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  1. An example of the junk we're getting. The bottom half of the message is all hyperlink.
  2. Ignore for now, mark as spam through your email client. When I get back after this weekend, I'll see about ensuring the main contact email has spam protections turned on.
  3. I'll be out of town until Sunday evening, so Red Flight will need a leader.
  4. Getting some occasional crap now to the site contact email address. List of unknown visitors far exceeds those of registered members and registered guests.
  5. Apparently there were some minor changes in the software, on logging in tonight I found some serious issues with the existing Brave theme, so I nuked it. Played around a little with colors in the default, but didn't get carried away. Will look into Titan theme this weekend.
  6. Mission one, flying Russian... Quickly ended up with a dead engine, bellied-in on friendly side of the lines. Caught one of Blue flight chasing down an FW-190 near my bellied-in position. Mission two, same mission but flying German. Landed safely, took out some AAA at the target, got to chase some bad guys around, watched Gold flight do major damage. Had fun. Didn't take any screen shots, lol.
  7. Apologies, I've been busy in real life. Congrats to Brin, and I've made the adjustment to his forum profile to reflect his full WW status.
  8. S! Saw notifications of a couple new folks signing up for our site. On checking, I found they used IP addresses from different corners of Russia, but used the exact same text for different tw-factor questions: "Zepto Znote" and "ShuttleX" ... Neither of which look like a street or movie title. Both accounts have been flagged as Spammers (info goes back to IPS for addition to the spammer database) and banned from this site. Was wondering how long before bot registrations would start happening, looks to me like it has.
  9. Attached file (.zip file containing a single .wav file) is a zipped-up audio clip from the 8/6/19 meeting, showcasing how Sneaky was sounding over TS. ts3_recording_19_08_06_20_9_15.zip
  10. FYI, will need a Red flight leader. I'll be around for the meeting but have to bail before the flying starts.
  11. Hope you got some good practice in. All I know is that I'm grateful the I-153 isn't in the sim (yet.) In the scenario we're flying, that would be the Red Flight ship... Never thought I'd be grateful to fly the LaGG-3. LMAO!
  12. Yes, I can add child themes to any top level additional theme (or the default). In fact that's how IPS suggest working themes... Install the custom theme, then install it again as a child, set the child as the one in use and customize that one. I thought it was kind of weird, but works quite well. Especially for minor updates. My issue is that I don't want to over-modify a theme, then have to keep track of, and reapply, all the modifications after each software update. I've already been down that path with IPS and had to pull back. Alternating header background images is one such item that became a pain in the ass to reapply after each update. Now it's morphed into a background image picker the user can set, but is static and doesn't vary with each page load. Anyway, toss out some thoughts on custom themes found at IPSFocus, or quality IPS themes found elsewhere ,subject to testing and author reputation review... "Johnny" might make a killer theme for IPS, but if he's not going to support his theme I'm not wasting my time on his product.
  13. The cost for themes from this author (IPS Focus) is $30 up front, then a $10 renewal every six months after. The default white/gray scheme that comes with IPS is part of the package, and can be customized. But those customizations may get booted on software updates. I see there are some things already broken in Brave after this most recent update. May be removing it entirely to try a different flavor.
  14. Underground ammo dump going Booooom!
  15. S! Latest software update accomplished. Please note, however, that I did not renew the "subscription" to the 'Brave' theme (the dark theme set as default.) I do like the theme's author, and his dedication to providing timely updates (usually within a day or two of an official update, even minor ones.) That said... go to https://www.ipsfocus.com/ and check out the themes available. Add your thoughts or wishes for a skin or theme for the forums in this thread, and the Staff will make it happen.
  16. Ready Room public would be my suggestion.
  17. WWSandMan


    The sun glint on the canopy is not an artificial add-on. It is what the camera captured.
  18. WWSandMan


    Combat flight sim geeks... if these four aircraft went head-to-head in air combat, which (if any) would make it out alive? Answer: Whichever aircraft has the best pilot. I'd put the best pilot in the P-40B and make him earn his pay, LOL.
  19. In all fairness, the shots you see have all been walked through Adobe LightRoom, and few emerged without significant alteration in lighting, color and size. That is why I shoot in RAW format though, and export into .jpg format for posting. I took over 1,000 photos through the course of the airshow, most of which were blurry messes with peoples heads in the way. Those fewer decent shots (that were in focus, or mostly so) were often over-exposed or under-exposed. LightRoom to the rescue, and my originals are now much closer to how I intended them. To be honest, I am ever more in awe of photographers from before DSLR's ... To not know how your photos would turn out until they had been printed? #Mind-Blown. I remember the first roll of film I shot with my first SLR camera (I still have it, a Minolta XG-1 from 1983) : Out of 24 frames, I had two the print shack actually printed. All the rest weren't worth printing. The gal in the little photo-printing booth said "Those Kodak Instamatics take good pictures all the time, ya know." I was crushed, some of those pics were memories I wanted to share! Instead I had to actually read the manual, and discovered that focus isn't the only thing to worry about. All these years later, with far superior tech, I still suck at snapping a photo the way I want the subject captured. But the tech is really, really good... Edit: LOL, case in point above... The image of Meghan at the gum wall, with her tongue out. The gum is in focus, not her face... I love the photo, but it's technically a grade F.
  20. WWSandMan


    The business end of the DeHavilland Mosquito Mk VIB. Four .303 Browning machine guns and four 20mm Hispano-Suiza canons. It was a real treat to see, and hear, this amazing aircraft flying, and to get this close to it on the ground.
  21. WWSandMan


    Tribute to the Flying Heritage founder (and Microsoft exec), Paul Allen. Rest in Peace, sir, and thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the Flying Heritage museum.
  22. On the way back to SeaTac and the flight home, the Google device suggested a less-busy route than I-5. So we got a self-guided tour of Tacoma's harbor, with a stunning view of Mt. Ranier. You don't see stuff like that in Minnesota, so it really grabbed my attention.
  23. Mt. Ranier from Owen Beach, Point Defiance Park, Tacoma, Wa.
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