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  1. Oh man….sorry I missed it. Yes please do run again next week! Also Biker….I know its tempting when it is freezing outside, but you really do have to take Goober all the way out behind the shed to do his business. Simply opening the door and letting him piss down the stairs is no longer acceptable. Zeus has set a bad precedent. Sorry about that Boss…hope you get to 100% soon.
  2. Well done…(Now all you need to do is buy that replacement monitor). So do you end up measuring the monitor and adding just a tiny bit of clearance to get a tight fit?
  3. Camping in Coloma California, got just to freezing this morning.
  4. One of the odd things about getting old is seeing things you had first hand knowledge of fade away. I lived in a Co-Op in San Luis Obispo that was filled with 16 architectural students in an old brick building called the Ark. Over the years students had cut the roof trusses and built lofts over the corridors and in the attics. An incredible fire hazard and a wonderful place to live and I discovered several years ago that it had been torn down. Other than my memories and a few photographs it is long gone. And now Meat Loaf has died. I have tried to explain what I experienced to young people and they respond ” Oh Yeah…the Rocky Picture Show was great, we threw toast at the movie screen” They just don’t understand. Before the Rocky Picture Show was the Rocky Horror Show. This live musical moved from London to LA and played at the Roxy on the Sunset Strip for two years. This was right in the middle of the Glam Rock era with bands like Mott The Hoople, the New York Dolls and Ziggy Stardust filling the FM radio play list ( radio is how we used to listen to music before pandora). I saw the show twice in 1974/ 1975. The content was so explicit that the local papers ( before the internet ) could not really describe it. I can remember this conversation with my Mom. ”How was the show son?” ” It was good Mom” They had no idea. Tim Curry was like two feet away from me when he threw back his black cape, glitter coming out of his hair, in black satin underwear, garter belt, corset and fish net stockings, while he belted out his signature number, walking down the runway between the cafe tables. And Meat Loaf? This monumental giant was rolled onto the stage concealed in a coca cola cooler, leaped out dressed like some cross between Elvis and Frankenstien, belting out a rock and roll tune backed up by a band located in a mezzanine just above our head with Columbia and Magenta hanging on his side. ” Wow son, you must have liked this show, since you went back a second time.” ” Yeah mom, it was a pretty good show.” So now Meat Loaf is gone, and this memory sits in my head, gathering dust and fading away. Hot patootie Bless my Soul Really love that Rock ’n Roll Good Night Big Fella
  5. Guess I will have to really learn how to fly this one now.....in ROF I had a heck of a time getting it off the ground.
  6. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/168-developer-diary/page/8/#comment-1160161 The textures on these images look really good. Also love the cracked asphalt on the runway...looks like the street I live on. Serious WW1 Level Bombing coming soon!
  7. oops. reading these in reverse order.....sounds like Frylock has already pitched this idea
  8. I think we have leaned on Frylock's expertice in Gold Flight. He is able to jump into a mission, take take a look at the map and do his noodling work on the fly. What the rest of us do is fly in tight formation and when he calls his drop we count off a second and we drop. This is great for us, but if Fry takes a night off, I know I am personally in trouble. I vote for a high alt training night. I think Fry would be happy to do it sometime. Only other comment, if Cephas tells us ahead of time it will be a map like last night and I can get into the mission builder to look at the mission, happy to do some hi tech recon and post some subtle photos for targets, I enjoy doing that and it helps a bit with the immersion as well.
  9. Yes. I met him in Ventura California when I first starting dating my wife in 1975, After the war he immigrated to Canada, married an Irish woman from his hometown in scotland, than made his way to Sugarite New Mexico ( more mining) and settled in Ventura in retirement. He was what you would imagine for a scottish coal miner. Short and strong with stubby hands and a crooked smile. When he shook my hand he told me that he was a coal miner ("toughest job there is") and that he got gassed and shot in WW1 ("chlorine gas.....awful stuff"). Robyn's Dad was also born in Scotland and his name was also Bill. When Robyn's grandfather wanted his son-in-laws attention he would bellow out "WULLY"...... I have held onto that handshake as my direct connection to World War 1 history....something that makes it personal for me.
  10. The wife and I have decided that COVID is going to turn and that we can actually start planning a vacation. Very likely it will be Scotland, but someday I want to visit France. As an exercise to decide where I might want to go, I pulled out this little book I purchased long ago that was his battalion's battle diary. It gives a day by day account of where the battalion moved thru the entire war. Bill Rigg was a laborer at a coal mine in Kilsyth in Scotland and he joined up as a 17 year old in 1914. He served thru the entire war. The final document identifies all the towns and battles in the diary. When you walk thru the list, it is a wonder to me that my wife exists at all.
  11. My Dad was Jim Arness's "business manager", ie accountant from the early 60's until post Gunsmoke for a few years. Was most of my Dad's career. The Gunsmoke set was in Studio City in the San Fernando Valley. I met Mr. Arness several times, we got to stay at his beach house in Malibu and a cabin in Mammoth. He was very nice to us. Every year the Christmas party was on a decorated Dodge City main street. That being said nothing glamorous about being a business manager. Movie Stars hire people to do the hard stuff. Jim Arness had a daughter that committed suicide and his wife overdosed on sleeping pills. In both cases it was my Dad's job to call immediate family (like sons to tell them their mom was gone...crazy). Tough gig.
  12. And lots of beer steins!
  13. Going thru my brothers estate, ran into some Gunsmoke stuff. Besides some mugs, his office sign from the studios for my Dad and Mr. Arness…..oh yeah, and a badge too!
  14. Still digging out from my So Cal trip. Not able to fly tonight, but should be back on Sunday.
  15. I will have to look into that Dub. Buying semi transparent discs makes it a lot easier for the manual method. Cephas no question you can throw your arm out if you are not careful. Trying to actually develop some technique as opposed to throwing real hard.
  16. One of my side hobbies that I am trying to spend more time on is disc golf ( very californian hobby I am guessing). Have discovered you can buy second discs from the factory for cheap, but they have no art on the disc. Decided to have some fun and make some of my own. I was happy with the sketches ( built a template layer, used procreate on an ipad).....transferring by hand onto the plastic will be interesting. Discs have names, designs are based on those. (Good potential for nose art someday if I ever get there)
  17. It was fun, as a Gold Flight guy we are happy to have it be too hard or have it be too easy. We show up, we punch the clock, we do the job and try to get back home in time for a tall cold one. Thanks for the mission.
  18. yup yup, take the time you need and the heck with all of them. Sorry to hear about your step dad.
  19. and here is a bit more coherent write up from Tom's Hardware https://www.tomsguide.com/news/oculus-quest-2-pro-release-date-controller-headset-and-more
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