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  1. Oh, COOL! Welcome back, Cephas!! Looking forward to flying with you again! Yeah, I'm tickled... Once and Always!!
  2. Ohhhh... okay, thanks for the head's-up Duck. Sorry about the power issues!
  3. Finally took the time to re-open my case and install the replacement Samsung Evo Plus 1TB M2 NVMe drive. Yes, I ended up pulling every cord out the damn box because I had to shake loose one of those effing tiny screws that hold the M2 drive heatsinks in place. This time around I made a few changes to how I installed the Samsung device, you know... actually read and followed directions and used a little of my hard-earned experience with the dang thing. First step was to ensure my BIOS had the M2 slot I wanted to use (in this case M2_1, since my boot "disk" occupies M2_2) properly set up fo
  4. ~~Salute!~~ On Tuesday evening, December 8th, the Wing Walkers virtual Squadron invite you and/or your squadron's representatives to participate in the WW's Memorial Service event honoring Tim "WWIcyTheDead" Owens. Tim's rather macabre choice of nick-name is now a sad reality. While he's likely laughing at our discomfort over how to address him since he's passed (at far too young an age, due to complications from the loss of a cancerous kidney), the WW Memorial Team is proud to honor his selfless and inspired service to the Wing Walkers. The Memorial Service will be recorded and ma
  5. I haven't been able to find any definitive info on how the flap handle operates on the real aircraft (it's Russian, so who knows, that weird movement may be modeled correctly.) And yes, a long press of the flap key will drop the flaps half way. The wing-top flap indicators will stop at half-way, and the flap lever will move to half-way, hesitate, them move forward to the fully deployed position. A fast tap of the flap operation button will fully deploy the flaps, and they do not stop at half-way. Which is bizarre.
  6. If I get a chance today I'll do some tests to see if I can replicate the flaps handle issue. More for verification than anything else.
  7. I have about 12 minutes total time in the IL-2 aircraft itself, not even sure which model it was. Single-seater I believe. Pretty sure I was shot down quickly, don't think I even bothered to use flaps. That said, I have no real idea how the Ilyushin developers intended the flaps to oeprate, or if 777 has them modeled correctly.
  8. Practice session for the Memorial Team. @WWSandMan @WWGreyWolfe @WWCraven @WWDriftwood @WWFrylock @WWZed @WWGeezer 6:30 pm Pacific / 9:30 pm Eastern
  9. I feel the same. It was a pretty low price, thought I'd post it up just in case.
  10. Newegg, 1tb 2.5" sata6 ssd: https://www.newegg.com/team-group-gx2-1tb/p/N82E16820331316?item=N82E16820331316 @WWSittingduck
  11. S! Yay! Will be great to see you back in the air. And good timing... all the IL-2 Great Battles packages are on sale (frankly, get them all : Moscow, Stalingrad, Kuban, Bodenplatte, pre-order Normandy, Flying Circus <WW1 aircraft and map>, Tank Crew <armor operations>) : https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/67252-annual-autumn-sale-is-on-25-85-off-selct-items-webstore-and-steam/
  12. The U2-V is about as close as we've got to a viable late-war two-seat bomber for Axis. I'm okay seeing that one in there. (by the way the U2/Po-2 first flew in 1928, but is still mostly WW1 era tech.) Did a quick look on it's specs, it fits in with WW1 era ships pretty well: 125HP engine 1700lbs empty, just under 3,000 lbs fully loaded 152kph/94mph top speed, cruise 110kph/68mph can carry six 50kg bombs (maybe a little bit heavy for a single-engined, two-seat WW1 plane)
  13. And Duck ... Don't sweat the cobwebs and dust. That's life.
  14. Keep us informed when they do go live... from what I've seen online, (mostly via Reddit posts) I like them a lot more than Virpils or MonsterTech.
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