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  1. S! Natops Sorry to hear about your Cougar disaster, been there, it's like losing a loved one [almost, not really, but you know what I mean]. I would love to see a Thread here about how you WW pilots program your CH profiles. I've been flying Single Player IL2 for 2 years or so now and have been "diddlying" with my CH IL2 profile for quite some time. Still don't know how to get my gear down landing on a carrier and have major problems figuring out bombing, etc. By the way [i hate to admit it], but to keep my controllers from moving on my desk/falling off on my most recent desk setup for the CH Flightstick and Throttle I use clear plastic packing tape to secure them [primarily to keep them from moving - but after hearing your story, they won't fall off the desk either]. The tape works great - it's transparent, you can't see it unless you look close and it's cheap. Good luck! Jim
  2. S! Sensei: what's the scoop with this article you linked, why do you bring it up - it's nothing new, as I read it. I've been wearing my three-dimensional invisibility metamaterials para-tinfoil, reynolds wrap skull/head 3-layer protective "cloak" ever since I first purchased RB back in '97-98. It has served me well. You have me worried now! Maybe I haven't protected myself adequately as the game progressed over time. I have been using my ver. 4.08 metamaterials-tin-cloak-head protection since I started flying IL-2 and it has seems to have served its purpose. Unless short-term involuntary institutional commitments are included in the analysis. Where are you coming from? Is this some new IL2 add-on I need to download in order to protect myself re: is it a Oleg download purchase - please advise. I could just be confused, although there is no verifiable documentary history that can be found in my name. S! von Urbach
  3. WWSensei - great story. Kinda reminds me of a friend I knew in Nevada [former Nellis pilot] who got divorced when his son was very young. When the kid got a bit older [about 6-7 years old or so] the ex-wife finally let him take his son on a weekend trip to Utah for some camping, sightseeing, etc.. He hadn't been able [due to typical post-divorce discord] to spend much time with his kid for years. They came driving up to a T-intersection [in the middle of nowhere] and my friend looked to the left and said simultaneously to his son: "How's it look to the right, clear?" His son said: "Yup". The Dad pulls out and suddenly gets clipped on the front right by a car traveling at a high rate of speed. Fortunately the collision was glancing and no one was hurt. After the dust settled he asked his son: "Why the hell did you say it was clear?" The kid's response: "I thought you were asking about the weather". LOL von Urbach
  4. S!! Reaper You are "peeking from behind . . . fingers" in hope the Tigers succeed - I'm cringing underneath my desk sucking my thumb hoping my Yankees can score at least ONE RUN before this debacle ends. At first I hoped the Twins would beat the A's so I could go watch my friend's son pitch in the ALCS at Yankee Stadium - now, I just wish the Yankees don't embarass themselves too much further. I'd like to see at least a Fifth Game with Detroit. Ach, the vagaries of life [and the depreciation in value of $220 Million]! S! von Urbach
  5. S! Sandman I gotta say I'd be a Twins fan if I grew up anywhere but the NYC area. I'm a Yankee fan because many of the Yankee stars would rent houses for the season in my home town or the towns nearby. As a 14 year old boy, I used to caddy for them at the local country club [Yogi, Mantle, Moose, Tresh, etc.]. In grammar school we'd have little radios hidden in our desks [all day games back then] with earphone plugs to listen to the World Series games[damn Sandy Koufax, Drysdale pitching like gods against my heroes: Moose Skowron, Mickey, Tom Tresh, Clete Boyer and the rest]. But, today with the mega-salaries and corporate box income ruining the game I gotta respect "small market" teams and their managers who can respond with class and technique to go man-to-man against 220 million dollar budgets. To me the real sign of quality teams, is when their players will take "paycuts" [or lower than what they can get elsewhere] to stay with their team and where they love to play - and the people they play for - the fans. Like the Twins! Gonna be tough for me who to root for if the Twins meet the Yanks! I'll go with the Yanks but if the Twins lose I'll be sad too. S! Jim
  6. S! Sandman: You appear to be a true-blue Twins fan. I'm a Yankee fan - but confused in my allegiance a tiny bit because of the Twins All-Star closer, Joe Nathan. A somewhat short story: As a kid I grew up on a street with 9 other boys all about the same age. We played stickball, stoopball, little league, American legion together from age 4 to age 14. 4 of the boys were my closest friends [and still life-long friends] on the street and all we talked about as punk kids was maybe someday being in the Major Leagues. We all agreed if one of us made it to the "Show" we'd always be there to support him no matter what team he played on [we were all Yankee fans]. Well, one of the guys sons made it - Joe Nathan! As our dreams died, Joe Nathans actually happened. We now all feel like we made it too!! Pretty stupid but we are so proud of Joe and live vicariously through him. The problem is we all go to see Joe play when he comes to town to pitch against the Yankees [oh, the unfairness of life] and also when he played for the Giants against the Mets. We root the whole game for the Yankees until Joe Nathan comes in if its a save situation. We then don't know what the hell to do and just sit there kinda quiet drinking beer! Joe Nathan is a helluva guy. Here was here last Christmas. He's a well-brought up young man without any inappropriate ego. Now that he's making millions, all his uncles are hoping for some big gifts this coming Christmas. Well, Sandman, we'll see how the playoffs go! ;) S! Jim
  7. WWHappy - I liked that one a lot - great joke - had me giggling to myself for about 10 minutes. Sounds like one that must have originated in Arkansas. S! Jim
  8. Bard, S! Looking pretty darn fine! Seems you are using rubber bands or something to hold your stick and throttle on their pedestals [but can't really determine from the pics]. One thing I've used for years to hold such controllers "fast" is a few short, narrow TIGHT "bungee cords" with hooks at the ends [availiable at most hardware stores/Lowe's/Home Depot/Costco] to secure them. They are quickly removed, re-installed and don't wear so quickly. You can hook them [depending on their elasticity] either underneath [as a rubber band] or hook them to the edge of the pedestal. They last forever and easier to deal with on a daily basis if/when you move the controllers. Just a suggestion/idea. S! Jim
  9. Fantastisch! Adolf scheint mehr beredt, als ich dachte, dass er in dieser Zeit sein w├╝rde. Prost und Tschuss!
  10. I had been looking forward all day to striking a masterful shot to that green [lol - not many of them in my game]. Almost asked for my greens fee back. Had I known back then about tsunami's I would have run like heck when I noticed no water at all in the bay [uphill]. S! vonurbach
  11. WWPierre: Thanks for the pics/links re: the Bay of Fundy! I once played golf at the Algonquin Hotel, St. Andrews, N.B., back about 15 years ago. It's located right on the Bay of Fundy: http://www.fairmont.com/FA/en/CDA/Home/Activities/CDResortActivity/0,1095,code_type=GOLF&category_type=actv_type&property_seq=100127,00.html That link above shows a photo of a par four "with water behind it"! I was playing on a beautiful day and had previously seen fantastic glimpses of a few golf greens framed by the brilliant blue of the Bay of Fundy. I couldn't wait to hit a high arching 9 iron into such a green. There were several intervening [maybe six holes] back in the woods where we couldn't see the Bay before I got to the par four. We finally got to the hole shown in the link above [a slight dogleg left from the tee out of a bank of trees] and hit our tee shots [from the tee we couldn't see the green or the "blue water" of the Bay]. Well, we walked to our tee shots and finally looked up and THERE WAS NO WATER behind the green - just bare mud and waterlogged detritus!! For a second I thought the world had turned upside down. I had never heard before about the "tides" at the Bay of Fundy but will never forget that day - remarkable stuff. Thanks for the links to Cape Split and Minas Bay - I spent 2 hours or so reading the links about it - very interesting. S! vonurbach
  12. S! Smooth-MEOW Thanks for the movie you did - I downloaded it and watched the whole deal - very interesting! Also brought back some memories - when I was a kid in the '50's my Dad [after being a WWII pilot] used to make extra money for his family by giving seaplane lessons to guys out of a small "port" on the Hackensack River [of all places] in northern New Jersey near NYC [back before the Jersey Turnpike extension made the approach a lot shorter] - your film made me remember the thrill and scare of taking off and landing in a seaplane with my Dad on a narrow stretch of river, sometimes at night - the thought still scares me to death [at 10 years of age it made me want to puke - but never did, my Dad would not have approved]. Your movie was great to watch! Thanks for the fun. vonurbach
  13. S! Here's a link to the English online "Der Spiegle" with 14 photos [historical and some current sonar] of the sunken ship: http://service.spiegel.de/cache/international/0,1518,429119,00.html Interesting stuff. vonurbach
  14. LIONS, ALLIGATORS AND BEARS, OH MY!!!!! I am still confused why people choose to live in Florida on a voluntary basis! There are, as you say, alligator droppings and newspaper reports proving without a doubt that humans are stalked, eaten and shat roadside by prehistoric type creatures; There are flying "bugs" down there and other insect creatures big enough to eat your flesh to the bone while you sit on your own patio or cart you off and eat you at their own leisure; Don't even mention kudzu - before you can spell it, it will grow up your legs, around your crotch and back, over your head and suffocate you! AND, recently, I found out for the first time there's ACTUALLY god*#mn BEARS down there just waiting for you to take your morning "dip"!! I thought bears were only up North [check this photo out - it scared me to death - convinced me Florida is hell on earth]. http://www.wftv.com/slideshow/news/2691965/detail.html?qs=;s=8;w=480 But, then again, there's a great Hooter's Restaurant in Daytona near the raceway - I guess I'm still sorta undecided about the whole Florida thingy! S! Jim
  15. S! WWPierre: You mentioned: ". . . The big concerns are what about his pension, and what about the 6 weeks/year vacation he has accumulated." Your relative should definitely spend a hundred bucks or so and consult an employment law attorney about the pension/accumulated benefit issues. "Vested vs. non-vested", etc. Especially, the pension aspect. S! Jim
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