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  1. Couple of shots of our camping area this past week. And a little something that shows how the wind can clear this of snow.
  2. That would be the boss, just over 4k. Regardless we both needed the break and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
  3. Doesn’t appear to be my week so far. Might not get on tonight, we’re in the midst of some heavy, and I do mean heavy thunderstorms at the moment. Bad enough that the dog is cowering under the bed shaking like crazy. His morning while I was setting up the 5th wheel at this weekend’s camping spot, a black bear wandered down the road then decided to check out some of the camp sites. Couldn’t make it to the truck so I had to climb up the ladder to get on top of the unit and wait for him o saunter off on his way. That was 15 minutes of pure fun….. Course I had the freaking bear spray in the truck, fat lot of good that did me. Anyway, I’ll be on if the storm passes through.
  4. Sorry guys, won’t make it tonight. Got home early this morning from Sin City and still feeling pretty bagged, too much fun was had by all.
  5. What you are saying is true regarding the fun factor, but aren't you the one who likes to build his missions based on historical plane sets and events in so far as possible?
  6. Not sure I like the unlimited ammo piece, granted small ammo load out but that should make one fire when absolutely sure you're going to get hits.
  7. That’s quite mild compared to what was coming out of my mouth for the incident and the freaking bill. To top off a crappy start to the week, I’m now sitting at the Vets office waiting on a verdict for my poor little girl that has an abscess on her rear end that just split open
  8. Us guys with that nice sleek look have to stick together
  9. For missing last night, I was stuck on the highway with a blown coolant hose heading home from the weekend camping trip . About 45 minutes from home, no cell service so I had to hitch a ride back to town to see if I could get the Chrysler service guys come and make some repairs. 4 hours later and $800 poorer I finally made it home. Needless to say I wasn't much in the mood for anything when I finally got home. So, no camping this weekend and I'll be there for Thursday and Sunday.
  10. Happy Birthday Fry, hope you’re able to enjoy the day, all the best bud!
  11. It'll be see you next week sometime for me Great photo guys
  12. Gates of Moscow it is then. Let's make it a closed server tonight, next Tuesday we'll leave it open.
  13. I would have responded to Moltke if I knew what I was talking about.
  14. Kinda what I was driving toward by posting the thread link here. I believe it's a good idea to respond to the questions posed in other forums, can also drop a link to our forums as well. I would suggest that we not push folks asking questions on another forum to bring them here for the simple reason that the questions being asked may be of interest or help to others in that forum.
  15. So this isn't really meet a new player, rather a player that has some questions that might be better answered by Cephas and/or Biker. Here is the thread on the GB forums, https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/78514-wingwalkers-30-year-anniversary-missions/#comment-1185604 JG4_Moltke1871 questions are, Hi there Meanwhile spend a lot of time on your server, it’s I see when I spawn in a twin engine spawn with running engines or have direct air spawns like in the Biscaya Mission. Airspawn is ugly boring, is it possible implement parking spawns? I see in WW1 you have mixed parking/air spawns. A question about AI: When I am alone on the server it’s 1/6 AI Level. Is this level also effective for my rear gunners? Because they hit nothing when I am alone on my way with the Gotha Otherwise it was for me very comfortable on the six of some Breguets I hunter… I hit them more often with my pistol then they me with 3x twin MG But this may be more an issue of the broken rear gunners in the game at general See you on your server
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