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  1. Great holiday read, if you like historical non-fiction that reads like a novel. This one covers the period of time from Churchill being made Prime Minister to how British citizens responded to being attacked by Germany
  2. Speaking of alternate universes, no flying for me this week. Knee deep in vaccine storage, implementation and distribution. Multiple "Code Green" emergency meetings. Lots of optimism about the performance of these vaccines. Anyone got a spare -80 freezer in their garage?
  3. Yeah, gal at work tested positive this week, about three workstations away. Thankfully she was out all last week working from home and I am home this week. Not someone I interact with very often. Feel like we keep pulling the slot machine and waiting to hit the jackpot. New rules for CDPH say mask 100% of the time when you are not at home. Yikes
  4. Sort of cute when you are watching the graphic intro to House of Cards.....very unsettling when it is hanging from a flag pole.
  5. Real life got real busy today, too many honey doo's, too little time. Not going to be able to fly tonight
  6. Just to give you a sense of the vibe right now, noticed this in my neighborhood this week.
  7. I was going to write a long, perhaps personal post and have decided to keep it brief. My daughter and son in law have a 5 month baby at home. Both have significant careers and job demands. They are both working from home most days. In the current environment they can not get daycare or a nanny. They can barely get a phone call returned. They have negotiated with each other and their employers that they each get 20 hours of meeting time a week, and they have to schedule the zoom calls around each other so one of them can be taking the lead with the baby. No question they are li
  8. You always know it was good flying night if Robby has to apologize afterwards Rock On Robby!
  9. WWGeezer

    FC Sunday

    Hoping to fly but may be iffy. Wife's back has gone out and I appear to have full time sherpa duties. Depends on her mental health when it gets close to flying time.
  10. part of Geezer's "go slow" philosophy....at this point I am much more comfortable opening it up and replacing them if I have to, but going to try this for a bit and see how I do.
  11. you just have to accept its funky interface....the environment is pretty cool.
  12. I was trying to find something to get myself into a COVID limited Halloween season this year and Wilson's Heart hit the mark. These VR adventure game is all black and white, set in a abandoned hospital in the middle of a night during a thunderstorm. I am Wilson a salty old guy, and I wake up strapped to a gurney, having just had my heart replaced with some mechanical contraption. Navigating is a little odd, there are shadow figures of yourself that show where you can navigate to. Objects that are important are highlighted and you save them for use later. They pop up when you need th
  13. I even found an appropriate skin for you
  14. well I went with the thorough cleaning and it looks and feels great....keeping the pots hanging on the wall and will see how it flies this week.
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