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  1. There are nits to pick with some of this, but with respect to #2 and #4 in particular, ERCOT has no power to enforce maintenance or winterization on plants according to every source I've seen. That's what is meant by deregulation. Regulation just means "better rules in place" like those you suggest above for Griddy. ERCOT isn't a state agency. It's a nonprofit designed to massage the market and manage supply. It can't do the latter job very well without any real regulatory power outside the market. And with respect to #1, most states are able to winterize their power plants and sti
  2. It's typical Texas Republican anti-regulation "we can go it alone" policy as usual. Because we don't want to be "regulated," Texas keeps its power grid completely within its state boundaries (which also means we can't get power from neighboring states when needed). As a result, there are any number of "providers" allowed who can basically set up business in any way they choose. Many of these don't actually produce power. They are just middle men. A number of them, such as Griddy, the provider this guy in the news article uses, just buy power and sell it along to consumers at "wholesale" p
  3. It's starting to melt. A lot of the ice is slushy now. The pipes are still frozen, but I expect them to thaw tomorrow. Around noon tomorrow it will climb above freezing and stay there. Keeping my fingers crossed damage will be minimal. Heat tape and lamps have been working non-stop in the well house since Wednesday afternoon and I don't see any damp areas and the wrappings are dry, so I may have dodged a bullet there. Knock on wood. I'd whole lot rather be repairing the house lines under the house than the main lines in the well house. And repairing the lines to the pastures is easy, a
  4. Happy Birthday, Diz. Hope you have a good one!
  5. Yeah, all my heat lamps and heat tape and just outright heaters do no good if there's no electricity. My pipes are wrapped under the house, but under the house is just an open space with a rock wall around the perimeter. There's no insulation, and no real way to put any. And I'm the one put the rock wall around. The house sits on piers that just sit on a few inches of dirt that sits on bedrock, and they just had wooden lattice around as skirting when we bought it. First 20 degree night a few weeks after we bought it busted some of the house pipes, and when I fixed those, I wrapped them go
  6. I will have to continue to be AWOL. Power is one for about an hour and a half and then off for half an hour on a pretty regular cycle. Pipes are frozen, so no water. Don't expect change until perhaps Friday (mostly likely Saturday for the pipes to thaw so I can assess the damage).
  7. Ah, he's clearly a big 'ol teddy bear!
  8. Hey guys! Thanks! Had a relaxing day. And a great dinner, and the wife and I watched a movie. Appreciate the bday wishes.
  9. It seems to me Diz is volunteering for Recon.
  10. I've done paradrops in the Ju-52 before with another group I used to fly with. Happy to do those in this mission. I don't mind doing the recon flight, though, either. Whichever is most needed or others don't want.
  11. The carrier landing training was actually one I missed. I forget what was going on then that made me miss it. But, I can usually land the Hornet on the carrier. It's never pretty.
  12. I may have to try this one out. Looks really cool.
  13. really like that top photo I've got starting her up down now, and flying is a breeze. Now I need to learn how to deploy some of her awesome armament.
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