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  1. Play it on the 360. SLIGHT SPOILERS!! The single player game is very short, but its well done. The level with you shooting civilians is not as bad as its made out, you can mow them down, or sit back and let the people your with mow them down. The multiplayer is basically the same formula as other CoD games, with perks and upgrades available as you play online. I don't like the maps as well as CoD:WaW or MW1. Way to fast paced for any real tactics being used, and that hurts the maps on this game, since there seems to be about 5 entrances and exits to every room....
  2. I would save a little and get a DX9 compatible card. I think the 9250 is only a DX8 card. The older cards are not bad, but can't do as much as the newer ones. I couldn't find much info on it. You might look at http://www.tomshardware.com they have reviews on video cards, and card by card comparisons.
  3. -If you're into the whole MMO thing, I've been playing Dark Age of Camelot for about 2 weeks now. It's pretty fun. The background story goes like this: -King Arthur is dead, and the three realms of Camelot have split, warring against one another. -end -It's pretty fun, and there's some nifty realm vs. realm stuff at lvl15 (lvl 11 here, hehe). The entire map is actually Great Britain and you can visit Stonehenge and everything, it's cool. I'm an Avalonian Wizard who likes burning things to death! It's all very true to the myths and monsters of that time, which is another plus, and it never gets tiring exploring the fricken huge map for little details like an ant nest, where the ants are as big as you are! -There's a free 7-day trial on Fileplanet You can d/l it, but once you go to the website to get a code, it says that the trial is full....
  4. I d/l'ed the Revolt mod. It a total conversion, with its own maps and weapons. I think it has the Ak74, ak47, m4, m16, and a couple others. Fun thing is you can add a scope, silencer, red dot scope, and bayonet to the weapons. Its supposed to be geared more towards realism, but I've found the weapons shoot a tad slower than RL. Havn't played in a full server, only tested em out, but if you don't like the regular online, you might give it a shot.
  5. Try your security settings.
  6. WWPiggy

    Far Cry

    Anyone tried this yet? I love it. Awesome graphics, halfway smart AI..... and it was only 39.99. Havn't tried multi yet, but the single player game is a blast.
  7. I remember getting an error while upgrading from ME to XP Pro (upgrade disk). It kept saying my OS was not compatible. I did it anyways, and it worked out fine.
  8. Good price..... But, I'll never recommend Sapphire for anything. They have the WORST customer support..... I've had 2 cards from them (both ATI Radeon cards) one worked a week, before dying, the other was bad out of the box.... And both are still laying here somewhere because I gave up with the cusomer support.
  9. Some of the real high end cards need seperate power... but most that I've seen like that are well over $500, like some of of ATI FireGL cards and such. I don't think any of the Radeon or Geforce cards do, but I'm not 100% positive, so don't take that as your final answer.
  10. I like what they did with the sniper... IMO more realistic is the way to go... Your not gonna pull up a weapon with a scope and be dead on your target, every time. The way it was, I could hide on a map, lean back in my chair, drink a beer and hit 8/10 people with it, without really aiming all that much. And I don't even consider myself good with it. I think how it changes view while cocking is weird. You could do it and look through the scope, but I'd imagaine unless you did it super slow, your aim would be all over the place while doing it. So its a good compromise. You should listen on some of the CoD furums about all the people who HATE this patch. IMO its a step in the right direction.
  11. I like it so far. The sniper rifle seems a little more realistic. When standing, it moves around quite a bit, less when kneeling, while barely moving when prone. And I like what they did for bunny hopping. After you jump, you get these little "fatboy" jumps if you try to do it continuesly, and can barely get off the ground. I can't wait to see what it looks like online.
  12. I got it from Gamespy... but heres a link to another site: http://download.com.com/3000-7452-10258111.html
  13. Anyone tried the FarCry demo yet? Looks to be pretty good. The graphics are amazing. Ragdoll effects Realistic damge Halfway "Smart" AI Its gonna be online also, but the demo is not. The level you get is a small island where you have to blow some things up. You get to take whatever route you want (there are 3 or 4 different ways to do it), and you can use vehicles. The system requirments are high though. I played it on a p4 1.8, 512pc2100, Gf4ti4200, and had to set graphics towards the medium to low end range.
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