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  1. hmmm so that what all those years with my ex were for .... I should call her and ask for my cup and a half...... on second thought... brb heading to starbucks.
  2. Hey friends... sorry to be away so long. My mom took a turn south and had to run take care of her place while she was in the hospital. Ill be on HL sometime this week after I catch up on some sleep and get some rest. SHe is doing fine now just a really bad case of rocky mnt spotted tick fever she picked up on the farm. See ya in the air real soon.
  3. Man I love those ... brings it all out very clear as to how much difference we make in the scheme of things.
  4. IL2 for me. I love those Under wing cannons. I have been doing some flying with this plane and if the AAA is taken out you can be very destructive. I also found the flanes isnt taking hits from the tanks and such very well. If I am needed in fighters I have no problems with that either. I will spend some time this week in fighters in solo missions or one of the servers with our rulesset and find out if one of them works better for me.
  5. Well I am fast noticing A MAJOR problem for me in not being able to get a visual on enemy planes below. I do not have a tracker system so I am using panning from Hat. What if any visual settings can I do to be able to see the tiny dots of a plane moving against the terrain better? This and my gunnery are the biggest problems right now. Thanks for any help.
  6. Have the computer running again if there is room put me in please.
  7. Ok back again .... mother nature took a toll on my computer system last week. Lost a PS, a vid card, and one of the ram sticks. not sure how it missed the other one. Got them all back in except the ram stick (couldnt afford it yet) and seems to be running ok. I will be on HL tonight and do some flying 8)
  8. Well sorry to all that were on the Kursk server last friday nite. Our internet company seems to have lost service to my whole neighborhood and just got it back sometime last night. See you all online tonight maybe.
  9. Just an FYI if you didnt already know. MORE>> http://www.pcgamer.com/archives/2006/03/confirmed_dell.html
  10. /applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=%7BSMILIES_PATH%7D/icon_redface.gif&key=b30c314ea10c72f3d32953a265be0c32a1435b472bb99313e5e3656e23efc144"> Man I better get my fire retardant suit on. Remember Chunk always stay directly in front of me and never juke up and down andyou can only use 1 eye open. that should make it about even for me. I should be on tonight to fly if HL comes back up. I cant seem to get in there right now or on their web page.
  11. Hmmm ok bummer :x A few people do some nice co-op missions in HL and I was wanting to play them offline at times or take the idea and add to it. Oh well maybe some patch someday will help on that.
  12. Bard I see you have done a lot of designing. I really like the editor and was trying ot find an answer to a question. If im online in missions or serves does the game keep a coy of them that I can re play the mission again? Some missions are really nice but I would like ot play them more if I could find where they are stored or is this even possible? Thanks :?
  13. Np Perc , I just now sent a new email again. Let me know when you get it or if its not there in a few let me know. (in irish accent) Nor i be irish at all , but 'and me dat pint dar lad.... (in english) Nah im not irish its just the typo gene that runs in my blood.
  14. Im showing no message there. Did you get me Email that I sent Friday?
  15. Emails Perc a larger Plate so it will hold more :D
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