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  1. I’m out for tonight guys, fell down some icy stairs yesterday and hurt my back. While I feel better today and thought I’d be good to go, I can’t sit for very long, pressure is too much on my lower back. Hopefully I’ll be good for Tuesday.
  2. Happy Birthday Wolfe, hope you’re having a good one
  3. I learned something new today, thanks for the info, interesting read on the Knickebein here, https://www.battlefieldsww2.com/radiobeacon-stations-knickebein.html
  4. What did the Germans use for this purpose if they did at all?
  5. I have an MSI 1660 if you want it.
  6. Yup, Cephas called out the contacts and when I looked up through the gap in the clouds there were 2 JU's lumbering along. I immediately pushed forward to full power to catch up to them. As I was climbing up, Cephas called out a warning that a bandit was closing on my six and going to guns, took a few shots to the tail as I was rolling away, nothing major but I ended up loosing both the bandit and the JU's. I believe Cephas or someone else took care of the bandit but it was a shame I/we couldn't find the JU's again, was very cool looking up and seeing them sedately moving through the cloud gap.
  7. Cephas had it right, fatality free night until everyone left, and then we died Was a heck of a mission though, full of thrills, chills and spills. On an even better note we had some well mannered guests pop in and join us who also really liked the server and mission..
  8. Yes, yes I did say that to her and "those" things still are not done yet
  9. Haven’t gotten around to finishing mine yet, did everyone else’s first. I’ll get it up in a day or two.
  10. WWChunk-La5FNs2, WWPlague-La5FNs2, WWSittingduck-La5FNs2 and WWSandman-La5FNs2 uploaded to HSD.
  11. Finished version, couple of shots of different member skins. If you like them as is let me know and I'll put them on HSD, any changes let me know, anyone else wants one let me know, and so on and so on..... Before you ask what the cyrillics say, Sandy's says "Sandman", Duck's says "Da Duck" and Chunk's says "Thin Blue Line". Of course that could be all BS, but that's what I got on the Russian keyboard overlay...
  12. Getting ready for the upcoming campaign.. Still have a couple of tweaks on this one plus I'll have a green and black version as well.
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