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  1. Looks like we advanced to a new airbase for the next mission, finally got rid of all those pesky AI hanging around our new base😁
  2. Hint, gives you more time for mission building 👍
  3. That Stalingrad map and the season we're flying is a real challenge to find shit, especially your own shit!! I suppose the more we fly it the easier it becomes, at least for me.
  4. I think it's the other way around, not 100% certain on that though.
  5. lol, and that's a bad thing because...🙊🙉🙈😁
  6. Just a heads up, received a pm from DD_APHill asking if he and perhaps a few other Dogz could join us on Tuesday evenings. It's always a good time flying with the Dogz so of course I extended the invitation for them to join in anytime they're available. AP has all the necessary info to join both our D server and TS server. When you see the Dogz feel free to extend a hearty woof🐕
  7. Happy Birthday Duck, hope you have a good one🎂🍻
  8. With the boss away this week do you have something special lined up for us for Tuesday Duck?
  9. I think you done good in sneaking in with that JU, I was quite surprised coming home to land to see all the paras dropping on the base. Was like Christmas with the AAA going off trying to take them out, wonder how many actually made safely to earth😁
  10. How freaking simple was that😲. Just goes to show that when in doubt it pays to ask. And a side note to self, don't make things more complicated than they need to be. Thanks for the assist gents, much appreciated.
  11. I kept the original file and just renamed it to org_radio then simply dropped the new radio file in the Audio folder. Not using mods either but it works just fine even while online.
  12. I admit it, I'm lazy. Instead of beating my forehead on my keyboard trying to figure this out myself, I'll ask the question here. Does anyone use or know how to setup two different buttons so they they can both be used for PTT? I find myself fumble farting around at times wishing I had a button on my joystick in addition to the one I already use on the Warthog throttle. Apparently I don't have enough thumbs☹️. Haven't been able to figure out to get a button the throttle and the joystick to share the PTT function, it's either one or the other, not both at least as far as I can see. Ideas anyone?
  13. Got this installed and have to say I much prefer this over the original. Nice find Drift.
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