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  1. How is it attached to the monitor? Does it just hang on it, or are there mounting holes for screw attachment to the back? Nicely done, everyone. I may try the upside down trick. My mount is far away and high as well (these were designed back when a big monitor was 19”). Limits tracking when I look down and too far to the side.
  2. WWGriphos


    Could it have been a vortex ring state? Sometimes, if you're descending too fast, you fly into your own vortex, and no amount of up collective will correct. You have to drop and fly out of the vortex with cyclic to introduce some horizontal movement. If you're low, you can't do that. The Huey models that faithfully, and I've experienced it. I don't know if this new Blackhawk does. And I think the Blackhawk is more difficult to get into that state in RL. I'm thinking I may have some time this weekend to try it out. I've spent last weekend and some afternoons and evenings in addition remodeling our kitchen to accept some new appliances. Apparently, appliances don't really last longer than about 20 years. Actually, our DW was only about 12 years old. It was actually still working, but the sides had expanded and the bottom rack wouldn't sit correctly anymore. The stove was about 17 years old. Both Maytags. Pretty good, I think. Hope the new ones last at least half that long.
  3. WWGriphos


    Very. I love the Huey, though, and highly recommend that module. I have all of the choppers except the new Apache, and the Huey is the most immersive and fun. Probably the best simulation of a helicopter in any sim. I did a training series at DTP with a real Huey instructor (with over 20 years experience in this bird) and he said it was quite realistic.
  4. WWGriphos


    I downloaded it, but haven't tried it yet. Looks pretty good from the videos, though. Get it here: https://www.skywardfm.com/post/showcase-dcsworld-uh60l-black-hawk-mod
  5. There may be more like it in the future as I start to clean out my office. I have so many books and so little space at home. And I appear to have multiple copies of a surprising number. I'm sure no one wants my copies of Plato or Heidegger. But I have a good history collection as well, and folks around here seem to appreciate good works of history.
  6. I realize I have an extra copy of McCollough's 1776 and of Unbroken, the story that has been made into a movie, I think. Happy to pass these along to any interested WW. Just send me your address and let me know which you'd like.
  7. What did your dad do at the studio, Geez? I’ve been watching Gunsmoke again lately. Such morality plays. The Peckinpah episodes are interesting. He was ahead of his time. Those he did for The Rifleman in particular. Do you guys remember the one season series he did with Brian Keith? TV in the early 60s, which is the TV I grew up on, was all very homogenous, all very focused on teaching (the same) lessons. I think it had much more impact shaping the worldview of boomers than anything taught in school. Probably the same today, but with a very different worldview at work.
  8. I could live without all the voice acting (and I use the word loosely), but this seems like far more of a training campaign than we've seen for DCS so far. A good refresher course anytime you need it. I'll get it. I like his Enemy Within campaign.
  9. Todd says $400 seems to be the ultimate target the big companies are aiming for, but first versions of the tech will likely be higher. That seems to be the consumer sweet spot, at least pre-inflation. Impossible to say, of course, but if the new ones are not too north of that, I may grab one. I do love the immersion, but I’m a resolution snob. The new tech is supposed to be pretty close to looking at a 2D monitor. We'll see.
  10. Looks like a light freeze here tonight for the first time. Guess I’d better winterize the pipes I had to repair from last spring's snowpocalypse today. I do miss regular snow though. We’re just not built for it down here.
  11. ANKER is one of the best tech companies out there right now imo.
  12. This eye-tracking is the tech Todd said isn't implemented fully well in the Varjo, but that should be coming soon in other headsets.
  13. That's a good question, Duck. I'm curious to hear Geezer's answer as well. I rarely use VR other than BoX, and so it is my experience of VR there that really shapes my dissatisfaction. I guess I should try some other games. I have used it some in MSFS, and although it is very immersive, the lower resolution really frustrates me.
  14. I have a buddy that I fly MSFS and DCS with. He has a Rift S, a Quest 2, and a G2. He said the Quest got a recent update. Its resolution is much sharper than the S, about 75% of the way to the G2. It does 120hz refresh now, so no lag when turning your head, and is wireless, of course, which is very nice. Made me think about selling my S and getting it. But another buddy, who gets all the gear early to test because he’s part of Jetline systems and has a company that sets up hardware systems for training for US armed forces flight schools said there will be a significantly improved new Quest, called Quest 3 or Quest Pro earlyish in the coming year. He said a next level tech change is coming in VR sometime next year. He’s tried the Varjo and said, while good, it’s not implementing that next level tech the way the other big players are about ready to. He said it’s not time to buy VR right now. Wait just a bit and you’ll be glad. Anyone want to buy a barely-used Rift S for cheap? By the way, just finished my last semester of teaching last week. I’m officially employed and paid until next September, but except for some remaining committee work (and some consulting work that’s starting to eat up more of my time) I guess I just retired too.
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