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  1. WWCraven

    JG1 Ghost Skies Results 2-13

    Negative, still keep getting a timeout saying the page is taking to long to respond. I've tried Firefox, Google and IE explorer, no luck on any of them.
  2. WWCraven

    Tanks....you're welcome

    And of course our erstwhile host-Duck๐Ÿ‘
  3. Shhhhh, that's Goobers favorite thing.
  4. WWCraven

    the update to the update has an update

    Some good fixes here in the 3.10c update User interface 1. Dogfight: when the server changes a mission, the airfield locations from the previous mission won't stay visible on the map; 2. Dogfight: map position and zoom level are saved between player respawns; 3. Dogfight: a mission target won't overlap an airfield and make it impossible to choose; 4. Dogfight: selecting an airfield without available planes won't make the screen darker; 5. Dogfight: home airfield is highlighted on the map; 6. Dogfight: the info tooltip appears if you hover the mouse pointer over an airfield; 11. Map: 'no units' and 'maximum number of players reached' tooltips added; 12. Map: air and ground attack events on an airfield are indicated differently; 13. Map: airfield information has been reworked; 14. Map: frontline color 255,255,255 now changes according to the interface color setting; 15. Map: unit dots are bigger and can be grouped;
  5. WWCraven

    JG1 Ghost Skies Results 2-13

    I can't get the link to work, anyone else having an issue with it? I think we may have just scraped out a small victory.
  6. Good to have you flying with us and don't sweat the small matters of crashing and burning, some of us do that on a regular basis...
  7. WWCraven

    Alpha Layers

    Got it all figured out now thanks to Dub's assistance, appreciate it much Dub. FYI Dub and Grey, I used the masked alpha shown above and adjusted the brightness via the "image" "adjustments". Didn't need to make any specific selection to adjust, simply adjusted the whole layer, here are the results, pretty much what I was looking for in terms of reducing the shiny/wet look. Now I'd like to get some input on which version you guys like best between alpha1 and alpha2. Could also be somewhere in between the two. This one is done with the original non adjusted alpha, very shiny/wet with lots of reflections. Alpha1, this is the 1st adjustment, still shiny but not as wet looking๐Ÿ‘‡ Alpha2 version is even less shiny, more used and dirty looking ๐Ÿ‘‡
  8. WWCraven

    Stats Awards

    Very cool Duck, really appreciate all the effort you keep putting into this ๐ŸŽ–๏ธ
  9. WWCraven

    Alpha Layers

  10. WWCraven

    Alpha Layers

    Sounds good Dub, sorry bout that had to step away for a few.
  11. WWCraven

    Alpha Layers

    @WWDubya Think we could arrange to get on TS for about 15 minutes to run through this? I'm still struggling to get the alpha tuned.
  12. WWCraven

    Website Theme's

    I'm curious, how many members are using the default version vs Brave 4.3 version?
  13. Works for me, besides we need more stick time in the Russian birds if we're going opfor against JG1...
  14. WWCraven

    Alpha Layers

    Here's the finished product with the alpha layer shown above applied.
  15. WWCraven

    Alpha Layers

    @WWGreyWolfe, did you ever get your question answered for you on the BoS forum? I'm using CS3 and finally figured out how to prep it for matting. Attached is a jpeg of one of the alpha's I made up to get the matt finish on the artwork, lettering, cowling and ID bands. Only thing I'm having a hard time getting my head around is how to adjust the grey scale on the alpha to lessen the "shiny" effect.

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