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  1. Thanks everyone, went down to Florida for a week in the sun. <S!>
  2. Since I was late to the meeting, is this something we will be using or something people are testing?
  3. Prefect !!! Ill take one on each Allied plane LOL
  4. LOL...… Outstanding !! Maybe a thin blue line in the yellow Do you think the icon gets lost in the blue?
  5. Is mine going to look something like that ?
  6. What did you guys have me download!?!?! I went to one of the training missions for the A-10 and I have the A-10 stick by the way, and all I heard was Charlie Browns teacher talking to me..... I needed to adjust the TOP, HOR, SQZ.... to insure the SOE latte was the primary MDI for acquisitions on the LAT..... 15 mins of that gibberish And I still don’t know how to start the dammed thing......
  7. That's not broccoli...… Its a breaded and fried chipmunk, they always forget to remove the fur...... I have eaten at that base...... Business as usual here, get up every morning put on the uniform, realize your expendable, sorry spelled that wrong...…. essential...….and hope that whatever lurks out there doesn't kill you...… Same old, same old...…
  8. A lot of CA people moving to TX Boss...…. Just throwing it out there...….
  9. Thank you Sir...… Is it on the vault, or is it going to show up on the home page?
  10. Sweeeeet I like the one with the checkered board cowling...….. Thx Did you take the German text off the image? Maybe put it under the image...….
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