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  1. Craven, that ice is so clear it looks like glass, amazing
  2. Quite a story. Some pretty good dogfighting advice as well. Thanks for putting this together Zed.
  3. great shots.....so what speed / f-stop setting gets you spinning props but not fuzzy aircraft ( I have always struggled with that)?
  4. Sure looks like the rear gunner gets the best seat in the house. Plenty of leg room, two side mounted machine guns, bubble glass for easy viewing, lots of room for Scooby Snacks
  5. Vonrd, this looks like a lot of fun. Appreciate the informality and the Wiley Coyote cartoons. I am heading out on a family vacation starting the July 4th for a few weeks, so can not make it. Will see if some of the other folks are interested.
  6. Thanks for sharing Zed. The Flying Canoe looks like a lot of fun.
  7. here was a pretty good tutorial for taking off. Tis a pretty technical bird. Will need a lot more mappings to navigate this well.
  8. Here are the bearings from the airbase....280 degrees on the way out, 100 on the way back
  9. WWGeezer


    I love the dioramas....very cool.....
  10. Oh my....Zeus is going to be jealous.
  11. Who was the bigger winner, you or the spouse?
  12. If you can get over watching a talk show with avatars, these guys are pretty good. With Meta, Apple and Valve Index all teasing future hardware development in VR, a lot of interesting stuff going on. Gotta hold on for another year before I retire the Rift S I think.
  13. Great Historical Maps. So is the armored assault a relief convoy that is also German and trying to get access to the fortresses?
  14. Sounds heroic but successful. The recollection from my build was the MB manufacturer has a list of tested components that were compatible, but the list was always out of date. Invariably if you selected a highly rated component , it likely had yet to be tested with the motherboard, so you had to really on word of mouth and forum posts like you did to see if there are any issues. Congratts on getting her up and running!
  15. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arado_Ar_234 I do wonders sometimes how they decide which planes to model. Jet Bomber that requires extra gear to get off the ground on short runways. Can select either bomb site or camera package. Big Bombs but no guns, so guess with jets you better out run everything? The cockpit is pretty amazing but makes me feel like I should be wearing lead underpants with that view between my legs. Great recon aircraft? You actually have camera bays to open ( see pic below).
  16. great poster.....really hoping I make the Reno Air Races this year. Has been a long, long time.
  17. Pretty wild application, I assume this allows you to see larger scale live versions of your dials? Looks very cool.
  18. One of our inactive members is a friend of mine in the workplace. He retires this month and he gave me this image as a gift ( not sure why I was getting a gift for his retirement!). His dad was a P-38 pilot station in Panama during WW2 and this silhouette is him with his aircraft. His dad passed away a few years ago, but I did have the honor of going with him to the Sacramento airshow one year when they were going to have seven P-38's flying at the same time. I think in the end they only got four of them in the air that day but it was a great experience. Two stories about his dad The first was when his family offered to buy him a ride on a B-17 at one of the Heritage Flights locally. The response from a 90 plus year old retired P-38 fighter pilot....."Why the hell would I want a ride on a bus like that?" The second story was when I met his wife on the day we picked him up to go to the airshow. He had a very worn and dirty WW2 Vet baseball cap on. His wife stopped him at the door, took off the ratty old hat and brought out a brand new identical hat that she bought for him to wear to the show. He reluctantly took it from her. As we all climbed into the van and buckled up, he got this little smile on his face and pulled the ratty old hat that he had concealed in his back pocket and put it back on, smiling from ear to ear. I asked Chris for a little more of his service history, will share it here when I have it.
  19. Great mission, really enjoyed the map and a night with the squad flying well as a team. The one sortie where I blew my engine allowed me to come back with Zed as a gunner. That front gun position in the He-111 is nuts.
  20. Can I request this one get replayed tonight? Never got to fly it the first time.
  21. Diz your operation description makes sense......but maybe a picture will tell the story better... The Red Text is what I am doing The Yellow Text is what I am seeing in the cockpit So I am getting brakes engaging without me pushing any buttons in the second and third frame below
  22. Somehow I think it must make the Gotha feel nimble. (Is your new profile picture what you and Cephas look like when you are working on missions together.....)
  23. It seems managable enough in practice. I guess it just surprised me that pushing the right rudder caused the left brake to engage, even though I was not applying the brakes manually. You can't do 100% right rudder and zero brakes, they are interlocked in the simulation. As you said, it is gradual so you can navigate it. Once you are in the air, a hard left or right rudder does not automatically engage the brakes.....only on the ground. Saying that is "just like the spitfire" makes sense from the point that there are no toe brakes....but this interlocking thing is not the same. On the spit, I can apply 100% right rudder and 0% brakes or 100% brakes by how I apply them. Different in the Mossy. (Please experiment and let me know if you experience something different than what I described! )
  24. Diz, looks like the toggle on radiator flaps issue was my own, did not do it today, working fine Regarding brakes, not sure I completely understand how they work. I get it that toe brakes don't work, and if I keep my feet of the rudder pedals I have a brake button that works, but if I just apply left or right rudder it seems breaking happens at the same time. Seems like I must have something double mapped.
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