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  1. I was flying with a buddy in the new MSFS the other day around his house near Tampa. We were dodging thunderstorm cells all alround us, and it looked real. (I've done my share of thundercell dodging in real life. In fact, I did on the way back from my checkride when I first got my license, because it was about an hour flight to the examiner and summer storms came up out of nowhere after I finished the checkride.) Anyway, I loved it! If any of you haven't tried that sim yet, I HIGHLY recommend it. The most faithful flight dynamics of any sim I've ever tried, including DCS, which is in a close second place for a couple of planes, like the YAK. (I have NO idea how faithful the jet fighter models are, of course.)
  2. Definitely wait for a sale. I always do. The A-10c and the new version are separate buys. I'd just get the new Tank Killer version. It's great!
  3. Yeah, it seems very good. I just bought it today. Holler if you want to fly it sometime. I have the WWII maps. (Hell...I have almost everything DCS!).
  4. I use OculusDebugTool. It's an executable. I think I got it at the official Oculus website. You can manually disable ASW in it. That's what I do.
  5. Thanks for this feedback, Duck. I do find it hard to look behind me in VR (so I try not to let things get behind me! ). But sitting in a swivel chair has really helped with that for me.
  6. I don't plan to until it's established itself. Win10 was a pretty painless upgrade for me. But I would like to know more about what changes in Win11 before jumping on that wagon.
  7. Nav lights were a nice touch! People sure can be creative. That's both a wild, and remakably attractive motor vehicle.
  8. Call me weird....but that half-track is pretty sexy looking.... Color me tempted.
  9. What I get for just reading "unread content" instead of looking at the actual forum sections.
  10. Hmmmm....I just started the game. No update for me. Do they roll these out?
  11. Well, it's it's 40 gb, then I'm fairly screwed. That will take a couple of days for me. I've got about the same to download to update MSFS and DCS as well. Those will have to wait until I get back home from my trip, I guess.
  12. I suppose we're talking about IL2. If so, I'll need to set it to update tonight if I want to join practice tomorrow.
  13. IL2 has differential braking built in, which is nice for those without toe brakes. If you apply brakes with any key or button/axis, and use the rudder pedals, it will do the differential braking for you, as you noticed. The inch is just visual. Not connected to any gauge.
  14. Yeah, those two are basically fantastic!
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