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  1. I had fun because I shot down two planes ....(.I never shoot down planes) was nice flying with Cephas as a pair as well. I liked the scale of the mission especially around the lake
  2. Hey Happy Birthday Immunization Holiday Old Man
  3. Happy Birthday Pierre....hope you celebrated in fine form!
  4. wow.....I am very late to this dance. So happy to having you join us Terry. I do love that bike too.
  5. I ran into this song performed by EmmyLou Harris and Linda Ronstadt, written by David Olney wow....... The strange young man who comes to me A soldier on a three day spree Who needs one night's cheap ecstasy And a woman's arms to hide him He greets me with a courtly bow And hides his pain by acting proud He drinks too much and he laughs too loud How can I deny him? Let us dance beneath the moon I'll sing to you "Claire de Lune' The morning always comes too soon But tonight the war is over He speaks to me in schoolboy French Of a soldie
  6. I'm a Nikon guy have been nursing along an old D3300 for many years, but bought several decent lenses for it. For Christmas I got the D7500 body and it has been amazing. Kind of the step up from casual snapshots to serious business. Pretty much can adjust film ISO, speed, f-stop, flash and focus all from buttons and wheels and thru the view finder. And you can take your glasses off and focus the view finder. Just cool stuff I never had. Has both bluetooth and wireless connectivity so I can drop images onto the ipad during vacation for post shooting review. Still a lot to learn, but was
  7. Since we are sharing nature shots, ran into some highland cows while we were camping. Still getting used to what my new camera can do, but loved the twisted pose with the curly hair.
  8. I prefer it off. The last mission I flew with it off, it was a relief to know if I saw something on the horizon it was worth chasing it because it was really there
  9. well the game gives you choices on what to say to Olivia, so flirting is not out of the question.
  10. pretty fabulous stuff Cephas. So the mission sticks to one hour, just a new mission is revealed once the first one is completed?
  11. a day late an a dollar short, but happy birthday mr C
  12. hoping to be there, happy to be a really wimpy op for or any other assignment that is available.
  13. It has been a long dark time in the old alien ship, but finally a familiar face. I missed Olivia, she and I need to go get a coffee
  14. Frylock and I have used the beacon to find our way home many times, very handy
  15. Terry, mission building is a bit like golf, a character building exercise that allows you to be humbled in front of friends. The import part is being surrounded by friends. Happy to have another mission builder in the family.
  16. Well Wringer would not have been to proud of me. got behind and could not catch up with the rest of gold. Then Zed blew his engines so seriously under gunned on the bombing. No time to study up to get my high alt bombing chops in place. I think it is just going to be that way for me until June. I loved the high alt trip over the mountains. These missions are all so well built, Cephas we really have to go around the horn again and try them again..
  17. Watched a short video, looked interesting, more of an arcade sim, but still interesting
  18. found it This is what I used. Worked like charm.. 1452 783 posts Report post Posted April 13, 2017 VR Tips and Tricks Here are some tips & tricks you may already know that will help set up your VR for IL-2 (but it may be useful for other games). IL-2 Sturmovik uses Open VR interface, meaning you need to have Steam VR application installed on your PC. If you have HTC Vive, it is already installed (or you won't be able to use it in other games). However, if you have Oculus Rift, you may or may n
  19. duck, bumping this post on VR Settings
  20. Your description makes me want to go to fighter school....maybe after I retire.
  21. Thanks Darkdiz...a good start, just have to dig into it a bit so my muscle memory kicks in.
  22. Cephas is foreshadowing some high alt bombing in our future for Gold Flight......I know we have done these well with Frylock doing the hard work while we just stay information and just drop when told to drop. We also get all the fun of listening to him curse if he gets off track Fry,Zed....any good tutorials you would point me towards to get more sharpen my skills, has been a bit since I did these and want to make sure I can step in if Frylock can't make it.
  23. yikes....is that all photoshop or did you do stand to close to the campfire?
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