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  1. He's at UC Davis starting work on a Chemistry Doctorate.
  2. Hello everyone, My son has headed to the left coast for a Grad School program, and left some computer and gaming gear behind for me to get rid of for him. So, if anyone wants a X55 Rhino Hotas, or Track IR3, drop me a line (dwknell@gmail.com) and let me know which you want. If no one needs or wants them, I will head to Ebay with them. He'd like to get 1/2 what he paid for out of them, which is roughly $150 for the HOTAS, and $75 for the Track IR. If those numbers seem unreasonable, we can haggle. vS
  3. Only one grandpa in a thousand could look right behind the wheel of one of those Mustangs Hap, and you are him.
  4. Sorry about that Brian, being a cynical type guy, I always look for the darkside of this stuff. What I should have said is... Not spyware per se. The developer took time out of their busy day to provide the game buyer an added layer of entertainment/convenience by coding in-game advertising. It will provide advertising which the end user hardly notices, and when they do notice, it will only be in a good way. /applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=%7BSMILIES_PATH%7D/icon_rolleyes.gif&key=1e8c06ab12fb541f5359109fc2a9aa78454b8063e7aa8862e992af3163d7b4b4">
  5. Not spyware per se, but software that tracks your online habits and targets in-game advertising? At least that was the impression I got having read about it. Makes it an easy "no buy" decision for me. That and never really getting into the whole series of BF games. Not sure why they never grabbed me, but I never enjoyed them like I thought I would.
  6. Don't be crazy, take the best deal offered and don't look back!
  7. Fate, I have a Geforce4 TI 4400 (I think, it has been a long time) lying around. It might not be much better than what died, but its free if you want it. vS
  8. Ahhhh, the memories those games bring back. We played smear the queer a bunch as kids, never got tired of that game. As for backyard Hockey, Sandman is right. Growing up in the early seventies with the Boston Bruins on TV, we thought that you had to drop the gloves and fight every ten minutes or so if you wanted to feel like a "real" NHL player. Good times. As for dodgeball, I learned as a camp counselor that hitting a kid's back leg as they run away will cause a spectacular whipe out, and leave you blameless for the bumps and bruises that were inevitable. "Not my fault Timmy is a clutz and can't stay on his feet. Probably tripped while trying to smack a smaller kid, bully that he is". I used that game to keep the one or two bad eggs from stomping all the littler, milder kids. That and concussion ball, which curiously enough was a camper favorite.
  9. It is always great to hear a success story Cephas, especially when it involves someone close to one of our own.
  10. I just mentioned to my wife that I would be flying Saturday and was told that she had made plans for my inlaws to watch the kids for the weekend and that were were supposed to have a little getaway just she and I. So, long story short, I'm going to be unavaialble Saturday. I am very sorry to drop this on everyone (especially Cephas) at this late hour, but there is no scenario where I say "Lets stay home so I can fly" that does not result in me sleeping on the couch. vS
  11. Cephas, replace the t with a k in the url and you should be able to download. In other words, kursk_pics.rar vS
  12. Well then, once the thing is delivered and running, I'll have to see about setting up a test server to kick it's tires.
  13. There is a possibility that I might have access to a T1 and a Dual Pentium D 2.8 GHz server, and was wondering if that was enough to run a dedicated server on. Sounds like the server would be fine, and the bandwidth would be the only limitation.
  14. I am without Track-ir (actually have an old version thanks to Sensei but haven't connected since I "returned"). Learning curve on it is much to steep to try to get comfy with it prior to Kursk. I will fly anything I'm asked to, and if it would be better to sit this one out in favor of a pilot that is more ready, there will be no hard feelings. vS
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