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  1. Yeah, I don't see this being the next VR for PC users, given the low resolution and the need for a smart phone. But, then, I think the G2 will probably be the next thing no matter what Oculus does.
  2. Well...Lisa would love this, so if no one else would particularly like to take Zed up on this, I will. Never mind. Looks like it doesn't work in Texas either.
  3. I didn't take any pictures, but you couldn't see the horizon where I live today. You'd have thought there were fires somewhere nearby, but nope, just California smoke all the way over here in Central Texas. I'm still keeping a wary eye out for zombies.
  4. Why isn't the sky red? Too soon? Looks lovely. And I'll bet it was a nice hike. You can tell the ground vegetation is pretty dry.
  5. Thanks, Robby. I want something other than that big two-way switch. What I'd love to have there is a rotary dial.
  6. Plus, it's six weeks shipping across the pond. I'd be more interested in a replacement for the pinky thing. I hate that one.
  7. Welcome WWGroucho! A man who knows his cigars is always welcome around here!
  8. I'm not sure I'm the kind of power user whose feedback is all that useful. The main difference I see between Ironsight and Novus is that Novus has the navy color theme. I did get something odd happen in Novus when I clicked to see who had left feedback on one post. It reformated the page to have the posts in the middle and big margins where the usual footers and headers relocated. That didn't happen in Ironsight. May have been a quirk. Can't repeat it. I think I lean toward Ironsight.
  9. I like Ironsight a lot better. Thanks for adding it. Black themes are hard for me to read.
  10. I've looked at it, but haven't tried it. I don't find the default slew stick that big an issue. This one does look nice, though.
  11. Some of the DTP guys have them on order. I'm very interested in hearing their report when they get them. It's very tempting.
  12. Aren't yummy Margaritas always calling?!
  13. Yeah, that's just crazy! Feeling more and more like the apocalypse to me. Keeping an eye out for zombies in my neck of the woods!
  14. Happy birthday, you ol' dog!! Er...I mean, you cool cat!
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