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  1. Tooled around in the trial version yesterday. Gonna take time to get used to the rather "clunky" interface system (of course..actually having the manual would help in a lot of things I'm sure). Kinda wandered around more or less lost yesterday...LOL. Not too impressed with the combat system. Basically you tell your guy to attack something and watch him go to town. You can move him around, or change to a special attack (which you don't even know happened or not since there isn't anything to say "yes, he did this" graphically) but I'd like to be able to aim myself...take the shot when I wan
  2. Gonna try the free trial for this....anybody have any experience with it?
  3. /applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=%7BSMILIES_PATH%7D/icon_clap.gif&key=b3c3b69dc821e094f8e6a428b61d77ca8c19db84efe7e1e7ef7215326ff9b4bd"> Too funny Bro!!
  4. Well...were you looking for an answer to shrinking the storage space needed for all the skins, as well as all the downloading that has to be done to get them or were you looking to have 123 gigs of paints preloaded so the skins show up right away and not 20 seconds later in the game. Either way it is a trade off. Spend the time and space downloading before hand, or wait for the game to transfer it over to your machine. And a counter to the download time factor. Unless you clean out the folder, paints stay in the cache after you've downloaded them. So, 8 WWs go to a training session with t
  5. That is my intent. :D All the other stuff... sheesh! First it's "we don't have enough skins..." then it's "we have too many skins..." Then I decide the skins I made earlier just plane suck, and I go about "fixing" them. Now were thinking about register them and, and, my head hurts... hehe You gents tell me what you need, and I'll do my dernest to get the job done! Not your fault Dub...Dub did good...the damn developers gave us too many stupid planes. Don't know what the hell they were thinking (the mind boggles at all the painting work that would have to be done to accomodate these new
  6. Need to find a way to reduce the load. Colored wings and tails make joining up easier, but spotting is easier too. Perhaps we should just make a standardized paint job, one per aircraft, and each person then "registers" a mark that he can add to his own aircraft...for example, Sandman registers that all his planes will have two pink chevrons just forward of the tail. Then when Reaper sees a WW camo 109 with two pink chevrons flying his wing then he knows that he'll soon be downed by friendly fire. The point of this is the server (and Dub) only needs to hold and manage one or two paintsets
  7. S! Piggy.. Yeah...this game is damn cool. Multiplayer isn't bad with the right crowd and game type (I stick to Retrieval or Search and Destroy). The action is quicker (meaning, the fight gets on pretty damn fast) but it's great for when you have 30 minutes to blow.
  8. Yup.. The servers I frequent you'll see guys being called hacks, and usually the accuser will get jumped by everybody (unless it is rather obvious). Advantage I guess of frequenting servers..sooner or later you become "known" and less likely of being accused when you hit a roll. Austin server they have seen my days when I can't miss and days when I couldn't kill my own self if I tried.
  9. Check out Austin CoD or SAS server...not bad places (all things considered...)
  10. How come I can never find these things...LOL. Yeah, they do exsist. Seen quite a few of them in action myself. But as Asada pointed out, those that use it (or at least grossly) are easily picked from the herd. With some time involved, it's not that difficult to find servers where the players are more "grounded" in keeping it real. On these servers, I usually stay in the top 3 or 5 (out of 15 to 20) on my side, with the other side just about equalliing our scores. Which means that either they aren't playing with hacks because I suck or I'm playing against Christopher Reeves and he needs
  11. Acutally, the sniper rifle has gone a bit too nerfed. I like the fact you have to lose the sight when you chamber a round (unrealistic, but oh well) but the sight being off by a quarter mile when you first scope up is ludicrous. Guess the whining about how much snipers killed the run and gunners caught on. But yeah..at least the bunny hoping is gone. Problem is, the hopping was only a big problem if you were using a sniper rifle..so..um...what was fixed then?
  12. What's the matter Tac? Can't run with the snipers? LOL. I've got that map. Along with a couple others. Been trying to find servers to test them out in. I think if the host server has the map loaded and set to pure you are okay. If you have files that aren't on the host server, then it kicks you...at least that is what I figure...
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