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  1. I think I'm up to competent on the Hawg now. Holler sometime if you want to go blow things up!
  2. In this new global world, countries are the new neighborhoods.
  3. Pfizer #2 two weeks ago, so full efficacy this weekend. Going over to Lisa's mom's tomorrow where everyone's up to full efficacy as well. It will be nice to be with family again without masks, enjoying good food and good company.
  4. ** This is Sandy, logged in under Admin rights as Griph to check issues he's having. ** TESTING
  5. WWGriphos


    Just testing if I can post a new thread.
  6. It's the middle of the apocalypse as well. So, overall, not too bad a birthday!!
  7. Happy Birthday, Donald! I hope it's a very good day for you!
  8. Well, I finally ordered it. I'll let you know what I think once it gets here and I get it installed. I just got tired of the little laptop mouse stick and have been flying DCS an awful lot.
  9. They reported that the Pacific Theater project is kaput. Just can't get the kind of info they say they need to do it at the level we customers demand, so they say. Makes me very sad. My best times flying have been in the old IL2 flying Wildcats and Bearcats off carriers in the Slot chasing Zeros. Too much fun!
  10. That's weird. When I google and follow the link, I get the same SSL error. I haven't gotten this for any site before that I recall. The universe doesn't want me to spend more money on sim filght gear! Lol. Or maybe Lisa is much more saavy about the internet than I had thought....
  11. A hearty welcome from me as well, the raggedy ass clown in the back!
  12. Happy Birthday, Pierre! Are you on the road, or back in God's country?
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