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  1. Just saw this now! At 11:45 pm my time. Shoot! I'll keep a better watch if you want to do it again some time. (Or...you know my email...) šŸ™‚
  2. Ok. Since Iā€™m in it... According to CNN: Not only do we have to break the habit of writing 2019, when we really mean 2020, but the dawn of a new decade also creates a unique opportunity for scammers, says Ira Rheingold, executive director for the National Association of Consumer Advocates. How exactly, you ask? When the year 2020 is abbreviated on official forms and documents, those looking to exploit unsuspecting people can easily manipulate those numbers and leave people potentially vulnerable to fraud. For example, a document dated 1/4/20 can easily be changed to 1/4/2021 by adding two numbers at the end. There are several ways that could pose a problem. Rheingold cited the example of a stale check, or one that was written more than six months or so ago. If you have an old check lying around that's dated 1/4/20 and someone finds it, they could add "21" to the end of that date, and voila, the check is no longer stale. Or, let's say you sign a credit contract ā€” an agreement between a borrower and a lender ā€” and date it 1/4/20. Say you then miss a month or two of payments, and the lender goes to collect the debt that's owed. Theoretically, they could add "19" to the end of that date and argue that you owe more than a year's worth of payments, Rheingold said. We could go on, but far be it for us to give any scammers out there more bright ideas. We'll just leave you with a PSA that consumer advocates, auditors and police departments around the country have been issuing: When you write a date on a document, don't shorthand the year 2020 to just "20." Write out the whole thing (it's only two more numbers, after all). It's still early in the year and there's no evidence yet that anyone has been scammed in this manner. But it's better to be safe than sorry. "It's just another precaution, another chance to warn people that there are folks out there who will take advantage of you," Rheingold said. Ā© 2020 Cable News Network, Inc. A WarnerMedia Company. All Rights Reserved.
  3. I'm staying out of this one. šŸ™‚
  4. I've got all of those and more. I do love the Korean War era stuff. Driftwood has a good bit of content too. Hopefully, we'll get some time together when you get home.
  5. DCS is fantastic. It would be great if more of us who have it found a way to fly it together sometimes. I have almost everything, but rarely fly it.
  6. I have the F-14, but haven't flown it yet. I need to knock the rust off DCS.
  7. Yeah, looking forward to the new season of Expanse as well. Third season recovered well from the somewhat scattered and less coherent second season. One of my favorite sci-fi series.
  8. Lisa and I watched it the other day. It was fun. Lisa kept fact-checking it as we watched, and it's pretty accurate. There's some stunning photography in it.
  9. My mom has several pairs of red foxes like in the pic that hang out at her cabin in CO. They'll come right up while we're sitting on the porch. Great pic, Craven. I saw one of our desert Kit foxes on the drive up to the house yesterday evening. There are several that live in the woods that our drive goes through. I see them sometimes in the day, but not often. I've always liked foxes too. It's all the damn coyotes that eat my sheep that I have a problem with!
  10. I thought of you too, Chunk, when I saw it was released. First new airport in a while for Xplane (that isn't a rehash of FSX airports). Like you, I'd sworn off new additions to the old sim, but the chance to buzz your house is pretty tempting!
  11. And from me too. I see you still outnumber me in Steam games!
  12. Happy birthday (belated) you old Ranger (in the LOTR sense, not the USArmy sense).
  13. I've had several of the TM16000M sticks. Never the whole set. The sensors on the stick are very good. Very precise. But I never did like the stick very much. It's not ergonomic, and the side buttons were always sticky for me on both sticks. Not all of them, but several on each stick.
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