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  1. Geezer is excited about the trip methinks, besides he hardly knows what day it is from one to the next😁
  2. @WWChunk Check the file download section, I made you a set of 4 skins. Once Dub gets set up in his new place he can add them to the official version in the Paint Shed.
  3. Happy birthday Zed, hope Zeus gets you something nice for your birfday😁. Seriously though, hope you have a great day
  4. I have a set of CH pedals you can have if you want them.
  5. WWCraven

    Cooling Off.jpg

    Temps were in the mid 80's so he's trying to cool off a bit, no wind, dead calm.
  6. WWCraven

    Stare Down.jpg

    I was starting to get a bit too close so he was giving me the evil eye.
  7. WWCraven

    Yukon Times

    A number of photos that I've taken over the last few years to showcase the beauty of the Yukon.
  8. Very cool pics, pretty countryside for sure!
  9. No s'mores, hate em😫 Sunset's are great!!
  10. Moved topic to Flying Circus forum.
  11. Nice pics boss, did they let you keep the leather flying jacket?
  12. This guy was hanging around our campsite which was very close to the boat launch. Was pretty warm this day so he was trying to cool off a bit.
  13. Happy birthday Dan! Hope you’re having a great day
  14. The Brits take their war dead very seriously, what strikes me is the calligraphy in the book, such exquisite attention to detail. Thanks for sharing Geezer!
  15. Not only can you not out run a bear, you can’t out climb one either! You wouldn’t believe how fast a black bear can get up a tree.
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