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  1. Happy Birthday Duck!! Hope you’re having an awesome day!!!
  2. Sounds good, better get the E-7 out of the shed and wipe down all the cobwebs
  3. Anyone using this gear? Been thinking about perhaps buying one and giving it a go but wanted to see if any of you had any feedback.
  4. Hmmm, works ok for me, try googling Milan Flight Gear and see if there might be a different link available. I tried doing that but it just gives me the same link as I posted above.
  5. @WWGreyWolfe, here's the link for the Crosswinds, https://mfg-sim.com/en/
  6. Robby, how are you liking the damper setup? I saw you had a pic posted at the other place, looks good but I still think you should go the Chunk route and just anchor those puppies directly into the hardwood floor
  7. No worries, just happened to see that Vaal had the last post in his thread so I dropped in to see what he had to say. Wasn’t going to post here cause I thought you would have known, glad I posted that now.
  8. I've been remiss in welcoming you to this raggedy-assed-clowny bunch of fine folks that make up the Wing Walkers. So here it is, welcome Biker, hope you thoroughly enjoy what you've gotten yourself into
  9. Happy Birthday Pierre, hope it was a good one!
  10. @WWSittingduck, update available: [1.2.49] - 2021-04-03 - updated description of aircraft payload (Fedor Glazov) - added the ability to customize points for ai planes - added page with general statistics between tours
  11. Lots of discussion over the GB forums on the damper mods, looks like there may be a couple of converts to the "damper" side
  12. So just about every day I take the dog for a walk down by the river, usually I forget to bring my camera and of course something shows up that you need to take a shot of. Well Friday I did remember to bring the camera and I'm glad I did. Don't usually see beavers out and about in the winter, yeah it's still winter here, but I did see a pair of them working away on this poplar they brought down. Wasn't able to get the greatest shots of the one working on cutting the tree into thirds as I didn't want to disturb him too much. I did manage to get a few good ones of the second one as he cam
  13. As I said earlier, it’s not a matter of how far you can see contacts, it’s all about maintaining the contact you can see without having them disappearing all the time! It’s also not about the element of surprise, you’re going to get that whether you see contacts at 20km’s or 5km’s. If you’re getting jumped you haven’t been checking six often enough, got nothing to do with how far one spots contacts.
  14. I don't care about the distance one can see a contact what I care about is maintaining visual on the contact. We went to the alternate view because in normal view especially when zooming in/out the contacts had a nasty tendency to disappear completely. As far as I can tell from checking the GB forum no changes have been made to either view. I'm all for trying it again in normal but if the problem of disappearing contacts is still there at 9k or less then I'm going to want to go back to alternate view.
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