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  1. Oh yeah, I'd like another stab at #6.
  2. Agreed, that was one heck of an intense campaign. From the early domination to the last frantic and desperate defense, I truly felt the history. My favorite moment last night was being heavily engaged, Navy and I struggling against first a couple, then three then four bad guys. Craven, Wolf, and Diz were rearming. As Navy and I tried to stay alive, taking damage and running low on ammo, the updates on the progress of the rest of the flight brought hope. Finally, trying to disengage, out of ammo, wings shredded... Here comes the cavalry, three fresh and fully armed fighters wading into th
  3. That's it, the ZaP wrap up. Zed has worked hard on both the ZaP and the virtual world he host the wrap up party on. It's a neat thing, has a little learning curve though. Mostly harmless. The various communities on alt space run the gamut. I poked around a bit this weekend, am mildly interested on attending an occasional live music thing, several available. Totally get it if some are not interested, but it is free, harmless, and worth a look. Plus as a show of respect for Zed and the time he's put into this, IMO it's worth a few minutes to set up and attend.
  4. I'm still working on it myself. It's close... Main issue for me is still stability on the floor. I don't want to mess up the baseboard using the wall bumpers, and they won't stay in place on carpet. Never had that issue with the CH Pro Pedals, but their pedal movement is different than the Crosswinds. CH has more of a linear and downward force, where the CW Pedals (with the spring tension and damper set as I do) have a lot of force applied parallel to the floor making them slide and even tip. I'm considering a plywood base with rubber wall bumper to secure the pedals to. But p
  5. https://www.avweb.com/aviation-news/personal-diversion-lands-air-force-pilot-in-hot-water/ Early check-in can be useful, but... "A Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) pilot checked in on time for his flight but will carry a stain on his record for the expense and disruption it caused. Capt. Nathaniel D’Arcy was commanding a CP-140 Aurora, the RCAF equivalent of the U.S. Navy P-3 Orion, in a training exercise off the west coast of Canada in May of 2019 when he remembered he’d forgotten to check in for an airline flight booked for the next day. He broke off the mission in search of a cell
  6. Glad to hear you're safely in the new digs. Looking forward to flying with you again, Biker!
  7. Well, the carpet can hide all kinds of things...
  8. Pretty cool mission. The intense 'climb to intercept alt' phase was well timed to coincide with enemy bombers and escorts being spotted. I had rotten luck from that point on, though the other fellas seemed to have a field day with B-25's that apparently didn't shoot back, and a few different types of escorting fighters. The second mission, 'North Africa convoy destruction" was kinda fun, but got very interesting when both Craven and Wolfie were flying OpFor. That 'live human opposition' factor was palpable. All in all, a good night flying. Thanks to all who had a hand in making and/
  9. Ya know Dub, after tonight's flying, I can see why he did that. The feet under the pedals are designed more for hardwood flooring, with rubber-ish feel to them. They do absolutely nothing on my carpeted office floor, and if not for the included wall-bumpers I'd be having a hell of a time. I need to peruse the site more closely for 'carpet spikes' or something like that so the pedals will stay put on a carpeted surface. I had a conversation with Cephas about how the place I'm living in isn't 'mine', so modifications to the structure of the place have to pass through CinC-House. Arbi
  10. Be forewarned, they come with no documentation. But a few minutes on YouTube and you'll be up to speed.
  11. About the same as a mid level modern video card, delivered. $453.18 including the damper mod, delivery, fees. Far more than I thought I'd spend for rudders, but I'm already loving that damper mod. Even without the damper, the Crosswinds easily make the CH Pedals feel like a cheap toy. Haven't quite got things dialed in to my liking, but I haven't had a lot of time to get things positioned and tensions adjusted.
  12. Pedals showed up around 8pm! Yay! Dude in the little red and yellow van was less than pleased. He asked me whose tail I pulled to force him to drive down from Minneapolis for this one package. I told him the dumb-ass who didn't read the original 'no signature required' drop-off request forced me into pulling some tails. Then he looks at his little tablet thingie, shakes his head and walks away. Pedals are in and operational. Here they are on the kitchen counter after initial assembly... I did adjust the foot pedals to a more horizontal position after putting them under my desk
  13. WWSandMan (I'll confirm later, but I think that's what I used) Confirmed name on alt space. Even have the WW aerodrome (don't recall the exact name) in my favorites list.
  14. https://www.npr.org/2021/04/28/509599284/forgotten-astronaut-michael-collins-dies ~~Salute! ~~ Rest in Peace, sir. Thank you for your courage and dedication.
  15. I managed to get a live person, and am getting emails like below showing that tracking supervisor is attempting to locate and reroute the driver back to deliver my package. We'll see if that gal's efforts are going to work. "DHLTRC02 DATE : 21/04/28 14:40 TO : TRACING SUPERVISOR - /- FROM : grzamora - / PHX-CRC SUBJ : REPEATED TRACE REQUEST TR NO. : 3105703140KD5IJ5-01 HAWB NO: (number) CNOR NM: CAROLIJA DRVA D.O.O. CNEE NM: (me) CNEE AR: (address) MN MN MANKATO PU DATE: 21/04/22 ORIGIN : ZAG DEST : STP PCS : 1
  16. My 190 is in the large pack made by Dub for the squadron. Think I was in the A8 that evening, skins here: https://www.wingwalkers.org/vault/wwskins/GreatBattles/WW-FW190a8.zip
  17. Most likely, but if going against IL-2's or Pe-2's, that extra firepower means the time you need to spend shooting is a lot less. Plus, the 190 is meant to go fast, roll fast, but not turn fast.
  18. Yeah, no shit. Im sitting in my living room having a cup of coffee when my phone pings. Got a text from DHL saying they "attempted delivery, nobody home"... Are ya fuckin kidding me?? I'm sitting ten feet from my front door! No knock, no doorbell ring, no vehicle out front. I tried their customer service line, what a fucking joke. Never got an option to talk to an agent, just endless loops repeating that delivery of my package had been attempted. I swear to God I'm not ever having anything to do with DHL again.
  19. Oh, a special pinning of a Goober Award to me, for a really sweet two-fer air-to-air kill... I got a good bead on one of those I-16's that were attacking home base, was set up for a nice deflection shot, and let loose with all guns. The I-16 took mortal hits, bursting into flames and heading down. But... So did @WWNavyGunner, who was in hot pursuit of the same I-16, and was in the process of passing it when he, too, took the full effect of my broadside of 4x 20mm and 2x 7.92mm ... Both ships went down within a few dozen yards of each other. From my view, it looked as if Navy was flying a
  20. Grrr... Now I get an email from DHL saying they "attempted delivery at 14:08" this afternoon. BULLSHIT. Meghan was working from home, nobody ever stopped by. I think they just got lazy and didn't drive down here, so arbitrarily coded it as "attempted" to cover their asses.
  21. This was a tough one. Challenging, lots of enemy air activity and heavy AA defenses. Not to mention repeated incursions to the German fighter base by enemy Sturmos and Ishaks. This was definitely a mission where the 109's were the most lethal tool to wield. The 190's simply couldn't hang with the turn-fighting of the Spits, La-5s, Yak's and I-16's at home base. I was constantly fighting wingtip stalls in every engagement, and got head-beaned twice on head-on runs. Splattering myself over the Myshacko trenches was entirely my own fault though... On the plus side, the 190's 4x 20mm canon usually
  22. Yeah, many thanks and several "free drink" chips for those fun FC missions. You've got a certain knack for making those simple, yet fun and just challenging enough not to be painful. Enjoy the summer, take a breather. Looking forward to flying with ya soon. And maybe I'll make time on a Wednesday night to do a little Arma. (have to admit that's a tough one... my gal likes our Wednesday nights together.)
  23. Well, the last entry in the tracking thing shown above was "With delivery courier - MINNEAPOLIS, MN - USA - 13:18" ... That was 7 hours ago, and I have yet to see them. It's less than a two hour drive from MSP airport to my front door. Now I fully expect there to be extra stops along the way. But ... c'mon. Hoping I see them tomorrow, else I've got to get on the phone and find out how much DHL wants in extra fees to deliver my package. This was my first experience with DHL, I've never had anyone ship to me via DHL before. I am suitably impressed with the quick transfer to get to within 1
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