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  1. Hmmm....when I try to log in, it says no connection to authorization server. Ideas? EDIT: Wouldn't let me go offline either. Told me there was an update, even though the launcher said up to date. I quit it and started again and all is fine. Weird. All my settings seem fine. @Craven: my gamma is 1. What's the advantage of having it less than that?
  2. I didn't back up anything. Hope it all still works.
  3. No, I shoot the arrows outside!! Duh!! At my jewelry encrusted model ships set on target stands!!!
  4. I think I prefer the IKEA design as well. I'm not even sure where I'd have room in my house for that other dedicated pit. I'd have to sell the elliptical machine in my son's room (which I have taken over already for my jewelry and ship model shop and my archery gear).
  5. My new Warthog throttle should be here sometime tomorrow. I'll be glad to finally have a decent throttle. I've had a great stick and rudder pedals for a while now (VKB), but I got tired of waiting for VKB to finish a throttle, and the Virpil is just too hard and expensive to get. Found a good price on a WH from WallyWorld and ordered it. I'll have a newish TM TWCS throttle for sale soon. But I don't recommend it much. A bit of an upgrade from my old CH Pro throttle, but not much. I think a sliding on bars mechanism is just not ideal for a throttle.
  6. I thought it was great fun. My only suggestion would be to perhaps consolidate the enemy AI a bit more, with only enemy aircraft that would make sense in that particular place for some imagined time frame. But that's just me, maybe, and my urge for "realism."
  7. You guys make me feel much better about everything!
  8. What kind of dogs are those? German Shepherds? They are good looking animals!
  9. Good detective work, there, Duck!
  10. I'll keep an eye on the thread, and when a time is agreed, I'll try to make it as well.
  11. On the bright side, you can eat a stick of butter! When Zed mentioned "walkers" he almost got me to take this s**t seriously!! Walkers?!?!?! Then I realized he meant people actually walking. 🙂 I actually think that as long as you don't go up to other people, or cough all over some public object everyone is handling, being outside is a very good idea. There's no way in the world I could stay inside a house for even one day, much less 14 of them in a row. Just keep your distance and don't touch things. And, as Robbie always says, DON'T TOUCH YOUR FACE! Ooops....just touched my face!
  12. One of my favorite movies. Internet went out last night. Big storm. They are sending someone out on Tuesday, they say. Hopefully, I'll be back up by the evening.
  13. I don't do P3D/FSX anymore, but that plane was always one of my favorites. Just felt right to fly.
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