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  1. My friends father flew the Phantom in Nam. He said it was proof that even a brick could fly if you gave it enough power. I don't think he was too smitten with it. Nice looking plane though. WWScout
  2. My wife signed us up for lamaze? classes. It's this Tuesday and next from 7pm to 9:45. I'll try to catch up with you guys when I get home if I'm not too tired. Breath damnit breath! WWScout
  3. Still, it is a great looking shot. I've never seen a spit in the old RWB colors.
  4. Cool, haven't flown with you for a while dub! Hmmm........then again haven't flown with anyone for awhile. Got TS to work though. I'm headed in the right direction. Now if I had just spent the extra money on a video card, does anyone know if SLI works on IL2 or GP legends? Thanks gents. WWScout
  5. Great, while rebuilding a new computer I went through all of my old disks. That was one I tossed out along with RB3d, Flanker and a host of others. The only one I kept was Mig Alley. F84's anyone?
  6. Ok, I'll log on to TS and check it out.
  7. Thanks, buddy. I got it right after the old trial and error. Now I just need the old .dll so I don't have to use the disk. Bummer I couldn't make the meeting tonight, was busy gettting the patches and trying to figure out the order to install them. BTW, wth is the password for Sandy's TS server? I'll see you online soon guys. Still buttsore I didn't get to meet you all in Dayton. Please tell me you want to schedule something like that next year!
  8. Let me know when you find out. I purchased a wide aspect screen and it's the same. The native on it is 1400x900. Didn't see that listed in the options. Also going to go with SLI soon. I'm heading for the big leagues men, step back. Muahahahah. Sorry I haven't shot you down in awhile Happy, been having major computer problems. How did the election go? I voted for you, I hope you know. Ok, so I didn't but if I was there I would have. Once and Always. Really sorry I missed Dayton. Hope I don't regret it. I'd love to meet everyong. Just sorry I didn't get to meet Art. Love and Kisses(yeah right), WWScout
  9. Ok, my computer was corrupted again and no it wasn't porn. What order do I install the game? PF then forgotten battles? Also, it seems alll the patches I tried to install were corrupt. This is begining to be a real pain in the ass. I couldn't even log on to Teamspeak tonight. If anyone could lend me a hand I would appreciate it. Thank you, WWScout P.S. I hope you guys had a great time in Dayton. I sure wish I could have been there.
  10. Very nice Graf. If I were at home it would be on my desktop. When I get home in 2 weeks it will be. Thanks for the great pictures.
  11. WWScout


    I'd like to see one of Jay T. Robbins Jandina.
  12. Ok, so maybe it's not just a mech warrior thing. Someone is up on their mythology.
  13. Argus huh? Sounds like a MechWarrior to me. What clan? I spent a few years on MW after playing RB2. Welcome and enjoy. Your in good hands with Bard.
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