to extend their ground attack abilities to strike our supply lines in the rear. BLUE FLIGHT: Takeoff immediately and patrol the ingress route Gold Flight will be taking. BLACK FLIGHT: Takeoff after Gold Flight and provide close escort for them. Optional to load SC250 bomb to assist with airfield destruction if no fighters encountered. GOLD FLIGHT: Takeoff and head 085 for 64 Km to bomb the runways at Solodilovo and then any targets of opportunities at the airfield once the runways are neutralized. WHITE FLIGHT: Takeoff and fly °027 degrees for 40 Km directly to Solodilovo Airfield to arrive before Gold Flight. Provoke a response from airfield and then drag any scramble fighters to the East as far as possible from the airfield until Gold Flight has finished their attack. RUNWAY ATTACK NOTES: Recommended to use 1000kg bombs. Each runway is broken into 4 sections for scoring. When a section is sufficiently damaged a smoke pillar will appear in that section and there will be a screen message and the Map will be updated. Solodilovo Airfield runways are °090 and °056. WEATHER: Light clouds with a 1200 meter ceiling. No measurable wind. -12° Celsius< F2 pilots: Please do not change the 151/15mm cannon armament. Map navigation assist: Blue/Gold Homebase: Black smoke pillar. White Homebase: White smoke pillar. No enemy smoke markers.
  22. Do we knew if and how many L6 may be coming tonight?
  23. Currently 30% off pre-order for Dec 15th release on Steam. $56 bucks, SPECIAL PROMOTION! Offer ends December 1 not sure if I can resist,,,,
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