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  1. I told her perhaps something less frightening but with more historical value would be better
  2. Apparently my Daughter feels with Halloween coming, teaching her son how to make scary faces is part of good parenting
  3. Yes, much improved. The big tanker planes flying over head most of the day Friday heading to a fires further south, kept feeling blessed that Icy wasnt leading that flight.. ”Waaaa......Geezers down there?.....everyone drop NOW!”
  4. Here is what it looked like when they did hydronic mining....basically blasting the hillside with water canons to reduce to rubble, than sluicing thru it for gold. The old town near the “Diggins” was called Humbug and is preserved. At its peak had a population of about 1500 people ( and 7 bars). Moved 41 million cubic yards of earth to get about $ 1 million dollars worth of gold ( in 1850’s dollars)
  5. Did I hike today up to Malakoff Diggins, old hydro mining site from the late 1800’s. Resulted in the first environmental protection law suit from all the farmland below that was flooded during the mining operations .
  6. Thank goodness they got this one take care of. Those Old Fokker’s have more clout with Jason than I realized.
  7. Robby, what is the benefit of this different type of pot? Does it work differently?
  8. so cheap, bought the last two since I am leaving for camping in an hour.....good craft project for when the wife is out of town.
  9. yup yup, sounds like I better get on it. Fawlty do I need to research it or is the part in the link what I need. Also does a joy stick have more than one?
  10. I think it varies, game to game. Some you can definitely watch, some not so much.
  11. Worse than I have have ever scene.....picture in my neighborhood. Granite Bay is my neighborhood.
  12. I used it quite a bit at one point. Could send a server command and trigger a next event. Worked pretty well, just another thing to manage during the mission however
  13. As I continue to explore what you can do in VR, there are a number of popular games that are really fitness games. Beat Saber is a very popular title. I was not really interested in doing a dance crazed acid trip in my office, so I kept digging. I ran into this organization out of San Francisco State ( where daughter#2 went to college) that actually monitored people playing games and compared the calorie burn to normal fitness activities like rowing, tennis or walking on an eliptical and provided data on many titles https://vrhealth.institute/ I ran into one that felt less like a
  14. I'm no use, all these guys nailed it . Aerodrome just let me know that it was not a WW1 aircraft.
  15. Its a great picture....I posted on the Aerodrome, figured somewhere there might know.
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