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  1. I saw that they were working on this. Looks very good. I’ve been flying DCS more. Learned the A-10C II, the Hornet and the Huey pretty well. Learning the Viper and the F5E currently. And dusting off the old Eagle lately as well. The Syria map is excellent.
  2. My favorite classic aircraft YouTuber just posted this.
  3. Happy birthday! I always appreciated having a role model that was almost as clueless and socially awkward as I was.
  4. Peanuts got me through my childhood.
  5. Happy Birthday, Duck! Eat something good. Anything but cookies!
  6. A little duct tape and she’s good to go, I’ll bet.
  7. Ah, linear motion comp. I couldn’t figure that one out. Some YouTube videos suggest that’s not working very well yet. But I’ll map it. thanks for the help. I’m all mapped and ready to go.
  8. Okay, I tried it works. Works well. A couple of questions. Is the MPD cursor controller you've mapped to the left controller stick the same as the RHG Man TRK control settings in axis setup? What's the MPD Cursor Enter mapped to the left stick press? And what is the LMC press on the right stick press? Is this just the Cursor Enter depress key? And the slew sensor on that axis is the HOCAS cursor controller, right? Sorry, but I've not even sat in the CP/G seat and am not sure about what I will use there.
  9. I like to avoid programs running in the background (that I have to remember to start). But it would be nice to have the triggers work. I'll take a look at this program. Thanks!
  10. That’s close to what I set up. I think I’ll try this mapping tho. It’s logical. Except I can’t get DCS to recognize my wireless Xbox triggers.
  11. Yeah, let's fly! I saw a video from Spudknocker where he suggests an X-box controller for the CP/G. I think I'll set that up. Here's a thread on the DCS forum where they show what the actual 2002 model of the Apache has on the HOCAS. https://forum.dcs.world/topic/259415-cycliccollective-controls/
  12. Got it. Thanks! And thanks to Chunk for his control map.
  13. What’s your Discord site? I broke down and bought it. sigh….. As to curves, Matt uses a dead zone of 2 and a curve of 8. I just got it so I’ll see what feels good to me today.
  14. Lisa is a crossword puzzle addict as well. It’s been years since I’ve seen to top of our coffee table.
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