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  1. I probably put over 400 hours into Skyrim. I just rode the horse all over the place!
  2. ...bunch of dumb shits!
  3. If you'll assign a separate key/button for each comm channel, you can talk to separate groups just by pressing the appropriate keys/buttons. Of course, you need to have multiple comm channels in the plane, and have them tuned to the right frequencies (or, at least, that's how it is in DCS). In DCS, I'll usually set up comm 1 for my flight and comm 2 for the CTAF frequency and can monitor and talk on both depending on which comm button I push on my HOTAS.
  4. You're getting closer and closer to that border yourself, Chunk! Just remember, I have dibs on Fawlty's basement when I retire!
  5. 🙂 Yeah, it took me a while to figure that one out. Each game has it's own recenter VR button you'll have to assign. I find that in BoX, I need to have the headset on, or at least pointing at the screen when I start it up, or I'll be looking off somewhere in the hangar and can't see the menus, unless I crank my head around at some odd angle. But, if I forget, then I just hit the VR recenter button (it's on my joystick) and all is good. I use the same button for every application so I'll remember where it is. I use the same button for TrackIR. In BoX, set the button or key in the "Pilot Head Controls" menu listed as "Default VR view." When in the apps, use your controllers to point at things and click. You can even show your desktop in VR and point at things and open and close them that way. Just experiment around. You won't break anything! 🙂 And the bow and arrow and little ray gun in the "home" space is kinda fun to play with. I'm happy to get on with you some evening, but we're probably leaving Sunday until around the 18th. Let me know when you're not busy. You have my email.
  6. If you can plug it into a DP port without the DP->mDP adapter, that's best. It shuts off automatically, and turns on again when you pick it up. Or if the sensor inside is blocked (making it think it's on your head). I used to put a wadded up bandana in mine to keep dust off the lens, and then stopped for that reason. That's why Lisa made me the nice cover to go over it. The support pages on their site are actually pretty helpful (for a change): https://support.oculus.com/1225089714318112/
  7. I'd say, calibrated just about right! ðŸĪŠ I'm starting to really hope it lives up to your expectations...
  8. We're about to head to my mom's place in Colorado and taking the kayaks with us. I love paddling!
  9. Nice wheels! And 4000' is NOT a mountain. 🙂
  10. You can fly any map in multiplayer without having to own it. But, for singleplayer, I think Kuban is the nicest map. Just beautiful. Satlingrad is fairly plain, which is true in real life. Moscow isn't a lot better. But you may want to choose based on plane sets included. Still, most sets contain some variant of the 109 and 190 and we fly those the most, along with Flying Circus.
  11. <Chuckle> I think it's grilled shrimp. They know it has to be something good to get me over there. 🙂 And the pup has been very respectful of the chickens since the one "incident."
  12. I think I have to be at dinner at the in-laws. If I'm home in time, I'll definitely join in.
  13. No, IL2 requires SteamVR, unless you switch out SteamVR with OpenComposite, which I do. You have to switch back if you need SteamVR for any other game, or when you open the Steam client, but OC is much more friendly to frame rates than SteamVR, which is a hog.
  14. This sounds fun. I'll try to check it out. But I've got a lot of work to do this weekend, actually. By the way, I've sent you a couple of messages about the ship commands stuff.
  15. I only have DCS profiles, and P3D. But I'd be happy to share those if you're interested. DCS World-Profile.vap
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