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  1. Welp, it'll be 30 years for Carol and I in May. While she doesn't have a whole of interest in flight sims she does know what most of the peripherals are used for. Plus she doesn't mind me indulging in this hobby, even stooping to buy me "things" she feels I might want or need, like the Obutto setup, the monitor, Saitek flight yoke (which I've never used). So I think I'm doing pretty darn good all in all, hope the next 30 go as well as the first.
  2. My setup has changed a bit since the original photos above that aren't there anymore were posted. The setup Obutto R3Volution Gaming Cockpit, includes seat, monitor stand, keyboard tray and 2 swing out acryillic stands which I've removed so I could modify the swing out arms to hold the keyboard and the 2 MDF's. MFG Crosswind Rudder Pedals ser no.0150 Thrustmaster Warthog Throttle VKB Gunfighter Modern Combat Pro MkII. Keyboard Logitec G513 Carbon Tactile Headphones are Logitec HyperX Cloud Alpha S 7.1 Gaming Headset , backup set is a HyperX Cloud Alpha
  3. Very well thought out and pieced together Dub, very nice indeed. Thanks for your dedication in putting this touching tribute for Icy together, Salute!
  4. Found this thread to be an interesting read, https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/68559-wwii-pitch-out-landing-pattern/
  5. Hmmmm, not sure how Gold Flight is going to utilize that one, however I'm sure they will come up with something creative.
  6. Better to comprise and buy what you can at current prices now before the sh*t really hits the fan!
  7. Wolfe, don’t know about DCS, but I can vouch for the fact that you can copy IL2 from C to any drive you want and it will work. If you have doubts simply test your copied install prior to deleting off your C drive.
  8. I'm going to chime in here, not sure about the number of DX axis limited to 8 per controller but I do know that IL2 is limited to a maximum of 8 controllers. There are a couple of fellows over on the GB forums that have 11 controllers plugged in not so much to use all of them for IL2 but for different games/sims they play not wanting to switch them out all the time. Any more than 8 controllers and IL2 only uses the first 8, 0-7 as identified in the "devices.txt" file.
  9. Rhythm, we're flying 1C-777's IL2 Sturmovik Great Battles, which includes the WWII Great battle series, Flying Circus V1 and Yank crew. Link to site here; https://il2sturmovik.com They just happen to be having a big sale on all their products so now is a great time to pick up what you might want.
  10. Well at least the Crosswinds will be shipped out of Croatia not China so they shouldn't take to long to get here if Milan has some in stock, if not who knows how long it could be. Milan has always been very good in his customer response/relations that's a huge plus!!
  11. I dunno, do you have a trade deal withe EU?
  12. No, you don’t have to enable it as a mod any longer, it’s included as part of the game itself with this update.
  13. Funny we were just talking about this the other night, the 4K cockpit mod is now part of the official game, you no longer need to use "mods on" for this excellent piece of work. Small update but large in size because of the cockpit addition, 4.69gb.
  14. You're correct Fry, the the image in the OP won't work in game it's only for a hard copy by or on your desk. The one to use that will show up in the cockpit is the link in the 3rd post, I've attached a jpg of the A-20 note card. Instructions on how install/use this version is contained in that linked post. Just shout out if it doesn't want to work for you and I'll give you a hand figuring it out.
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