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  1. IPS has had a minor update, and both Novus and Titan themes are updated. I'm not 100% sure Ironsight is updated... Let me know if there are issues with any of our available themes or forum/site functionality in general. Thanks!
  2. Umm... wow. That Novosim pit on hydraulics ... I noticed they didn't bother posting a price. If you gotta ask, you can't afford it?
  3. Yikes! Get well soon, and don't worry about the meeting (unless you're bored and on pain pills, in which case stop by for the entertainment value! * ) * Our entertainment value... #Wink
  4. Dunno. Their next big thing is the Occulus Quest 2. One of my customers just bought one, and he's considering buying two more for his grand-kids. Stand-alone unit, doesn't require a PC. Does require a smart phone and a FaceBook account (for some damn reason). $399.
  5. Looks like Hitchcock... but yeah. you're right. This is me : Derp!
  6. Sure, why not. I don't fly the 109's often, but it would be useful to have a purty skin for it with my number. (19) Please!
  7. Love Hitchcock. And Heath Ledger owns the best portrayal of the Joker ever. So, win-win.
  8. I don't think there is a limit. I like trying to keep it as simple as possible.
  9. https://deltasimelectronics.com Just because I wanted that link handy... Yikes. With parcel tracking, that 57.99GBP to my door. In today's money that's $75.12... Maybe I'll hold off. Says he's using the same part as found on ps3 and Xbox controllers. Hmmm...
  10. I like the glowing recommendation for this mod. That little stick thing has always been a pain in the ass for me... Nearly impossible to use. I'm tempted to grab that mod and maybe actually begin using the slew axis as it's intended.
  11. I'm a big fan of Hall Effect sensors, they are far more reliable than standard potentiometers.
  12. Novus theme is now available, as the main light colored scheme. Those on Ironsight, please check out Novus and let me know your thoughts. Particularly if you prefer Ironsight over Novus.
  13. Will be putting Novus in soon ... Will be better than Ironsight, as far as fancy doo-dads, etc. Should be a nice alternative to Titan for those who like the brighter themes.
  14. Huh... Now I want to try one of those missions that had lots of enemy aircraft, and see if I have any possibility of spotting them at longer range. I swear, the other night I was getting seriously pissed. Everyone was spotting multiple targets and I quite literally saw nothing until an aircraft passed near me*. It was frustrating to start every combat on the defensive. Bright side: I'm getting better at spotting tracers and smoky bullet trails, and learning to dodge fire (well, sometimes ... still bugs me I hear almost no "hit sounds" when my aircraft is being slammed.) * I have a
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