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  1. Looking for interesting ways to beat the low altitude record?
  2. Okay. Let's see how terribly inaccurate my memory can be... Sortie one: Attack the Encampment. Gold flight readied up in Bf-110E's with 2x500kg (or 250kg in one or two cases) and 4x50kg bombs. Aerial fighting was already in progress at various points by the time we got airborne and headed for the target. We kept to low altitude and were not bothered by enemy aircraft on the way to the target. Once there we made repeated passes on ground targets, with Fry and Zed taking some damage from ground and air fire. With bombing assistance from Blue, White and Red, this target was quickly brought under control. A few final passes by Golds 3 and 4 took care of a few straggling targets. Return to base was mostly uneventful other than watching enemy planes zip by with an assortment of friendlies dogging their heels. I believe Gold 2 lost engine power on his way home from this sortie and ditched. Sortie 2: Train Station. Using the same loadouts, Gold headed to the train station and commenced bombing AAA sites and the rail facilities. I hit a tree on one of my first passes. Enemy fighters were nearby and forced air combat on all friendly ships in the area. On a subsequent sortie I accounted for a single P-40 destroyed and another damaged before I took many hits and had to return home, leaking lots of fuel and with both wings shredded. All of Gold had issues with defending fighters and had to make repeated attacks to render the train station useless. In the meantime several trains tried to depart the town and were hunted down. Once the station was finally subdued, we started hunting for the supply convoy going to the airfield/city just east of the train station. I was in the vicinity of the convoy and had made one gun pass on a lone AA truck (behind one Cephas had just strafed.) Several enemy fighters appeared and I made one wrong turn, taking a magic BB to the melon. (more later... )
  3. Oh, crap. And here I thought it was fixed since I hadn't seen it happen again. But I'm not an iOS guy... I'll revisit the conversation at ipsfocus and see if anything new is up.
  4. Diz, that controller issue sounds like the game has lost focus ... maybe a mouse moved to a different screen and was clicked, so the video still plays on the main screen but control input is zero since where the mouse pointer was, no game was being played. Just a thought.
  5. Sent. Thank you for reaching out, even if I don't think I was the Sandman you're looking for.
  6. Gave it our best shot, I believe. Always a cool mission, lots of stuff to find, lots of bad guys and targets. I'll get to a more complete mission re-cap from my point of view as Gold 4 sometime soon. For now, @WWFrylock, your Ju-88 bomb runs were recorded. My track-file is available here ( https://www.wingwalkers.org/vault/sandman/tracks/11-30-2021_sandys_ju88_track.zip ), look for the bomb-run stuff roughly half-way through it. In your playback you should be able to bounce between all friendly aircraft via Left Shift+F2, and the friendly bombs by Left Shift + F5 or F6 (I forget which.) Critique of the passes by the three Ju-88's: Both Geezer and I dropped our large eggs from low altitude a bit too late. That said, I didn't want to drop on the civilian population so delayed my drops by an extra second or so. Mine were manual drops, no inter-velometer set to separate the big eggs. I assume Geezer's drop settings were the same. The result was some damage to the factory, but not as much as hoped for. The numerous smaller bombs dropped from high altitude by Fry should have produced more damage, but after seeing the drop in the track, I see why they didn't. They needed a longer drop delay per individual or pair of bombs, as they hit almost on top of each other. Which is great for a pin-point target, but not so great for an area target like the factory complex. An extra one or two tenths of a second second between bomb releases would have spread them out nicely from that altitude, and really wreaked havoc on that factory. Fry's drop... The first couple bombs The impact (little dark spots in the left-center are the bombs just about to hit) ; they will obliterate the small inverted-t-shaped building and the larger building to the left.
  7. P-40 is currently on sale for only $2.99 until Dec. 1st. Get it while it's hot!
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  10. I'm fine with updates, but not with re-downloading the entire sim package, including all the world updates, each time. Not to mention several of the folders this thing uses can't be touched even by the system owner. That's a complete pain in the ass when I now have MSFS folders in three different spots on my system (due to having to create new install locations when updates failed in the past; now I can't get rid of the old ones!) This sim is gorgeous, and I do enjoy flying it. But it has taught me words that make seasoned sailors blush.
  11. Holy crap... Yeah, I thought I paid too much for my little Asus card (ASUS KO NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 OC Edition 8GB GDDR6) that I got earlier this year. Little did I know it would double in price in six month's time. Simply, WOW. Shit... I can get almost what I paid new for my 1070 card now, as used. That's effing insane!! (but not selling, keeping it as a backup, just in case shit happens.)
  12. Hope it was good one, Fawlty. Happy Birthday!
  13. Yup, everything had to be downloaded again. 170-ish GB of data, 99% of which I already had. Somebody tell me a way to keep from having to re-download the entire damn thing at every update?? Back on topic... the full Reno Air Races Collection for $60 is an incredible deal. The base airport setup, plus all four classes of planes with half a dozen or so planes/liveries in each. About 66% five-star ratings. Trying to decide whether to pull the trigger.
  14. If you want a smile, check out 'lindy_&_jlo'...
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