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  1. Wow....CGI doesn't look like CGI anymore when its really good and this one is good!
  2. A bit of intel from the boys in the dark room.....
  3. okay it was a little painful getting there, but tis done, loaded and ready to go.
  4. Wow Wolfe......the commitment to immersion Is impressive, also a serious use of duct tape one more question......what did you start with? The curved blue shell is just visible in the pic
  5. Perfect, must not have scrolled down far enough
  6. certainly worth trying it out....feels a little beta right now ( wonder if Jason's trying to figure out how to charge extra for it)
  7. I'm sure Drift know the answer to this.....these Vanderstock missions has icons on Objectives labelled as "Objective".....which is just the label on the icon. If you hover over the label you get some text ( like Headquarters or Ammo Dump) Trying to edit that text, but can figure out where it is? Any guesses
  8. Entente is Under Attack! ( yes we are flying allied) Central is going aggressive. Expect to be booted out of the sack for a scramble at dawn, If you survive that ( and you probably won't) than you better head down to Vyshe because the German U-Boats are attacking the factory. Once we lick our wounds and regroup, its time to punch the Kaiser back in the eye. Taking out his Resort by the Lake is a good target, or if you want to disrupt the supply chain there is a cargo ship unloading vehicles near Kerch.
  9. Locked and Loaded, mission on server and SDS tested. on to fried chicken and corn on the cob....
  10. Got the mission updated. We will be flying Central. Same three objectives from when Duck ran it, Ships, Fuel Depot and Airfield Aircraft Change Log 1. Changed out all aircraft to ww1 2. Changed out AAA and Artillery on Allied side to WW1 era 3. Softened objectives to be attainable with WW1 birds 4. Move bases closer together 5. Removed all Friendly AI aircraft from Central side ( so they don't poach our kill) 6. Added Aerostats at home fields It takes awhile to convert this so I only worked the Entente side, figuring we are flying Central. For the following week will give the Entente side the same treatment so we can fly the same mission again, but from the other side. Seeyou Sunday
  11. Wow Duck.....no one should complain that there are not enough enemy AI in your missions....yikes!
  12. Fawlty....must be my turn by now? Going to make an attempt at coverting Duck's WW2 mission at the north end of the Kuban Map into a WW1 mission. Will be flying German this time. If it works out, will try to make an Entente version for the following week. Should be ready by Sunday See you then!
  13. Thanks Duck.....( ohhh you flying with those googles tonight!)
  14. okay okay....I figured out where to find Brian's skins, guess I don't have an excuse next week.
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