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  1. Okay, okay....you got me. Where do I sign up? 🙂
  2. Languages are living entities. They never stay static. And meanings don't come built in. As much as it bugs the hell out of me for people to keep saying "literally" when they mean "really" or that's "concerning" when they mean "causes me concern" (since "concerning" is a transitive participle, not intransitive), it's language. People are going to say what they say and mean what they mean and these new meanings are just part of the language now. My main field requires knowledge of ancient Greek. It's a totally different language than modern Greek. The funny thing is that you could put an Athenian from Socrates' time in a time machine and drop him 800 years into the future and he could read Koine Greek just fine. No problem. Simpler, even. Try that with English! Try to read Beowulf in the old English, or even Chaucer. But Attic Greek was pretty different from Ionic Greek in his own time period, and they were both Greeks. See what you guys started!! It's your fault!
  3. Lol. It literally means "former." But, in popular usage, it's come to mean something like "long-time" as well. As in "formerly and still now." It does get conflated with "esteemed" sometimes. Sorry, sometimes the professor in me just busts out.
  4. Hey Wolfe. Yes, USB. It's about 2 years old.
  5. If you want to engage our favorite aircraft in a different way, here's a new sim: https://store.steampowered.com/app/803980/Plane_Mechanic_Simulator/ Call me crazy, but I'm pretty tempted by this. I have CMS.
  6. I'm about to post my CH Pro Throttle for sale on ebay, but thought I'd offer it here first in case anyone was interested. I'll take $80 for it from anyone here.
  7. Default for me. I’m just old school, I guess. Never liked white letters on black. Thanks for the tip, Geez.
  8. My advice, keep offline flight school to a minimum...just enough to be familiar with the controls and taxi and takeoff, and then join the fun. Practice makes perfect...or at least better...and you have unlimited virtual lives. No reason to horde them.
  9. I think the worse part is looking down at the chopping block and seeing a part of your body laying there. 🙂 As I told Chunk, she was a trooper about it. While I was trying to stop the bleeding and treat it, she kept grabbing her phone and pulling off the packing so she could take a picture of it. Lol. Then she wanted to dig around in the trash and find the missing bit just to see it. She's something. She's a wine drinker, but I thought after we got it bandaged that a shot of my tequila might ease the pain a bit. Now I'm going to have to hide my tequila from her.
  10. I hope she'll start paying a bit more attention now. Doc thinks it will grow back. She took off a round chunk about a centimeter in diameter, but only maybe 2-3mm thick in the middle. I keep my knives sharp, so it was an extremely clean cut. She's being a trooper about it. Made for a bit of a rough night for her, though.
  11. Was going to try to join late after the kids left, but Lisa cut the tip of her finger off preparing dinner. She's a real danger with a knife. I usually do the chopping for that reason, but she was just cutting up some cilantro for garnish and there went the tip of her finger! So, was an eventful evening after that.
  12. I can’t tonight, family coming, but hope to participate maybe next week.
  13. I uploaded the great TrackIR profile I was talking about to the file vault. It was made by Spudknocker for DCS. It shows up in your profile list in TIR as “hud”. There are no dead zones, so your view does not stay still, but I quickly got used to that. Dan added dead zones to his version. The head movement is so natural and fluid, particularly in DCS. But it’s great in IL2 as well.
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Spudknocker's profile. Best I've ever found.
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Here's the direct .xml of the profile. When in TrackIR, it shows up as "hud".
  16. So, I'm tempted by the P-40 at that low price. Anyone have it and can comment on whether the changes a year or so ago improved it enough to be worth having. We don't ever use it in our flights, of course.
  17. I really like flying the Ju-52 in IL2. Don't have it for XP. Reminds me of a C-47, though, in a way.
  18. I'm enjoying this story. What's a .m2ts file?
  19. So, I bought A-10C basically when it came out, and always thought I'd learn it someday. I tried it out when I got it but was pretty intimidated by the learning curve. I know NOTHING about modern fighters. Over the years, I always thought I'd try out DCS some day "soon" (TM). So, when modules went on deep sale (50% or so), I got them. I now find myself the owner of every module and map except the Hornet and the C-101. (Where's the shameface emoji?) A year or so ago, Winston (some of you know him) finally got me oriented in the FC3 aircraft, particularly the F-15, A-10A and the Su-33. He found other things to occupy him after his move, so I kind of dropped out again. This last month or so, though, Dan (Driftwood) and I have been learning the FC3 aircraft again. And I've picked back up the Huey and F-86 that I flew for a little when I first got them. All this to say...I'm damned impressed with the new version (2.5), both graphically and performance-wise. It's such a pretty and fluid sim, and the flight dynamics are simply the best of any sim I've flown (including RoF, which I really liked). I have the Yak-52 and the new Christen Eagle II, so I can finally test the flight model in planes that remotely resemble those I actually fly, and it's very good! Does anyone else have any DCS modules and fly them? It would be nice if some of us got together and flew a bit together. I've got all of Winston's old missions.
  20. So, BoK is on sale for the first time, if any haven't picked it up yet. Big discounts on some older planes, like the MC.202 or P-40 ($6.50 each). 66% off BoS and BoM. 66% off some campaigns. https://il2sturmovik.com/store/collector-planes/ https://il2sturmovik.com/store/campaigns/
  21. I love my Gladiator Pro by VKB. Best flight stick I've owned. But it's pricey. I flew with the TM T16000 for a LOOOONG time. I've had several of them. They are good joysticks. I use the TWCS throttle now. Much better than my old CH Pro throttle. I believe the T16000 package comes with that throttle. It's almost as good as a Warthog (where it counts...sensors and internals). It just has fewer buttons and hats. So, yes, that TM set is a good kit to start with. I have a T16000 stick sitting around upstairs. I'd be happy to send it to you if you'd like to try it. And I don't fly combat sims without TrackIR. I don't mind using a hat to view in civ flight sims, but I just get shot down all the time without TrackIR in combat sims.
  22. Just them? I flew around a bit. Noticed our base was under attack. Intercepted the enemy, and he ran into me while I was maneuvering in a dogfight with him. Lol. I can fly around some more if it would help. I'll put TrackIR on next time.
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