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  1. Ok so lets clarify this subject now... This is the One and only Original Bully Dog Goofy "Goober"... I took him with me 15+ years ago when I took my Temp leave for personal reasons... Now it has been some time and Sadly Goober passed away "probably from drinking all my damm Double Malt Scotch" The Little Shit.... lol 😉 But before he did leave us he Convinced a poor unsuspecting Bitch in Heat to bring forth his Replacement So unto us was Brought "Goobered" his son God Help Us...lol
  2. So my 2 cents worth of info... lol In my Modern Combat squad we use 2 forms of Comm's 1-Dicord "IE -TeamSpeak" and 2- SRS for the in game more immersive experiance the SRS is used and for Gen Comm's Discord "IE TeamSpeak" There is No reason you can't have 2 different programs for Comm's alot of squads do it this way ... Well there ya go my 2 penny's worth I'm game for ??? I have the SRS Server up if you wan to test just Yell..
  3. Here is the Info for My WW's Server Up 24-7 WW Screamer SRS Server -- IP:
  4. Well shit didn't matter had family stuff that came up Damit!!!! Oh well next time guys...
  5. So Where do I find info for Tues Night Missions Not sure what area Looks like I got Another Tuesday Of YEA!!!!!
  6. Wow that's Really Strange mine is 410MB??? took 45 sec to DL lol it took longer to install then to Download LMFAO!!!
  7. No you don't lol it has the option to turn it on or off you choose So ok it is just a suggestion to try if the group and Command want to? Yea know I'm not a Command Staff anymore so I don't want to cause any Kaos.. This is the standard that is used in DCS now because it is controlled from "in the game" not outside the flying environment and works off the radio in the cockpit settings. Duck what do you mean by "Mic Option"? not sure what your asking.. it actually has a sound and feel like the Real Acft comms... WWCraven I hear ya man I understand what your saying BTDT.. Like I said it's just a suggestion if you don't want to All good I get it No problem... This is something the Community has been waiting for from SRS for along time..So I thought I would mention it.. OK that's all for me Carry on <S>
  8. Oh man this is sweet this program is so Awesome now we can use it in IL-2 if we want to use it.. The 1st Release INFO is Here Below and my Google Drive link to the Program.....The Full release coming Soon.. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/63326-installation-and-usage-of-srs-for-il-2-voice-comms-app/ https://drive.google.com/file/d/1huZQU55XrYbfWF6kGN7hcB8s3N3xWCf0/view?usp=sharing I have a Temp SRS IL-2 Server running for us to try if we want I really like SRS it is Real Easy to setup and Use My Server Address is IP: I just uncompress it to my IL-2 install folder and create desktop short cut to the Client .exe file and run as Admin.. You can leave it open on your desktop or minimize it to taskbar.I leave mine open on the desktop but I have 3 screens LOL thats it.. Just set your Profile name to your WW callsign.. IE - WWScreamer and in Controls select a button or key for the Radio 1 and Push to Talk - PTT Thats all we need for now to use it.. Just give me a yell if you need help setting it up.. or have any Questions...
  9. Wow Nice pit Wolf <S> I have a few questions? Is that a Friggin 3.5 Floppy Disk in Pic #3 in you Desktop Tower? and What and the Hell do you use it for? Also the 10key in front of your Hotas Throttle what is it and how do you use it? so are you flying VR or Trak-IR? trying to find a way to use all my gadgets in VR Flying StreamDeck & Nostromo Keypad the VoicAttack program helps alot but I still like the button pushing immersion factor Oh and you need to update your System specs in your Signature because that CH shit AINT right Except the Pedals lol 😉
  10. Dat there is a CCap he's wearing lol
  11. Happy Birthday Zed Hope you have a Great Day!!!!
  12. To ALL my WW Family have a Safe and HAPPY 4th!!! Cya Tuesday I'm Off work again
  13. Yea mine is there and did the 2004 Update last week All good so far.. it would appear it was part of my Motherboard "ASUS" install?
  14. What is the IP address for the server Not seeing it in the list???
  15. Nope not seeing Jack shit no Castle Anthrax Server What is the Direct IP? I see a Shit load of servers including my squad but not this one...??? What is the IP for it..?
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