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  1. have not seen it from here either
  2. I think the trick is the dive brakes, was not using those and really struggled to get below 140 to touch down. A lot of extra tires around the runway now. Thanks for the advice, will give her another try.
  3. dub is this with VR or just flying at all? I struggle a bit with any kind of roller coaster or spinning stuff and literally had to stare at the floor during the bad guy scenes of the Incredibles 2, so have been hesitant regarding VR because I too may be a wussy. Vintage plane rides I have to be careful too. No doubt once it is in your head the rest of the brain starts taking over to make it worse.
  4. I was pretty bummed losing the P-38 I was suppose to be transferring between bases, so I spent some time today watching a ReQuium Video ( sorry about the funny Q, sometimes after I fly BOS I lose the small letter Q, but that's another story) Anyway, his tutorial says to stay below 175 on the downwind and than extend the landing gear. First of all you really have to work to get this thing below 175, throttle and pitch almost zero, pulling the nose up etc. ( it is a fun plane, but definitely a bit of a hot rod) Finally get below 175 and drop the gear. As I turn base, watch the air speed and work really hard to get below 150, as I turn final, I am now really flat, sitting at about 120, 130, apply full 100% flaps, get a pretty bad flair ( too flat) and still use every inch of the runway, dabbing brakes the whole way. Guessing it is the flatness that hurt, was hard to get the wheels on the deck, and did not have that friction to bleed off airspeed. ah well, will keep working at it!
  5. Yeah....I figure I used Window 7 for ten years at about $10 a year, think I will be a good citizen and pay to buy the OEM for the new machine. Ended up buying from newegg so I at least know who I bought it from. The basically sell you the product key ( for $129) and than you go thru the exact same exercise as your tutorial video to create a flash drive to boot from ( so thanks for the video).
  6. hmmm, so Windows 10 upgrade is free for existing Windows 7 owners. If my original install is an OEM Windows 7, seems likely that I would need to purchase at least the OEM version for the shiny new computer. Using technique above I could upgrade the Windows 7 OEM to Windows 10 perhaps.
  7. Here is the final components I picked. Still noodling about the OS purchase but the rest is "in the mail". Could have done this for about $300 less, but shot high on the storage and memory. Figure I won't have to mess with this for a long time.
  8. I am highly confused by all the sellers of Windows 10. Chasing Professional 64 bit version. Could go OEM or full purchase. Benefit of full purchase is possible reinstall in the future might be easier ( but unlikely I would need to) 1. Can you do a clean install on a new build via download or should I buy the flash drive version? 2. Anything that looks too good to be true must have drawbacks. Price ranges hugely, see below. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07ZP883Z2/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A2JQ3LMQDQPM3C&psc=1 https://www.newegg.com/microsoft-windows-10-pro-full-version-usb-flash-drive/p/N82E16832588529?Description=windows 10 professional 64 bit&cm_re=windows_10_professional_64_bit-_-9SIA85VAMB9752-_-Product
  9. oh yeah and ended up on the phone with Chase...." Yes I am the idiot spending money on all this stuff..."
  10. taking a breath....got the case, motherboard, graphics card and processor.....randomly ended up with a copy of Call of Duty Modern Warfare...seems like something one of Navy Gunners kids would want.....
  11. Perfect, thanks Dub. Will dig in
  12. Been watching way too many videos of swarthy nerd guys with shoulder length hair or short hair and false teeth. Nice to know that the Build Geeks demographic still exists!
  13. since I am shooting the moon, here, going with the M.2 PCIE superfast 1 TB drive for the boot and game application drives, but two 1 SSD drives for storage of images and videos. What I always have wanted to have were two identical drives where I could automatically back up one drive to the other for pictures and graphics. Going all SSD. So one 1 TB drive superfast for boot up and game applications ( M.2 PCIE) Two 1 TB SSD drives with auto back up going on between them so if one fails, the docs are not lost. I bought the case tonight because New Egg had it for $169, with a gift card. Down to the cooler and watching what goes on sale on Friday and after.
  14. Its Windows 10 that is crazy. Price for Windows 10 Professional / USB drive not OEM, varies from $99 to $189
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