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  1. until
    Monthly squad meeting, starts at 1730 hrs PST to 1800 hrs PST / 2030 hrs EST to 2400 hrs EST. Flight night for this evening will be a PWCG mission courtesy of WWSittingDuck. 1800 hrs to 2100 hrs PST / 2100 hrs to 2400hrs EST.
  2. Just a note, my monitor has a refresh rate of 144Hz rather than the usual 60Hz. I have V sync turned on, limited my frame rates to 120 and let the card via Nvidia Control Panel use the 3D application setting to control frame rates.
  3. @WWICYtheDEAD, heads up, Factory recall notice on the Doras. The Werkes Director was pissed that someone released the Doras without the proper Rumpfband colors, hence they will be recalled for a new paint job. The Rumpfband colors on the Doras will be the same as the G-14 shown above. Should be ready tomorrow.
  4. @WWICYtheDEAD, here you go. "Obduktion" is the 'goggle' German translation of "pre-mortem autopsy"
  5. until
    PW7_4 Five 1941-12-01 OFFENSIVE Moscow, testing new mission.
  6. Shoulda saved this "little" project for when you retired, seems to be taking up too much of what little free time you have😀. Regardless I'm sure it'll look great when it's all finished🍻
  7. Not too bad here today -12c, but we've almost 3' of snow dumped in the last 3 days, more on the way😩
  8. See what you started Dub, now there are too many names and I can't decide which one to use. Thanks for identifying the bird Duck, he/she sure is a pretty one, those colors really pop.
  9. Any birders out there? Saw this little guy on my walk this afternoon but have no idea what he is, could google him I suppose.
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