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  1. Would it also require some duplication, say if you used similar groups for different mission types... or maybe a folder for General stuff (AA pits, or artillery positions, etc.) ... and if I'm being dumb, don't hesitate to say so. I think I've opened the mission editor twice since BOM came out.
  2. With the lady of the house getting drenched by tropical rain near Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, I was able to turn my attention to some military themed movies I've been wanting to watch. Tonight's movie was "Danger Close" , set in Vietnam during 1966, recreating the Battle of Long Tan. The long and short was that the movie is worth a look. The history itself is more disturbing, as is the case with most Vietnam battles. The human factor of warfare makes the glorified history more than a little suspect, IMO. Being Australia's version of Hollywood, the movie has more than a few flaws in it's depiction of military activity. But, setting my grumbling about horrendously bad infantry tactics portrayed as real aside, the movie gets the point across. 108 Anzac men (plus lots of support from air and artillery) took on an estimated (really? ask the Vietnamese for their side of the story) 2500 Viet Cong militia. The result was as expected. Terrible losses on both sides, with both sides claiming victory in the end. One very touching thing I took from the movie was this song... If anything, it struck me more than the movie did. Because at 19 I was a Spec4 in the US Army with an M-16 A1, walking the Wall and practicing for my 38 seconds of life expectancy if the Soviets ever crashed through the Fulda Gap.
  3. So, my lady friend Meghan is taking a short jaunt to the Caribbean to get some sun and sand. I don't have a passport (yet, never needed one before as Uncle Sam moved me around the globe as required), so I wasn't able to go along on short notice. She got a good "all inclusive" deal and couldn't pass up the opportunity. I'm happy for her, but more than a little jealous of the fun she'll have over the next few days, lol. She returns Wednesday. She headed out this morning from MSP (Minneapolis/St. Paul) headed to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. I've been following her progress on a Delta Airlines Flight 0664. Aircraft is a Boeing 737-932 (ER), tail number N930DZ. Currently cruising at FL35, ground speed of 633mph, heading 155. Has just transitioned through ATL airspace. Meanwhile I'm on puppy patrol.
  4. Hm, edit visibility options have three levels now (not labeled as these in the control panel, but this is what they basically do): None, Some, All. Currently set to Some, as it allows Admins to have access to 'edited by' data, which has proved helpful in the past. All is far too noisy, None is, well... empty.
  5. S! Site software has been updated. Same as always, please notify me if anything on this site seems broken.
  6. Yes, I believe that's a setting somewhere. I thought I had it set so that only admins could see if a post has been edited (for reasons) and that the post won't show as edited if no replies have been made to it. In any case, I'll peek at the settings and maybe have you test it later.
  7. ~~Salute!~~ Replacing the original thread, lost somehow in various site software moves, showcasing the memorial flight for H. Ian Smuck - WWWringer. Wringer, we still miss you and think of you often. ... and a second one, seen entirely from my perspective as flight lead. Those wishing to hear the frustration in Dubya's voice when Happy's AI gunners opened up on him, fast forward to about 13 minutes in ...
  8. If it uses the "IL-2 Great Battles" interface, it was Flying Circus.
  9. In a slight freezer-box here, will finally get above zero tomorrow. Woke up to -18F with wind-chills in the -35F range. Was nipplish. No camping without lots of wool clothing, lol.
  10. Have it. And I'm a bit leery of "no true bombers" ... most of the bombing was done by single-engine bombers near the front (there is a capable example on each side right now - Halbersstadt CL.II and the BrisFit). Handly Page O/400's, DH4's, Zeppelins, Friedrichafens and Gotha's are not available yet. Patience padowan.
  11. SATA (II or III?) is 6gb/sec, so your pci-e M2 drive at 10gb/sec will be faster. Suggest OS and game(s) installed on there if you have the space. I have an older Asus board, do not currently have the board auxiliary software installed. I had made some use of some of the apps in the past, mostly related to over-clocking via GUI. I tinker in the BIOS now instead of GUI apps that do the same thing.
  12. I concur, "Eric" seems good. I like Plague's selection of "Fauntleroy" for his middle name.
  13. I don't think so... It may say you're already signed up if you try. I've heard nothing back from them.
  14. That's what I use, too. Works for screenshots or video. Will record mic sounds too, which can get a bit embarrassing if recording video from a saved track ... then play it back and hear myself wheezing and farting. No Bueno!
  15. For what it's worth, my WW email seems to be working ... since I am notiofied of PM's via the forum email system, and Geezer and I have had recent exchanges via email about other server stuff.
  16. S! A couple of you have sent me private messages regarding a failure in WW email to work. If anyone else is having issues with their WW email account not working, please send me a PM. The instructions/addresses noted in the Private Squadron Business email topic are still relevant. At one time a work-around fix for some earlier email issues was to use our host's (LunarPages at the time) direct server address. Since those folks are no longer our hosts, those direct addresses are likely no longer working. If that isn't the issue and you are using the addresses provided, and still having issues sending or receiving emails via your WW email address, please let me know. @WWGeezer , please let me know if you've received any communications from our new hosts regarding email changes. I checked the directions in the site's control panel, and they coincide with what's posted in Private Squadron Business for setting up email clients.
  17. Hmm, I've never paid any attention to the Leaderboard or what it did. I'll poke around and see what I can come up with. Unlikely to get into it this weekend, have lots of other stuff on the agenda.
  18. S! See @WWCraven, my gear doors were all up, nice and clean.
  19. My contribution to music is that I love listening. Can't carry a tune in a wheel-barrow, no matter which instrument. Even suck at air guitar. So for you guys who make music, Thank You!
  20. Heard a bit more today. Take-off from John Wayne/Orange Co. was okay with 4 miles visibility. It was during the loiter over the golf course that things got hinky. Visibility badly reduced, flight-following not available **beyond the airspace he was being controlled**. To go past the Burbank control, he needed further permission or IFR status, neither of which he got. I'm guessing his cargo was starting to complain about the delays. He attempted to follow the 101, and maybe tried to turn back after deciding the cloud layer went far too low (note those last couple speed drops accompanied by rate of climb/descent increases), but did the turn so slowly that he found cumulo granite in his path.
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