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  1. they go uppity up up....they go down diddi down down... yes I have seen it
  2. no kidding....this is sort of how we roll. It worked well in Scotland, a lot of those locations are places to eat out at or sites that we could skip. Will keep my fingers crossed and my roller skates on.
  3. Hmmm.....do you think we have bitten off a bit too much for this vacation to England? (this is my cheat sheet for programming the garmin )
  4. I thought the missions were pretty strong. I especially liked the second one. The clouds and sky were stunning and the action was pretty continuous from the fighters jumping the escorts at the outset to being peppered by defenders after dropping bombs on the airfield at the end. I kept catching glimpses of dogfights off in the distance too. will have to see how it plays next week when we fly it again as Russian.
  5. So regarding controls are you all using voice commands like Zed?
  6. I'm sure the major manufacturers would be very accommodating
  7. One more picture from my trip.
  8. Okay, missions loaded up, tested SDS.....everything works fine. I won't be able to come home early on Tues, so possible that I will have to come in for the second mission. Duck the SDS is called "WWCOOP Stalin 1-2" if you need to launch it. I will come in on Comm's for the introduction, want to make sure everyone understands what is different. Biggest changes 1. Disciplined take off ( take your turn, don't kill the guy next to you) 2. Gold Flight to wait for Blue flight before heading to target 3. Red Flight sets their own target for Jabo ( icon's on map)
  9. sounds good, I just go myself confused, so I thought I would get you confused too!
  10. okay, i think I found the thread It looks like you made specific launchers to run the syn generated missions. My mission got saved, modified and renamed so I assume they go in the regular coop folder with a regular SDS file to start up from the server.
  11. I like how he describes that he will "give you a lazer pointer tour" I read that he goes for an hour and than his wife comes in and they take a break for tea and biscuits and than he goes for another hour.
  12. http://www.museumofvictorianscience.co.uk/ Hmmm.....during my vacation we are near this guys house who will spend two hours with you demonstrating his toys. The website is so funky that it is hard not to be tempted. I especially like how he gets older and older in the pictures.
  13. Sounds good DTS( Duck Tech Support ) Question......so is there something special about COOP's created with Vanderstock's tool that needs a different kind of SDS file? I noticed you creates its own folder and launching short cut for the server. I'm sure you explained this when you set it up ( but clearly I ignored it).
  14. in fact could go COOP's next two weeks if we want to rotate flying Russian and German ( I am going to be off the grid from June 10 thru 27th, so might want to cash in on that offer).
  15. uh oh.....I just saw your post. I have COOP's if you want me to go a second week ( I thought I wasn't going to have time, but three day weekend was able to get them done).
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