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  1. Grr... Sounds like my gal came up with a plan for tonight. Will have to see if involves my presence.
  2. That was effing intense...
  3. Instead of "save as..." use "export" as file type ".png" from the drop-down list (PhotoShop, I think Gimp works similarly) (.png == better quality images than jpg usually)
  4. Export as .jpg or .png file type, then replace in your profile. dds files will not show up.
  5. S! Welcome to the mayhem you've grown to enjoy over the last few months, @WWDarkdiz ! Once and Always! (Once a Wing Walker, Always a Wing Walker!)
  6. LOL... still 5.9gb, and I had all the CUP stuff.
  7. No, I didn't know about the collections... That will definitely make things easier, thanks!
  8. Lol... Bitcoin mining has real life impact: "According to Digiconomist, bitcoin's network has a carbon footprint on par with that of New Zealand. This has alarmed environmental activists." https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2021/03/01/bitcoin-btc-is-at-a-tipping-point-citi-says.html
  9. Uffda. At least I have the dlc and Cup stuff already. The rest of that... Wow. I'll work on it.
  10. Apparently the video card manufacturers are a bit miffed... The 3090 with a blower on it is bei g scooped up by enterprise level companies because it's less expensive than (A100?) cards normally doing big business. So there's another drain on gaming cards. Found this related to old mining cards VS new cards of the same type: https://www.tomshardware.com/amp/news/mining-card-rtx-2080-ti-tested-gaming
  11. Oh... Any particular mods to have, and which comms are you using?
  12. I may be able to pop in Wednesday. My gal will be busy working* instead of our usual "do something Wednesday" schedule designed to get us out of the house and moving. * She's an executive accountant, first week of every month is always filled with long hours working.
  13. The crypto market is so volatile that I doubt folks will stop mining operations until that market has completely crashed. Especially the folks heavily invested into multiple gpu mining rigs. I assume they'll be upgrading to the next gen cards soon as they can. Whether their current cards are any good after being pushed hard is anyone's guess. But as Chunk said, I want no part of the used GPU market. I'll jeep saving my pennies and eventually get a new, warranted card.
  14. I'm not much of a mission builder, but this looks like a really cool group to have available, thanks!
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