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  1. Man you took all the jocularity out of that one Griph Do we still have the original post, might be worthwhile checking it out, you know for shits and giggles....
  2. I flew, fought and floundered,,a lot. Was fun though, good to see Icy and Fry flying again
  3. Happy birthday Ron, hope you have an awesome day, us October kids need to stick together
  4. Happy birthday Icy, thinking of you lots and sending positive thoughts your way, chin up mate
  5. I’ll keep looking at different methods to get what you want.
  6. Can’t say that it’s ever happened to me.
  7. Haven't forgotten nor abandoned this project it's just giving me a few fits. Some of them being operator error (forgetting to save often done that twice) but probably the biggest challenge is redoing the alpha layer (gives you the shininess or not). As Dub notes below this template is one that doesn't support mirror shine so it's trial and error to find a happy medium. I thought I had it mostly but after test flight and looking at the screen shot I see there's a few artifacts by the engine exhaust, think I know what the issue is but will have to check it out first. I'll hopeful
  8. Thanks fellas, pretty quiet day all around sadly no Belgian Chocolate cake, Carol says my sugar levels are getting a mite high (she’s not wrong). On a good note I did get the okay to buy a GeForce RTX 3090 for my birthday when they become available
  9. I placed the zip "dogfight" in the Duck folder on the WW ftp site.
  10. Happy Birthday Groucho, hope you had a good one
  11. Well a pretty quiet night on the front except for when I found Duck, then lost him, then he found me and I died Here I am trying to find the dastardly Duck!
  12. Man that sucks big time, hope it all gets sorted quickly, good luck Sandy.
  13. Sounds like this is going to be a good, good mission. I'll be grabbing a P-51 for this one.
  14. Very nice shots Sandy, I like em!!
  15. Checked mine on my spare SSD and have some from 16 through early 20. If they might help I'll zip and toss them in your FTP WW folder.
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