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  1. A great body of work Cephas, you make it sound easy but this is a huge effort, greatly appreciated. regarding the JU52’s zed made multiple requests to our flight lead for permission to shoot down a friendly, by Frylock held the line. Hard to believe Gold Flight is such an ethical unit.
  2. Happy Birthday Mr. Brin....hope you celebrate in fine fashion.
  3. love bombing them ships....nice to get to the other end of the map!
  4. Yay.....I still now how to make the server go. Two missions in the hopper. Our choice could fly Entente or Central.
  5. For Bombing missions there is always a primary and a secondary objective.
  6. Okay, so I ran four Vandy Generated missions. These are dogfight missions with both Allied and German objectives. Here are the briefs for both sides. Going to spend a little time on the first one to improve the plane sets etc. Not time to add a bunch of AI, so if it is boring we can go to the second mission. I will have to see if I still know how to put missions on Ducks server
  7. Glad to here it Mr. Biker. We need another cool head to prevail in this raggety bunch
  8. Wow....tis a thing of beauty....how much do these cost again?
  9. Fair enough, you have more than earned a break. Thanks so much for all your hard work. Duck, I will try and see if I can get a few Vandy Missions tuned up,
  10. by far it is the best "movement" in a VR title.....floating in space, grabbing onto handles, propelling yourself thru a weightless environment, while you spin around and observe things. The part that made me feel sick the first time I played it ended up being the most iimmersive part of game
  11. Robyn got her second shot on Saturday. Give it a couple weeks to sink in, but will be nice to have both sides of the house vaccinated at the same level. Robyn got sent home from the school district in March 2020, retired that June, no goodbye parties, no retirement happy hours. Now a year and a month later and she is vaccinated. Been a long year for everyone!
  12. Well I finally made it to the end of the game. Liv was running out of oxygen, had to get her into the main control room. Than she had a heart attack and I had to revive her with a defribulator. Much action in the end to help my human friend survive. one of the better games I have played.
  13. the big improvement is the maps with the bases. Some of his missions had you pretty spread out. These are really prebuilt mission templates with lots of options. Only bad thing I noticed is the the WW1 planesets are limited to just the Arras map. Tried to build a WW1 mission on another map like ( the channel map) and couldn't pic ww1 aircraft.
  14. Yikes......hey at least you get some free time back!
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