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  1. anyone know when that site will be back up? I went there to get the skins you all use and couldn't get in
  2. I'm not to thrilled with it. The ballistics terrible!! Takes like 3 shots from the sniper rifle to kill someone!! To fast paced for me too. I like to use strategy in FPS games. In the single player mode you can't sit and snip or defend a flag without that annoying voice saying "WE ARE LOOSING THE WAR, STRAT FIGHTING OR I WILL FIND SOMEONE WHO WILL". If you still stay there you will be hit with enemy artilliary. Don't like the commander function either.
  3. That's nice!! thanks SandMan
  4. I have the x-52 and have nothing to complain about at this time. I wanted to get the ch stuff but money was tight so that's why I went with this setup. The throtle has a LCD display on it that shows what profile you are running and what mode you are in. It also has the date and time along with a stop watch to show how long you were flying. Any questions on the x-52 just ask and I'll do my best to answer any of them.
  5. human mop brings back memories. We called them scuba divers and I was one of them at times. I would lay in my belly and scoot under the racks with a wet towel and clean the floors under there. Not a fun job by the way!
  6. yes running shoes. The only time we were allowed to wear our combat boots was when we went to chuch. Other than that we had to wear the acics running shoes they provided
  7. great, I'll be there!! till need access to the allied side so I can get the passwords
  8. you were the running shoes they give you most of the time.
  9. I joined the USMC and got a ELS due to ahip injury What alot of us did for a nap was go to church on Sunday :lol: We had the option of buying a newspapper after breakfast and going back to the barracks to do laundry or go to church. I can't remember if we had 2 or 4 hours of free time on Sundays.
  10. Thanks screamer! how about something to do with Il-2? people tried to make a few about firefighting for me but nothing even turned out right.
  11. PT is not bad at all!! We would wake up at 4am when the firewatch would wake up the drill instructors. At 4:30 we would get out in line formation and head to chow. Then the day begun. Started off with the daily seven excersies. We had to do 10 of each which is nothing. The hardest thing about Boot Camp for me was being able to keep my mouth shut when they get ion your face and screem!! Wanted to smack the crap out of Staff Sargent Kudlow so many times!!! Just do what your told and do it the best you can and you should be all right. The O course and the Confidence Course are alot of fun!!
  12. S! Thanks guys, I really enjoy flying with you guys! My flying has improved since I have been playing with you guys. I pick up little things by watching some of you and listening on TS.
  13. taught them everything they know! How's that COOP map comming wild?
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