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  1. Most of the Civil War was fought right around D.C. I lived in Annapolis for a year and worked in D.C. I went to most of the battlefields several times. It was a phenomenal experience that changed the way I look at the US and at history more broadly. If anyone is ever in the area, a few days spent visiting these sites is so worth it. Almost all of them are well-preserved and educational, just like Geezer found here. As to Lee's strategy, the failure of the Union armies in defeating Lee south of the line was more due to US general's incompetence than anything else. Lee knew that he couldn't count on that forever. He had to make the North want to end the war through negotiation, and they were never going to want to do that as long as nothing was really at stake for them. He had to go north. They were outnumbered and out-equipped and out-resourced. Staying south would have simply prolonged the war of attrition with the same eventual outcome.
  2. Sorry I missed again. Wound up having to schlep the candidate to the airport. Seems like there were enough Junkers pilots though. And at least we’re through with the interviews now. Hopefully one of them will take the job. Only a week to go before summer break!
  3. I have the Junkers, and am happy to fly it for the mission.
  4. And it already has luggage for the trip!
  5. Let’s be accurate...it’s a used car...not new...and we didn’t so much “buy” it as haul it off. And you were really wanting to get it out of your back yard anyway!
  6. Yeah, 'cause they have absolutely terrible flight models.
  7. Happy Birthday, you old coot (a coot is a kind of duck, right?).
  8. And who isn't curious about the weather in India?!
  9. My mom lives outside of Westcliffe, CO. It’s a dinky place in the middle of nowhere. They have an Ace hardware store. I don’t know how they do it but that store has everything. I mean everything. They have three aisles of specialized hardware cases. My local Home Despot has two cases. Her Ace is the best hardware store I’ve ever been in with the possible exception of a Graingers in Kerrville where my folks used to live. I know many Ace stores are closing. My local Ace did. Maybe it’s being hours from the nearest city and living where self-sufficiency still is the rule of the day. Of course, those kinds of places are getting more scarce all the time as well. But I think some of them will last as long as I’m still around. And that’s where you’ll find me. I suspect you’ll find me in Westcliffe a few years from now. And that may be the end of my online gaming, unless her satellite internet improves. I can’t get cell service at her place.
  10. Sorry, Duck. I’ve grown to hate computer problems more than almost anything. Used to tinker around with them constantly. Now I just want the damn thing to work.
  11. Must be fun to fly around that area now that you live there.
  12. This game updates more frequently than any other game I have! I may be late or AOL tonight. Search committee stuff. Eating my lunch.
  13. Good tips. Thanks. I'll give it a go.
  14. Yeah I tried quick mission. It puts me in a tank by myself against a huge array of ground emplacements. Not very realistic. And once they range you, moving doesn’t throw them off, so you’re toast, even if you duck behind terrain and appear somewhere else. Maybe there's a way to spawn with AI teammates, but I didn’t see it. And I want to fight other tanks!
  15. I just tried remapping some things. I used my rudder pedals to control turning and the throttle for forward and reverse. That seems to work well. And then the mouse for turret control and firing. There seems to be no reason to use the joystick. I can map the other controls (changing position, etc) to buttons on the throttle. HOTAM, I guess. 🙂 Are there any missions for the free tanks? This is kinda fun! I need to learn how to range my shots. Takes me too long by trial and error.
  16. Icy, how have you mapped your tank controls? Are you just using the keyboard? Do you use the joystick or rudder pedals for anything? I'm thinking of using the joystick for forward and back (or maybe the throttle) and the rudder pedals for turning and then joystick buttons for most of the other controls.
  17. I have had one for my OS for a long time and recently moved DCS to it. It makes running the OS much faster. I’m not sure I see a big difference in DCS. I think if you’re running a sim that continuously or repeatedly loads into memory, it would reduce or eliminate the pauses caused by that. Otherwise, I think it just somewhat reduces the loading time of the game. I think it’s advantage for the OS is independent of the system as a whole. A 500 go is cheap enough. I’d say it is worth it.
  18. K. Maybe I can get on early tonight.
  19. I'm wanting to try them out. Let me know when you're tanking again next.
  20. Chrome, dark gray padlock, no message, no issues.
  21. I use Chrome as well, and don’t get any of this. Not in Safari on my pad either.
  22. Dan was wondering if perhaps a new SSL certificate wasn't installed?
  23. Welcome aboard, Drift! Uniform looks good on you!
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