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  1. S! My apologies for the registration issues, still haven't worked out the bugs there. If I need to, I'll manually create his account here.
  2. Thanks, @Fawlty! Would love to get some racing in again... I've got Asetto Corsa but not sure I still have the F1 sim. Will have to look into it. Unlikely I'll make this Monday, work, weather all conspire against me.
  3. lol, that works better when the required info is in there... sorry about that. @WWSittingduck @WWGeezer , can you fellas answer Drift's question?
  4. That is weird. I'll add it to my report. FWIW, I found the "upload new theme version" process in the admin control panel messes up the theme. The theme creator strongly suggests manual upload of the files. Which is fine, except that I'm not at my home desktop with access to my FTP app and files... And now the domain panel wants a new password, so I can't upload files through the file manager there without locking Geezer out of the site. LOL ... Think I'll start drinking and wait for the damn blizzard to get here.
  5. This is getting a bit aggrevating... Some areas I can read and reply to, others I can't. Still looking into it. @Driftwood: Drill down to the IL-2 section of the forum for specific info about upcoming missions, please.
  6. That's why we have both a dark theme and a light theme available. Different strokes for different folks. Once the Brave theme comes due for renewal, I'll solicit suggestions to either keep Brave or try something different (from that same source, however, since that is a highly respected theme author for IPS communities.)
  7. Sorry, just saw the problem myself. Not happy... And not at my desktop to fix until Sunday. Will change default theme so folks can interact.
  8. S! Forum software and Theme have been updated. Please let me know if you see anything hinky.
  9. Umm... Minimum alt of 1 km, not 1000. 1000 km is much higher than any IL-2 (and most aircraft of any type or era) can ever attain. Yes, I'm picking nits.
  10. Not sure why the forum is slowing the downloads rates down. That is an issue. @WWDubya, can you also keep one of the "Paint Shed" lists up to date with direct links to the downloads like the old way (the second one can be killed off)? I know it's a pin to do double uploads, but until the d/l rate is straightened out that's the best option I can think of.
  11. In Richmond, Va., I was once asked if I spoke different languages. I said yes. When asked which languages, I said English. The person questioning me paused, looked up ... realized I did not have a southern accent and laughed.
  12. Thanks Duck, will give that one a shot. Might be a good way to get familiar with some of the planes I don't have much time in.
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