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  1. Have you guys seen the video of the tour of the craft?
  2. Sorry Duck! Remember when we found this sort of thing enjoyable?!?! Yeah, that was a looooong time ago.
  3. Sorry I missed you recently. Look forward to flying with you soon!
  4. I thought I had done the main update. Guess not. But 10gb! That’s an unusually large update. That used to be a whole game! I guess those days are over. My broad(it should be called narrow)band is just not built for modern gaming.
  5. I REALLY need to check on whether there are updates BEFORE time to fly on flight nights!! Did I miss an update? My download is 10.34gb!! So....I'll be downloading tonight. See you guys next time.
  6. I totally forgot there's a career mode!! That top shot of the 111 is really nice!
  7. No plans that I know of. I'd buy the Blackhawk in a second as well.
  8. Is this in one of the campaigns? I have those, but have never tried them. DCS either. Always seems like fun, but I just don't do them.
  9. WWGriphos


    Yeah, if you've not bought any modules, then just register a new account and download DCS world from the standalone site (which I prefer anyway). You'll be good to go.
  10. That second one (not the K-51) looks darned good. It's hard to justify getting a collective, though. The throttle works fine for me (I reverse the curve so it works as it should in a chopper).
  11. That I'd buy in a heartbeat!
  12. Anyone getting (planning to get) the new Yak-9s? Are they worth getting, do you think? I really want the Hurri, and will get that when it goes on sale.
  13. I just use the standard as well. It allows me to see good enough. I've noticed when using VR zoom and objects often disappear when I'm zoomed in. Balloons and aircraft both, when they are at a distance, so I don't think zooming helps much at spotting things, just at shooting ground targets or identifying (if you knew what to look for like I wish I did) aircraft.
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