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  1. A bit of a practice mission, but plenty of action ( I hope). This is a dogfight not a COOP. Modified Butzell Mission so a good practice mission for gearing up for FC campaign. Gold Flight = Destroy Cargo and Destroyer Ships Blue Flight = Provide Cover for Two Seaters Red Flight = Destroy Convoys behind Enemy lines ( convoy respawns so mutliple convoys available)
  2. Yea, I have been watching the flow of bogus emails. Any thing we can do or just ignore?
  3. Looks like Butzell built the mission, set up as a bit of a trainer I think. If you destroy a truck convoy it respawns a new one immediately. I think he also made the vehicles very weak, because just a few rounds from DR1 blew them up. i added two flights of AI on each side to make sure there were more bad guys around this is a dogfight mission by the way, not a coop.
  4. I ran into this mission on JG1's server. They picked a really nice part of the map where the two opposing airfields are pretty close together but with a body of water between them. Convoy targets on both sides and ship targets on either side of the peninsula. Jed will be pleased that they kept the UV in the plane sets. I think I will modify this to add the 1-16's "observers" to make sure everyone can fly and put it up on Thursday.
  5. I also think this is worth monitoring to see how they structure their campaign, what works and what does not.
  6. Looks like an interesting format. Am tempted to give it a try. I also like the alternating sides, but the community is not so balanced. People tend to like to fly their squad affiliations. Are members interested in participating? Seems like it is a pretty open format.
  7. Geezer is DOA, the man is making me stay late tonight....grrrr
  8. Duck, I am flying Tuesday but please launch the First COOP mission by 6:15...hard to predict when I get home.
  9. pretty sure what command cover does is tell this AI group to cover the bombers. If the bombers get attacked this group should zoom in and project them. I assume if the bombers crash or complete the mission the AI don't have much to do and could loiter around unless there is a command to land ( which I think there might be). I don't have time to do much mission building right now to experiment, feel free to kick and around and see what happens!
  10. Yo Duck.....do you want to run the second round of the COOP this Tuesday and push this off a week? I am fine either way, but gives you another week. Let me know
  11. An evil part of me almost made all the planes I-16’s “attack of the killer nats “
  12. Updated maps....flying Russian Tuesday, German next time ( Blue flight...better dust off your I-16 manuals)
  13. I guess I am kinda of an apple guy....I go for cleanest and simplest to read, tend to go with the default theme that is mostly white on white
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