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  1. ok, once you do that your next potential issue is that any drives on that adapter may not be recognised by your OS installer - find out what card it has and grab its drivers. If you're going to put in a windows OS you'll want to extract those files onto a floppy and during install when is says 'press f6 to install third party drivers' (or some such) press the button and follow the instructions.
  2. I'll contact natural point and look for one for review.
  3. i'll be HOPEFULLY moving the taipans site to my new domain, setting up a dedicated forum etc over the weekend, and getting the dedicated server up and running again.
  4. if you play ANY old games at all, steer clear of it. the card is not backwards compatible - as a lot of Falcon flyers are finding out.
  5. aaw... para's were fun /applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=%7BSMILIES_PATH%7D/icon_biggrin.gif&key=64cd7b7a0036899205810ec0a5b90ed7121d5889dd92733089c47c9758b7f4ae"> I realised a few new things about them too - fun fun fun /applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=%7BSMILIES_PATH%7D/icon_biggrin.gif&key=64cd7b7a0036899205810ec0a5b90ed7121d5889dd92733089c47c9758b7f4ae">
  6. OK guys, here's the choices: IAR81C 109G2 109G6Late 190F8 110G2 Please pick two choices from the above list. I'll be trying to fit everyone in one of their two preferences, but I may end up pulling straws for some of the aircraft.
  7. single player is COMPLETELY different from multi. world builder... mmmmmmm /applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=%7BSMILIES_PATH%7D/icon_biggrin.gif&key=64cd7b7a0036899205810ec0a5b90ed7121d5889dd92733089c47c9758b7f4ae">
  8. disable the firewall stuff and just use the antivirus - NIS is too much hassle if you already have a hardware one.
  9. using raid 0 doubles your chances of losing everything due to a hard drive failure. for a home user about the only raid i would recommend is raid 1 - purely for redundancy as the performance benefits are fairly small. if you want to go performance, you would look for a scsi raid controller (or perhaps SATA) with a large cache on it and raid 5 to get the benefit of stripes plus some redundancy (1 drive can fail and you're still ok).
  10. A head's up. Two weeks ago I was copying a large data file from a DVD and I kept getting CRC errors. I didn't worry too much about it as everything else seemed to to be working ok. I thought maybe it was just a bad burn and didn't bother with checking it. Today I had to do the same with another set of media and the same CRC errors occured when copying the file. Knowing I had starforce installed, and multiple occurances of the error, I tried some other DVD's and had the exact same problem. Uninstalled starforce with their util, rebooted and now can copy the file with no issues. If you're
  11. i should be around for some noon gaming.
  12. http://biz.gamedaily.com/industry/feature/?id=14397
  13. game password: wwraf ts address: ts password: wwbattlesrox (for the battle channels)
  14. game password: wwraf ts address: ts password: wwbattlesrox (for the battle channels) game start 9pm EST
  15. At 10:30 I'll pour my guiness - it should be ready to drink at 11:00 ;)
  16. 11am, in your time zone, a beer must be tilted back for the veterans. I am a bit too late for the east coasters, was attending the dawn service.
  17. The firefly episode where the bounty hunter comes aboard, Mal and 'lucky?' are fighting and jayne hears the fighting, reaches up, tears down a blanket that is concealing an arsenal of weapons, wraps the blanket around himself and goes back to sleep ;) and book 'a very special hell' :D
  18. ..there's been a few moments in stargate that have had me in stitches :D one in particular was when the general made a statement how that it is against the policy of the government to interfere with the affairs of other nations when O'neil wants to go out and do something. O'Neil and Carter look at each other with raised eyebrows but otherwise say nothing. The general coughs and continues.
  19. please practice from the aspects on the route maps.
  20. I fell asleep watching it!!!! I had to have been exhausted.
  21. i'll be flying for a couple of hours tonight - F4AF. Comms will be the battles server if anyone is up to date and wants to ruin some airframes.
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