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  1. Craven, that ice is so clear it looks like glass, amazing
  2. Quite a story. Some pretty good dogfighting advice as well. Thanks for putting this together Zed.
  3. great shots.....so what speed / f-stop setting gets you spinning props but not fuzzy aircraft ( I have always struggled with that)?
  4. Sure looks like the rear gunner gets the best seat in the house. Plenty of leg room, two side mounted machine guns, bubble glass for easy viewing, lots of room for Scooby Snacks
  5. Vonrd, this looks like a lot of fun. Appreciate the informality and the Wiley Coyote cartoons. I am heading out on a family vacation starting the July 4th for a few weeks, so can not make it. Will see if some of the other folks are interested.
  6. Thanks for sharing Zed. The Flying Canoe looks like a lot of fun.
  7. here was a pretty good tutorial for taking off. Tis a pretty technical bird. Will need a lot more mappings to navigate this well.
  8. Here are the bearings from the airbase....280 degrees on the way out, 100 on the way back
  9. WWGeezer


    I love the dioramas....very cool.....
  10. Oh my....Zeus is going to be jealous.
  11. Who was the bigger winner, you or the spouse?
  12. If you can get over watching a talk show with avatars, these guys are pretty good. With Meta, Apple and Valve Index all teasing future hardware development in VR, a lot of interesting stuff going on. Gotta hold on for another year before I retire the Rift S I think.
  13. Great Historical Maps. So is the armored assault a relief convoy that is also German and trying to get access to the fortresses?
  14. Sounds heroic but successful. The recollection from my build was the MB manufacturer has a list of tested components that were compatible, but the list was always out of date. Invariably if you selected a highly rated component , it likely had yet to be tested with the motherboard, so you had to really on word of mouth and forum posts like you did to see if there are any issues. Congratts on getting her up and running!
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