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  1. I always loved in other games where you started in clouds and than passed thru a cell of rain. Look forward to seeing this in game.
  2. The Pfalz was the bird of choice for the Blue Max, so always a good choice.
  3. Great sentiment Sandy. I want to put a special thanks to all the squad members who put this together. Sandy, Craven, Griphos, Zed for being in the memorial flight. Duck for pushing the buttons behind the scenes. Diz for stepping in as MC. All of you stepped this up to another level to get this done and it is greatly appreciated.
  4. Happy Birthday Mr. Biker.....
  5. sheesh, Cephas, you have done a lot of work! Thanks so much.
  6. My brother is coming to visit Tuesday so no flying for me that night. Duck has made a request to fly with Gold this week so that should help. Zed I told him you said something about being shot if he was out of uniform so hopefully he will download the skin’s you built.
  7. wow....such bravado. Might have my brother visiting, but if not, I will be there. We had a blast with the mission that ended with P38's. Open to anything, but how does that high level dive bombing work? ( dive and drop at 5k?)
  8. I plan on being there tonight.
  9. have to be social with a neighbor and be a good husband and all that stuff, no flying for me tonight. Will be in the mix on Tuesday (and memorial practice Monday)
  10. a shot from the high altitude recon boys, looks like it is on a bearing of 120 from the airfield. Carpet bomb will work well for the factories and refineries, not so sure about the ships. Will await orders from Frylock
  11. If the goal is to destroy the shipyard are the ships and supplies on the pier the primary target or do we need to include the refinery and factories in our strategy?
  12. We did get some recon photos from the boys in the dark room
  13. Sorry I could not make it Thursday, hope to see this one again in the future.
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