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  1. That's not the version of VR I was expecting... Just sayin'.
  2. Jealous of the V-Tail flights... Mine has been collecting dust recently. Some issue with P3D, crashes every time I start. Really don't want to do the whole rebuild scenario, but I may have to. ((pout!))
  3. Red Flight will have to be under another leader, I'll be at a Twins game.
  4. I've narrowly escaped being stung by a scorpion by the simple expedient of dumping out my boots before I put them on... then screamed like a girl. I've seen black bears, from a distance. One while I was in boy scouts, on a canoe trip into Boundary Waters. We got to sit in our canoes after having fished for dinner, and watched this black bear tear up our camp. He couldn't get at the food bags (suspended from trees), but he sure made a mess of everything at ground level. I've heard cougars (had them come into town a couple times - yes, out here in flat old corn country!) but only once ever saw a wild one, and that was road kill. Couldn't believe what I was looking at beside the road one day, brought the work truck (all 45,000 pounds of it) to a halt and went back to see if that dead thing along the road was actually a cougar. It was. And the county sheriff that showed up about the same time I got to it confirmed it for me. One look at the claws and teeth was all I needed... that thing is a meat shredding machine. Or it might have been, if somebody's vehicle hadn't made it a meat-bag of mush.
  5. I'm a trucker by trade, so ... yes. (Gives @WWDubya the finger)
  6. Yeah, the "OverHeat" warning only stays on until the engine is spooled up to about 3,000 rpm.
  7. I foolishly spent money on several Saicrap sticks one year. Money was tight, needed to fly, went for low-price. After the fourth one in less than a year I realized I could have bought a good quality setup for less money. After that I've never bought Saicrap gear of any kind. I even turned down a freebie Saicrap stick a friend offered... And he wasn't the least bit offended. So if anyone ever wants a hardware review on anything Saicrap makes (or has made), I'll happily add my opinion. You might be able to guess what that opinion may be.
  8. I'm tempted to re-do the skins I have also...
  9. Yikes. That RiftS is too rich for my blood. Old-fashioned 2-D pits for me!
  10. My WartHog has dual throttles, so flying twin-engined aircraft is fairly easy. But I still do a lot of engine-selection for specific engine controls (radiator, prop pitch, mixture, etc) when needed. Aircraft with more than two engines require separate control, or all at once (Ju-52).
  11. WWSandMan

    Mn Air Spectacular 2019

    A couple shots from the rained-out Saturday air show in Mankato, Mn. Started off beautiful, but quickly clouded up and eventually forced the T-Birds to return to their parking spots.
  12. Updates completed, rocking the very latest versions of the site software and custom theme.
  13. ... Was going to do that update this evening, but have some real life stuff requiring my attention. Will not be flying tonight.
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