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  1. Been trying to practice on the JU52 and am struggling on getting the flaps to work. The flaps require a two step process, my normal key binding can release the flaps, but instructions say to use pitch trim to than adjust the flaps. I have tried multiple set ups but can't seem to get the pitch trim to do anything. I get messages while I am flying to retract the flaps, but all I can do is enable or disable. Anyone have this figured out better than me? PS this is one of the planes with coweling vents. You can see them open and close on the face of the engine. It also has a parking break.
  2. Couple questions.....Once you land do you need a key binding to unload cargo ? I remember doing it in a coconut mission, but can't remember if it happend automatically or not. Next question....what command do you give AI rear gunners ( for those who don't have Zeus) to kick butt?
  3. Just received these order from German High Command.... " Things are dire at Krymskaya, without more supplies our forces will loose this battle to the Russian Tank divisions. We need four flyers from Gold Flight to join up with the JU52 Supply group. We know your flight has a great reputation for destruction, but this mission is about following orders, making it to the airfield, landing safely and allowing cargo to be unloaded. High Command has already assigned two seasoned cargo pilots into positions 1 and 2 ( AI) and the balance of Gold flight needs to fall in at 3 thru 6. The JU 52's will already be in the air at the start of the mission and will make a quick fly-by over Anapa. Both Blue and Red fight need to immediately scramble and get in the air to provide escort. Flight leads can develop their own strategy for how to provide coverage.... but have a plan, not the usual show boating. The Russians will be doing everything they can to disrupt the delivery of Supplies. We have to stay focused on getting the JU's to the airfield safely. Feel free to go hunting for enemy targets once this part of the mission has been accomplished. Good luck to you all ( and don't screw up)" Wow, the Commander is setting the bar pretty high for us. Hope we can pull it off.
  4. I think I was up for this Tuesday. Doing some final clean up, but should be ready.....Gold Flight do any of you have the JU 52?. If not may need some volunteers who do. #9 is a transport and delivery of supplies mission. Lets see what our count is, but likely could use a flight of Op For to even the sides.
  5. This was not suppose to be a civil war trip, but we stayed at a B&B just outside Antietam. The country was beautiful and the State Park was sobering. A huge area of land with makers that gave the battle details and death tolls as you went from boundary to boundary. This battle had the largest loss of life in a single day and was a key battle between the north and south. Nearby was the National Cemetery. It was were all the Union casualties were buried ( they would not allow Confederate soldiers to be buried there). The cemetery was laid out in a fan shape and all the soldiers where grouped by state, so you would have all New Yorker's or all Illinois etc buried together. Even the memorials where organized by state, like all the divisions that came from New Jersey. You start realizing in this part of the country, this history is still part of landscape, not just something in the history books.
  6. When I have more time will set up an archive for pictures and develop them better. Ton's of content.
  7. And here is just a tidbit of some pretty rare WW1 and early early WW1 aircraft
  8. Going to use this thread to post some of the images from the trip. First for those that don't know, there are two Air & Space Museums. Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum on the Capital Mall in Washington DC (SNASM) Stephen F. Udzar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, Virginia The National Air & Space in DC is a mayhem. Half of it is closed for a renovation that could take five years. Bus loads of kids delivered hourly and wall to wall people. More of an emphasis on hands on displays than lots of restored aircraft to view. My friend I met there said the wear and tear on displays is incredible. This visit was interesting but not particularly fun. Udzar- Hazy on the other hand was incredible, lots of room to take your time, some great vantage points to view the aircraft and a large restoration area to view them working on planes Here is a map and a few images to give you a sense of scale
  9. I love that Dub....at work I have seen people presenting to a monitor try to drag the image on the screen with their hand thinking it was a touch screen. there must be a term invented for applying the wrong technology to a different device. Cross-teching?
  10. I think you can set up with Pierre to drive it back, he likes doing that.
  11. Mr. Duck Happy Birthday Old Man, you have done soooo much for this squad, soooo happy to have your around. the squad pitched in and bought you a new car so you can take Goober for rides
  12. I guess its not so much the store I miss, but if you went to the counter where they sold the motherboards you had a certain era of technical help. I am going to miss those guys.
  13. Pulled into Fry’s Electronics and was shocked to see the lot only a third full. Looking for a usb printer cable and where there used to twenty to choose from only found two. Fry’s was the geeks paradise for self-builders. Kinda broke my heart to see it going down I’m flames Maybe it is just ours and not the whole chain. sniff sniff
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