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  1. No idea what that's about... https://www.digicert.com/help/
  2. I haven't done nearly as much flying as I like to... Something about having fun in real life. Still, those are some nice shots.
  3. S! I'm going to be removing all email accounts on the WW domain that have not been verified or the owners have not responded to repeated requests to update passwords. If you had a WW email account you were using, and it's been removed, contact me to recreate it.
  4. S! Afraid I won't be in tonight. Fly well, cover each other and do all the things.
  5. The video worked and showed how cool the mod is... Nice to be able to understand the AI for a change! But the .ogg files are not recognized by the forum as media files, so those links defaulted to download versus open some media program. At least for me.
  6. Yeah, don't ask me why. But at this point I'm not willing to go through the pain of re-linking the stats page anytime soon.
  7. Radio Shack was my electronics bits and pieces store of choice, only because there always seemed to be one nearby. Been gone for years. I grew up wearing clothing from Sears. It was the biggest store in town. Gone. In it's place are medical offices, sub-contracted bits of the Mayo system, charging exorbitant fees for minimal product. My daughter worked at the local Lowe's for about three years. Until the local store closed. The chain is still there, but they are regrouping and consolidating. Wal Mart has closed several stores in southern Minnesota. Now there are Super Centers in the larger towns, but the smaller towns have little shopping choices. The most recent chain closing regionally has been Shopko. The rest of you may not know the store, but the chain has been a staple in this area for decades. All their remaining stores are closing June 1. The local mall has huge store vacancies... Heidelbergers, Sears, JC Penny's, have all closed. There's been nothing to fill the void. There are many smaller shops, but after talking with one of the small shop owners, he's made it clear that his time is limited. Floor space rent has tripled, while sales have been edging lower every month. Too easy to buy online. But that only means you can never hold an item in your hands before purchase, to feel the quality, or cheapness, of it's manufacture. Window shopping these days is done on Windows. And it sucks.
  8. Yeah, the biggest change was simply removing the server-stats linking. I find it hard to imagine there's anything nefarious with that, but if it has any link in the generated pages to something Russian ... Well, that may be enough to send the bots off on a rampage.
  9. Timing of that should be Jan 1, '45, if that option is available.
  10. Ping @VonBrinson and anyone else reading this topic, I moved this topic into the public IL-2 BoS area (The current rendition of the IL-2 series sim) from the old IL-2 1946 forum area. No harm, no foul, just wanted to ensure stuff is posted into the relevant area.
  11. We're aware of that BS, feel free to bypass or not. Google and Mozilla are being asses.
  12. @WWCraven Yes, I have two SSD's working, but not currently in RAID. One for the OS and one for Prepar3D. I highly recommend using the SSD for the OS and for whatever game/sim you use the most. The speed improvement over fast HDD is easily noticeable. Add a couple high capacity HDD's to a pair of 500gb SSD's and you'll feel like you have a new system.
  13. Hm, nope... toe brake travel is zero % dead zones. Rudder axis is 4% for both center dead zone and edge (end) zones.
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