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  1. Yea, I have been watching the flow of bogus emails. Any thing we can do or just ignore?
  2. Looks like Butzell built the mission, set up as a bit of a trainer I think. If you destroy a truck convoy it respawns a new one immediately. I think he also made the vehicles very weak, because just a few rounds from DR1 blew them up. i added two flights of AI on each side to make sure there were more bad guys around this is a dogfight mission by the way, not a coop.
  3. I ran into this mission on JG1's server. They picked a really nice part of the map where the two opposing airfields are pretty close together but with a body of water between them. Convoy targets on both sides and ship targets on either side of the peninsula. Jed will be pleased that they kept the UV in the plane sets. I think I will modify this to add the 1-16's "observers" to make sure everyone can fly and put it up on Thursday.
  4. I also think this is worth monitoring to see how they structure their campaign, what works and what does not.
  5. Looks like an interesting format. Am tempted to give it a try. I also like the alternating sides, but the community is not so balanced. People tend to like to fly their squad affiliations. Are members interested in participating? Seems like it is a pretty open format.
  6. Geezer is DOA, the man is making me stay late tonight....grrrr
  7. Duck, I am flying Tuesday but please launch the First COOP mission by 6:15...hard to predict when I get home.
  8. pretty sure what command cover does is tell this AI group to cover the bombers. If the bombers get attacked this group should zoom in and project them. I assume if the bombers crash or complete the mission the AI don't have much to do and could loiter around unless there is a command to land ( which I think there might be). I don't have time to do much mission building right now to experiment, feel free to kick and around and see what happens!
  9. Yo Duck.....do you want to run the second round of the COOP this Tuesday and push this off a week? I am fine either way, but gives you another week. Let me know
  10. An evil part of me almost made all the planes I-16’s “attack of the killer nats “
  11. Updated maps....flying Russian Tuesday, German next time ( Blue flight...better dust off your I-16 manuals)
  12. I guess I am kinda of an apple guy....I go for cleanest and simplest to read, tend to go with the default theme that is mostly white on white
  13. Here are the briefs for WWCOOP Moscow 1& 2 We will fly Russian first on Tuesday for both Missions, than will refly on the German side the next time COOP's are up. Starting to fall into a pattern here. Gold has the heavy target, Red gets their first and de-fangs AAA, Blue escorts. I try to do enough recon on the Vander Mission to point out other Secondary targets that are nearbye. Almost always a couple, but these are only to pursued after each flight has completed its primary mission ( going to try and get some stick time in this weekend on the PE2 so I have a chance of flying it....my track record has not been so good). WWCOOP_Moscow 1-2.pptx
  14. Nice shots Sandy and it was great meeting Meghan....she is a very nice lady.
  15. Family function on Tuesday night so I will not be able to fly, but will be here on Thursday. Thought I would re-tool a Flying Circus Coop based on what we learned from last time Change Log 1. Moved the Allied base to the closer airfield so there is not such a long pull to the convoy targets 2. Add a Gray flight plane on each side that is Neutral and parked a single I-16 at a more distant airfield. This is to allow non FC owners to at least join the mission, provide intel and check out the action. ( not historically accurate, but it is an open cockpit)! 3. Both Gold and Red flight have two seater bombers. We need more fire power to take out the convoy and its escort. This allows Red flight to take bombs, get there first without escort and try to disable the escort ship ( that has guns) so that Gold flight can focus on destroying the cargo ships. 4. Changed White Flight to Camels and Fokker D7f's so if there are some fighter pilot bad-asses in the group , they won't be disappointed. Usual set up with White Flight, if you spawn as leaders and roll forward, the rest of the flight will follow you ( give them a moment to start their engines. 5. Changed the Ship convoy escorts to submarines, just to try it. Hope it works out....sure looks good with 16 biplanes taking off in a group.
  16. yup....going to work on adding the new planes to the Ship Convoy COOP...next so we can give that a try. Will move the convoys a little closer together and perhaps change to a submarine escort front and back to reduce the oppressive fire from the escorts.
  17. Just finished this book. It is a fictional novel about a squadron in WW1 and in the Afterword had some great quotes about what dogfighting in WW1 was all about by Oliver Stewart. Since we have been getting back into the canvas, thought I would share. "To be strictly honest about it, the objective of a fighter pilot in the First World War was to sneak in unobserved close behind his opponent and then shoot him in the back. Bar-room brawling, bicycle chains and broken bottles have a closer affinity to the early fighting in the air than the chivalrous, formalized, knightly encounters with lance and epee to which it has been likened. To those who studied it closely enough the limitless open sky became as good a place to lie in wait for an unsuspecting passer-by as a darkened alley off a sleazy street, and the sudden act of violence , when it came, could be as deadly." This certainly feels closer to what you experience flying a WW1 simulation in battle. Derek Robinson said that is what he tried to capture in this book, and he does a pretty good job at it. Only 230 pages, so a quick read. First responder to this thread who wants it, will mail it to you ( send me a PM with address info).
  18. Got home late last night, clearing out the mayhem and collecting the dog for the dog sitter. No steam left for flying tonight. Great trip on several fronts. Look forward to flying on Thursday. See you then.
  19. Wow, looks really good
  20. Duck....will you be able to launch the COOP? I won't be home in time for the first sortie, but will make the second.
  21. wait a minute.....this photo confirms something else....Driftwood collects Driftwood.
  22. Here are the briefs for the next two WWCOOP missions. Will fly one side this Tuesday and the other a week later. Mission 3 - A Bombing Mission Gold = Bomber Blue = Escort Red = JABO Mission 4 - A Patrol Mission Gold = Jabo Blue = Escort Red = Patrol
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