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  1. Edited: Had moved all topics for Jerry's memorial out here, but found far too much sensitive information (personal addresses and other content intended solely for WW members, that I consolidated all that stuff into one are under Private Squadron Business. This area is fully viewable by the public and will be where video release will be noted when it's available.
  2. This area will be updated with information regarding the Memorial Flight video for WWNatops.
  3. FYI, I'm going to combine all the various Natops Memorial threads (warts and all) into one main area, under "Public Forums/Memorials" ... Once we have video availability, link info will be released there.
  4. For the year 1917, the Albatross D series is king, At the beginning of 1917, and especially through "Bloody April", the Albatross D III is KING. Moving to September, the D V and DVa (with improved wing strength) are modest and imperfect updates to an older fighter that render it numerous but obsolescent. Try not to get killed. Survivors do not do well in Pfalz's.
  5. Here's a few more from tonight's mission. Great mission, Cephas!! (good to fly other perspectives to these, both as friendlies from other views and as opposing side!) Gold Flight on approach to bomb drop: ~~~ Cephas leading (in Geezer's glossy skin) and me in tight formation (wearing the old Gold #4) : The effect on target : ... as the bombs drop: Escorts: something pre-bomb drop for no apparent reason: Post landing, the damage to Cephas' ship
  6. I'd like a Nieuport in there, as I think they were numerically superior to the Spads, but I may be wrong. So yes, please. Aside: There were LOTS of Nieuport sub-variants. The -17 (and many nearly identical variants, 20, 23, etc.) was actually a bit earlier in the war (mid-'16 - mid-'17) and was only in use by the British into 1918. The -17 was one of the earliest with an interrupter gear mechanism on the Allied side (the earlier -11 <one of my favorite dogfighters ever> I think was the first into wide-spread service on the Allied side with the interrupter gear.) Nungesser is one of my favorite pilots to read about, as he wielded the Nieuport 11 like a dueling sword: quick, light and deadly. And mostly one on one... He stalked his prey relentlessly, fired from point blank range and was extremely miserly with his ammo. He was disappointed if it took 20 rounds to knock a Boche out of the air.
  7. I'm all for an early or mid-war battle set. Lots of info on the time frames that DR-1's operated, basically late '17 into about mid '18. Doesn't seem like long, but in that era technological leaps were every few months. But this campaign will be hard for the German side, since the apex of their superiority occurred in April 1917 (months before the DR.1 appeared.) Several months later, the Allies have responded by fielding several new fighters and improved two-seaters. This proved to be very hard on the Germans in this time frame, as the new Allied aircraft were formidable. So the plane set for an Autumn 1917'ish thing would likely be akin to this (adjusted for what we have in the sim currently): Entente: Spads (a few 7's <being phased out> and more 13's <they were just appearing> ) Nieuport 28 ... Scratch the -28, the Nieuport 17 should be here but isn't part of our aircraft set yet, and the 28 didn't appear until well into 1918 Sopwith Camels (a good number of them) SE5a's (fewer than the Camels) Bristol F2B early versions, just coming into service (low numbers) Central: Albatross DVa's (lots of them, was the primary German scout/fighter of the day) Pfalz D.III 's Fokker DR.1's (not nearly as many as the Albatros, maybe 15% - 20%) Halberstadt two-seater Minus the DR.1's, this is the basically the same plane set the Germans had during their highly successful "Bloody April" victory.
  8. ... and there's the Mossie thread I knew had to be here, lol.
  9. DCS has a Mossie now? (I'd know that if I opened it once in a while) Hmmm...
  10. The gallery that is part of the Invision package is actually a nice piece of kit, but our host's 'shared server' setup is not really equipped to handle the load. Especially with large images. Please keep image sizes down and try submitting onlyt a few at a time to your galleries. If you'd like your own gallery, please contact me to get one set up for you.
  11. Appreciate the kind words, Vonrd. Oh wow, those are some great ultra-wide images, thanks! I'll get those posted to a gallery asap (may have to convert to .png to reduce file-size a bit, our host and forum software don't appreciate 20mb images very much.) ~~~ I'll check JG1_Schulte/Moxy's account here, can resend an account activation or password reset if that's what he needs. Update: No account found here for Schulte and/or Moxy. If he had an account at one time it may have been pruned or otherwise removed for inactivity at some time (though we have JG1 members going back a long time still showing, so I don't know what happened to Schulte's account) . If he has saved login info, have him delete it. He'll have to create a new account if/when he would like to pop in for a visit. @II./JG1_Vonrd
  12. The quick-set spray (or a brush-on version) is widely used by plastic scale modeling hobbyists. Have a really tricky piece of photo-etched brass to install in a very tiny place? One drop of super glue (whatever you favorite brand of cyano-acrylate is) and quick touch with the quick-set spray and you have a part welded together right now. That's a great update you've done on your CH controller, Cephas. You're going to love the longevity, precision and smoothness those Hall sensors will provide. I'm still amazed that add-on component manufacturers (wheels, sticks, anything that has variable movement) don't all use Hall sensors. They're cheap and easy and far more reliable than old fashioned potentiometers.
  13. Yeah, it's a problematic to have enough USB ports available. I have most of the standard ports on my machine filled. One of them (a USB-3 Gen2 I believe) I use to go to a powered USB Hub that has 10 ports on it. I use that for most of my flight gear and add-ons, has worked great. It's not cheap at $70 from the manufacturer's website, but has 7 USB-3 ports and 3 Power-IQ ports (great for charging phones, tablets, etc., as it detects the best amperage to charge with.) https://us.anker.com/collections/hubs-docks/products/a7515
  14. Lol, I bet Zed gets the same pep talk from Zeus before a flight.
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