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  1. My Steam name and icon, and WW group.
  2. I have Steam, and there is a WW group on there. Not used often, except for Arma3 for me. Oh, and IL2 Bob (the one in between 46 and Stalingrad.) I would recommend he buy and install IL2 BoX (or DCS, P3D, XPlane, etc) outside of steam. He can still add it to his Steam game collection and even launch it through Steam. But buying and installing it through Steam means he's limited to whatever updates, etc, 777 has made for the Steam version of IL2 BoX. That said, Steam and its communities can be very useful. Especially if a group has no other means of getting together (no website of their own, for example.) Steam also costs money, and is a commercial venue funded through sales. Expect ads throughout the Steam universe. Compared to other gaming community apps out there, Steam is by far the largest. But there are alternatives. I'm posting this via mobile, so don't have access to some of the others I have (a free game from my video card meant I had to install a Steam-like alternative, that has since changed its name.) A screen cap of the mobile Steam app's chat box, showing currently online friends...
  3. Oh man, that looks like fun! Experiencing a blizzard here in the corn fields, perfect day to build a computer!
  4. Sensei had a brutal little training map in the original IL2, using the circular island map (12 finger shaped islands, each with a single runway, in a circle pattern around a central island) . It could be a race, of sorts... The idea was very simple, but extremely difficult to master. Take off from one, land and take off from each island in turn, all the way round the circle. Sound easy? Try it... Took me quite a while to make it all the way. Hint: don't take a Lagg-3.
  5. I have severe opinions on Saitek gear. The Warthog will appear as one unified device when a custom profile is used ("TM Combined" or something like that.) That way games/sims that only recognize one device can still use the Warthog or cougar.
  6. I LOL'd at this one...
  7. I recall at least one race thing we did as a squad, just for something different. Was a blast, and quite a challenge as well. I'd fly a race or two.
  8. For those with Amazon Prime... and a thirst for all things malty and distilled in Scotland: https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/detail/B07WDSGZHX/ref=atv_dp_watch_trailer?autoplay=trailer
  9. Watched The Aeronauts with Meghan the other night... I found the idea of being at great altitude and the thermometer reading a balmy 5 above enough to seriously strain credulity (funny how WW2 airman in bombers at 25,000 feet had to have electrically heated suits and heavy fur-lined gear to keep from freezing, while our intrepid heroes had light jackets and no hats or gloves < == totally unrealistic> ), but some of the scenes had me absolutely cringing and amazed at the sheer bravery displayed. Once I got past the fact the writers had no idea how cold altitude can be, I enjoyed the story being told.
  10. Take your time, remain grounded - literally, use a ground strap!- and savor the anticipation of that first boot.
  11. Wow... Will bookmark for future reading. That's more than a cup of coffee's worth.
  12. WartHog with CH pedals, TIR5. Stock Direct-X configuration, buttons assigned in-game. I've messed with various custom profiles (many very detailed and quite intricate), but always seem to come back around to stock Direct-X button assignments.
  13. Wish I had remembered to record TS, the commentary was hilarious...
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