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  1. It's the middle of the apocalypse as well. So, overall, not too bad a birthday!!
  2. Happy Birthday, Donald! I hope it's a very good day for you!
  3. Well, I finally ordered it. I'll let you know what I think once it gets here and I get it installed. I just got tired of the little laptop mouse stick and have been flying DCS an awful lot.
  4. They reported that the Pacific Theater project is kaput. Just can't get the kind of info they say they need to do it at the level we customers demand, so they say. Makes me very sad. My best times flying have been in the old IL2 flying Wildcats and Bearcats off carriers in the Slot chasing Zeros. Too much fun!
  5. That's weird. When I google and follow the link, I get the same SSL error. I haven't gotten this for any site before that I recall. The universe doesn't want me to spend more money on sim filght gear! Lol. Or maybe Lisa is much more saavy about the internet than I had thought....
  6. A hearty welcome from me as well, the raggedy ass clown in the back!
  7. Happy Birthday, Pierre! Are you on the road, or back in God's country?
  8. I have VR. Thanks for the heads-up. I took a look, but, frankly, I'm a little zombied out. Let's go back to vampires! They were sexy!
  9. Oh, DCS excels at both of those things!!!
  10. I like it really well. I'll keep it. Like I said, I'm not crazy about how the switches work relative to different sims. In MSFS, the switch has to be in the right condition for things in the sim to work. They are default mapped for things like lights and avionics. There's some tweaking you have to do in MSFS settings for the autopilot switches to work. In DCS, they work like a button rather than a toggle, so flipping one of them up will turn on something you map, like the flashlight for instance. But you have to flip it down and then back up again to turn it off. But the gear
  11. I feel ya, Sandy. Still, that video is sick! Like Fawlty and Chunk, this will be hard to resist. Clever of them to release this BEFORE the Apache or Kiowa. The Apache will be an instant buy for me. This one, I expect to dither around about for a while before I finally give in.
  12. Haappy Birthday, old chap!!
  13. I find the Hornet much easier to refuel midair. The basket and flying beside the tanker just feel more natural. I can refuel the A-10, but it usually takes about 3-4 attempts where I get a few gallons and lose contact, and then re-connect for a bit more, etc. That final "refueling complete" is pretty sweet! It would be nicer if it came without interruptions. No jokes about that, please.
  14. Do you guys like these pedals? I have the VKB pedals, and they are amazing. Very sensitive. Make flying choppers in DCS a dream. But they have no toe brakes. Makes the FW-190 in DCS in particular a challenge.
  15. I think she does the best cover of Dylan's "Don't Think Twice" that I've ever heard. This is the best version: This one isn't bad either, with Amy Ray backing:
  16. Yeah, I bought the latest one as well. Bootleg 3, Son of a Witch. He's very good!
  17. There's just no getting around the fact that we're all just getting very old, aren't we?!
  18. I meant bass (not base). Those are sweet! Do you make your own necks? I worked with a luthier for a while in my early 20s. Never made a whole guitar. Just worked on various parts of the process for/with him. I learned enough not to try to make my own! Anything really good would just be luck if I made it. For good guitar, I have my OM-28. I'm in the market for a good dobro at the moment. I'd love to find an OMI Model 90 (Dobro Duolian) like Justin is playing. To think I could have gotten one of those in the 90s for $350!!
  19. It could be. I've noticed that when it happens, one particular port on my powered hub isn't lit up. It could be that it's hanging as it is interrogating that port.
  20. A WD-40 guitar? (base?) with a Whammy!!! Seems legit! How much you charge for those?
  21. That's pretty interesting. I have to start my computer twice most days. The first time it hangs on the welcome screen, then a hard shut down and boot and it's fine. I'm going to unplug my external drives and see if something about them is causing the hang. I do think you're on to something with your suggestion that the OS polls the drives and may have issues if there's something fishy with any drive.
  22. Biker! How did I not know about Justin Johnson?!?! He's the best roots fingerstyle slide guitarist I think I've ever heard! From his latest album:
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