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  1. Your description makes me want to go to fighter school....maybe after I retire.
  2. Thanks Darkdiz...a good start, just have to dig into it a bit so my muscle memory kicks in.
  3. Cephas is foreshadowing some high alt bombing in our future for Gold Flight......I know we have done these well with Frylock doing the hard work while we just stay information and just drop when told to drop. We also get all the fun of listening to him curse if he gets off track Fry,Zed....any good tutorials you would point me towards to get more sharpen my skills, has been a bit since I did these and want to make sure I can step in if Frylock can't make it.
  4. yikes....is that all photoshop or did you do stand to close to the campfire?
  5. Sounds wild. In those kinds of climate do you normally have electric pipe protection.....but than you loose it if no power?
  6. definitley be careful wearing the glasses with the VR until you get the lenses. With everything nice and tight I could not tell that my glasses were touching the Oculus lenses and I started to get scratching. Definitely worth buying the lenses to avoid that. The blue lense is to protect you eyes? Guessing it is a good idea. Mine came from Poland and took forever to come. PS....I decided to buy my son in law the Quest 2. A more generous gift than normal by me (by a lot), but he is a gamer and one of those guys that when you ask him what he wants for his birthday and christmas he neve
  7. PS....Things are heating up....Liv is gone, maybe inside the Alien ship. Satellite growing mold on the outside needs investigation.
  8. yes that is pretty much it. Used single drops over the computer and my chair. Used the remaining four in the center of the room ( I think it would have worked as a single. works pretty well
  9. you throw stuff at Olivia! Wow.....never thought of that? I did have her ask me why I was pointing at her once. still getting used to the "ques".....little orange boxes tell you what your task or target is. I think there is a "dot dot dot" in a dialog box when there is something read or talk to.
  10. have you done any internet searches for known issues with the game? I did have one glitch where in one segment I kept getting irradiated before I finished a task and after I died it would normally "respawn " me in this telephone booth thingy, but I got respawned have inside and half outside of it and it wouldn't release me. I had to beat the level to get passed it. Have you tried starting a completely new game? Also, just to try it, you can switch between which controller is dominant ( left or right handed) might try cycling thru that in case PS You should ask for your money
  11. By the way, can you earn Goobers in space? I should know better, as a passenger on the Fury, I learned it was important to hold on when it takes off. If you don’t, being weightless and all, you might be left floating alone in space with the shuttle fading into the horizon. So the shuttle is moving along at a good clip and I see the mining station coming up quickly, almost there. Just as I let go of the top rail, the breaking thrusters kick in and the shuttle comes to an abrupt stop. I literally hurl over the rail and splat into the side of the rock, feeling like Wiley Coyote wait
  12. Well did some repairs at the mining site, but since I am an overachiever I took on the optional task of finding the missing robot unit. Found him undeneath the rock area in a small cave. Headlamp came in handy and was able to re-assemble him and get him ready for work. Unfortunately his brain was pretty scrambled. Something about erasing his old bosses search history. Some fishy stuff going on out here, I am sure it will become clearer soon.
  13. quick search shows an "AB1" Aerial Battalion 1 Their recruiting officer was AB1 -Zed......wait a minute...Crispy Duck, AB1-Zed. Could this be our doppelganger alternate universe squadron? I bet there is an No20 Sneezer and maybe AB1 Dirtman......I think I might be losing it.......ahhhhhhhhhh
  14. Squadron 20 guys are nice group of fellas. They like flying Entente, likely will join us tonight. Gave them TS and Password info
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