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  1. WWSandMan

    Looking for Recommendations

    Thanks Duck, will give that one a shot. Might be a good way to get familiar with some of the planes I don't have much time in.
  2. Could be that it's permissions doesn't allow searching ... I'll add that to the list, thanks!
  3. WWSandMan


    Wow... Quite the tough young lady, Griph. ~~~ Was hoping to attend this evening but I have to head out for a while. Likely won't be back before the flight is over.
  4. WWSandMan

    USS Hornet found

    Fascinating video... ~~~ (Squad of seven riflemen and their leader are standing at Parade Rest in front of the gathered, but solemn, crowd) Rifle Squad, Atten--tion! Port, Arms! Right, Face! Ready! Aim! Fire! Fire! Fire! Port, Arms! Left, Face! Present, Arms! (Bugler plays Taps from the woodland off to one side, the notes hit perfectly, bringing tears to the eyes of the hardest veterans) Ready, Front! Parade, Rest!
  5. WWSandMan

    Website Theme's

    If you want to pay for it... Themes for IPS are not free.
  6. WWSandMan

    Chunk's P3D Screenshots

    Congratulations, @WWChunk!!
  7. WWSandMan


    I won't make it to the flight tonight.Ya'll have fun and fly well!
  8. S! The WW's TeamSpeak server information (channel layout, showing online members) can be found at the Home page, or anywhere else by clicking "Activity" - > "TeamSpeak Server". As always, let me know if there are issues. I do plan to play with the background color on the display a bit. 'White' was easy to test from work. 😉
  9. WWSandMan


    Take care, Duck.
  10. WWSandMan

    Spring Trip shaping up

    I used to work in Hagerstown, MD. Lived just north of there in Blue Ridge Summit, PA. Stumbled on Antietam by accident, and was astounded at the carnage of that battle. Then went a little ways north-east and found Gettysburg. The entire area is swimming in history.
  11. WWSandMan


    P-51D, FW-190D9, F-86, A-10C, F-15C (but not the entire FC) and just got the CE2 (but had to brute force install it into the sim). I tnker around with DCS a bit, have always wanted to learn the A-10C (I have the Warthog joystick after all) but never have gotten around to it. Thing is, I don't have much time to sit in front of the PC these days. Gets hard to nail down Tuesday evenings, much less anything else. I thought I'd have tons of spare time now that I'm out on my own, but turns out I really enjoy living life outside my apartment. WhodaThunkIt?
  12. WWSandMan

    Super Bowl 2019 - Food Is on!

    As long as nobody talks about chunky milk, I'm good. Ewwwww
  13. Personalized P-47D in WW Red Flight colors for me
  14. WWSandMan


    Various screenshots from my recent flights, battles, and/or funny happenings.

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