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  1. I could be wrong but I think Gold Flight finally got that fix we were lobbying for. Now if we can only find a place to hide the lighter fluid.
  2. is this a personal question or about his uniform last night? If it was about his uniform if you include his socks, underwear and undershirt it will show up as WingWalkersWingWalkersWingWalkersWingWalkersWWZed but when he crawls into bed...., just ZZZZZzzzz......
  3. mission locked and loaded. Ran the SDS and was able to join.
  4. Fawlty, is this just a saved default view for Trak IR or is this something different that gets you even further back? I found my old ROF instructions, where you center your track IR than turn pause it, use your mouse and insert/home/page up/ delete /end/ page down until you get your view right where you want it, than hit F10 and it becomes your default Trak IR View. Just wondering, thanks
  5. looking forward to it! ( send me files when you are ready and I will get er set up)
  6. ooh dub, that Honeycomb bravo quad looks pretty sweet. A very suitable replacement to the two Saetek Quads, the website gives pretty limited info
  7. A little birdy told me that Fawlty is working on a COOP for Sunday. I think the mission will run something like this..... 12 planes staying isolated from each other in separate hangers, Only allowed to leave to get fuel and fly one circuit around the airfield and than go back in the hanger. Also must listen to non stop competing radio broadcasts that say we are either loosing or winning the war. Lots of sitting around and playing cards oh, wait a minute, that's my real life....hopefully Fawlty will come up with something better
  8. Happy Birthday Pierre, hope you are taking good care of your car collection and enjoying life!
  9. okay.....this made me laugh a lot, Thanks Duck!
  10. Wow...thanks for sharing that....crappy time to be sick and over seventy....
  11. Well if you'r putting up some John Prine you have to put this duet up as well. Saw Iris DeMent locally about a month ago. Somehow these lyrics feel like they would resonate with Plague.
  12. Since all my drives are samsung may try their version
  13. He looks really sad, I think he misses shooting at things So boys, I have a terra byte of a back up drive sitting empty. Everyone pointed me towards Acronis, but it sure looks like a subscription service. Any other alternatives or am I looking in the wrong place?
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