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  1. Happy birthday, you old Fokker.
  2. They do a major update about once a month. If you'll stay on top of that, it won't force you to re-download everything. Of course, those major updates are anywhere from 10-20 gb themselves.
  3. If I get it, happy to race you! I don’t do racing sims anymore. Spent years in iRacing, and in many different online leagues in AC and rFactors. Wheel just gathers dust up in the spare bedroom now. Reno might be a fun way to get some racing in now. Still mulling.
  4. I'm thinking I'll get the $20 pack. I thought about just getting one of the T-6 Texans, for $10. The full pack includes a lot of different skins, with true-to-life cockpits for each, but, ultimately, they are all just different versions of the same four aircraft, and it's only the Texans I'm really interested in. Although the Mustang calls to me a bit. So, $20 for all four and the Reno base seems like a good deal.
  5. I've resisted so far... ...but, in part, that's because I just spent that amount on Farming SImulator 22....
  6. One of my favorite games. I actually got one of the robotic lawn mowers for my yard so I could spend more time on this sim!
  7. I've had lots of joysticks. As far as the actual stick is concerned, the TM T.16000 used to be a great budget choice, with hall sensors, although the rest of the package, particularly the weird button layout, wasn't as good. I've had several CH sticks, including the Pro. But the VKB stick I currently have is my last stick. Far and away better than any other. Great feel, great precision. In response to Duck's comment above, which I largely agree with, I do fly better with this stick than the others I've owned. I have the Gladiator Pro, which they don't make anymore. The Gladiator NXT is in your price range, but I don't really know anything about it, and cannot testify as to whether it's as quality a stick as mine. I have Virpil rudders, and their equipment is also excellent, but I'm pretty sure their joysticks are out of your price range. The CH Fighterstick is at the top of your range. I think it's the only one I'd recommend. I think the hard truth is that to get a good joystick, you would have to get that one or spend more. Buying any of the other less expensive options won't get you any real improvement over what you have.
  8. I think they do a lot of DCS now. I’ll pm you Carl's (Aussie Pilot) info. Good group. I’ve flown with them once or twice. But the time difference is hard for me. I remember Chuck Yeager's flight sim. Blue for sky, green for ground and white bullets! And we thought it was great! Never dreamed we’d ever get the kind of fidelity we have now!
  9. I think it’s just a case of long use and familiarity with TS, and the ease of setting up multiple voice channels, and no real desire for text chat. Some of us used to belong to a different squadron and flew with a bloke from Brisbane for many years. I can put you in touch with him if you’d like. He and a group of Aussies fly regularly still. Anyway, welcome (pay no attention to Diz). I was addicted to WoT for years and tried WT, both tanks and planes for a while. The plane dynamics were just too silly for me. And although I enjoy flying WWII, and even jets in DCS, my true love has always been these WWI crates. Been flying them since the first Red Baron days. When was that? Thirty years ago, at least. Duck and several others of us flew the original Over Flanders Fields mod of MS Combat Flight Simulator for years as well.
  10. I did apply for the Army warrant officer helicopter pilot program and was accepted. I was going to do the 6 years in the Army and try to switch to the Coast Guard after. The goal was to fly the new Apache in the Army. Then the recruiter realized I'd be two months over the age limit by the time I finished the flight school and tried to talk me into joining anyway and doing Army intelligence. I guess I took too long to finish college and decide to join the Army. Funny how our lives turn on a dime sometimes and go in entirely different directions.
  11. Yeah, the Apache is getting harder to resist for me as well. Damn Matt and his videos!
  12. I’ve always liked the F-5. I like that era, and it’s a fun and capable fighter. I haven’t flown the Mossie yet. Been flying new planes in MSFS.
  13. Well...I was wrong! Nevada isn't TOTALLY butt-ugly!
  14. Most things on sale 'til Nov. 3. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/2021-10-22/
  15. Happy birthday, big casino!
  16. Yeah, keep trying to like and use my Rift S. I do really like the feeling of being IN the world rather than just looking at it through a window, but the clumsiness of it all that you describe kills it for me. It’s great for combat, and I got to where flying IL2 was crippling with TrackIR. But I’m a resolution snob, and the graininess of the image frustrates me. Having to lean forward to see the gauges clearly enough to read them is a big turnoff. And I absolutely hate having the damned hot, heavy thing on my head. I can’t do it for more than an hour. So it sits unused. I think I’ll sell it and buy a bigger curved screen monitor (although I don’t know if my 1080 can handle ultra wide HD resolution). sigh….
  17. Sorry, Duck, but I only use open composite for IL2. I don't use Steam VR for anything. Just the Oculus app for MSFS.
  18. I think I'm going to be able to resist. I love the Huey. Ah, who am I kidding?!!?? I'm sure to buy this at some point!
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