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  1. ? Oh... the website software update? Honestly, the only reason I even started it was because I had to wait for DCS to update, figured I'd check to see if the WW site needed any attention. Which it did. And by the time I got done with that, I had DCS fully updated. Win-win!
  2. I tried that... but only 100 round of 12.7mm (50 cal) doesn't go very far. "Weight of fire" is totally lost there... Grab 12x .303's and do my best.
  3. A little bumpy, but site/forum software updated and databases backed up. As always with these kind of updates, please report irregularities you find (please include which theme you're viewing the site in - Titan, Novus, Ironsight or IPS default.) Final note: New security methods in place mean that the admins are getting pinged hard to adjust login methods, namely from using your screen name to forcing folks to use their email address (how that's better, I don't know... ) I'll create a poll later to get feedback on whether that's a measure we want to put in place.
  4. S! Forum/site software needs an update, and I naturally did things in reverse order so going back through and fixing. Site should be running smoothly and bump-free within the hour.
  5. ... as the title of this topic suggests, updating can be hell. I haven't bothered to see what new content they're having me download, but 60 GIGABYTES ought to be a completely new installation with all the add-ons. No, that's okay Eagle Dynamics, I had *nothing* else planned for a sunny Saturday morning.
  6. Put me in for one, please. Any flight or section. The Hurri isn't a bad ship at all, just badly armed. Those .303's have no punch at all. I unloaded a full load of ammo into a 109 and while it was thoroughly peppered with holes, smoking and had lost a few bits (landing gear covers, one flap, an aileron, etc.) it refused to die.
  7. I tinker around with Asetto Corsa from time to time, not often enough to be good though. I use an old Logitech ffb wheel and my rudder pedal's toe brakes for throttle/brake functions. I use a button for the clutch on the rare occasions I need it. Works perfect also in Euro and American truck simulator... Except I find I really want to use small monitors turned "portrait" to use as mirrors, lol.
  8. The old.... Meets the new... And is replaced.
  9. Hm... I'm not getting a "ti" version, straight 3070.Asus brand.
  10. To revive this thread... I'm finally getting a 3070 card. Tonight. For nearly twice what the original Founder's Edition card is listed for on the NVidia site.
  11. I fly single player on occasion, but frankly haven't put the time in to fully learn any of the aircraft I own. Doesn't stop me from buying a new ship on occasion. I kind of wish DCS was a single time period... Having planes from WW2 through the most modern versions of current combat aircraft leaves me unable to focus on any one. Though I do like flying my Swedish fighter... Looks sweet when I'm buzzing the Vegas strip with it.
  12. Thanks for running it, Duck. Had a blast despite the Brisfit gunners being uber-aggressive. That one that killed me after it had crashed really peeved me, lol.
  13. That's more than a Goober, that's criminal negligence resulting in a fatality.
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