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  1. A terrible crash, helicopter pilot went up in bad fog, circling around Burbank Airport for 20 minutes trying to see, than ended up in Calabasas, rammed into the side of some low mountains. Dad’s taking daughters to an AAU basketball game at 9 am. Not everyone on the helicopter were superstars. My brother is a high school baseball coach in So Cal and John Atobelli was a friend. John, his wife and one of his two daughters were also killed. Tragic. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/college/baseball/2020/01/26/john-altobelli-college-baseball-coach-dies-crash-kobe-bryant/4583873002/
  2. Well she appears to be flight worthy, will give her a go on Tuesday. All the controllers and TS working. Still work to go on transferring files. Looks like it is time to upgrade some of my applications that have gotten long in the tooth ( photo shop elements 8! ). Still set up temporarily on a back table until I get my RGB fail on the lower fan worked out. Boy is she quiet, shocking compared to my old rig, non of that grinding and grumbling of the old hard drives and noisy fans
  3. I have to say I was very impressed with BOX. all my devices were recognized when I first logged in and the software prompted me to match the devices to existing profiles. Everything came over with all mappings in place
  4. phew......sometimes its the little things did not notice the setting that set voice recognition as the default. simple fix, works now.
  5. I think I built the profile from scratch, so clean install ( maybe that is my problem.....should figure out if I can load the old profile?)
  6. ya....I have checked a lot of things. My default profile is checked. Wierd that I can get it to work on the old machine, but a clean install doesnt work....guessing something is set funky
  7. So I downloaded TS, created the book mark and all that worked fine. I have tried to create a hot key for push to talk and no matter what I do can't get the thing to light up. Everything seems to be in order, mic is working, joystick is working, but solid blue light in the TS application. Am I missing something ( still works fine on the old machine)
  8. I have to admit I had to stop watching American Horror because the show was so nasty, I felt like I had to wash up afterwords.. There are times in Love Death + Robots that I almost felt the same way.....but man, I can't stop watching it. This is a series on Netflix that features very short ( 15 minutes or so) computer animated stories. They range from Japanese style Manga to damn near pornography, but Holy Shit, some of it is amazing. So lock the kids up, wait until the wife is upstairs surfing Pinterest, put the headphones on and give it a watch. ( two favorite episodes so far, "Alternate Histories" a hilarious computer application that takes you thru very funny "what if " scenarios if Hitler died young and "Lucky Thirteen" a Kick Ass Space dogfight with one of the actors from Orange is the New Black,
  9. Yeah, there is this whole theme, “we are here to make you safe, nothing to worry about, just leave you keys and credit card on the night stand”
  10. tend to agree, after reading about it, "maxing out the machine" seems over the top for a non overclocked machine. Well tested the SSD d Drives. Only bummer was my intent was to load all the applications on the C drive and save documents on the D, back up on E. Now that I tested, must have gotten the superfast drive on last. Don't really feel like reloading the OS....may just load Photoshop, Lightroom and BOX on the fasty drive and wing it from there.
  11. You know the case came with a big sack, with a logo on the side. It does have me thinking about covering it up when not in use. Looks like something from blade runner.
  12. Had to load three different applications to settle down all the glam lights on this beast. You can make your ram beat like a drum, fans rainbow circles and even change how it looks depending on what you are doing. After all that one of the front fans stopped lighting up, likey the RGB controller cable is bad The real question....Why do I care? (Decide to go all white just because I am annoyed) Got some sata extenders so I could put the ssd drives in a nicer spot, the box itself is nice and clean
  13. I've used the free version of Avast for a number of years. Any suggestions on Antivirus software?
  14. Any suggestions of good practice? Running Memtest right now.
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