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  1. I need to get in on this FC action. Maybe next week. At least the first crazy week of school is over now.
  2. Yeah, that CPU is holding you back. But, if it works well for the monitor, then no reason to upgrade before you have to. VR will be around when you do.
  3. Kinesthetic sense is another name for your proprioceptive sense. 😉
  4. I moved from a 1440 resolution 32” monitor to the Rift S. It’s definitely lower resolution, and it bothered me a little at first, but the advantages make up for it and then some. I run Oculus Tray Tool to set the oversampling to 1.5 and I can read all text and instruments quite clearly. I can spot planes as well or better than on the monitor. I was worried about that. And tracking enemy aircraft is SO much easier even than TrackIR. I’ve gotten used to the screen door effect and it doesn’t bother me at all. I have no regrets. Who knows when the true next headsets will be out or what they’ll cost. I’m very happy with the S.
  5. I used to get those all the time on the OF forum. Deleting each one as they joined eventually got them to stop.
  6. You will get used to it, Dub. It may take some time, since you've not experienced these feelings in RL. The body has a close connection between the eyes and its kinesthetic sense, so when the eyes tell you that you should be experiencing bodily movement, but your body tells you that you're not, the body kind of freaks. I've heard an explanation that in our evolutionary past, when such visual shenanigans happened (eyes out of sync with the body), then the likely cause was poison, and the body reacts to purge that possibility. Perhaps. At any rate, you will train your body with continued exposure. I've heard a fan on the face helps. Little bits frequently is probably the best recipe. But, boy! Ain't it sweet to be IN the cockpit and the world?!
  7. Sorry it worked out poorly. I had fun. And I meant it when I said it was very satisfying to watch. Those were impressive fireworks! Sorry I’m the only one that got to see them. I know a lot of work goes into these things, and it’s frustrating for updates to mess with all that work.
  8. Oh, yeah, I know about that plane. That guy has too much money!! I do love the regular Wilga, actually. It would be a fun plane to fly, I think.
  9. It’s called the Mach Loop. I’ve flown it a number of times in my civ sims. It’s a blast. I can only imagine what a blast it would be for a real pilot.
  10. Yeah, how ortho works. That’s why desert areas are so much nicer. The detail is small, and you can get pretty close and it still look good. Even very good. You’ve seen some of my shots of interior SoCal and Nevada. I’m about 1000 AGL in quite a few of those. I regret buying Southern and Central England from them for that reason. I fly low, and it gets pretty messy a lot of the time over that scenery. I debate uninstalling it. Takes up a lot of hard drive. I shouldn’t have bought any of the England stuff in either sim. Oh well. At least XP11 is pretty pain free. Lots of updates, but mostly everything works right away afterward.
  11. I have an i5 8600K and a 1080. Works great on those specs.
  12. Shoot, here in the hill country, rattlesnakes and black widows are basically pets. Every place has several of each. About a year back I shot a huge rattler just off the front porch. My dog was bitten by one, but survived that. I think the cat we lost a few weeks ago was killed by one. I couldn’t find any marks, though. It's the scorpions that I hate. I’ve only been stung a couple of times. Lisa has been stung close to a dozen times. Several of those were while she and I were in bed. For some reason, they prefer to sting her. Hurts for days. I've never seen a cougar in the wild. Always wanted to. I’ve heard them. We may have some around here (people say they see them), but I’ve never come across or heard one. We have awful big bobcats though.
  13. Sunny SoCal, it looks like. Orbx released PNW for XP11. I’ll probably get it when it goes on sale. Most of the best sim flying I’ve done was in their original PNW.
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