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  1. Good info, I would never do the true water cooled, close loop looks reasonable
  2. Meaning you would buy a fancy water cooled thingy?
  3. I was trolling the PC Gamer build guide and that was their recommendation for an ssd drive. Their build is targeting a $1,000 price point but than it gives you links to “best of 2019” for each component. https://www.pcgamer.com/gaming-pc-build-guide/
  4. Oops, left ofF a cd drive. I still have some software that is on disc ( like Lightroom) , suppose the format is close to extinct but still need one ( old family pictures and such )
  5. It is interesting going back to a build ten years later. I have heard people talking about SSD drives, but was a little shocked when I saw two slots on the motherboard for the P1 , Fricking 1TB in something that looks like a book mark l Suppose that is what is sitting inside my iPad Pro Driftwood, just remember that there is no definitive right answer to these questions. Plague buys used machines on eBay and had good success. Best value is relative For me VR is 3 or 4 years out, will change my graphics card and buy the next gen version. I think my rig lasted because the i7 processor was brand new at the time (On second thought by then I should be about retired, might be better for me to buy a heath club membership!)
  6. Yikes Drift, that is a beefy looking rig!
  7. Yup, a pre-build is tempting, just less headache, and it is easy to get up to $2k without trying to hard. Duck, your link expired I think. Brinson, I thought about cannibalizing, but with six sticks of 1gig ram and a ten year old motherboard, not much left to use over. In the past I always bought a sound card and it was necessary. Maybe the on board audio is better now, but it used to suck. Seems like a lot of people are buying external Dac's instead of an internal card.
  8. I won't share my whole spec sheet yet, but have gotten to graphics cards. My preference has been an Nvidia card.....I dont think I have ever spent more than $350 on a graphics card. (My current card is now 5 years old.....a GTX 770). Seems like GTX 1660 or 1070 are in the right ball park. I tend to prefer my components not overclocked.
  9. Starting this thread because I am targeting the coming Black Friday to start pulling together components for a "new build". I have only built one machine and it was specifically to fly Rise of Flight. I built my current machine in May of 2009! Still running on Windows XP and many graphics card and memory upgrades later, it still runs amazingly well all things considered. This latest patch in BOS, having to crank down some of the graphic settings, made me think that it is time. Will be posting the proposed build to get some input. The goal is to balance the processor, memory, storage and graphics card to get a neat and tidy fast build. I am sure I will spend over $1,000 but under $2,000.....$1,500 would be a nice sweet spot.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. Doing some knocking around on the Il2 forum and it looks like Vanderstock updated his easy mission generator to include both the Rhineland and Arras. This means many more COOP missions available to us on Maps from the right eras. Here is the control panel and a sample France versus Germany. He does a nice job of making sure the sortie's from each side overlap. Going to stay focused on the campaign right now, but will get some Flying Circus Coop's set up in the future.
  12. Yes he is a great character....and I agree with the “shocking” part, I think that is why this reminds me of “The Pacific”. Crazy to have two sides dug in so close together that they could have a conversation across the lines. Going to have to find a good history of Gollipoli to read.
  13. Well worth watching. Definitely shows the disconnect between what English leadership said was going on and what was actually going on. Some funny stuff too. The terrain is so harsh, makes the Pacific look like a holiday destination
  14. I think part of the issue is that not every building has a damage model
  15. Thought I would post some intel shots of what is a Hanger and what is not.
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