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  1. [attachment=0]Santa Over Seattle.jpg[/attachment]
  2. Yep, saw the rats, and the flies, and the repeated close ups of gore. Viewed it and left the theatre early (after the 100-year-old black and white film following a horse pulling a cannon was blown up by a German shell, and the camera quickly zoomed into the blood and guts of the thrashing dying horse in glorious 3-D Technicolor). Yep, saw the visual lecture. Ignored the popcorn and the cola.
  3. Negative, and I'll be damned if I can dig up the list. Old man Spar's haversack to the rescue, again! http://www.wingwalkers.org/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=18480
  4. 3D only thing missing in that movie to make one throw up was the smell of 10000 dead rats while munching popcorn.
  5. These photos may be helpful to P47D-28 pilots: [attachment=6]Pilots Notes P47D-28.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=5]P47D-28 Engine Operation.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=4]Takeoff P47D-28.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=1]Climb P47D-28.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=2]Turbo RPM P47D-28.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=3]Turbine Overspeed P47D-28.jpg[/attachment] [attachment=0]Landing P47D-28.jpg[/attachment]
  6. Sandy. Okay, the following photo displays the P40-M aircraft skin and settings for the Memorial flight. [attachment=0]P-40M.jpg[/attachment]
  7. An updated practice map has been provided by Pedro. (goose2 and goose2.properties) It is on our TS browser.
  8. The WW skins not working due to an IL2 upgrade made some years ago. Use the aircraft in the photo in an earlier post.
  9. Finalized: Jan 6, 2019, 6PM Eastern.
  10. @Sandy, Icy, Zed: I will be on Pedro and Friends' TS at 3 PM Pacific. There is a "P40 Channel". I sent you the TS info and mission map via an email yesterday. Who wishes to host a practice server?
  11. @Sandy, Icy, Zed: Want to practice the memorial flight this weekend? If so, which day, today or tomorrow? What time?
  12. I wish to thank Dubya and Wolfe for coordinating this effort. I also wish to thank Craven for his efforts in getting personal skins available in the paint shop.
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