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  1. Trying again here, hoping to catch a screen-shot of the error message... Using remote image links here. \ After about 30 seconds, this error pop;s up:
  2. S! I noticed on a p;ost I recently made that several of my uploaded images eventually failed with a strange "-200" error message. If anyone else has run into that, please let me know.
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  4. Joined Plague, Zed and Frylock for a little flying. Plague and I were eager to get a little more seat time in Mustangs and Lightnings, which we did. The Mustang can be fast, but I was hard pressed to get it over 275 in level flight, even up at 23,000 feet. I was trying to attain that speed without leaving a trail of dark smoke behind me, but eventually gave that idea up. Anything over 80% throttle (varies a bit according to mixture, RPM and manifold pressure) is likely to leave a dark exhaust trail that's easy to follow. The Mustang quickly gained speed in a dive, and required constant rudder trim adjustment (or coarse rudder input at all times) to keep the 'ball' centered and the ship flying straight. My left leg was aching in the continued attempt to apply just enough rudder to keep that dang ball centered. I did a high speed pass (just under 500mph indicated) over the airfield, but didn't realize on my way downhill from 20k feet altitude that I had over-sped the ship. On landing, I found I had no landing gear leg covers left... The P-38 I had flown a few times, so was more familiar with it. Loaded up; some big iron, took off and buzzed around a bit (while helping Plague with some of the intricacies of flying the -38), then found a deserted road nearby to practice bombing. I need more practice, as I only put one bomb in the center of the road intersection I trying to hit. The other three were close, but not there. As it was getting dark on the server, I wanted to land and call it a night. But I landed too fast, and too hard, tearing off the nose wheel gear and leaving my ship; broken in a way I hadn't seen before. Eventually Plague found his way back to base and parked near my badly bent bird. (dang forum - image uploads failing ... wtf??) Will get a screenshot p;osted soon.
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  6. I'm still working on mine... Will fly generic WW Red1 until I get the imagery I want figured out.
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  8. I always try to give speed and alt instead of power settings. "50% throttle at 3k meters" means nothing if you're in auto-level with RPM super low, and actual speed very high. An issue arises when mixed type aircraft are flown, Especially if russian and western (Yaks and P-38s, for example) are in the mix. "Speed 350" means completely different things if you're not in the same aircraft. Converting KMH to MPH while in-air sucks,.
  9. The A-26 would be very cool, but the B-26 Marauder was far more prolific. Also had the worst reputation but close to, if not the best, survivability for a medium bomber in the USAAF. I'd fly it.
  10. @WWSittingduck, didn't you mention TeamViewer cut you off due to suspected commercial use? I just saw on a group email thing that Tolwyn had the same thing happen to him. Did you get the issue figured out?
  11. I love Abbott and Costello. Silly, slapstick comedy that brings a smile. Need more comedians like those guys.
  12. Can I be difficult and request gray and green cammo (RAF style) on the upper surfaces of my Mustang? After discovering how terribly those shiny P-38's stand out against the ground, I'll sacrifice the 2-3mph to become invisible down low. I'm due for an updated graphic thing, and am playing with the phrase "Take my hand <<image>> Off to Never-Never Land" to match the SandMan name/theme. Only the Never-Never Land I'll lead you to is filled with head-stones. Working on the imagery.
  13. What's on second? I don't know is on third.
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  15. Wish I could find the video Sensei made with Disturbed's 'Get down with the sickness' as background music.
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