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  1. Hey Sandman, mind if we get together sometime to look into your forum issue? This message seems to be either 1 of 2 things. First, you tried to come while we were updating the site. Anything could happen then. Secondly, it may be that you weren't logged in. The site may have hiccup'd and logged you out. But also, it could be something I'm not thinking of.
  2. Hijack alert!!! What kind of planer, Raven? A CKM M314 3 sided 14 inch planer / moulder. Has 4 motors ranging from the 7.5 hp top head, 2x 5 hp side cuters and 1hp feed motor. It'll S3S 2000 BF in an hour. Went to an auction @ local mill for some nice quarter sawn white oak, and came home with this too ($200). I just sold it to a guy in VA last night on eBay after 2 weeks for $2G. This was a serious case of biting off more than I could chew. I got home from the auction and had to tell the boss. She wasn't happy at all. Finally had to make a deal with her. We put it up for sale, if we do
  3. Way ahead of you brother! My 9yo daughter AND I, picked up those propeller hats from CompUsa about 8 months ago. She makes me wear mine all the time.. ;) -Raven
  4. Ummmm WOW?!?!?!?!?! Pretty neat, but my limited capabilities wonder about the logistical practicality. Every loading requires a flat bed semi and a 15 ton crane. get that under a B-2. Considering it took me 5 hours to get a 1500 lb wood planer 2 miles into my garage, it could be months planning and preparation, just to load one on a plane. Can't wait to see a demonstration video. -Raven
  5. Hey there Dubya! You get this working good, you may have something marketable. When I first got TIR, I got it with the IR clip too. but, it did come with the reflectors that clip onto a baseball hat. I tried these a little while, but after an hour or so, I filed the reflectors 'not to be used'. It would cut out or hang. This was due to the angles of the reflectors to the emitter/receiver. After contemplating this, I think the only viable solution to it hanging up is to use ping pong balls painted with an IR reflective paint. With those you could attach them to the cap in the normal locati
  6. Thanks Bard, yeah I thought of that too - come to find out VA Linux has been out of business for several years. LOL. Can't complain I had to force the guy to take a few bucks for this box. At any rate I found my problems. First, nothing was wrong with the SCSI subsystem - it's running like a champ. However, I couldn't get the floppy and the CD rom drive to even power up. Come to find out, there is a 3 inch power jumper that is missing. Bad thing about this thing is that it has male plugs on both ends. sheesh. Next step is to buy a Y cable and that should have power on both the male ends.
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