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  1. Took this shot of a woman and her dog on a paddle board, thought it looked cool and I just got the shot as she was drifting into the sunlight reflecting off the lake.
  2. A couple of fun shots taken with my iPhone. So we bought couple of kayaks for putzing around on the really nice hot days and they've been a lot of fun. We got tired of having to leave Sheila in the trailer when we went out so we decided to see if she would like going with us. She does like the Bayliner we have so I figured we'd give it a go, yep she liked it, couldn't decide whose kayak she wanted to be in so we took turns taking her out.
  3. You actually smelled that thing😲, I'm impressed, very impressed indeed.
  4. Might be Goober's boyfriend/girlfriend (no one is really sure what sex it is) but that ain't no Goober. Even though he/she and I are on fairly good terms (I let it sleep in the boss's bunk when he's away😁) I've never really had a good, clear look at it, always hurt my eyes. Sooooo that can't be Goober!!!!
  5. My latest contribution to this thread. Stepped outside the trailer last Wednesday to have my morning coffee sitting by the lake when I heard the calls. A family of loons had met up mid lake and started to swim/float? (do birds swim?) towards where I was sitting. In my rush to grab the camera I managed to spill my coffee all over me, but managed to get it in time. To my delight they made 2 passes in front of where I had my backside parked. Hope you enjoy these as much as I did taking them.
  6. The number 10 is officially yours.
  7. You’ll need to convince me even more considering I just paid for another 2 year subscription on renting our TS server.
  8. No, absolutely not, just different.
  9. Next day Carol and I were hiking down to the same river about 2 kilometres from our camp site when I heard it, the dreaded "wooffff". We had just come over a small rise so I had us both stop and started the scan, sure enough there he was off our 10 at about 150 metres. Grabbed the camera and tried to get some good shots, as I'm doing that I hear from behind me my dearly beloved calling me all sorts of bad names the least of which sounded like "you're f%$king crazy, get out of there before he charges" Well he didn't charge and I of course listened to the wife and slowly backed out of his area all the while still getting an earful (my ear still hurts). And no we didn't do any fishing that day😠
  10. Going to throw up a few photos of our trip last week and a half. Here's the first set. Shortly after a fairly heavy thunderstorm, I stepped out of the trailer and spotted this over the Takhini River.
  11. From what I understand the additional alpha is included so any skinner can adjust it to his preference without having to mess with one included in the PSD by the template author. I found that using the separate alpha the best way to work on those AC with aluminum skins, helped a lot in toned down the wet, shiny look of the originals. Don't know if that is still the case now that we have the newer graphics added in.
  12. Happy belated Birthday Zed, hope it was all you wanted.
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