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  1. Happy birthday Dan! Hope you’re having a great day
  2. The Brits take their war dead very seriously, what strikes me is the calligraphy in the book, such exquisite attention to detail. Thanks for sharing Geezer!
  3. Not only can you not out run a bear, you can’t out climb one either! You wouldn’t believe how fast a black bear can get up a tree.
  4. WWCraven

    Yukon Times

    A number of photos that I've taken over the last few years to showcase the beauty of the Yukon.
  5. And that's why we can't have nice things!!!! Hope it all gets sorted out with minimal fuss Griph..
  6. Happy birthday Sneak, hope you're having a great day
  7. He's definite;y a very healthy cinnamon male and he was about 75 yards away. I simply rolled down the window and used a 300mm lens out the passenger side of the truck. Had enough encounters with bears to know better than to get out of the truck for a closer shot. Besides he was starting to get pissed, this one not quite in focus but you can see the hair on the back of his neck start to ruffle. I closed up the window and drove away and left him to his grazing.
  8. Check out this brown bear I saw on the way into the lake this morning.
  9. A hearty congratulations to WWDriftwood as our newest Wing Walker!! Drift managed to survive his probationary period even though he spent most of his time looking after goober and sleeping in that hut, kennel or whatever that thing is.... You may now pass off that onerous duty to our good friend Brinson 😁 Looking good in your newly pressed uniform, welcome aboard Drift! Once and Always!!!
  10. Just realized that we haven't laid out the formal welcome rug for our latest recruit, my apologies Brin. So here it is! Please join us in welcoming Brinson to the Wing Walkers. Glad to have you in uniform Mr. Brinson, continuing to look forward to flying with you.
  11. Much respect for Mr. Rice!!
  12. WWCraven

    Kathleen Lake.jpg

    It's one of my favs also. This lake is in Kluane National Park which is about an hour and 20 minute drive from my house. Some great fishing in the lake and even better fishing for Arctic Grayling and Rainbow Trout in the river.
  13. Thanks Icy, took this at 11pm, just after the rain stopped, again.. Was quite peaceful, there was a pair of loons by the dock but they took off before I could get some shots.
  14. WWCraven

    Pine Cones.JPG

    Thanks guys, no ice Duck all gone now, still getting some snow on the mountain tops though.
  15. This more for Duck, Geezer, Dub and anyone else that have made missions or have tracks that should be saved,note the changes coming with the next update. Brin, you should pop over to Orlando and check out FS Expo 2019...
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